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                                              SURP Awards – Summer 2002
  Congratulations to the following students for receiving a Summer Undergraduate Research Program
   (SURP) Fellowship in support of their faculty-mentored research projects and creative activities.
    Student Name                         Major(s)                  Faculty Mentor(s)                                      Project Title

Alia Adel Aboul-Nasr      Psychology & Social Behavior       Professor Richard Matthew     Sanctions in Iraq: An Analysis of the Theoretical and Historical Aspects of
Hooman Afghani            Information & Computer Science     Professor Tatsuya Suda        Wireless Network Handoff Measurements and Power Control Issues

Derrick LeRoy Agnoletti   Dance/ Sociology                   Professor Donald McKayle      San Francisco Ballet Summer Intensive Study

Iam-Paulo Alvarado        Psychology                         Professor Ramesh Srinivasan   Threshold for Visual Suppression During Binocular Rivalry: Using
                                                                                           Electroencephalograph to Investigate the Dynamics of Visual Suppression
Jennifer Elizabeth Blanco Biological Sciences/ Mechanical    Professor Hans Keirstead      Myelin Tolerizing DNA Vaccination in the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury
Anne Rene Brashier        Dance/ Drama                       Professor Lisa Naugle         Breaking Conventions and Building Connections: Performing Improvisational
Evan Brashier             Drama                              Professor Cliff Faulkner      Neo-Theogony

Christopher Cabanne       Information & Computer Science     Professor Richard Granger     Analysis and Modeling of Olfactory Clustering Computation

Carla Marie Cardona-      Dance                              Professor Donald McKayle      Developing an Artist: Finding a Choreographic Voice
Sean Thomas Cawelti       Drama                              Professor Cliff Faulkner      Advanced Extrapolation of Puppetry

Chansa Cha                Psychology                         Professor Fillmore Freeman    An ab initio Molecular Orbital Theory and Density Functional Theory (DFT)
                                                                                           Study of the Conformers of Antimaldrials
Pruthvi A. Chaudhari      Electrical Engineering/ Computer   Professor Michael Green       Design of Integrated Circuits for High-Speed Communication Networks
Mayra Elizabeth Chavez    Psychology                         Professor Virginia Mann       The HABLA Preschool Intervention Program: Assessment of Outcomes on
                                                                                           Language Development ad Parent-Child Behavior
Rex Chen                  Information & Computer Science     Professor Tatsuya Suda        Wireless Network Handoff Measurements and Power Control Issues

Sharon Chen               Neurobiology                       Professor Oswald Steward      Identification and Characterization of RNA binding proteins for Dendritically
                                                                                           Localized mRNAs

    Student Name                        Major(s)                        Faculty Mentor(s)                                     Project Title

Jun Hwan Choi            Electrical Engineering                   Professor Richard Nelson       Development of Plastic Nanofluidic Device

Ki Hyun Choi             Electrical Engineering                   Professor Richard Nelson       Development of a Nanofluidic Microscope

Tiffany Phuong-Uyen      Social Science/ Sociology                Professor Caesar Sereseres     High School Graduates and Prospects for College Education: Former Foster
Chung                                                                                            Youth
Jacqueline Ngoc Lan      Neurobiology                             Professor John Longhurst and   Activation of Glutamatergic Neurons Containing Nitric Oxide in the RVLM
Dang                                                              Dr. Zhi-Ling Guo
Christine Dang           Biological Sciences                      Professor Jeffery Milliken     Twelve Hour Cardiac Preservation with PEG-Hemoglobin Versus
                                                                                                 Hypothermic Crystalloid separation
Gary De La Cruz          Information & Computer Science           Professor Tatsuya Suda         Wireless Network Handoff Measurements and Power Control Issues

Bejamin Dilday           Physics                                  Professor Liu Chen             Investigation of Nonlinear Resonance Induced Plasma Heating

Anh-Tuan Vu Do           Chemical Engineering                     Professor Martha Mecartney     Development of a New Method to Make ZrO2 Thin Films to Replace SiO2 in
                                                                                                 Integrated Circuits
Oanhcatherine Hoang Do   Biological Sciences                      Professor Craig Walsh          The Role of c-FLIP in Regulating T Cell Homeostasis

