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									                                          AP United States Government and Politics Syllabus
                                                        General Information

          AP Government is equivalent to an introductory college-level American Government course. Therefore, the demands of the
course are fairly rigorous. In AP Government, students will engage in an in-depth study of the make-up and functions of the United
States’ Government and the American political system. Various instructional methods, including traditional instruction, research,
analysis and interpretation of graphs and data, and group and individual problem solving and writing activities, will be employed. The
goal of the course will be twofold: first, to provide students with a working knowledge of American government and politics which will
serve them later in life; and, to prepare students to take the United States Government and Politics Advanced Placement exam.
          Six major content areas (those that correspond both with the typical college introductory American Government course and the
Advanced Placement exam) will be areas of focus (details follow in the course timeline). They are:
 Constitutional underpinnings of United States Government (@ 10% of course)
 American citizens’ political beliefs and behaviors (@ 15% of course)
 Political parties, interest groups, and the media (@ 15% of course)
 Government institutions (the Presidency, the Congress, the Courts, and the Bureaucracy (@ 40% of course)
 Public policy (@ 10% of course)
 Civil liberties and rights (@ 10% of course)

           Students will be required to read assigned text (American Government, by James Q. Wilson and John J. DiIulio, 9th edition)
chapters prior to class discussions on those materials, and additional readings (primary documents, newspaper or news magazine articles,
political editorials and cartoons, etc.) will be assigned from time to time. Study guide terms and concepts will be assigned as well.
Homework, study guides, class work, class notes, projects, and research activities must be completed as assigned; a research project and
presentation will be required; and other research and writing activities (including actual past AP exam essay prompts linked to each unit
of study) will be completed as assigned. Also, please be aware of student absence policies and limits for a year-long course (see student

          The curriculum is divided into units, each of which consists of multiple related text chapters. Students will take a major test on
each unit, write a related AP Exam essay for each unit, take several quizzes on each unit (usually on assigned readings), prepare required
outlines and\or reviews from assigned readings, and take mid-term and final cumulative exams (20% of semester and final grades –
exemptions will be awarded to seniors per department policy). Research and writing assignments will receive grades of varying weights
dependent upon the assignment.
    Quarterly grades are calculated using the following simple formula:

                          total points earned during grading period / total points possible during grading period
880 points earned
------------------------- = .88 = 88% = B
1000 possible points

Please note that the Honor Code will apply to all assignments. Violations may result in reduced or zero credit for the assignment
and possibly other disciplinary action as well.

           Students will adhere to the following class rules:
1. Please show respect for all instructors and fellow students at all times.
2. Please be inside the classroom and prepared to work immediately after the bell rings.
3. Please begin any assigned activities immediately and as instructed.
4. Please remain in your seat or assigned area unless given permission to move, including at dismissal and during other activities.
5. Please bring all required materials (textbook, notebook, pencil\pen, homework, etc.) to class every day. Failure to do so could result
in inability to complete assignments and grades of “0.”
6. Please do not ask to leave class to use the restroom or telephone, go to your locker, go to the nurse or guidance, etc. If you must
leave for an emergency, you will be required to make up the time.
7. Please do not bring food\drink\candy\gum into the classroom. It will be thrown away and hours will be assigned.
8. Please follow all other instructions, rules, and requests immediately.

          All assignments are to be completed on time and completely. Failure to do so will result in reduced or no credit for the
assignment. Please be aware that grades of “0” are very hard to pull up. It is the student’s responsibility to inquire about make-up work
for absences immediately upon returning to class (three-day limit, readmit slip required). If assignments are not made up within five days
of the absence, the work will be considered incomplete (grade of “0”). Note: Missing a test or other assignment while in E-2 for
tardiness will not be excused. If a major test is scheduled, the administrator will allow you to come to class with a pass to take
your test (notify me before reporting to E-2 so I can call and arrange your release).
                          AP United States Government and Politics Syllabus
                                Course Timeline and Resource Guide
                             Year-long Course, 45-minute Class Periods

Week(s)       Lessons\Topics\Dates:\Assessments           Resources       Readings\Outlines
                                                                          Wilson\DiIulio 9th

