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                                                                                                                                                 New KTC Commissioners

FEBRUARY 2010                                                                                                                                 WWW.KAYENTATOWNSHIP.NET
  Students Reflect On Their                Township Takes Inventory of Its Ongoing Capital Improvement Projects
      Visit to Kayenta                     By Malcolm Benally
                                           KAYENTA, AZ – One of the main points
                                           to be considered in Navajo communi-
                                           ties today, and on the greater Navajo
                                           reservation, is to ask the question: how
                                           much does the average citizen examine
                                           his-or-herself within the broader social
                                           make-up of mainstream America? While
                                           it is an important question to be asked
                                           and answered once one enters the aca-
                                           demic field, on the reservation we come
                                           across dilapidated signs, stray animal
                                           populations, communities littered with
                                           trash, and upon further study, the inquir-
                                           ing mind will learn that the public service
                                           sector reports about the Navajo Nation is
                                           backlogged at least ten to thirty years. As
By Malcolm Benally                         a Nation, we are behind the times.
KAYENTA, AZ – From Sunday, Janu-                     Recently, a critical essay was   Kayenta, one of the first communities on the Navajo Nation to implement a
ary 09, 2011 to Saturday, January 15,      circulated on Facebook entitled “An Idea   local tax and operate as a municipal government.
2011, students from various disciplines,   of American Indian Land Justice: Exam-     the catch-words in Indian law: land res-       reports that in in terms of its service
all part of a student organization college ining Native Land Liberation in the New    toration, land liberation, and tribal sover-   delivery it is twenty to thirty years behind.
Alternative Spring Break visited the       Progressive Area,” by Richard Faith-       eignty.                                        If you read a report on education, it is
community of Kayenta to do commu-          ful. He has been a long-time supporter               The article was compelling enough about ten to thirty years behind. If you
nity service work with the staff at the    and the essay on American Indian Land      to use some of the arguments in the book to read a report on education, it is about
Kayenta Recreation Center. The names       Justice is a close reading and constructivediscuss the positioning Kayenta Township       ten to twenty years behind. Then, as
of the students who came on the trip       critique of contemporary political phi-    Commission has inherited up to this time       far as Public Safety goes, the Navajo
are: Lindsey Stirek, Anna Kropornicka,     losopher and economist Amartya Sen’s       as the first municipal government on the       Nation communities are so far behind
Vivian Chou, Kelsey Anderson, and          landmark book “The Idea of Justice.”       Navajo Nation. It begs to ask the question: that the towns that actually have jails;
Lee Replogle.                              The community of Kayenta, which is         “Are we, as Dine people, willing to judge      most of the bigger towns on the Navajo
     Recreation Leaders and Kayenta        known for and has received accolades for   ourselves, as well as our principles, institu- reservation have been condemned. Yet,
Township Staff, Pete Gilmore and           becoming one of the first communities on   tions, and conduct in relation to our ideas    the Kayenta community is transcending
Joann Begay guided five female stu-        the Navajo Nation to implement a local     of justice?” If you read a general report to   those numbers in its favor.
dents and one male student the whole       tax and operate as a municipal govern-     Congress from Indian Health Services over
week as they volunteered their time at     ment, is a perfect study in the delivery oftime, the Navajo Nation I.H.S. usually         Continued on page 4
the Kayenta Community School, Kay-
enta Intermediate School, the Kayenta
Animal Shelter, and the students even
                                             Public Works Sets Up Secondary Oil Containment
attended the Navajo Nation Presidential By Malcolm Benally                            vehicles and have it stored at the Kayenta
Inauguration in Window Rock, Arizona                                                  Transfer station.
on January 11, 2011. A part of their       Kayenta, AZ – The Kayenta Township                   The Kayenta Township Public
trip was also planned to experience        Public Works Department and Transfer       Works had to partner with local busi-
the rugged country by re-exploring         Station recently purchased a 5,000 gallon nesses Native Sun Materials who pro-
Clara Breinheimer Arch located some- tank to receive used oil for recycling in the vided concrete and a mixer for the project.
where just northeast of Kayenta, AZ,       community. To comply with Environmen- Southwest Concrete provided supplies to
in hopes of redefining the trail, but due tal Protection Agency standards, a transfer do the work. The mission of the Kayenta
to inclement weather and tough sand        station is required to build a secondary   Township to support this project is to
dune roads, their first attempt with       containment structure to contain 110%      protect the public and the environment
former Commissioner Richard Mike           of oil being stored. This means also that  from exposure to contamination caused by
was marred by getting their V-8 4 X 4 people who change their oil at home or          improper treatment, storage, and disposal
vehicle stuck in the sand. However,        away from a lube and oil shop can now      of used oil.
Continued on page 8                        bring in the oil they extract from their   Continued on page 6

                                                                                               Town Managers Message
                                                                                                         As we have entered into a new                 Other prospective projects
                                                                                               calendar year, I would like to congratu-       include the paving of the 3.4 mile Bus
                                                                                               late the new Kayenta Township Com-             Route and Comb Ridge Road, as we
                                                                                               missioners, Mr. Andre Cordero and Mr.          hope to improve road conditions for resi-
                                                                                               Rodger Grey, who were sworn into office        dential as well as commercial reasons.
                                                                                               on Tuesday, January 11, 2011, by Navajo        Realizing that we cannot do everything at
                                                                                               Nation Supreme Court Chief Justice,            once, we have had meetings to prioritize
                                                                                               the Honorable Herb Yazzie, in Window           from a list of potential projects.
                                                                                               Rock, AZ.                                               While the Business Site Leasing
                                                                                                         I would also like to express my      Committee is still searching for a new
                                                                                               sincere appreciation to outgoing com-          member to fill the vacancy created by the
                                                                                               missioners, Mr. Richard P. Mike and Ms.        untimely passing of Ken Whitehair, we
                                                                                               Alyce M. Yazzie, for the many years of         have been asked to make certain changes
                                                                                               service they have provided to the Kay-         regarding the fee structure. These sug-
                                                                                               enta Township.                                 gestions are being considered in order to
                                                                                                         Election of officers of the new      develop positive relationships with the
                                                                                               commission is slated for Monday, Feb-          business community.
Hygi Waetermans - Kayenta Town Manager                                                         ruary 14, in conjunction with the next                  We have also been approached
                                                                                               Regular Monthly Commission Meeting.            with various funding requests in con-
         Kayenta Township Commission                                                           A number of changes can be expected to         nection with the annual Fourth of July
      P.O. Box 1490 Kayenta, AZ 86033                   Phone (928) 697-8451                   take place during 2011 and into 2012, as       festivities. No firm commitments have
                 Andre Cordero, Chairperson                                                    more than two thirds of our current fiscal     been made, at this point, and we would
                 Andre Cordero is Ta’neeszhah’nii, the Tangled clan born for Nakaii Dine’e,    year is behind us and certain amend-           like to gather input from the township
                 Mexican people. His grandparents are Ashiihi, Salt clan and his maternal      ments are in order.                            residents stating what you would like to
                 grandparents are Anglo. His mother’s name is Sarah Louise Rocha and
                                                                                                         At the present time, the township    see as part of this annual event. Meetings
                 his father is the late Andre Cordero. As a graduate of Monument Valley
                 High School, he obtained a political science degree in Political Science      has initiated a hiring freeze to assess our    of the Commission are generally open
                 from Arizona State University.                                                work force in comparison to our work           to the public, and your suggestions are
                                                                                               load. We foresee a revision in our pay         welcome.
                 Carol Todecheene, Vice-Chair                                                  scale and a potential re-classification
                 Carol Todecheene, a life long resident of Kayenta, AZ, is one of the
                                                                                                                                                       In legal news, I would like to
                 elected Kayenta Township Commissioners. She was born in Gouldings,            of certain positions. The creation of a        report that the long-standing law suit
                 Utah. Carol is Dził Natohnii Tachii’nii, Mountain Tobacco Red Streak Run-     Human Resources Department has been            against the Kayenta Township and the
                 ning Into Water clan born for Todichii’nii, the Bitter Water clan. Her mater- debated, and budgetary considerations          Navajo Nation, arising from a fatal car
                 nal grandparents are Bit’ahnii, Within His Cover people. Her paternal
                 grandparents are Kinyaa’aanii, Towering House people.
