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Ear piercing (PDF)


									                                             EAR PIERCING

       General Requirements:

   •    Work area must be clean, tidy and well lit.         •   Work contact surfaces must be cleaned and
   •    Hand wash sink(s) must be:                              disinfected with a low level disinfectant after
            Located near the work area(s)                       each client.
            Supplied with hot and cold running              •   Have all required supplies for service available
            water, liquid soap in a dispenser and               and in easy reach.
            single-use paper towels at all times            •   Remove any items not required from the work
   •    Premise must be equipped with a sink(s) for             area.
        cleaning of equipment/instruments.                  •   Store multi-use tools in a clean, covered
   •    Cover any work surfaces with disposable                 container when not in use.
        coverings or clean linen.

   Infection Prevention and Control Requirements:

   •    Ear-piercing guns can be used only for piercing         •   All guns must be capable of being loaded
        earlobes, not other parts of the ear or body                without the need to touch the studs or the stud
   •    Hands must be washed:                                       holding devices on the gun.
             Before and after each client,                      •   Disposable cartridges must be disposed of after
             Before and after wearing single use gloves,            each client.
             in between breaks in service.                      •   If a piercing site is to be marked it must be:
   •    Alcohol based hand sanitizer can also be used                      first, cleaned with a approved skin
        for hand sanitizing.                                               antiseptic,
   •    Wear single use gloves for each client.                            then marked with a iodine felt tip/marking
   •    Use ear-piercing systems equipped with pre-                        pen,
        sterilized, disposable capsules or disposable                      wait one minute until the pen mark is
        adaptors.                                                          dried,
   •    Ear piercing systems without disposable                            then clean the site again with a approved
        adaptors or cartridges are NOT                                     antiseptic,
        RECOMMENDED.                                                       and then pierce the skin.
   •    All piercing guns must be thoroughly cleaned            •   Written and verbal advice on aftercare must be
        and disinfected with a intermediate to high-level           provided to each client.
        disinfectant before and after each use.                 •   You do not have to see blood/body fluid on
   •    Stored piercing gun in a clean, covered                     instruments or surfaces for an infection to occur.
        container when not in use.                              •   Hepatitis B vaccination is strongly
   •    Only studs that have been taken from a sealed               recommended.
        package can be used.
   •    Sterile studs cannot be handled with bare hands.


Produced by Central West PSS Network                                                                   May 2007

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