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Benchmark Assessments

              “I’ve DIBEL’d, Now What?, Hall
What does DIBELS measure?
• Automaticity of
  – naming letters
  – hearing initial sounds
  – segmenting words
  – decoding nonsense words
  – reading end of grade level text
           What is DIBELS?
• Screening instrument
  – determines whether skills are in place for a
    student to be at grade level by the end of third

• Progress monitoring tool
  – measures whether intervention instruction is

• Outcome assessment
  – measures the effectiveness of a school’s
    instructional program
     DIBELS as a Screening
• Is a quick “dipstick”
• Determines if students are achieving early
  reading benchmarks (benchmarks are
  minimums rather than goals)
• Provides data to determine if students need
• Measures every student to ensure that no
  student compensates for a weak skill by using
  a strong one (specifically K-1)
   DIBELS website includes:
• Downloadable materials for assessment
• Administration and scoring procedures
  – Linked on each following slide
• Tutorial and video clip for each measure
  -linked on each following slide
• Grade level benchmark goals
Kdg Measure: Initial Sound
Kdg. and 1st Grade Measure:
   Letter Naming Fluency
Kdg. And 1st Grade Measure:
  Nonsense Word Fluency
Kdg. And 1st Grade Measure:
Phoneme Segmentation Fluency
 1st Grade Measure:
Oral Reading Fluency
    General Guidelines for
    Administering DIBELS
• Review protocol before beginning the
• Deliver instructions verbatim.
• Keep stopwatch and scoring sheets out of
• Encourage students between assessments
  rather than during tasks.
• Use accommodations if needed        Brochures
        DIBELS Data Entry
• Enter username and password
• Click Data Entry tab at the top of the page
• Click DIBELS Benchmark Data
• Select Grade, click Continue
• Select your class, time of year and 6th
  Edition, click Continue
• Enter scores, click Submit at bottom of page

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