CSSN AUTH letter forTonya and Kim by wmyAiQ


									                        California Short Sale Negotiators
                        Authorization to Release Information

Date: _______________

Seller Name(s)

____________________________________________ SSN_______________________

Property Address: ______________________________________________________


Phone Number: ________________________________________
To Whom It May Concern:
This letter authorizes TONYA MULHOLLAND and KIM LOZANO, and/or all parties affiliated with
California Short Sale Negotiators to communicate directly with:

___________________________________________________Loan #_______________
(name of 1st mortgage company)

___________________________________________________Loan #_______________
(name of 2nd mortgage company if applicable)

___________________________________________________Phone #______________
(Escrow Company)

Escrow Officer: ___________________________________ Escrow No. _____________

This authorization includes, but is not limited to information and/or documents relating to my loan
amount and payment transactions, escrow net-sheet and/or progress of my escrow to: Tonya
Mulholland, Kim Lozano and/or all parties affiliated with California Short Sale Negotiators, in an
attempt to process my short sale.

Thank You,

_______________________________________             Date:__________________

_______________________________________             Date:__________________

                      California Short Sale Negotiators
                        30877 Date Palm Drive # B-4
                          Cathedral City, Ca 92234
                Tonya Mulholland-Loss Mitigation Specialist
        1-800-509-5070 (p) 760-770-1066 (f) 760-841-3186 (alt. fax)
     Email: Tonya.cssn@yahoo.com Website: www.go2Calnegotiators.com

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