     Background, the Framers, US Political Culture, the US Constitution, Federalism, and
     Democracy in the US
 1,2,3              Syllabus, Introduction                  Syllabus
                    Chapter 1 Review Due:                                    Wilson, Ch. 1
                        Chapter 1 Quiz:
             Principles and History of Democracy
                 Declaration of Independence             Declaration of
                    Chapter 2 Review Due:                                    Wilson, Ch. 2
                        Chapter 2 Quiz:
             Liberty and Republican Democracy           Writings of John
                    A Written Constitution
                 Problems with the Articles of             Articles of
                         Confederation                   Confederation
                       Shays’s Rebellion
                 The Philadelphia Convention
          Various Constitutional Plans\Compromises
               Divisions of Power – Federalism,          Federalist 10,
             Separation of Powers, Bicameralism           Federalist 51
                   The Fight for Ratification              Federalist
           Chapter 1-2 Test – Past AP Exam Essay –        Past AP US
           Data Analysis and Political Explanation:     Government and
                                                         Politics Exam
             Chapter 1-2 Test – Multiple Choice:        Wilson test bank,
                                                          Released AP
                                                           Exam Q’s,
                                                         Simulated AP
                                                           Exam Q’s

     The US Constitution – an Examination
  4,5                       Preamble                     United States
          Article I (focus – Organization and Powers     Constitution
                          of Congress)
            The Elastic (Necessary and Proper) and       McCulloch v.
             Interstate Commerce Clauses and the          Maryland,
                 Expansion of Federal Powers              Gibbons v.
               Article II (focus – Powers of the
              Presidency, Evolution of the Office)
        Article III (focus – Judicial Powers and the     Marbury v.
               Evolution of Judicial Review)              Madison
         Article IV (focus – Full Faith and Credit,
                 Privileges and Immunities)
        Article V (focus – Amendments, Formal v.
          Article VI (focus – Supremacy Clause,         McCulloch v.
                       Oaths and Tests)                Maryland, John
             Article VII (focus – Ratification,        The Federalist
           Federalists v. Anti-federalists, Legal         Papers
        The Bill of Rights (focus – Original Intent,   Amendments 1-
                   Evolution over Time)                     10
                    Amendments 11-27                    Ams. 11-27
        14th Amendment – Selective Incorporation       Various Court
                    of the Bill of Rights                  Cases
         US Constitution and Amendments Test:

   The Evolution of Federalism and American Political Culture
6,7      The Framework of American Federalism                           Wilson, Ch. 3
                   Chapter 3 Review Due:
                      Chapter 3 Quiz:
           Federalism Arguments – Pro and Con
              Evolving Meaning of Federalism
           The Struggle for Power – States v. the      McCulloch v.
                    National Government               Maryland, John
               Dual Federalism, Nullification        John C. Calhoun
            Federal Grants to States, Impacts on
              Mandates, Funded v. Unfunded
                   Chapter 4 Review Due:                                Wilson, Ch. 4
                      Chapter 4 Quiz:
          Political Culture in America, Then and       Writings of
                            Now                          Alexis de
            Economic and Personal Self-interest
            Religion and Government in the US         Current Debate
                                                     and Court Cases
          Current Cultural Conflicts, Role of the        Analysis:
                Courts, Effects on Elections         Federal Election
                                                        Data, State
                                                      Culture Trends
             Citizen Trust, Participation in Government     US v. Nixon,
                                                           Vietnam, Iraq
                       Tolerance in America
               Ch. 3-4 Test – Past AP Exam Essay –          Past AP US
             Federalism (James Madison’s insights via     Government and
                          Federalist #51):                 Politics Exam
                Chapter 3-4 Test – Multiple Choice:       Wilson test bank,
                                                            Released AP
                                                             Exam Q’s,
                                                           Simulated AP
                                                             Exam Q’s

       An Exercise in Solving the Unique Problems Faced by the Framers
   8              US Constitution Design Activity
            Design Viable Framework for Government             State
               that Solves the Problems Faced by the      Constitutions,
             Framers (Restriction – Cannot Implement        Writings of
            Various Solutions Utilized by the Framers)       Various
             Presentation, Debate, and Arguments for

