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					Verbs for Past, Present,
     and Future
                 Day 1
Remember that a verb tells what someone or
something does. A verb can show action.
   Identify the verb in each sentence and decide if
    takes place in the past, present, or future.

   1. Jane added the two numbers.
   2. David is walking to the park.
   3. Nick will write a story.
   4. Emily wrote her first poem yesterday.
   5. Dad is mowing the lawn.
                        Day 2
    Replacing verbs to past, present and future tense
   Example                     Complete each sentence
                                 using the past, present or
    sentences.                   future tense verbs.

   I read a good book          baking bake baked
    last week.               1.   Grandma ______ a pie
   I am reading a           2.   Grandma is ______ a
    good book.                    cake.
   I will read another      3.   Grandma will _______
                                  cookies tomorrow.
    book next week.
                       Day 3
   Tell if the lists of verbs are past, present, or
    future tense. Write-past, present, or future
    following each list.
   Cooked, fished, saw, ran, wrote = ________
   Cooking, fishing, see, running, writing=_____
   Will cook, fish, see, run, write= ________
   Who can use one of the words from each list
    appropriately in a sentence.
   Thumbs up, if you agree!
                       Day 4
    Practice past, present and future tense verbs.
    Choose the correct verb for each sentence.
1.   Yesterday I (playing, played) soccer.
2.   I am (painting, paint) a picture.
3.   I will (rode, ride) my bike to school tomorrow.
4.   Grandpa (drove, driving) me to school yesterday.
5.   Grandma is (cooking, cooked) soup.
6.   Grandpa will (take, took) me fishing tomorrow.
                        Day 5
   Review- Verb Tense
   Past Tense Verbs- Action words that tell what has
    already been happened.
   Present Tense Verbs- Action words that tell what is
    happening now.
   Future Tense Verbs- Action words that tell what will
   Clue words such as yesterday, last week, today,
    tomorrow, next week, can give you clues as to which
    verb tense to use.
   Find clue words on slide “Day 4”.

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