                                                                                               will dictate, in part, how the township        accident in 2006 was dismissed on Janu-
                                                                                               will proceed.                                  ary 6, 2011, by District Court Judge Jen-
                 Delores Greyeyes, Secretary/Treasurer                                                   In the final analysis, the goal is   nifer D. Benally, due to lack of subject
                 Delores Greyeyes, originally from Black Mesa, AZ, is one of the elected       to improve the efficiency of our opera-        matter jurisdiction.
                 Kayenta Township Commissioners. She is Bitter Water born for Near To
                                                                                               tions and to be more responsive to cus-                 Also, in an unrelated legal
                 Water, her maternal grandparents are Ashiihi, the Salt Clan. The Bit’ahnii,
                 Within His Cover people are her maternal grandparents.                        tomer concerns. In an effort to make the       proceeding, the Navajo Nation Of-
                                                                                               township a more desirable place for new        fice of Hearings and Appeals’ Hearing
                                                                                               businesses to relocate, we are mindful of      Office Karen Benally granted the Kay-
                                                                                               the need to beef up our infrastructure.        enta Township’s motion to dismiss the
                 Helen Bonnaha, Commissioner
                 Helen Bonnaha is Bit’ahnii, Within His Cover people born for
                                                                                               To that end, we submitted a funding            petition for injunctive relief brought by
                 Tsénahabiłnii, Sleeping Rock clan. Her maternal grandparents are Tł’izi       application to the ACA (Arizona Com-           plaintiffs Sam Sullivan, Jr. et al. vs. Kay-
                 Láni, the Many Goats. Kinyaa’aanii, the Towering House people are her         merce Authority), formerly known as            enta Township Commission and Show
                 paternal grandparents. She has been a life long resident of Kayenta, AZ.      the Arizona Department of Commerce,            Low Construction. The Order of Dis-
                                                                                               seeking funding for the installation of        missal was issued on January 28, 2011,
                                                                                               a new sewer line along the east side of        in Window Rock, AZ.
                 Rodger Grey, Commissioner                                                     Highway 163 and south of the Kay-                       As I am experiencing my first
                 Rodger Grey has been a resident of Kayenta, AZ for over 35 years. He was enta Mobile Home Park. Yesterday, we                winter season in Kayenta, I realize that
                 raised within the Dennehotso and Lukachukai area. He is Nakaii Dine’e,
                 Mexican clan born for the Kinyaa’aanii, the Towering House people. His
                                                                                               received electronic notification that our      this is not the part of Arizona where
                 paternal grandparents are Bitah’nii, Within His Cover clan and his mater-     application was approved in the amount         “snowbirds” seek refuge from the cold.
                 nal grandparents are Anglo.                                                   of $75,000. ACA informed us that they          On the other hand, we have been com-
                                                                                               received 75 applications and approved          paratively fortunate not to be subjected
                                                                                               only 21, including the Kayenta Township        to the type of weather extremes seen
                                                                                               Commission. While this may seem like           in other parts of the country. With that
                                                                                               an insignificant amount of money, please,      in mind: stay warm, stay safe and stay
                                                                                               keep in mind that much larger munici-          healthy.
                                                                                               palities, such as the City of Flagstaff, re-
                                                                                               ceived only $80,000. Additional funding        Mitakuye owasin
                                                                                               applications will be submitted to various      (To all my Relatives)
                                                                                               grantor agencies in the coming weeks
                                                                                               and months.                                    Hygi Waetermans
Kayenta Veterans Organization Secures Non-Profit Status, Invites U.S. President Barack Obama
              to Award Medal of Honor for Local U.S. Army Veteran Jasper Lake
By Malcolm Benally                                                                                                                  Six medals were awarded to Native
KAYENTA, AZ – The Kayenta Veterans                                                                                                  Americans during World War II, and
Organization Corporation, a new non-                                                                                                three during the Korean War.
profit agency with a 501c3 status, has                                                                                                       Much of the Kayenta Veterans
several goals in place that they feel will                                                                                          Organization’s work in the year 2010
fall into place easily if Kayenta Monu-                                                                                             was working with the Navajo Nation
ment Valley High School alumni and                                                                                                  Council and the President’s office mak-
U.S. Army Veteran Jasper Lake receives                                                                                              ing frequent trips to Window Rock. “To
his Medal of Honor from the U.S. Con-                                                                                               begin with, once a Navajo Veteran is
gress in the near future. “Right now, we                                                                                            honorably discharged from any of the
are lobbying on behalf of Jasper Lake.                                                                                              Armed Services, the Navajo Nation
Our next goal is to find the monies to                                                                                              should be able to designate at least one
lobby at the State and Federal levels,”                                                                                             (1) acre of land to the Veteran,” contin-
says Rick Gray Wednesday night at                                                                                                   ues Veterans Organization Commander
the Kayenta Chapter meeting. Jasper                                                                                                 Rick Gray. When the organization goes
Lake’s story is an odyssey, so much so                                                                                              to the Navajo Nation, the State and
that it is his own Platoon that nominated                                                                                           Federal level, they are lobbying for (in
him for the Medal of Honor while he                                                                                                 order of priority) : 1) A building for the
was in the Middle East.                                                                                                             Kayenta Veterans Organization Corpo-
          Jasper Lake, an Army Veteran,                                                                                             ration; 2) A Public Library; 3) to turn
who served in Iraq for three years, is                                                                                              the old Kayenta Clinic into a Veteran’s
a graduate of Monument Valley High                                                                                                  Hospital with VA doctors, VA Nurses,
School Class of 2001. He is 27 years                                                                                                and VA Counselors once the new Kay-
old. At a Kayenta Community recogni-                                                                                                enta Alternative Rural Hospital is built;
tion ceremony and dinner held at the                                                                                                4) and Veterans’ Housing.
Monument Valley High School Student                                                                                                 The biggest need at this time, although
Activity Center Auditorium on Decem-                                                                                                the Kayenta Veterans Organization is
ber 18, 2010, Specialist Jasper Lake of      Jasper Lake, an Army Veteran, who served in Iraq for three years, is a gradu-          fully operation as a non-profit corpora-
the U.S. Armey 73rd Engineer Company         ate of Monument Valley High School Class of 2001.                                      tion, is money to travel back and forth
was awarded the Bronze Star (placed on                                                                                              to the Arizona State Capital in Phoenix,
as a badge for Specialist Jasper Lake by     on as a badge by Rodger Grey), U.S.                 The U.S. Congressional Medal       AZ, to the Federal offices in Washington
Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly),         Army Commendation Medal (placed by         of Honor is usually awarded by the          D.C., and to the Navajo Nation offices
Purple Heart (placed                         Paulson Bronston), the Fedility Medal,     President of the United States. Ac-         in Window Rock.
                                             National Defense Medal (placed by T.C.     cording to the Resolution, and to the
                                             Tso), a Medal for the Iraqi Campaign       Kayenta Veterans Organization, the
                                             (placed by Jonathan Nez), a Medal for      Kayenta community is extending an
                                             Iraqi Freedom (placed by Peter Hewey),     open invitation for President Barack
                                             and his U.S. Army Mechanic and Driver      Obama to come to Kayenta to present
                                             Badge (placed by Larry Nobel).             the medal to Specialist Jasper Lake.
                                                      Jasper’s niece Gailene Bitsuie,   According to Wikipedia on the Inter-
                                             26, took time from her own schedule        net, the Congressional Medal of Honor
                                             to work on securing Specialist Jasper      was established by the Joint Resolution
                                             Lake’s award as well as continuing to      of Congress in 1862 under then U.S.