Stephanie Domzalski      Political Science/ Psychology & Social   Professor Julia Lupton         A Comparative Analysis of the HOT Program Model and Other Outreach
                         Behavior                                                                Strategies
Brian Fitzgerald         Biological Sciences/ Political Science   Professor Hans Keirstead       Characterization of the Immunological and Neuropathological Responses in a
                                                                                                 Clinically Relevant Model of Myelin Tolerizing DNA Vaccination in the
                                                                                                 Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury
Monica S. Franco         International Studies                    Professor Caesar Sereseres     International Migration

Philip Garcia            Aerospace Engineering                    Professor Kenneth Mease        The Design and Flight of an R/C Solar Plane and the Autonomous Flight of an
                                                                                                 R/C Electric Plane
Karimi Gituma            Biological Sciences                      Professor James Fallon         Determination of Stem Cell Lineage in the Adult Rodent Brain

Oracio Gonzales          Political Science                        Professor Caesar Sereseres     Colonias: A Comparative Analysis of Colonias in Texas and California

Martin Philip Hosking    Biological Sciences                      Professor Thomas Lane          Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cell Response to Clinically Induced
                                                                                                 Remyelenation in a Murine Model of Multiple Sclerosis
Ahmed Gamal Ibrahim      Biological Sciences                      Professor Adam Summers         Metabolic Rate in Skate Embryos (Chondrichthyes: Batoidea: Raja erinacea)

Liza Joseph              Biological Sciences                      Professor Edward Nelson        Evaluation of RMT-1 Expressed in Rat Mammary Tumor Cell Lines

Jamie Kaya               Molecular Biology & Biochemistry         Professor Franz Hoffmann       The Correlation Between Embryogenesis of Lotus corniculatus Super Roots
                                                                                                 and Nodulation
    Student Name                      Major(s)                 Faculty Mentor(s)                                       Project Title

Kurt Masaki Kikushi     Dance                            Professor Donald McKayle       Supplemental Summer Studies for Collegiate Pre-Professional Dancers

Kristine Elizabeth      Biological Sciences              Professor Thomas Carew         The Role of 5-HT in the Sensitization of the Tail-Induced Siphon Withdrawal
Kolkman                                                                                 Reflex in Aplysia
Joshua Kunellis         Biological Sciences              Professor Hans Keirstead       Reducing the Proinflamatory Response to Spinal Cord Injury Decreases
                                                                                        Secondary Degeneration
Jennifer Kwok           Biological Sciences              Professor David Imagawa        Immunomodulatory Properties of Docetaxel

James Lee               Music                            Professor Kei Akagi            Professional CD Production and Introduction into the Mainstream Music
Michael Lee             Biological Sciences              Professor David Imagawa        Pamidronate as a Possible Anti-Rejection Agent

Wang Ho Lee             Electrical Engineering           Professor Richard Nelson       Development of Microinducer

Henry Liang             Information & Computer Science   Professor Tatsuya Suda         BioNetworking Architecture: Resource Sensing Service

Marcos Magar            Biological Sciences              Professor Petra Wilder-Smith   Spectrographic Characteristics of Oral Tissue

Erin Siobhan Matheny    Biological Sciences              Professor Matthew Brenner      Optical Coherence Tomography for Evaluation of Inhalation Injury

David Edward McDougall Mechanical Engineering            Professor Farghalli Mohamed    Mechanical Behavior of Ultra-Fine Grained Aluminum Alloys

Jayme Rose McReynolds   Biological Sciences              Professor James McGaugh        Effects of Basolateral Amygdala Lesions on Working Memory Deficits
                                                                                        Induced by Glucocorticoid Administration
Ali Reza Moazzami       Biological Sciences              Professor John Longhurst and   C-Fos Expression in Thalamus and Hypothalamus During Stimulation of
                                                         Dr. Zhi-Ling Guo               Heart by Chemical Mediator
Pooya Mobasseri         Biological Sciences              Professor Lutz Hilgenberg      Does Agrin Affect Expression of Calcium Binding Proteins in Cortical
Morassa Mohseni         Biological Sciences/ Sociology   Professor Ralph Purdy          Simulated Microgravity and Its Effect on Src and Other Tyrosine Kinases in
                                                                                        Femoral Arteries
Morvarid Mohseni        Sociology                        Professor Ralph Purdy          Alterations in the MAP-Kinase Pathways in Vessels of the Upper Body
                                                                                        Subjected to Simulated Microgravity
Jennifer Lynn Moore     Chemistry                        Professor Keith Woerpel        Metal Catalyzed Silacyclopropanation: Investigation of Different Functional
Elisa Moskowitz         English/ Mathematics             Professor Julia Lupton         Evaluating the Impact of the HOT Program on SAUSD Students' Writing
Sawrar Josh Mukherji    Biological Sciences              Professor Christine Gall       Seizure Induced Regulation of 3 and 8 Integrins in the Rat Brain