     Public Opinion, Citizen Participation in Politics, and the Influence of Political Parties
9,10,11              Chapter 5 Review Due:                                        Wilson, Ch. 5
                         Chapter 5 Quiz:
             Defining Public Opinion, Majoritarian
                  Formation of Political Beliefs
             Gender Gap, Various Social Differences           Analysis of
                                                           Various Election
                                                           Returns, 1920’s
                                                              to Present
              Liberalism, Conservatism, and Other          On-line Political
                            Ideologies                        Orientation
              Impacts of Opinion on Public Policy           Various Major
                                                           Comparisons of
                                                             Public Views
                     Chapter 6 Review Due:                                        Wilson, Ch. 6
                         Chapter 6 Quiz:
              Why Citizens Choose to Vote (or Not)
              Who Controls American Elections?           US Constitution,
                                                         Post-Civil War
                                                          State Controls,
                                                          Voting Rights
                                                         Act of 1965, etc.
          Forms of Political Participation Other than
           American v. World Voting, Participation        Analysis, Voter
                             Rates                        Turnout Table
                   Chapter 7 Review Due:                                        Wilson, Ch. 7
                       Chapter 7 Quiz:
              The Framers on Political Parties            The Federalist
           Political Party Evolution, Our Two Party
            Early Political Parties, the Jacksonian
              Party Influence on Public Opinion
          Chapter 5,6,7 Test – Past AP Exam Essay –        Past AP US
             Citizen Participation in the Political      Government and
                             Process                      Politics Exam
             Chapter 5,6,7 Test – Multiple Choice:       Wilson test bank,
                                                           Released AP
                                                            Exam Q’s,
                                                          Simulated AP
                                                            Exam Q’s

    Elections for Public Office, Influence of Political Parties, Interest Groups, and the Media on
    Elections and Public Opinion
12,13,               Chapter 8 Review Due:                                        Wilson, Ch. 8
                         Chapter 8 Quiz:
                   Blue Dog Democrats Essay:                  Analysis of
                                                           Articles (various
                                                           publications) on
                                                            impact of 2006
            Debate – Comparison, 1994 Republican
            Congressional Victory v. 2006 Democrat
                     Congressional Victory
             Differences Between Types of Federal
             Elections (Presidential\Congressional,
            Machine Politics, Current Party Declines
           Republicans, Democrats, and Third Parties         Various Party
           Campaign Financing, Rules and Reforms,           McCain\
                        Soft Money                          Feingold,
                                                           Analysis of
               Necessities for Winning Elections
                  Effects of Elections on Policy
                     Chapter 9 Review Due:                                   Wilson, Ch. 9
                        Chapter 9 Quiz:
           History and Evolution of Interest Groups
            The Rise of Political Action Committees          Various
            (PACs) and 527s and their Influence on        Campaign and
                             Elections                    Election Laws
                    Types of Interest Groups
           Interest Group Actions, Effects on Politics
                          and Elections
              Interest Group Funding, Regulation
            Debate – Washington’s Most Influential       Analysis of Data
                              Lobby                      and Opinions in
                                                         Various National
                                                          and Scholarly
                    Chapter 10 Review Due:                                   Wilson, Ch. 10
                       Chapter 10 Quiz:
           History and Evolution of American Media,
                        the Party Press
            Mass Media, Effects on Elections, Policy,      Samples of
                    and the Political Agenda             Media Coverage
                                                           of Political
              National v. Local Media, Media Bias        Comparison of
                                                         Various Media
                                                          Positions on
                                                         Common Topics
                       Media Regulation
           Chapter 8,9,10 Test – Past AP Exam Essay        Past AP US
             – Comparisons on Voter Turnout by           Government and
                        Election Type:                    Politics Exam
             Chapter 8,9,10 Test – Multiple Choice:      Wilson test bank,
                                                           Released AP
                                                            Exam Q’s,
                                                          Simulated AP
                                                            Exam Q’s