                                             advocate for his United States Congres-    President Abraham Lincoln. A Medal of
                                             sional Medal of Honor. With the help       Honor is is the highest award for valor
                                             and support of the Kayenta Veterans Or-    in action against an enemy force which
                                             ganization, on January 07, 2011, Presi-    can be bestowed upon an individual
                                             dent Joe Shirley Jr., signed into law by   serving in the Armed Services of the
                                             Resolution of the Navajo Nation Coun-      United States.” Since then, there have
                                             cil CJA-01-11, which reads: “Relat-        been 3,454 soldiers in the armed ser-
                                             ing to Human Services; supporting the      vices who have received the Medal of
                                             recommendation of awarding Specialist      Honor. 85 of them are still living, and
                                             Jasper Lake the United States Congres-     19 soldiers have received the Medal of
                                             sional Medal of Honor for his wartime      Honor twice.
                                             actions during Operation Enduring                   Twenty-two (22) Medals of
                                             Freedom and in defense of his fellow       Honor have been awarded to Native
                                             soldiers in the 73rd Engineer Company,     Americans, mostly during the Ameri-
                                             1st Brigade (SBCT), 25th Infantry Divi-    can Indian campaigns in the West in
                                             sion (L) and the United States Army,       the late 1870s and 1880s. In fact in a
                                             the United States of America and the       bit of a shocker, ten of fifteen Medal of
                                             Navajo Nation.” The lobbying for the       Honors were awarded to Apache Scouts
                                             award continues at the state level with    who showed “Gallant conduct dur-
                                             U.S. Representative and Democrat Ann       ing campaigns and engagements with
                                             Kirkpatrick’s office.                      the Apache Indians (against their own
Continued from page 1                                   Richard Faithful argues in his
In the year 2009, the Kayenta Unified         essay that when one encumbers upon
School District #27, Monument Valley          the practice of law for individuals or
High School announced that it had 11          communities, American Indian law
Millennium Gates Scholars, the most on        points to five values which must be ad-
the Navajo reservation, and five Chief        dressed: 1) need; 2) happiness; 3) ma-
Manuelito Scholars. However, within           terial security; 4) non-exploitation; and
the community, other indicators sug-          5) non-discrimination. Each value is an
gest there is a significant sector of youth   equal part of the justice formula,” writes
still rebelling against the community         Richard Faithful. In the past three
hierarch by putting up graffiti on public     years, beginning in 2009, the Kayenta
property, juvenile delinquency, alcohol       Township Commission has aggressively
related mischief all points to a popula-      worked to define its community needs
tion of youngsters still feeling dissatis-    through a five to ten year strategic plan.
fied by community norms.                      In that time, the Finance Department,
          Richard Mike, former Com-           possibly based on these tight focus
missioner discussed points made in the        groups, overcame a huge obstacle by
article about ideas of justice, and he        reorganizing its entire accounting sys-
said, “You have to have money in your         tem and its audit schedule is now up to      First Lady Martha and Ben Shelly, Navajo President chat with Kayenta
hands, to be able to talk about justice.      date. Now, you can look at the Kayenta       Town Manager Hygi Waetermans at the 2011 Inauguration.
What have Navajos, much less most             Township organization chart and easily       tor’s Office, Probation, KayentaBe-          of the population. Closing these gaps is
Native Americans, what have we ever           recognize how its yearly budget is set       havioral Health, the contractors, and        not just a question of policy, it’s also a
done with the experience of having            up each fiscal period. The Kayenta           community leaders, Peacemaker Court,         question of our values,” he said.
money?” Nothing, he says. That is why         Township is now in a position to use its     the new Kayenta District Multipurpose                  During the campaign season in
the Kayenta Township has always advo-         strategic planning narratives to apply       Justice Center will feature a culturally     2010, the Navajo Nation seemed fraught
cated for a Master 99-year Business Site      for Capital Improvement Grants with its      sensitive Kayenta District Multipurpose      with change as Navajo Nation Presi-
Leasing, which would give value to the        best positioning ever.                       Justice Center that appropriates Navajo      dential hopefuls cited the benefits of
property of business owners and home                    The essay succinctly lays down     culture and traditional values in bring-     working with, and making amendments,
site lease holders. “Imagine someone          the values and goals underlying tribal       ing to the community a sense of justice      to Title XVIII of the Navajo Nation
who lives on five-acres in Kayenta who        sovereignty, and attempts to bring in        and/or “restorative justice.”                Code that deals with natural resources
can sell one and a half acres of land for     a discussion of ways to improve on                     American Indian Law Scholars       on the Navajo reservation. The Navajo
$250,000 so someone can set up a trailer      community development. Recently, the         Amartya Sen and Robert Odai Porter           Nation Council had made new Amend-
there? A Native American person has           major players in developing the Kayenta      argue that it is precisely a community       ments to Title XVIII allowing most
never had that kind of an experience, so-     District Multipurpose Justice Center         or a people’s “access or opportunity for     Chapter communities to have the ability
the idea of freedom and justice is really     through a grant from the Bureau of           justice” that makes room for growth and      to sit at the table and have a voice with
skewered at this point,” Commissioner         Justice – American Recovery Reinvest-        development possible.                        corporations and special interest groups
Mike says. “Now days, it is really sad        ment Act discussed restorative justice                 Recently on December 10,           during the approval, negotiations, and
because we have a student just out of         treatment components that will reflect       2010, after years and perhaps decades of     development of natural resources. Then
high school working at Burger King.           the design and architecture of the new       advocacy by human rights activists at all    in a major step back, outgoing Navajo
Once the Mustangs are playing the Tuba        facility. “We are not in the market to       levels of government, President Barack       Nation President Joe Shirley, Jr. vetoed
City Warriors, he’s going to abandon          build human warehouses,” said one of         Obama signed and endorsed the UN             the promising legislation. In a January
his job, take his last check and enjoy a      the general contractors. Thus, with the      Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous      11, 2001 press release from the Presi-
good time for one night. It’s just sad the    involvement of over 30-people, includ-       People. This declaration is valuable to      dent’s office published in the Navajo
concept our dependence on government          ing the Town Manager, Lieutenant             Navajo communities because it recog-         Hopi Observer states, “The legislation
handouts has created,” he says.               Thinn, Kayenta District Court, Prosecu       nizes the rights of indigenous, and by       would have given chapters power to
                                                                                           extension, the rights of Navajo people       disapprove the use and development of
                                                                                           who want to preserve their culture,          resources even if that was in the best
                                                                                           property, and self-determination which       interest of the Navajo Nation,” he said.
                                                                                           means that an effected community that        “That would impact the government’s
                                                                                           must give up natural resources for the       ability to acquire property and funds for
                                                                                           greater good must first give “free, prior,   the benefit of the entire Nation,” he said.
                                                                                           and informed consent” to any outside                   Time will tell how each Na-
                                                                                           corporation, government, or special          vajo chapter communities will become
                                                                                           interest.                                    stakeholders in their own development.
                                                                                                     Furthermore, the release of        Many, like the Shonto Chapter, Ramah
                                                                                           more than $210 million to enhance the        Chapter, and Nahat’a Dziil Chapters are
                                                                                           Kayenta Detention Facility to build the      looking into forming their own alterna-
                                                                                           Kayenta Alternative Hospital (scheduled      tive forms of government once they
                                                                                           to begin moving dirt in April 2011), and     become certified as a Local Govern-
                                                                                           ARRA funding to improve rural roads          ment and begin to implement their own
                                                                                           is more than any sitting United States       plans for development and accounting
                                                                                           President has ever done for the town of      systems. The Kayenta Township looks
                                                                                           Kayenta. During a recent press confer-       forward to working with the President
                                                                                           ence, President Barack Obama spoke           Ben Shelly and Vice President Rex
                                                                                           directly to Native America, “We know         Lee Jim, the honorable Navajo Nation
                                                                                           that Native Americans die of illness like    Council Delegate Katherine Benally and
                                                                                           diabetes, pneumonia, flu - even tubercu-     the 24-member standing Navajo Nation
                                                                                           losis – at far higher rates than the rest    Council.
