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					                                                                                                                                            “In The Garden of Live Flowers”
                                                                                                                                                               Sound Cues
                                                                                                                                                                                     Act One

SCN PG CUE TRK DESCRIPTION                                              TIME LINE IN                                                               LINE OUT
1    4    A    1    clocks ticking/chimes/fluorescent light amplified   :57    house lights down (before lights up)                                dump
          B    1    echoing girlish laughter                            :12    DOCTOR holds up x-ray (ALICE in silhouette behind scrim)            dump
2    6    C    2    leaves rustling/insect sounds/wings beating         :29    open scene 2                                                        dump
     7    D    3    "Also Sprach Zarathustra"                           1:37   RACHEL: And gather honey all the day. (mushroom cloud projection)   dump
     9    E    4    whooshing sound of huge sprayer/QUEEN voiceover     :07    CATERPILLAR: It always happens.                                     dump
     10   F    5    sprayer/MARIA/FAWN/RACHEL voiceovers                :28    RACHEL: No! I'll stay with you. You are my…                         dump
4    17   G    6    silent film piano                                   :36    RACHEL: Once upon a time there was a wife                           dump
     19   H    7    boxing ring bell                                    :07    WIFE knocks out SPIDER                                              dump
     21   I    8    musical stinger                                     :07    RACHEL: Dead, dead, dead, dead, dead!                               dump
6    23   J    9    passenger train car interior                        :47    open scene 6                                                        dump
     30   K    2    ocean shore                                         :44    RACHEL: Ahhhhh. There it is. Finally.                               dump
          L    10   musical effect and echoing girlish laughter         :08    RACHEL: How long?                                                   dump
7    31   M    11   RACHEL voiceover (Dear Family)                      1:26   open scene 7                                                        dump
          N    3    radio fanfare/"Baby Snooks" dialogue                4:37   immediately after RACHEL'S voiceover                                ROBERT: I can't get over that Baby Snooks!
     32   O    12   big burst of radio laughter                         :05    RACHEL: I'm home!                                                   dump
          P    13   big burst of radio laughter                         :05    ROBERT: Let me hang up your coat.                                   dump
          Q    14   big burst of radio laughter                         :08    RACHEL: What's that awful smell from the closet?                    dump
     34   R    15   big burst of radio laughter                         :05    MOMMA: ...brush away the residue when you wear the coat, though.    dump
          S    16   big burst of radio laughter                         :05    ROBERT: You shut up, too.                                           dump
          T    17   big burst of radio laughter                         :05    ROBERT: Hey, everybody, Sis is writing fish stories.                dump
     35   U    18   big burst of radio laughter                         :08    ROBERT: ...government agencies that regulate it so beneficially.    dump
          V    19   big burst of radio laughter                         :05    ROBERT: For insecticides, fungicides and weed killers.              dump
     36   W    20   big burst of radio laughter                         :09    ONE OF THE GIRLS: I think it must be the lindane.                   dump
          X    21   big burst of radio laughter                         :05    MOMMA: 7 to 8 parts per million. Not a jot more.                    dump
     37   Y    22   big burst of radio laughter                         :06    GIRLS TOGETHER: None for the baby!                                  dump
          Z    23   big burst of radio laughter                         :09    KID: Boy, is Baby wolfing down these carrots!                       dump
          AA   4    radio dial changing/static                          :35    KID: More sweet potatoes!                                           dump
     38   BB   24   "Lights Out" intro pt. 1                            :36    ROBERT: Anyhow, I trust ole Uncle Sam to look out for us.           dump
          CC   25   "Lights Out" intro pt. 2                            :10    ROBERT: Hey, is "Lights Out" on already?                            dump
     39   DD   26   big burst of radio laughter                         :10    ROBERT: Say, what's up with Robespierre?                            dump
          EE   27   "Lights Out" intro pt. 3                            :18    family freezes in lurid glow                                        dump
9    46   FF   28   tide moving in                                      :31    DOROTHY: Yes. For me too.                                           dump
10   49   GG   5    crop duster approaches and passes                   :47    ROGER: Did a bug kill Grandpa, too? (slow manual fade in)           ROGER exits in fog
     50   HH   29   whooshing sprayer/QUEEN voiceover                   :07    ROGER: Off with their heads! Off with their heads!                  dump
          II   6    clocks ticking (slowly building to very loud)       4:32   lights up on RACHEL on examining table                              dump when track ends (during intermission)
     52   JJ   30   echoing girlish laughter                            :12    DR. TWO: May I?                                                     dump


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