    Student Name                          Major(s)                 Faculty Mentor(s)                                        Project Title

Justin Mulhearn            Information & Computer Science    Professor Adriaan Van der Hoek   Component and Service-Based Development with WREN

Eric Brian Naasz           Biological Sciences               Professor David Imagawa          Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Differentiation Into Insulin-
                                                                                              Secreting Beta Cells in Partial Pancratectomy Model
Que-Huong Thi Nguyen       Biological Sciences               Professor Douglas Tobias         An ab initio Molecular Dynamics Studies of Anti-Parallel and Parallel Beta-
Deinde Odubela             Economics                         Professor Duran Bell             Prevailing Descriptors of Black Males

Kevin Stewart Olson        Chemical Engineering              Professor Martha Mecartney       Increasing Toughness of Ceramics: Carbon Nanotubes in Silicon Oxycarbide

Vahagn Ovasapyan           Neurobiology                      Professor Arnold Starr           Investigating Age-Related Changes Associated With Motor Preparation and
                                                                                              Stimulus Expectany
Justin R. Partridge        Criminology, Law & Society/       Professor William Thompson       Juror Evaluation of DNA Random Match Evidence as a Function of Crime
                           Environmental Analysis & Design                                    Severity
Annie Peshkam              Sociology                         Professor David Meyer            The Changing Face of Protests in America

Anh T. Pham                Chemistry                         Professor Keith Woerpel          Highly Steroselective Synthesis of (E)-Alkenes by Substitution Reaction of
                                                                                              Allylic Carbamates With Soft Organometallic Nucleophiles
Nhi Tran Thuc Pham         Electrical Engineering            Professor Franco De Flaviis      Design of Broadband Distributed Amplifier

Tyler John Pugh            Mechanical Engineering            Professor Melissa Orme           The Uniform Generation of Molten Metal Droplets for Application to Net-
                                                                                              Form Manufacturing
Jennifer Patricia Quirin   Anthropology                      Professor Leo Chavez             Spanish Society Viewed Through Cultural Performances of Music and Dance

Erin Nicole Ramsy          Criminology, Law & Society/       Professor Jodi Quas              Influences on Juror's Decision in Cases Involving Confessions and DNA
                           Psychology & Social Behavior                                       Evidence
Jahan Zeb Rana             Biological Sciences/ Psychology   Professor Susan Bryant and       In vitro Manipulation of Blastema Stem Cells
                                                             Dr. David Gardiner
Bobby Reddy                Computer Engineering              Professor Guann-pyng Li          Exploration of Applications in Biotechnology, Applying Nanotechnology

Eduardo Ruiz               English                           Professor Lucia Cunningham       Cristina Peri Rossi's Narrative Tools Against Oppression: Ambiguity and
Christopher Charles        Biological Sciences/ Chemistry    Professor Gregory Weiss          Ankyrin Repeat Libraries of p16INK4a as Scaffolds for Molecular Recognition
Greta Evelyn Schroeder     Dance                             Professor Donald McKayle         Researching National Summer Dance Intensives

Marina Segal               Studio Art                        Professor Thomas D'Zmura         Dependence of Human Interaction With Virtual Avatars on Avatar

    Student Name                          Major(s)                Faculty Mentor(s)                                         Project Title

Reza Shahbaz             Biological Sciences                Professor Jeffrey Milliken        Extended Cardiac Preservation With Heterotopic Transplantation in a Rabbit

Kenneth Shaw             Information & Computer Science     Professor Adriaan Van der Hoek    SimSE: Simulation Based Software Engineering Education

Alana Shilling           Comparative Literature             Professor Jane Newman             Repositioning the Renaissance: A Study of the Shifting Methodological
                                                                                              Readings of the Gerusalemme liberata
Ivan T. Shum             Computer Engineering               Professor Pai Chou                Embedded Web Server