  Kayenta Recreation Center Staff Look to a
      Future Of Community Wellness
By Malcolm Benally                          say the retreat was “awesome” and that
KAYENTA, AZ – The month of Janu-            they definitely came away compelled
ary, the new year, seemed potent with       to engage their communities with the
new opportunities for the Kayenta Rec-      ideas they shared with other tribes and
reation Center, as the recreation center    Nations who participated.
hosted six students from the University               As an ice-breaker to the actual
of Chicago at Urbana-Champagne for          retreat, the fellowship participants first
one week to do volunteer work, the Ra-      got to know their new “community” by
diation Exposure Compensation Act In-       means of teleconference calls and doing
tern Public Outreach Forum on January       several homework exercises on-line.          Joann Begay, Recreation Leader gives a history of Kayenta Commu-
18, 2011 went successfully with over        This part of the learning community is       nity at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale, AZ.
150 participants, and then its two main     also an ongoing part of the fellowship,               These participants all participate   tains, and through this powerful poetry
employees and Recreation Leaders,           which is scheduled to last one year.         in one way or another in community            and journey song, sings blessings for
Joann Begay and Pete Gilmore, went          Two more one week retreats are sched-        projects that are already in place. For       wellness into “old age and happiness.”
on a retreat under the auspices of the      uled in the near future; one to be held in   example, each summer Joann and Pete           Both Joann and Pete said that everyone
Healthy Native Communities Fellow-          Shiprock, NM from June 18-24, 2011           have been actively helping to organize        was very moved by the presentation.
ship at the Franciscan Renewal Center       and another in Washington, D.C. from         in the Kayenta Community for the                       In essence, during this presenta-
from January 24 to 28th, 2011.              October 23-28, 2011.                         “Honoring Our Elders Elder Fest”, the         tion, Pete sang a song for the travels of
          This particular retreat was       Sixteen teams with 42 individuals com-       Just Move It 5K Walk and Fun Run,             16 teams and its 42 individual
the first session of the Healthy Native     prises all the fellowship participants and   Walking Together For A Healthier Na-           participants who came from these
Communities Fellowship, a program of        these teams come from parts of Arizona,      tion, raising awareness against domes-        respective places throughout the United
Healthy Native Communities Partner-         Alaska, Illinois, Montana, New Mexico,       tic violence, and various Health Fairs,       States: Ha:San Team from
ship which was established in col-          North Dakota, and South Dakota. The          which are all events that are held at          Sells, AZ, HeSapa Helpers from Rapid
laboration and partnership with Indian      participants all come from a cross-sec-      the Kayenta Recreation Center, among          City, SD, Mi Hank Mi Vo: ja “Walk In A
Health Service and the National Health      tion of the professional sector such as      other notable events. Some of the             Good Way” from Peach
Promotion Initiative. At the beginning      public health, schools, clinicians, health   events are also Native campaigns which         Springs, AZ, Northern Cheyenne Boys
of the fellowship program, the Co-co-       care, community development, law en-         are sponsored by Health Native Com-           and Girls Club from Lame Deer, MT,
ordinators Marge Bluehorse-Anderson         forcement, elected/grassroots leadership     munities throughout the country, like the     Northwest Artic from
and Tina Tso, with the Healthy Native       and community and social levels.             Just Move It series.                           Kotzebue, Alaska, Princess Warriors
Communities-Shiprock Office sent Pete                 From its inception in 2003,                 On Tuesday evening, Pete and         from Anchorage, AK, SHARE-Strength,
and Joann a formal letter congratulating    National Health Promotion Initiative         Joann, as the Kayenta Recreation Center       Hope, Awareness, Respect,
them for their being chosen as a “team”     members shared their vision for healthy      Outreach Team were chosen to do the            Education from Polacca, AZ, Team
for the fellowship: Kayenta Recre-          Native communities in the year 2014.         closing of the day’s events. Their clos-      HOPE from Dulce, NM, Three Affili-
ation Center Outreach Team. “You will       To achieve those goals, they agreed          ing presentation required them to share       ated Tribes Healthy Communities
experience and practice new skills, gain    to focus on: 1) building a network of        something from their Navajo culture            from New Town, ND, Tohono O’odham
knowledge and expertise in engaging         community leaders modeling strengths,        and traditions. Their presentation was        Nation from Sells, AZ, Up Town War-
community members in community              resources and abilities; 2) create           in front of all 42-members who gathered       riors from Chicago, IL, We Care from
transformation towards wellness,”           partnerships that gives each participant     in a circle. Joann talked about the com-      Agency Village, SD, WOW-Working
they wrote. “These new learning(s)          community a sense of ownership and           munity of Kayenta and its support of          on Wellness Team from Tucson, Alaska,
are applicable to a variety of issues       feel like they are in charge of their own    Mustangs sports. Joann explained how          and Aberbeen
and priorities facing Indian communi-       destiny; 3) increase community par-          for most sports, sometimes the whole           I.H.S Areas, Yavapais Against Sub-
ties – whether it is diabetes prevention,   ticipation so that people of all ages are    town basically shuts down so they can         stance Abuse Coalition from Fountain
physical activity promotion, or Native      more active – walking, running, biking       travel to state championship tourna-          Hills, AZ, and Zia Sun from Zia
language/culture preservation … you         so that long term the community may          ments for Volleyball, Basketball, and         Pueblo, NM.
will be encouraged to take “risks” and      see changes in health disparity rates;       Football. She talked about how com-                    The Kayenta Recreation Center
“stretch” your images and perceptions       and 4) build on community capacity so        munity involvement revolves around            features a state of the art outside Chil-
of yourselves and the communities you       that the children can learn at a young       the Mustangs, and is even inclusive of        dren’s playground, walking trails, a
partner with.” Both Pete and Joann          age what “healthy” means to them.            other communities like Shonto, Kaibeto,       Skatepark, basketball courts, a gym, a
                                                                                         Black Mesa, Forest Lake, Dennehotso,          weight room, library, wi-fi internet ac-
                                                                                         Chilchinbeto, and Rough Rock. One             cess, a baseball/softball
                                                                                         will learn today, that in the early 1950s,    field, and park style picnic gazebos.
                                                                                         these areas which are now communities         During the business week, the center is
                                                                                         themselves, was considered as the Kay-        open from 9:00 am to 9:00
                                                                                         enta Service Unit by the Indian Health        Monday through Thursday. On Friday,
                                                                                         Services. Many from these surrounding         the center is open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
                                                                                         communities are proud alumni to the           On weekends, the
                                                                                         Mustang legacy.                               Kayenta Recreation Center is open for
                                                                                                  Joann and Pete wore Mustang t-       rentals to the public for events just by
                                                                                         shirts as a display of their community as     filing out a facility use
                                                                                         they explained the community’s history.       Agreement, paying a small fee ranging
                                                                                         Afterwards, Pete got up quietly and           in price from $150 to $700 (depending
                                                                                         told everyone that he was going to sing       on the event your planning), and you
Pete Gilmore, Recreation Leader, talks to a crowd of 42 participants                     a “Journey Song” in which the Navajo          must have your own liability insurance.
during Healthy Native Communities retreat in Scottsdale, AZ.                             travels to the Four Sacred Moun

Denver Nash surveys excavated area before work begins.                                    Cement is laid down December 01, 2010 begin construction
Continued from page 1                        One of the most positive reasons to have
The Public Works employees Denver            a used oil program are two-fold: 1)
Nash, Scott Benson, Tyson Yazzie, Fred       used oil can be re-refined as lubricating
Nelson, Rodger, Zonnie, and Boaz Blair       oil, used a clean fuel, and reprocessed to
began work on the project and started        create many petroleum based products.
excavation for the structure on De-          Recycling it saves this non-renewable
cember 01, 2010. Fred Nelson, Heavy          resource for future use; and 2) one gal-
Equipment Operator, worked on exca-          lon of used oil can be re-refined into
vating and preparing the worksite for        2.5 quarts of lubricating oil. It takes 42
construction. The slab of concrete, once     gallons of crude oil to produce the same
it was laid out was scheduled to take a      amount.
week to form. “We are all excited to do               The Kayenta Township and
the work. I took pictures to document        Transfer Station Yard will implement a
the whole process,” said Scott Benson.       used oil collection fee for $0.50 cents a
         However, due to freezing tem-       gallon, $2.50 for 5 gallons, $10.00 for
peratures and inclement weather, the         20 gallons, etc. Oil will be accepted in
                                                                                          Secondary Containment Structure is Ready with Safety Ballards in Place.
project has had to halt construction until   containers approve for waste oil. You
the second week of February. This gave       can unload your waste oil at the used oil
time for the Kayenta Unified School          collection site beginning in March 2011
District to provide heavy equipment that     when all the safety precautions are in
can help lay down the 5,000 gallon tank.     place for public safety.
