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									                                       STATEMENT OF WORK

Scope: Assist the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in its goals and mission pertaining to its Center for
Interdisciplinary Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (CIRPAS) by providing oversight and assistance in the
supervision and management of programs related to the safety, efficacy and efficiency of flight and ground
operations and training. Tasks to be performed are in two areas, (1) Government Flight Representative
(GFR), and (2) Configuration and Airworthiness Manager (CAM). Tasks are as required in support of, but
not limited to, the following:

The Government Flight Representative (GFR) shall perform in accordance with DCMA INST 8210.1
(NAVAIRINST 3710.1E) entitled “Contractor’s Flight and Ground Operations” dated 13 November 2002.
In general, the contractor shall provide surveillance of those contractor flight and ground operations
involving Government aircraft and other aircraft for which the Government assumes at least some of the
risk of loss or damage. Some (but not all) of the tasks in that instruction are summarized below. If the
GFR disapproves any flight/ground operation, procedures, plan, aviation safety practice, crewmembers,
ground personnel, or facility condition, or other unsafe condition, the GFR shall immediately report the
situation to the CIRPAS government point of contact listed in this order.

        Task: Approve flight and ground operations where Government assumption of risk of loss or
        damage is involved.
        Description of Effort: Provide surveillance of contractor ground and flight operations, to ensure
        compliance with applicable directives and instructions. All flights and ground operations of
        installed engines and/or propellers, engaging of rotors, taxiing or towing of aircraft conducted by
        the contractor are subject to final approval by the GFR.

        Task: Review and approve contractor procedures and test plans. Monitor compliance.
        Description of Effort: Contractors are required to conduct all flight and ground operations in
        accordance with procedures, which have been reviewed and approved by the GFR. Mission test
        plans must be reviewed by the GFR. Assist contractors in developing and improving standard
        CIRPAS Ground and Flight Procedures and mission test plans.

        Task: Serve as an advisor to contractors with respect to aviation safety practices.
        Description of Effort: Provide surveillance of all contractor ground and flight operations, to
        ensure use of safe practices, as well as compliance with applicable directives and instructions.
        Where necessary, request changes in contractor procedures. Working through CIRPAS and
        contractor managers, develop procedures and practices, which introduce and institutionalize
        Operational Risk Management throughout CIRPAS.

        Task: Approve flight crewmembers and non-crewmembers, and ground personnel.
        Description of Effort: Approve personnel for training as flight crewmembers or flight non-
        crewmembers. Approve training programs. Approve trained personnel for flight. Approve
        ground personnel for whom training is required to perform their duties.

        Task: Approve flights, accepting risk on behalf of the Government.
        Description of Effort: All contractor flights for which the Government is assuming any risk of
        loss or damage shall be approved by the GFR.

        Task: Review facilities and programs.
        Description of Effort: Review airfield facilities, both home and at remote sites, to identify
        conditions or trends, which have potential impact on flight operations or safety.

        Task: Maintain liaison with other GFRs as appropriate.
         Description of Effort: Where CIRPAS contractors have their own GFRs, maintain liaison to
         ensure compliance with all applicable directives, instructions and contract provisions are met, safe
         practices are followed, and duplication of effort is minimized.

Configuration and Airworthiness Manager (CAM):

         Task: Monitor aircraft configurations for airworthiness.
         Description of Effort: Monitor the work of contractor engineers in design, manufacture and
         installation of modifications and special purpose experimental devices, to ensure airworthiness of
         the final product.

         Task: Monitor experimental equipment installations.
         Description of Effort: Monitor experimental instruments and installations for safety and
         airworthiness. Approve instruments for flight.

         Task: Approve/obtain approval of the airworthiness of CIRPAS flight vehicles.
         Description of Effort: Maintain liaison with the Naval Air Systems Command Airworthiness
         Office, NAVAIR AIR-04.0P. Working with their engineers obtain approval, or where permitted
         approve, the airworthiness of modifications and special-purpose installations for experimental

Acronym List:
CAM               Configuration and Airworthiness Manager
CIRPAS            Center for Interdisciplinary Remotely Piloted Aircraft Studies, at NPS
DCMA              Defense Contract Management Agency
GFR               Government Flight Representative
NAVAIR            Naval Air Systems Command
NAVAIRINST        NAVAIR Instruction
NPS               Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA


1. Monthly Status Report, may include:
      Outstanding Issues, if any

2. Trip Report for any travel performed
(Note: No travel costs are included in this purchase order; therefore, no travel costs may be billed against
this order unless additional funding is provided via modification before the travel cost is incurred.)


Government Technical POC and Acceptance of Deliverables:
Bob Bluth
Naval Postgraduate School
Monterey, CA 93943
831 384-2776

Milton H. Bank, II, Consulting Engineer
3146 Stevenson Drive
Pebble Beach, CA 93953

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