Anthony Vorapong         Biological Sciences/ Chemistry     Professor J. Lawrence Marsh       Producing a Deletion in the Syndecan Gene in Drosophila Using Male
Silpanone                                                                                     Recombination and Gamma-Irradiation
Emily Beth Slusser       Social Science                     Professor Virginia Mann           Early Childhood Gender Differences in Various Dimensions of Social
Sunny Kristen Staton     Dance                              Professor David Brown             Untitled

Lin Swe                  Computer Engineering               Professor Pai Chou                Embedded Web Server

Faramarz Tehrani         Biological Sciences                Professor Stephanie Tjen-A-Looi   C-Fos Expression During Stimulation of Visceral and Somatic Afferents

Michael David Velez      Biological Sciences/ Chemistry     Professor Hans Keirstead          Myelin Tolerizing DNA Vaccination in the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury

Michael Ottwit Vongphoe Biological Sciences                 Professor Fan-Gang Zeng           Dichotomy Between Speech Perception and Speaker Identification

Kenny Vu                 Information & Computer Science     Professor Tony Givargis           Video Motion Estimation Using a Parameterized System-on-a-Chip Platform

Sara Holt Walker         Dance/ Environmental Analysis &    Professor Richard Matthew         GECHS-UCI Project Assistant
Christian Jude Walsh     Philosophy                         Professor Linda Georgiana         The Uninformed American: Comparing International News Content of the Los
                                                                                              Angeles times and the United Kingdom's The Independent/The Guardian
Patrick McKinley Warf    Chemistry                          Professor Craig Martens           Characterization of the Solutions for the Control of the Chirikor-Taylor
                                                                                              Standard Map Generated by a Genetic Algorithm
Alton Park Williams      Earth and Environmental Sciences   Professor F. Lynn Carpenter       Which Came First, The Nitrate or the Tree? An Experimental Analysis of the
                                                                                              Relationship Between Nitrate, Terminalia amazonia, and the Tropical Soils in
                                                                                              Which They Exist
Michael Anthony          Computer Engineering               Professor Andrei Shkel            A MEMS Based Telemetry System for Longitudinal Muscle Contraction In
Williams                                                                                      the Human Esophagus
Jieeun Woo               Linguistics/ Spanish               Professor Robin Scarcella         Does Instructional Feedback Make a Difference? A Longitudinal Study

Cristen Joy Wu           Biological Sciences                Professor Vickie LaMorte          The Dynamic Interactions Between SREBP-2 and PML as a Function of Cell
    Student Name                      Major(s)                       Faculty Mentor(s)                                        Project Title

Judy Xiong              Biological Sciences                   Professor Thomas Lane             Role of Nitric Oxide Synthase Type 2-Derived Nitric Oxide in Viral Induced
                                                                                                Neurological Disease
Elizabeth Yanni         Biological Sciences                   Professors Arthur Grant and       Tactile and Auditory Perception in People With Epilepsy and Tactile and
                                                              Timothy F. Osborne                Auditory Perception in Pianists
Roxanne Janice          Applied Ecology                       Professor Ghassan Kassab          Microstructural Components of the Coronary Vascular System
Jay M. You              Economics                             Professor Priya Ranjan            The Real Economic Effects of Globalization and International Trade

Chad Michael Young      Biological Sciences                   Professor Arthur Weis             Assortative Mating Due to Herbivore Resistance Genes in Plants

Jose Alberto Zavaleta   Chemistry                             Professor James Nowick            Conformational Analysis of the -Turn Unit Ornithine

Nanfei Zhang            Biological Sciences                   Professor Stephanie Tjen-A-Looi   Influence of Stimulation of Somatic Nerve with Different Parameters on the
                                                                                                Cardiovascular Reflex Induced by visceral Afferents
Roman Zorin             Physics                               Professor Petra Wilder-Smith      Optimization of Endogenous and Exogenous Fluorescence Spectra
                                                                                                Acquisition of Tissue Biopsies

    Number of Proposals Submitted = 141                    Number of Fellowships Awarded = 99                                Number of Honorary Fellowships = 6

                                  Total Funds Requested = $407,646                               Total Funds Awarded = $200,000

                                                         For more information, please contact:

                                                            Said M. Shokair, Director
                                                Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)
                                              Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
                                                          Student Services II, Suite 2300
                                              Phone: 824-4189; Fax 824-1607; E-mail:


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