March 2008
  Volume 1, Issue 3

 Commanding Officer
   Maj J. G. Garza
                           Headquarters and Service Company, 1st Marine
   Executive Officer       Logistics Group               “Victory Through Logistics”
  1stLt K. N. Hardesty
   First Sergeant &
   Family Readiness
                           From the Commanding Officer:
         Officer           Dear Family and Friends,
   1stSgt J. L. Morris
 Company Gunnery                  Greetings. The Marines and Sailors of H&S Co, 1st MLG are doing
     Sergeant              well. So far the weather has been great and we have been able to enjoy
 GySgt T. A. Belleville    some mild temperatures this past month. It won’t be long before the
                           temperatures start to warm up quickly, so our Marines and Sailors are
    Capt O. Mozon          taking advantage of the great weather we are having right now.
Family Readiness Officer
                                   Your Marines and sailors have been staying busy, as there is
Camp Pendleton Contact
                           always work to be done. However, we do take a break and get out of the
     Ms. Kristin Day       office for individual and/or group physical training. Additionally, our MWR     representative has been busy scheduling fun events, such as basketball,
                           volleyball, pool and other tournaments, which have had great turn outs.
                           There are several events scheduled for April that all the Marines and
                           Sailors can participate in. Additionally, MCCS is providing 300 t-shirts to
                           hand out for the “Spring 10K” Run. The top three runners will be
                           announced in the next newsletter.

                                   I want to thank the families and friends of our Marines and Sailors.
                           The support that you provide by sending letters and packages has been
                           phenomenal. Additionally, we have also received support from
Support Resources          organizations, such as Bank of America, who sent us 78 care packages to
                           distribute to the Marines and Sailors of the Company. Letters and
MCCS One Source:           packages from home always put a smile on our faces and remind us how
1-800-869-0278             much our families and friends care about us.
24-hour Hotline
                                    Finally, I would like to thank you all again for the sacrifices that you
                           have made over the past few months. I know that time away and missed
Navy and Marine
                           weekends, holidays, birthdays and a variety of special occasions are a
Corps Relief Society      difficult price to pay. Please know that you are owed a huge debt of
                           gratitude by our nation, and that your love and support is felt by all of us.
American Red Cross         Semper Fidelis.

                           Major John G. Garza
                           Commanding Officer, Headquarters and Service Company
                           1st Marine Logistics Group
                                         Dispatches                                      Page 2 of 5

                       Happy Easter from Camp Taqaddum…

                  Father Shuley leading prayer at the Easter Sunrise Service

From the Company First Sergeant:

       This month, I have started to collect comments from the different sections within the company
and I hope to get more sections to participate as the months go by.

        Congratulations to the following Marines for receiving a personal award this month: MGySgt
Michael J. Sekeres (G-4), GySgt Tammy A. Belleville (Co Office), GySgt Alfred R. Gonzales (G-4),
GySgt Timothy Thomas (FDSVC), SSgt Delbert Hilliard (Motor-T), Sgt Monique K. Delapinia (FDSVC),
Sgt Kevin T. King (G-4), Sgt Rudy Espinoza (Motor-T), Cpl Shawn D. Hazi (CCU), LCpl Eliud I
Briones-Hernandez (CCU), LCpl Mario A. Castro (Motor-T), LCpl Ebony A. Cook (CCU), LCpl Timothy
J. Flores (CCU), LCpl Gregory J. Moniz (CCU), LCpl Conrad L. Morales (Motor-T), LCpl Maximo S.
Rangel (CCU), LCpl Richard B. Strauss (CCU) and LCpl Fernando Valdez (CCU). These Marines
received a Letter of Appreciation for their hard work and dedication to duty
                                                      Congratulations to the following Marines for their
                                                regular promotion on 1 April 2008: LtCol Mark F. Birk
                                                (G-4), SSgt Nakia D. Owens (G-4), Sgt Charles C.
                                                Gardner (G-6), Sgt Ian E. Peterson (PSD), Sgt Sergio
                                                A. Zaratecortina (G-1), Cpl Chad A. Stacy (G-1) and
                                                LCpl Ebony A. Cook (CCU).

