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					ACID SAFETY – FIRST AID – RESPIRATORS                                                                                         MiteGone Enterprises Inc
                                                                                                                              2910 Glenmore Rd N       HELPLINE & ORDERS.
Respirators and Filters                       the barrels using a forklift above                                              Kelowna, BC              Use Phone or Fax .
                                              you. Use loading docks and always                                               Canada V1V 2B6           1-250-762-8156 .
A chemical cartridge respirator
with organic vapor cartridge and              have the barrels or kegs on solid
dust/mist filter is recommended for           ground. Use the “submerged hose”                     INSTRUCTION FOR MITEGONE TREATMENT
outside use only.                             method. Use a hose with a tap so you          TREATING IN LATE SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER IS TOO LATE!
Example: North Safety Products:               can thin acid from 85-65% from                  THE DAMAGE TO WINTER BEES IS ALREADY DONE.
7700 Half Mask 7583-P100 Cartridge            barrels to small kegs without open
                                              pouring and funnels.                                                      YOU CAN USE PRE-FILLED PADS OR
Safety & Practicality for                                                                                                   FILL DRY PADS IN YARD.
                                                  Incorporate the preparation for
Beekeepers                                    treatment into your management.                                             IN TEMPERATE CLIMATES OF
The government safety regulations             Prepare up to 20-40 hives at a time                                         CANADA, USA, AND EUROPE,
generally used in the chemical                for treatment so you only put the
industry are unfortunately not very           respirator on once and do acid work
                                                                                                                         TREAT TWICE A YEAR WITH
applicable to beekeeping and are              only while wearing the respirator for                                          65% FORMIC ACID
usually discouraging.                         a short time.                            dsfdfsdfs
                                                                                                                            DO NOT UNWRAP THE PADS
    Aprons in the bee yard do not
                                                  Use medium thick rubber gloves      Rule of Thumb: You use one 5”half pad for every 5 frames of bees.
work. Bees get caught underneath
them and then you get stung. I                so you have comfort feeling in your      Last week of August - As shown in picture, install three 5” half pads,
replaced aprons with thin rubber (rain)       hands. Carry the filled pads below
                                              your waistline.
                                                                                       BY OPEN END DOWN preferably on a frame of honey with plastic
pants under my overalls.                                                               foundation. Pin pads to honey comb using two halves of a toothpick for
    All acid must be handled at             Filling Ready to Fill Kits__              each pad, one half in each corner. Leave the pads in the hives until the
ground level below the knees; never               Pour outdoor 65% formic acid
above the waistline. Never do any             into plastic bag lined box housing       spring. You will be able to refill and reuse up to 60% of the pads.
thinning or measuring at eye level. (It       half-pads. FOR KITS OF:                  Beginning of April - Reverse and check your hive. Install two half pads
is not necessary with MiteGone to             20 -5”pads - 2 litre 2.3kg/5lbs          in top super as shown in the picture above. Remove pads at the end of
handle acid above the waistline.)             156- 5”pads-16 litre 18.75kg/40lbs       May when putting on honey supers.
    Set up the filling station in the bee    Close bag as it was folded and
yard down wind on a pallet on the                                                      Benefits Cost $3 to $5 per Year per Hive - Following these instructions
                                              rolled, or tied with rubber tie.
ground.                                                                                will get rid of Tracheal and Varroa mites, Nosema, Chalkbrood, as well as
                                              Flip package upside down then
    All filling is done below the knee                                                the Lesser Wax Moth and Small Hive Beetle.
                                              right side up, repeat several times.     2

level in the outdoor breeze while             Pads are ready to use.                   For complete instruction: - See our website.
sitting in front of the filling station.
                                             First aid: water                          Performing Verification Testing Before the Treatment is a Must
    Fill the pads in the bee yards. DO                                            .

                                                                                       Tests at other times do not relate to our experience. Use Natural Drop
NOT pre-fill and transport large                  Have a hose with clean running
stacks of pads. Pre-filled pads will be                                                collected over 3-5 days and prorated to 24 hours. Drops below 8-10 mites are
                                              water or two pails of water, one open
crushed by their own weigh, unless                                                     proof your last treatment worked and you are below the economical damage
                                              and one sealed in case an open one
you use properly designed kits.               spills. Have a pitcher ready to dilute   threshold. Treat even with „O‟ drop results. For high infestation, add pad.
    Always use a scale on the ground         any spray or spills of acid.             Each spring, send at least 100 bees for slicing to confirm there are no trachea
for thinning and measuring in grams,          Before You Call the Help Line,           mites to cause damage.
kilos or pounds rather than measuring         Visit                  Private Consultation – Conference Call Seminars are FREE.
volume.                                       All I know is there.                     To design a treatment for specific conditions or a seminar for your group.
    The only safe way to transport           READ HANDBOOK MANUAL
acid is in thick walled kegs that acid        Containing detailed instructions.        Available at:
is sold in and approved by regulations.       Print: Literature applicable to your
    Never pour acid from one                 Operation put it in 3 hole binder
container to another by hand or lift          Creating your own field manual.                                                                MG/PD/News/Brochure Aug 09 AR4

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