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									                    CALIBRATION REQUIREMENTS

Calibrating agency INCLUDE the following calibration requirements of
& Test Equipment (M&TE):

ESTIMATE CALIBRATION and/or REPAIR COST to return equipment to new

CONTACT Buyer (at phone number on P.O.) or Carol Ajirogi 541-564-7217

APPROVAL to CALIBRATE/REPAIR or return equipment.

If return is required follow contract directions.

A. Calibrate and/or Repair to new condition in accordance with ANSI
and manufacturer's recommendations or procedures.

B. Use of Standard with accuracy at least 4 times greater than devise
under test.

C. Calibration Report with the following information:

1. Manufacturer, model and serial number of M&TE.
2. Model, serial and/or ID number of the reference standard used
   traceable to NIST.
3. Input/output information of 20/40/60 increments of all ranges
   including as-found and as left data.
4. Accuracy of M&TE is specified.
5. Calibrated ranges of M&TE is specified.
6. As-found and as-left calibration data at specified increments
(minimum five
    points for electronic devices) on all ranges, both ascending and
    values, within the M&TE device specification
7. Calibration accuracy results.
8. Recorded temperature and humidity at time of test/calibration.
9. Calibration date.
10. Identification of the "person(s) accepting responsibility.
11. Procedure and revision used to perform calibration.
12. Recommended calibration frequency.
13. Comments describing the following when applicable:
    * Defects
    * Inaccuracies
    * Repairs effected
    * Adjustments effected

D. Calibration sticker or documentation attached to M&TE, containing
   the following information:

1.   ID number M&TE.
2.   Date Calibrated.
3.   Initials of calibrating individual & company name.
4.   Calibration due date.

Rev 1, 5/19/11
   1. List of pertinent M&TE information, to include the following:
      Manufacturer, model number, and serial number of M&TE
      Identification number of M&TE
      Required completion date for calibration of M&TE
   2. Use of reference standard with a known valid relationship to NIST
or other    nationally recognized traceable standard.

Rev 1, 5/19/11

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