         “Now that the tank is up, the                The time schedule for the used
public can bring their oil change oil        oil site will be as follows, Monday
extract and dump it here,” Scott Benson      through Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00
says. “Once the 5000 gallon tank fills       pm daily. And on Saturday, it will be
up, it will be taken away to be disposed     from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Staff mem-
of properly,” Scott said. The Kayenta        bers will have training in handling used
Township Used Oil Collection Site,           oil, and protective equipment will be
will be at the Transfer Station at the       available for our staff members.
North Lot, with a Secured Concrete           Mesa Environmental, a division of Mesa
Containment pad to locate our Large          Oil will be the contractor to pick the
Collection Container which will be set       used oil on a timely scheduled basis.
up on the pad, and develop a practice to
safe guard this area, and customers can                                                   Setting 5,000 gallon tank in Secondary Containment Structure.
unload their used oil safely.

Left to Right: Boaz Blair, Pearl Manygoats, Denver Nash, Rodger Zonnie, and
Fred Nelson                                                                               5,000 gallon tank fits right in place during first attempt.
  NAU Student Presents a Spring Break                                                      Join The Fight Against Domestic Violence
   Community Challenge to Clean Up                                                        By Rebecca Joe
                                                                                                    On Wednesday, March 23,
                                                                                                                                       include a crisis hotline, intervention-
                                                                                                                                       prevention, outreach, talking circles, and
By Jalen Redhair                            they only stay at home for a short period     2011 at the Kayenta Recreation Center,       community presentations/trainings.
Kayenta is a small town that is globally    of time and return back to the comforts       Tohdenasshai Shelter Home will be                     The Tohdenasshai Shelter Home
recognized by tourist who flock to this     of city life.                                 partnering up with the Kayenta Health        served 76 adults, 117 children and
area to visit the majestic Monument                   We can change this negative         Education Department and the Kayenta         received 229 crisis calls on our 24-hour
Valley, made famous by the numerous         image by volunteering and supporting          Community Recreation Center to host          toll-free hotline from January 2010
John Ford western films. Kayenta also       the “Kayenta Community Clean Up” on           a Spring Health Fair. The focus of the       through December 2010. During the
carries deeper meaning to the families      March 15, 16, & 17. Meeting times will        health fair will be the medical costs,       same time, staff provided educational
and community members who call this         be held from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm and           the impacts of domestic violence, AND        and outreach services such as infor-
place “home”. We are very privileged to     1:00 pm - 5:00 pm. Tuesday will focus         how departments/agencies respond to          mation booths, presentations, talking
live in one of the most beautiful areas     on the residential areas, such as: mobile     victim(s) of domestic violence.              circles, and trainings.
on earth, being surrounded by gorgeous      home parks, Navajo Housing Authority,                   Did you know that: Battery is               The shelter would like to invite
rock formations, stoic mesas, and breath    Sandstone Estates, Wetherill Heights,         the #1 cause of injury to women, and         the public to participate in the events
taking valleys.                             Kayenta Community School hous-                the # 1 cause for their homelessness?        planned for the upcoming months.
         Sadly, the current condition       ing, Kayenta School District housing,         Did you know that: The annual medical        Come show your support to help end
of the Kayenta environment does not         Indian Health Service housing, and sur-       cost of domestic violence is over $44        domestic violence/sexual assault in our
reflect this beauty nor is there an ap-     rounding homes, including sidewalks.          million a year? Did you know that: The       local and surrounding communities.
preciation of this privilege. Kayenta is    Wednesday we will target the flea mar-        impacts of domestic violence for victims     Take the time to acknowledge those
our home and should be treated as such,     ket, business areas, such as: gas stations,   can be long term, such as in the case of     who are working directly with
which means we are responsible for          hotels, Bashas shopping center, Navajo        brain injuries, psychological trauma,        individuals and/or families affected by
keeping our home clean and present-         Arts & Crafts, and restaurants. On the        and/or fatality?                             such violence, such as the Police De-
able.                                       last day, Thursday, will be dedicated to                In April 2011, the Tohdenasshai    partment, Clinic/ER/Counseling staff,
         As Native Americans we are         the primary, community, intermediate,         Shelter Home is in the planning stage        Social Services, District Court, Prosecu-
truly a part of a struggling race that      middle, and high schools, as well as the      to host the 1st Annual Sexual Assault        tor’s Office, and many more.
understands and appreciates the concept     Indian Health Service clinic, NTUA,           Awareness Walk in Kayenta. More de-                   Remember, silence is deadly.
of earth. This attitude toward nature is    and churches.                                 tails are to be announced at a later date.   No one (children, women, men, elders)
evident in our songs and prayers, our                 Sponsors of this project in-                  The Tohdenasshai Shelter Home      deserves to be abused.
dances and ceremonies, our rich and         clude Navajo Sanitation, Navajo Solid         is in its 29th year of service as one of     For more information, you may contact
colorful traditions and culture. Visi-      Waste Management, Kayenta Township,           two shelters located on the Navajo Res-      Tohdenasshai Shelter Home staff at
tors that travel from far and away have     Monument Valley High School Na-               ervation which serves a large portion of     (928) 697-3635
a difficult time perceiving this attitude   tional Honor Society, and the Northern        the northern area. The shelter operates      or write to: PO Box 1510, Kayenta, AZ
because they perceive scattered trash,      Arizona student organization “Connect-        24 hours a day, year round. Services         86033.
neglected dogs, and graffiti. We are        ing Higher Education Indigenously.”
better than this, and we need to show it.   They will be providing volunteers,
Our ancestors and past leaders fought       waste materials, trash bags, gloves, and
and died for our home and endured           bottles of water. More sponsors are still
historical traumas like the “Long Walk”     being contacted and more materials will
and Kit Carson’s Scorched Earth policy.     be donated since this project will be an
The Navajo are truly blessed to be one      important event for the Kayenta com-
of the few tribes to reclaim their sacred   munity.
homeland within the four sacred moun-                 Please come out and take an
tains.                                      active role in keeping our community
         Growing up we are told to          clean and beautiful. Let’s rise up togeth-
acquire an education through sacrifice,     er and show our friends and family who
diligence, and determination, in order      are off the reservation that their home
to graduate from an institution of higher   is clean and welcoming. Make a dif-
education. Next, we are instructed to       ference and honor our elders, medicine
return home and use our knowledge and       men, and those who came before us by
skills towards the benefit of our people.   volunteering our time and energy. The
However, it is my personal opinion that     Kayenta Community Clean Up will be
our returning students, graduates, and      a positive and enlightening experience
soldiers are shamed at the condition        if we stay organized, work together, and
their “home” has become. As a result        support one another.
