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The following pages show the locations of all lubrication         SEALED BEARINGS
points. Proper lubrication of all moving parts will help
ensure efficient operation of your KINZE® planter and             LF212199-3

prolong the life of friction producing parts.

        WARNING: Always install safety lockup
        devices or lower to the ground before
        working under the machine.


                                                                  A number of sealed bearings are used on your KINZE®
Lubricate at frequency indicated with an SAE                      planter to provide trouble free operation. These are
multipurpose grease.                                              located in such areas as the drive shaft, row units and
                                                                  transmission bearings. Sealed bearings are lubricated
                                                                  for life. Due to the seals, relubrication is not practical.

Lubricate at frequency indicated with a high quality              WRAP SPRING WRENCH ASSEMBLY
SAE 10 weight oil or a quality spray lubricant.
                                                                  The chain idler is equipped with a wrap spring wrench.
                                                                  The wrench components may require occasional
                                                                  lubrication to operate correctly. Disassembly is required
                                                                  to lubricate. (a) Remove the ¼"-20 x ½" cap screw
                                                                  that secures the idler with sprockets to the wrench
                                                                  tightener shaft. (b) Remove the wrap spring wrench
                                                                  from the planter. (c) Tip the wrap spring wrench on its
                                                                  side and lubricate using a high quality spray lubricant.
                                                                  Lubricant must be absorbed into the wrap spring area.
                                                                  (d) Reinstall wrench on planter.

                                                            9-1                                                   Rev. 9/07
DRIVE CHAINS                                                    08049714

All transmission and drive chains should be lubricated
daily with a high quality chain lubricant. Extreme
operating conditions such as dirt, temperature or
speed may require more frequent lubrication. If a
chain becomes stiff, it should be removed, soaked and
washed in solvent to loosen and remove dirt from the
joints. Then soak the chain in oil so the lubricant can
penetrate between the rollers and bushings.


                                                                Seed Rate Transmission Chains

Row Unit Drive Chains

                                                                Liquid Fertilizer Piston Pump Drive Chains


Row Unit Granular Chemical Drive Chains

                                                                Jack Shaft (Reverser) Chains

Contact Wheel Drive Chains
                                                          9-2                                         Rev. 11/08
BUSHINGS                                                       LF212299-22

Lubricate bushings at the frequency indicated.

Using a torque wrench, check each bolt for proper
torque. If bolt is loose, it should be removed and the
bushing inspected for cracks and wear. Replace bushing
if necessary. Only hardened flat washers should be
used. Replace damaged flat washers with proper
part. Torque hardware to 130 ft. lbs.

                                                               Row Unit Mounted Disc Furrower Parallel
                                                               Linkages (6 Per Row)


Pull Row Unit And/Or Push Row Unit Parallel
Linkages (8 Per Row)
                                                               Row Unit Mounted Bed Leveler Parallel Linkages
                                                               (6 Per Row)

Row Unit “V” Closing Wheel, Covering Discs/
Single Press Wheel And/Or Drag Closing Wheel
Eccentric Bushings (2 Per Row)

                                                         9-3                                         Rev. 9/07
WHEEL BEARINGS                                                  LIQUID FERTILIZER PISTON PUMP
                                                                CRANKCASE OIL LEVEL
All wheel bearings should be repacked annually and
checked for wear. This applies to all drive wheels,
transport wheels and marker hubs.                                                  Plug

To check for wear, raise the wheel off the ground.
Check for endplay in the bearings by moving the tire                                                      Plug
side to side. Rotate the tire to check for roughness in
the bearings. If bearings sound rough, the hub should
be removed and the bearings inspected and replaced
if necessary. See Maintenance section.

To repack wheel hubs, follow the procedure outlined
for wheel bearing replacement with the exception that
bearings and bearing cups are reused.

                                                                Check crankcase oil daily and maintain at plug level.
                                                                Fill as needed with EP 90 weight gear oil. Total oil
                                                                capacity is approximately ¾ pint.
                                                                Refer to operator and instruction manual supplied with
                                                                the pump and flow divider for additional information.

                                                          9-4                                              Rev. 11/08

Those parts equipped with grease fittings should be lubricated at the frequency indicated with an SAE multipurpose
grease. Be sure to clean the fitting thoroughly before using grease gun. The frequency of lubrication recommended
is based on normal operating conditions. Severe or unusual conditions may require more frequent attention.

         WARNING: Always install safety lockup devices or lower the planter to the ground before working
         under or around the machine.

NOTE: Numbers on illustration below correspond to photos on following pages showing lubrication


Model 3200 12 Row 30" Planter Shown

                                                       9-5                                                 9/06
D10170603                                                  60982-10

1.    Row Marker Assemblies - 3 Zerks Per Assembly         4.     Center Frame Flex Pin - 4 Zerks

D05149905                                                  60887-15

2.    Wheel Pivots - 2 Zerks Per Wheel Module              5.     Hitch Flex Pin - 3 Zerks

D07210610106                                               D06029909

3.    Wing Hinges - 2 Zerks Per Wing                       6.     Turnbuckle - 1 Zerk

                                                     9-6                                            9/06

7.    Seed Rate Transmission Idler - 1 Zerk
      (Per Transmission)

8.    Planter Lift Cylinders (Master, Slave And Assist)
      - 1 Zerk Per Cylinder

                                                          9-7   9/06
Row Unit
LF212199-2                                                 LF083002101

Gauge Wheel Arms - 1 Zerk Per Arm
(Seals in gauge wheel arm are installed with lip           Frame Mounted Coulter - 1 Zerk Per Arm
facing out to allow grease to purge dirt away from
seal. Pump grease into arm until fresh grease
appears between washers and arm.)

                                                     9-8                                            9/06
Fertilizer Openers                                     Liquid Fertilizer
D06060128a                                             12229799

                                                       Liquid Fertilizer Piston Pump - 2 Zerks (Fill zerk on
Notched Single Disc Fertilizer Opener - 1 Zerk         outboard stuffing box until lubricant seeps out of drain
                                                       hole in bottom.)

D06259919                                              (A12330a)

                                                       Liquid Fertilizer Piston Pump - 4 Zerks (Fill zerk on
                                                       outboard stuffing box until lubricant seeps out of
Double Disc Fertilizer Opener - 1 Zerk                 drain hole in bottom.)

                                                 9-9                                                 Rev. 9/07

              9-10   9/06

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