     The Legislative Branch (Congress) and the Executive Branch (the President)
16,17,18,            Chapter 11 Review Due:                                 Wilson, Ch. 11
                        Chapter 11 Quiz:
           The Structure of Congress - Bicameralism US Constitution
   A Dominant Legislative Branch? –           Federalist #51
 Evolution over Time, Relations with the
            Executive Branch
  Congressional Organization – Parties,
 Committees, Caucuses, Leadership, and
The Legislative Process – Similarities and    School House
 Differences in the House and the Senate      Rock (for fun!)
   Congressional Roles in Shaping the        Examination of
 Judiciary, Responding to the Judiciary      the Roberts and
                                              Alito Hearings
    Oversight Functions of Congress
   The Political Factors that Influence       Application of
                 Congress                    Various Public
                                             Opinion Polls to
                                             Election Results
         Chapter 12 Review Due:                                  Wilson, Ch. 12
             Chapter 12 Quiz:
History and Evolution of the Office of the
The Institutionalism of Presidential Power
 Presidential Powers, Relationships with     Potential Effects
                 Congress                     of War Powers
      Power to Shape the Judiciary           Make-up of the
                                             Supreme Court
Control of the Bureaucracy – the Power to
 Execute the Laws and the Appointment
   Political Influences on the President
The White House Office, the Cabinet, and
 the Evolving Role of the Vice President
     Divided v. Unified Government
   Activity – The Legislative Process –        Various Bills
    Crafting and Passing Legislation:         Introduced in
         Debates on Mock Bills:                Student Bills
Chapter 11-12 Test – Past AP Exam Essay        Past AP US
 – Divided Government and Presidential       Government and
            Appointments:                     Politics Exam
 Chapter 11-12 Test – Multiple Choice:       Wilson test bank,
                                               Released AP
                                                Exam Q’s,
                                              Simulated AP
                                                Exam Q’s
    Mid-term Exam – Essay – Varied            Essay Prompts
   Responses to the Legislative Process
     The Bureaucracy, Civil Service Growth and Reforms, The Supreme Court, and the Federal
     Court System
20,21,22            Chapter 13 Review Due:                              Wilson, Ch. 13
                        Chapter 13 Quiz:
            Defining the Bureaucracy – An Extension
                          of the Executive
              Roles\Functions of US Bureaucracy
                  Evolution of the Bureaucracy           Growth in
             Appointing\Hiring\Firing Bureaucrats
              Spoils System, Civil Service Reform
           Bureaucratic Culture Today, Bureaucratic
                    Congressional Oversight
               Funding, Iron Triangles and Issue
                    Chapter 14 Review Due:                              Wilson, Ch. 14
                        Chapter 14 Quiz:
           Structure and Development of the Federal US Constitution,
                           Court System              Articles I and III
                Development of Judicial Review       US Constitution,
                                                         Article VI,
                                                         Marbury v.
                   Eras of the Supreme Court
            Interactions Between the Courts and the
                 Legislative\Executive Branches
             Judicial Appointments and Approvals
                        Who Gets to Court
           The Courts and Policy – Judicial Activism
                       v. Judicial Restraint
                  Responses to Public Opinion
           Chapter 13-14 Test – Past AP Exam Essay      Past AP US
                – Analysis of Graphic Display of     Government and
              Government Employment Numbers,           Politics Exam
                     Relation to Federalism:               Essay
             Chapter 13-14 Test – Multiple Choice:   Wilson test bank,
                                                        Released AP
                                                         Exam Q’s,
                                                       Simulated AP
                                                         Exam Q’s

     The Policy Agenda, Making Policy, Roles of Various Players, Economic Policy, Social Policy
23,24,25            Chapter 15 Review Due:                                 Wilson, Ch. 15

                    Chapter 16 Review Due:                                   Wilson, Ch. 16
                     Chapter 15-16 Quiz:
          Influences on the Policy Agenda – Public       Analysis of
          Opinion, Lobbyists, Elites, and the Media    Impact of Major
                                                        National Media
           Programs – Who Pays, Who Benefits?
           Debate – What Should Government be               Various
           Responsible for Doing for Its Citizens?       Controversial
                                                       Issues – Current
                                                        Policy, Current
         Shifting Power – Balancing the Roles of the    Elastic Clause,
             Federal Government and the States            Commerce
                                                        Amendment X
         Making v. Interpreting and Implementing
           Policy – Various Roles and Influences
          Factors that Affect American Economic
         Government and Politicians v. Citizens and
                       Interest Groups
            Fiscal v. Monetary Policy, The FED
                  Current Costs of Policy                 Analysis of
                  Chapter 17 Review Due:                                   Wilson, Ch. 17
                      Chapter 17 Quiz:
          Social Welfare Policy Pre- and Post-Great
                       Depression Era
            Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid
                   Assistance for the Poor
           Chapter 15,16,17 Test – Past AP Exam          Past AP US
           Essay – Graphic Analysis – Changes in       Government and
            Welfare Benefits to Children and the        Politics Exam
                     Elderly Over Time:                     Essay
          Chapter 15,16,17 Test – Multiple Choice:     Wilson test bank,
                                                         Released AP
                                                          Exam Q’s,
                                                        Simulated AP
                                                          Exam Q’s