Continued from page 1                         as family and took it upon themselves to
However, perhaps at another Alternative       see that we got the cultural immersion
Spring Break, the same undertaking can        we were so hoping for. The kindness
be explored once again.                       shown by Joann (Begay), Pete (Gilm-
    For the Kayenta Today, they were          ore), Richard (Mike), and all the other
asked to write a few words on the last        hosts we were lucky to work with this is
night of their trek to reflect on their ex-   rare and exceptional.
periences. Because they have travelled                 Our volunteer activities in-
a long ways to see the people here in the     cluded painting and stocking inventory
Southwest, the Kayenta Today felt their       at the local animal shelter, as well as
constructive criticism and insight into       helping out in elementary school class-
area activities were important, perpet-       rooms. We were thoroughly impressed              “I really had no idea what to expect      had the time of my life and will never
ual, and that yes, “we all need to work       by the hard work and dedication Dr.          when I signed up for this trip to Kayen-      forget Kayenta or its people.”
together and communicate.” Thank you          Begay demonstrated towards improv-           ta. Now, after one week with the people       - Kelsey Anderson
again students from the University of Il-     ing the community’s animal control,          of the community and reservation, I can           “First, this was a great experience
linois! It was an honor to make a home        and can only hope that her program is        say that this is one of the best experienc-   for everyone who came on this trip and
away from home for you. Their words           further funded and supported.                es of my life! From the overwhelming          none are likely to forget it. We learned
are printed here, but edited for space:                Our experiences in the class-       kindness and welcome we received on           a lot about Navajo culture from our ex-
     An international student from China,     room were likewise pleasant; all the         the first night, to the nine of us gathered   periences and will be bringing this new
Vivian wrote her short reply in Chinese       children we worked with were recep-          in the Hampton Inn playing a Navajo           knowledge to our own communities.
characters and then wrote a translation       tive and excited to have us around for       card game together, the generosity of             Second, Joanne and Pete were the
of her words into English: “I’m Viv-          help. While I feel that our volunteer        spirit and friendliness that has surround-    best possible hosts for this trip. De-
ian from China, this time I attended the      activities were certainly enjoyable,         ed us is incredible. The reservation,         spite the general lack of communica-
Alternative Spring Break (ASB) trip to        what we gained the most from this trip       Kayenta, Monument Valley; the land            tion between Township and ASB, they
the Navajo, and I spent an incredibly         was a thorough education about Navajo        and sights are incredible. I can’t wait to    were able to pull together new things to
wonderful week here. First, I was learn-      culture. Our visit to the Navajo Nation      show my family and friends the awe-           do each day. I feel it might have gone
ing a lot of American culture (for me as      Inauguration allowed us to get a glimpse     some, breathtaking sites we saw.              even smoother if we had been working
a Chinese) and, of course, the Native         of traditional song, dance, and entertain-             I can’t believe how lucky I         directly with the rec. center and thereby
American culture. And I was surprised         ment, as well as the Nation’s political      am to have gotten this opportunity to         skipping the middleman effect.
about what Indian American has done           scene.                                       interact with the Navajo and physical              Third, our volunteering was limited
to the world. Second, I’ve been to a lot               We learned a great deal about       environment in a way that few have.           and not what we initially had discussed,
of amazing places when doing volunteer        ancient cultures by visiting the museums     The generosity and large hearts of the        yet it was some of the best and most
work. I felt the incredible power that        and ruins at Monument Valley and Na-         people of Kayenta is a rare and unique        rewarding volunteering we have done.
the nature has. Last, what’s the most         vajo National Monument. Perhaps the          treasure, especially to the community.        Working with Dr. Begay on painting the
it’s that the people here really make me      most exciting day of our trip involved       Few people are as welcoming and kind          animal shelter was both fun and reward-
feel warm inside. I felt the friendly,        an off-roading trip in the sand dunes,       as the citizens of Kayenta have been to       ing. We felt that we finished an im-
generous, honest personalities that           from which we gained an appreciation         us.                                           portant and time sensitive project for a
Navajo people own. It was definitely          for the unique beauty of Kayenta’s land-               Over the last week, we have         place that direly needs extra help. Also,
an amazing experience in my life that I       scape.                                       developed a close knit family, one that       working with the kids at the Intermedi-
will never forget! Thank you, Navajo.                  Throughout our busy schedule,       I do not want to leave and am sad that        ate school was great and it brought us
Thank you, Navajo people.”                    we accomplished and learned a surpris-       I have to leave so soon. Joann, Pete,         closer to what we had planned for our
- Vivian Chou                                 ing amount, but our greatest accom-          Tommy, Bunno, and Richard have been           original trip.
                                              plishment of all was bonding with all        utterly outstanding in their kindness and          Fourth, the cultural experiences
     “The past week in Kayenta has            the amazing people we were fortunate         open arms they have shown to us. From         we gained were broad and fascinating.
been filled with both volunteerism and        enough to meet. We are thankful to           going to the Inauguration and seeing a        Many of us feel that this has only added
incredible learning experiences. What         these people for such a great week and       Pow-Wow to driving through the sand           to our interest. The visits to various
started off as a loosely planned last-        hope that we will be able to return to       dunes trying to find Clara’s Arch to driv-    landscape sights was beautiful and the
minute trip turned into one of the most       Kayenta in the future.”                  -   ing through Monument Valley … every           trip to Window Rock was something we
memorable weeks of my life. The com-                                                       single day was a dream.                       can never forget. For most of the group
munity in Kayenta welcomed our group          -Alexandria Lesicko                                    What made our stay even better      it was their first Pow-Wow experience
                                                                                           was getting the opportunity to help the       and for me, I felt I was a part of Ameri-
                                                                                           community. Volunteering at the animal         can Indian history-in-the-making as I
                                                                                           shelter and elementary school was so          watched the Inauguration.|
                                                                                           much fun it really opened my eyes to               Fifth, although we didn’t get to
                                                                                           the need for animal clinics, adoption         do much work with RECA, I am in
                                                                                           centers and the inner workings and dif-       contact with the director of “Return of
                                                                                           ficulties of elementary schools.              Navajo Boy” and will be working to
                                                                                                     One more thing that has made        bring it to University of Illinois [sic]. It
                                                                                           this trip amazing is the exposure to the      would have been nice to do more with
                                                                                           Navajo culture and traditions. As an          the RECA event, especially since we
                                                                                           anthropology student, I found this fas-       donated $200 to the event, but I am glad
                                                                                           cinating and loved learning as much as        to have made a new connection between
                                                                                           I could. I had absolutely no idea about       the Navajo reservation and U of I.
                                                                                           the traditions and beliefs of the Navajo!          Overall, this was an amaz-
                                                                                           I can’t wait to tell my family and friends    ing cultural experience for all of us
                                                                                           about the cool cultural aspects I learned     and we will be sure to bring back
                                                                                           and saw. I thank everyone for this            what we have learned to U of I.”
                                                                                           amazing week and experience. I have           – Lindsey Stirek, Site Facilitator, ASB
      “This is the very last night we are    eager to help and engaged in learning                  “After arriving during a snow       Anasazi, who spent many years calling
spending in Kayenta, AZ and I cannot         activities they were. They are truly          storm in Kayenta Arizona after a 20-         the land between the four scared moun-
believe the experience we have had, it       wonderful children.                           hour drive, we were uncertain as to what     tains home.
reels surreal. Each day I have texted             Dr. Begay and Frank (Ramsey) from        was in store for us during the upcoming               While we were not learning
my mom the following: “You are go-           the Animal Shelter are truly inspira-         week. A knock on the window alerted          directly about Navajo culture, we spent
ing to be so jealous!” Joanne and Pete       tional people. Being pre-vet myself, I        our attention, and the smiling face          many hours working on volunteer proj-
have been the BEST tour guides, their        was so pleased to see their incredible,       of Joan immediately assured us of a          ects around Kayenta. We succeeded in
hospitality has been overwhelming. Ev-       hard work, and dedication to both the         wonderful upcoming week. Shortly after       painting rooms at the Kayenta veteri-
erything we have see thanks to Joanne        animals and people of the area. We            Pete arrived and it became clear that        nary office with anti-microbial paint,
and Pete has been phenomenal. I cannot       hope the Township continues to support        they had worked hard to establish places     helping ensure the health of animals
thank them both enough between driv-         their efforts. We must learn to respect       for us to stay. The places we resided in     being evaluated and operated upon. We
ing to different areas and seeing ancient    not only each other but all beings. This      were not affiliated with the Navajo gov-     also were able to work with children at
Anasazi ruins, nothing could have put        is also a wonderful lesson to teach in the    ernment, and were in residents’ homes.       local schools, where we met enthusi-
a damper on this week. In fact, getting      community!!                                   This experience alone paralleled that of     astic faculty such as Mr. Whiley who
stuck in the sand was actually a lot of          The other members of the communi-         many others, and reflected strongly on       were selflessly committed to the highest
fun! This allowed us all to bond and         ty were also all nothing less of extraor-     the generosity and kindness of many          degree towards the children and their
work as a team. Off-roading was amaz-        dinary! Tommy Yazzie, Richard Mike,           Navajo in Kayenta.                           happiness.