                                                    Support from home has been great. Please keep
                                              the letters, packages and e-mails coming. Each Marine
                                              and sailor hopes to hear from you soon!
                                                                          Very Respectfully,

           SSgt DelosSantos (PX), SSgt Wilhoit              First Sergeant Jonathan L. Morris
           (PX) and GySgt Belleville (H&S) in the           Company First Sergeant
           turret of a HMMWV.                               Headquarters and Service Company
                                 Dispatches                               Page 3 of 5

 H&S Co Motor-T Operators LCpl Vargas           CWO2 Nelson and GySgt Lindquist in Al
 and LCpl Morales transport 10 water            Quaim
 pallets to the satellite DFAC

           Just another manic Monday…every day of the week!

  Sgt Hoplin on a HMMWV

                                        Sgt Flynn and GySgt Lindquist at the TO Range

Marines check MOPP suits for proper
fit during CBRN training
                                           MGySgt Maloney traveling in style in an
                                                   Dispatches                                     Page 4 of 5


     Cpl Crabtree (Comm), GySgt Belleville and Cpl Hernandez at
     the female search point for a Cooperative Medical
     Engagement. As part of the Iraqi Women’s Engagement
     program, the purpose of a CME is to assist the Government of   Cpl Sosoli and Cpl Evans from H&S Co
     Iraq by providing medical to the women of Iraq and their       Supply – Families: the only thing missing
     families.                                                      from this BBQ is you…

        The desert sunset…

                                         A Word from Food Service
From the Food Service Section:

         Hello all. We just wrapped up our second month here and morale remains high. Time
has been moving really fast, which is great. Food Service Marines have been killing time by
doing extra curricular activities such as soccer, working on their next belt in martial arts and
going to the gym. Our soccer team, coached by Sgt Cezair, won the championship game two
weeks ago against the Ugandan guards. Cpl Arrivillaga saved the game when he didn’t allow
them to score during the shoot out. They take their soccer very seriously, so they were a little
mad that the Americans beat them! They requested a rematch which will take place soon. I
will let you know what happens next month! We had three Marines leave us to assume
control of a Class I Lot at another base: Sgt Velasquez, Cpl Indell and Lcpl Colburn. Our very
own Cpl Shuler volunteered to be a “Lioness” and is currently out searching female Iraqi’s
outside the base in support of our infantry. One last note, we have a newly married Marine.
Congratulations to the Benavidez’s, who were married via the internet. Hope everything is
well in the rear and continue to support your Marine or Sailor.
                                       Dispatches                            Page 5 of 5

                                   A Word from PAO
From the Public Affairs Section:

        As the setting sun melted into the golden horizon, six of the world’s finest combat
correspondents retreated to their underground sanctuary here, the PAO Bunker. After rolling
and flying all over Al Anbar, these Leathernecks know their duty is not yet complete, for now
these Marine Journalists must tell the story of the Corps they so love.
                                Our 1st MLG “CCs” are doing some of the best military
                         journalism in country. The amount of work accomplished in just two
                         months is more than half of what other Groups have accomplished in
                         twelve. The 1st MLG has had Marines and Sailors on the Oprah
                         Winfrey Show, The Ellen Show, and a running engagement with CBS
                         College Sports, not to mention several hometown TV shows and
                                After all this work, the Marines of the PAO shop are still happy.
Cpl Barstow cuts his hair regularly, without being told - a true sign of motivation. Cpl. Eberle
isn’t happy unless he’s working, and Lance Cpls Medina and Alejandrez are just happy to be

        Keep in touch with your PAO Marine, and don’t forget to check out our website to
follow their stories:

                                   A Word from DISBO
From the Disbursing Section:

        We’ve been here some 70+ days doing our part in the rebuilding of Iraq and it’s
definitely a change from southern California’s beaches, warm weather and down-time. But
that is easily replaced with a feeling of fulfillment that you are doing your part in the war
making a difference in someone’s life, though typically small and unseen. We look forward to
the days when we go outside the wire to do payments with the civil affairs group and the staff
judge advocate. It’s definitely different from what you see on the news. Not people wanting
us gone, but people still asking for help in a country torn apart from years of war. We will look
back on this many years from now, hold our heads high and say with pride that we made a
difference in the world.

                                     LCpl Taylor on
                                     a pay mission

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