    Foreign, Military, and Environmental Policy, Current Issues
26,27               Chapter 20 Review Due:                                 Wilson, Ch. 20
                    Chapter 21 Review Due:                                 Wilson, Ch. 21
                      Chapter 20-21 Quiz:
                  Implementing Foreign Policy
             The US Constitution on Foreign Policy     US Constitution
             Effects of Public Opinion, Legislative      Various UN
             Branch, Courts, and External Groups         Resolutions
              (Allies, UN, etc.) on Foreign Policy
                     The Military Element
               Defense Budgeting and Spending          Related Graphs
                                                         and Tables
          Debates: Foreign Aid, War on Terror, and         Political
                        other Events                    Commentary
                                                        from Various
                                                       Media Outlets
          Rise of US Environmentalism, Effects on
                  Business, Consumers, and
             Economics of Environmental Policy
          World Influences on Environmental Policy
             Major Policies and Current Effects,
          Chapter 20-21 Test – Past AP Exam Essay       Past AP US
           – Congressional Committees, Effects on     Government and
                     Policy Formation:                 Politics Exam
            Chapter 20-21 Test – Multiple Choice:     Wilson test bank,
                                                        Released AP
                                                         Exam Q’s,
                                                       Simulated AP
                                                         Exam Q’s

    Civil Liberties, Constitutional Debates, Court Challenges, Civil Rights, Major Movements
     and Legislation
28, 29               Chapter 18 Review Due:                                   Wilson, Ch. 18
                         Chapter 18 Quiz:
            A Historic Examination of Civil Liberties
                             in America
             Protections Guaranteed through the US       US Constitution,
                 Constitution and Amendments              Bill of Rights,
                                                          Various Other
            Past and Current Interpretations of Civil     Amendments
            Liberties (focus – Amendments I, IV, V,
                           VI, and XIV)
               Selective Incorporation via the 14th       Various Cases
               Amendment – Role of the Judiciary
               Various Current Debates (Speech,          Various Political
              Religion, Guns, the Accused, Search)        Commentary
                   Strict v. Loose Construction
                     Chapter 19 Review Due:                                   Wilson, Ch. 19
                         Chapter 19 Quiz:
           Various Civil Rights Movements – Women,
                         Landmark Cases                   Various Court
             Federalism as an Impediment to Civil
                   Rights, Using the Courts
           Affirmative Action – Will the Court Speak    Current Cases
                        Current Issues                 Various Political
           Chapter 18-19 Test – Past AP Exam Essay       Past AP US
               – Effects of Federalism on Policy       Government and
                       Implementation:                  Politics Exam
             Chapter 18-19 Test – Multiple Choice:     Wilson test bank,
                                                         Released AP
                                                          Exam Q’s,
                                                        Simulated AP
                                                          Exam Q’s

     Review Period – Topics Likely to be Seen on the AP Exam
30,31,32,     Spring Break and AP Exam Review              Princeton
   33                                                       Review:
                                                          Cracking the
              Student Research and Presentations,         Assignment
                     Various Major Topics                  Sheet and
                       Court Case Review                 Major Court
                                                          Case Study
                        Practice Essays                 Several Past AP
                                                         Exam Essays
               Practice Exams – Multiple Choice          Two Released
                                                        AP Exams, Two
                                                        Mock AP Exams
                     Final Weekend Review                Study List for
                                                         Likely Topics,
                                                         Q&A Review
             AP US Government and Politics Exam          Good Luck!!

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