ing!                                         among others were extremely kind and                   During our trip, we journeyed                Taken together as a whole,
     I wish, however, that we could have     we thank them from the bottom of our          from the depths of Monument Valley to        the experience acquired in the Navajo
volunteered more; and helped out more        hearts for taking time from their sched-      the Presidential Inauguration in Window      Nation will never be forgotten, and I
in the community. I believe that the         ules to show us the beautiful area. I         Rock. This gave us a great glimpse of        will definitely be returning in the future
lack of volunteer work had to do with        was floored by the areas rich culture and     the intricacies inherent in Navajo cul-      with my family. Aside from the natural
poor communication between Township          scenery.                                      ture, as well as the passion and love for    beauty and the kindness of the people,
and ASB. Having said that, I believe              Pat (Billy) was so accommodating         the land exhibited by many Navajo. In        I feel the depth of culture is essential
Joanne made the best of a somewhat           and so wonderful for taking 6 of us in        addition, we experienced the beautiful       to share with those in my life. I would
minute situation and has, again, been the    even though her hot water was out; we         works of art produced by Navajo artisan      like to thank again Pete and Joan as
best tour guide we could have asked for.     had an amazingly cozy trip. Her sug-          hands, as well as the Code Talkers hon-      well as all the others who made this a
    The area is amazing! Having lived        gestion of the Inauguration in Window         orable deeds that were so deeply rooted      truly remarkable experience.”
in Illinois the majority of my life, I was   Rock was wonderful! The Pow-Wow               in courage and bravery. We also learned
shocked and in awe of the canyons,           was such an awesome experience! It            much about the ancient people known as       - Lee Replogle
color, sand dunes, and wild horses.          was my first, but will NOT be my last!
    The school was a treat to volunteer        Oh behalf of the University of Illinois
at! I worked primarily with ESS and          at Urbana-Champaign ASB, I thank
loved my experience. The kids (Mrs.          Kayenta, AZ for their accommodations,
Weiss’ class) were wonderful! I was          kind people, and fantastic stories that we
especially touched by how helpful and        can share with our own communities.”
kind the kids were. As well as how           – Anna Kropornicka

 Rodger Grey: New Township Commissioner                                                    3. What is one of the most interesting
                                                                                           memories you have experienced or
                                                                                                                                        5. Now that you are a Commissioner,
                                                                                                                                        what are some of the important issues
By Malcolm Benally                           specialize in Electronic and Electri-         are aware of - that has taken place in       that you would like to work on? What
KAYENTA, AZ – In the 2010 election           cal; the same in the Industrial field. My     Kayenta?                                     are some of the changes you would like
year, we have two new Commissioners          personal interests are rebuilding old          I remember the NHA Houses being             to see happen in the community?
who were elected to serve a four year        cars and trucks; and I am cattle rancher,     built; old Warren Trading Post being         I would like to see plans for the new
term from January 12, 2011 when they         whenever time permits.                        dismantled; Peabody Western Coal Co.         hospital a success; to work on utiliz-
were sworn into office at Navajo Nation      2. What do you think is the most              Trailer Park; our first new high school      ing the full usage of our Airport; KTC
Inauguration in Window Rock, Arizona.        intriguing thing about Kayenta, what          being built; and tourist traveling through   should not be viewed as a full contribu-
Since then, they have attended a special     makes the town of Kayenta interesting         our town to Canyon de Chelly, Grand          tor to local clubs/organization without
work session and their first meeting         for you?                                      Canyon, Monument Valley, Navajo              financial documentations to reflect
regular monthly meeting will be held         I have made Kayenta my home now for           National Monument, etc . I remember          self-sustainability. It is easy to say what
February 14, 2011 at the Kayenta Town        over thirty-five years. Kayenta is not        Kayenta not having enough accommo-           types of changes need to happen but
Hall.                                        near a border or railroad town to which       dations for these travelers.                 changes in our community is a commu-
                                             one might consider it primitive to the        4. How did you decide to run for Com-        nity effort, not everyone in our commu-
1. Please give me a little introduction      outside world just because Kayenta is         missioner, and why?                          nity see things the same way. I will be
about yourself, your education, profes-      located over one hundred miles from           I am aware of KTC meetings where I           attentive to issues as they arise through-
sion, and personal interests.                these early urbanized reservation towns,      felt either the commissioners or KTC         out my term and will use my best judg-
I was born at the VCA Mine in Monu-          like Window Rock or Tuba City. Kayen-         staff need help from diverse educated        ments for each outcome; the bottom line
ment Valley; my childhood upbring-           ta is like a young candidate, it is a small   and experienced supporter to help make       is we need to work as a community.
ing took place within the vicinity of        developing town with fresh and enthusi-       informed and précise decisions; I am
Dennehotso and Lukachukai while I            astic ideas for growth. I am proud to be      a supporter for Kayenta Township to
attended about four BIA schools until I      a resident of Kayenta, it’s the first com-    become a prosperous City. I am not in
graduated from Coconino High School          munity on the Navajo Nation to become         competition nor am I trying to build
in the early 70’s. I am an Alumnus and       a Township and I am passionate to take        self-prestige, but to make use of my
member of the first graduating class of      part in directing it into a Municipal City    expertise and my management capabili-
Devry University. Before my graduation       for the future; it makes me wonder what       ties to help Kayenta Township grow in
in December of 1975, I was hired and I       the Wetherills were thinking as they first    the right direction with the best possible
am still employed by Peabody Western         settled here, to this I like to think that    expenditure.
Coal Company since January 1976. I           they envisioned a city here someday.
     N.A.T.I.V.E. Central Campus is Slated to Begin Phase One Construction in Late February 2011
By Malcolm Benally                                                                                                                                 According to its master plan in
         KAYENTA, AZ – All the                                                                                                          the N.A.T.I.V.E. background narrative,
words, messages, and themes pointed                                                                                                     Building 1 (which consists of Phase
out in the recent State of the Nation                                                                                                   one’s buildings A,B, and C) will accom-
address by President Barack Obama                                                                                                       modate the following administrative
stands out when one considers the                                                                                                       and educational programs: 1)Renew-
recent decision for the town of Kayenta                                                                                                 able Energy/PST Classroom; 2) Media
to move forward to begin the first phase                                                                                                TV Production; 3) Medical Services
of construction of the N.A.T.I.V.E.                                                                                                     lab, Flex Classrooms; 4) Conference
campus. It is now scheduled begin the                                                                                                   Center/ Meeting rooms; 5) Hospital-
fourth week of February 2011. The                                                                                                       ity Classroom; 6) Hospitality Student
Northeast Arizona Technical Institute                                                                                                   Store; 7) IT NOC and closets; 8) Four
for Vocational Education campus has                                                                                                     Administrative offices and Conference
found the necessary monies to cover                                                                                                     Rooms; 9) Restrooms, two males and
the costs to build buildings A,B, and C                                                                                                 two women; and 10) Support Services
of the campus, which will complete the                                                                                                  space around the administrative offices.
northeast corridor of the 12-building(s)                                                                                                           Once Phase One of the proj-
school complex.                                                                                                                         ect is complete, funding from outside
         When addressing the need for                                                                                                   resource is more likely and access roads
higher education for American citizens,                                                                                                 to its school will qualify for priority
Obama stated in his State of the Union                                                                                                  lists a little bit easier, explained Mr.
address “We measure progress by the                                                                                                     Gilmore. Funding for Phases Two and
success of our people. By the jobs they                                                                                                 Three has been requested from Navajo
can find and the quality of life these                                                                                                  Housing Authority’s NAHASDA funds,
jobs offer. By the prospects of a small                                                                                                 and N.A.T.I.V.E. District will continue
business owner who dreams of turning                                                                                                    to receive funding from state taxes to
a good idea into a thriving enterprise.                                                                                                 complete its central campus in Kayenta.
By the opportunities for a better life that                                                                                             Once the N.A.T.I.V.E. Central Campus
we pass on to our children. That’s the                                                                                                  is complete, the project’s sustainability
project the American people want to                                                                                                     reports that in the beginning of its first
work on together,” he said to uncontrol-                                                                                                three years in operation, it will be able
lable applause. And here on the Navajo                                                                                                  to host and accommodate 150 students.
reservation and even here in K-town, the      A conceptual drawing of the N.A.T.I.V.E. complex.                                         The goal is to accommodate a total
competition for jobs, although scarce,                                                                                                  of 900 students when its operating at
has become a reality that has hit home.       township, it is reiterated at almost every   Corners region is heavy with potential       capacity.
         The mission of the N.A.T.I.V.E.      meeting that the private sector is very      to grow as a tourism and hospitality in-                When the N.A.T.I.V.E. campus,
campus project is to “provide qual-           important to our economy. “The world         dustry, the N.A.T.I.V.E. district leader-    Phase One begins construction on Mon-
ity industry-driven career and techni-        is changing daily, and we need to be         ship cites that the ”Four Corners region     day, it is estimated 25 employees will be
cal education to empower all Native           keeping up with that,” she says.             which includes the Navajo Nation is in a     working full time to set the foundation
students with skills and knowledge to                   N.A.T.I.V.E. was formed in         trained workforce shortage crisis.” Cur-     and ground work. Afterwards, the con-
access opportunities in local, regional,      November 2002, became operational in         rently, given its satellite sites in eight   struction phases is projected to employ
and global workforce.” The first phase        July 2003 with “district satellite sites”    locations, N.A.T.I.V.E. District has no      as much as 400 people.
of the project will allow administrative      set up at Chinle High School, Ganado         facilities of its own yet. A N.A.T.I.V.E.
and educational space to begin teaching       High School, Pinon High School, Mon-         District Campus and Administrative
some of the school’s core programs in         ument Valley High School, Red Mesa           Offices located in Kayenta, Arizona will
buildings A, B, and C, such as culinary       High School, Tuba City High School,          be central and accessible to all satellite
arts, media-tv production, medical            Valley Sanders High School, and Win-         sites.
sciences, power-structural-technical-         dow Rock High School. A board mem-                     The campus has already negoti-
systems, hospitality, and automotive          ber is appointed to N.A.T.I.V.E. District    ated a building site lease for 25-years
technology.                                   from each of the eight satellite sites.      with the Kayenta Township, which is
         Finance Department Director at       Its central office is located in Kayenta,    a municipal government with “home
Kayenta Township, Sylvia Yazzie, says,        Arizona.                                     rule delegation” and authority within
“It’s true when Obama says we need to                   While applying for additional      the Kayenta community. The town-
invest in the young people as they will       funding to various foundations and           ship allocated 14.9 acres of land for the
be our future leaders. The same is true       educational programs, the N.A.T.I.V.E.       construction of the N.A.T.I.V.E. District
here in Kayenta, but at the same time,        project highlights two important issues      Central Campus. At a January 27, 2011
we need to maintain and sustain our           facing the Navajo Nation. One, there         meeting with the Kayenta Township,
cultural values. Through such programs        is a serious, real lack of career training   Frankie Gilmore announced that the
such as N.A.T.I.V.E., we can become           facilities on the Navajo Nation. And         N.A.T.I.V.E. board members approved
more open to the private sector. We           two, those Navajo students who do go         $3.4 million to begin construction. FCI
must be prepared to have outside inter-       away to nearby cities or border towns        Contractors, Inc. is the General Con-
ests come onto the Navajo reservation,        for career training, many of them return     tractor and Tim O’Malley, with the
and have laws in place for them to abide      home without having completed their          O’Malley Group, is the Project Man-
by. The bottom line is that we cannot         training.                                    ager. Meetings with contractors and
compromise our sovereignty. People            According to N.A.T.I.V.E.’s background       engineers are now held weekly.
need to respect our government.“ At the       narrative, and given that the Four
Township Begins Planning For Green Building Program                                             Arizona Commerce Authority Awards
By Malcolm Benally
          On August 9th 2010 during           an individual’s carbon footprint by plac-             Funds to Rural Organizations
the monthly town meeting, the Town-           ing necessary and recreational buildings     By Kimberly Gale
ship Commission adopted the 2006              with limited travel reduces energy con-      Arizona Department of Commerce
International Building Code (IBC). The        sumption on many levels. Multiply by
unanimous vote of 4-0-0 established           the population and the reoccurrences of      Kayenta, AZ - The Arizona Commerce           $12.8 million in matched and leveraged
the first municipal building code on the      this activity is an example of reducing a    Authority announced the awarding of          funds will result from the Arizona Com-
Navajo Nation. The months that fol-           person’s carbon footprint or impact on       $2 million dollars to 21 rural organiza-     merce Authority’s initial funding.
lowed adoption of the IBC the Develop-        resources consumed to perform a daily        tions throughout Arizona via the Rural                “We are proud to support such
ment Services Department contracted R.        task.                                        Economic Development Grant Program.          deserving communities in rural Arizona.
McCoy Consulting to develop admin-                     The immediate benefit would be      Estimated to create more than 500 full-      Most have very limited budgets, and
istrative guidelines for a Building &         Kayenta is in compliance with section        time jobs and 80 part-time jobs, applica-    grants such as these help provide as-
Safety Department. The new department         410 of ARRA requirements. By adopt-          tions were received from 75 organiza-        sistance to attract new business devel-
is responsible for enforcing a minimum        ing of an energy code above the re-          tions in just 30 days in response to the     opment from other states and provide
standard of construction within town-         quired criteria and developing a plan to     request for proposals.                       resources for rural communities to seek,
ship boundaries. The Building & Safety        achieve 90 % compliance by 2017. The
                                                                                                                                        retain, and expand existing businesses,”
Department was fully established on           community does have an ARRA funded           Organizations will use their share of the    said Don Cardon, President and CEO of
December 8th 2010.                            project beginning in March 2011 and          grant money to initiate projects that will   the Arizona Commerce Authority. “This
          Currently the department is         has accepted grants funded by ARRA.          support economic development through         is truly what the ACA is about, creat-
working with the project managers of          Building green doesn’t necessarily mean      job growth and capital investments.          ing and retaining jobs in Arizona. We
the new detention and N.A.T.I.V.E facil-      construction with conceptual material
                                                                                                                                        are eager to see the success this funding
ities to provide certified building inspec-   but obtaining those materials with in        “In our quest for economic growth and        brings to those communities and our
tions and plan reviews. Building permit       the region, again to reduce consumption      job creation, a statewide approach is        state,” added Cardon.
documents tracking the construction           of energy due to delivery. Hogans with       vital in our efforts to advance Arizona,”
compliance path will also be provided         traditional construction has the thermal     said Governor Jan Brewer. “By focusing       Grant recipients were selected based
upon issuance of a Certificate of Oc-         mass to retain energy, but it’s the mois-    resources and efforts in our rural com-      on a competitive application process,
cupancy. The department is also seeking       ture and vapor infiltration that weakens     munities, we can ensure that business        with each application comprehensively
entities outside township boundaries to       the system.                                  formation and growth stems from every        analyzed by a review committee com-
provide these services.                                The incentives the department       region of the state, for a well-rounded      prised of members of the Arizona Rural
          The Building and Safety De-         can offer could be reduction in permit       and inclusive economic engine.”              Business Advisory Council.
partment has also taken the steps needed      cost and some of these projects may also
to begin a green building program.            qualify to be subsidized by grants. Most     The grants, made available from fund-        Among the 21grant recipients the Kay-
The adoption of the 2010 International        utility companies also offer rebates for     ing by the American Recovery and             enta Township received $75,000 in grant
Green Construction Code (IgCC) is on          efficient construction and appliances.       Reinvestment Act, are designed to give       monies to build infrastructure- a sewer
the February 14, 2011 town meeting            But at this time NTUA has not offered        financial assistance to cities, towns,       line – 1/3 mile north off of Highway
agenda. The IgCC is still under develop-      this incentive. They have been advertis-     counties, and tribal communities for         163 between Kayenta Family Chiro-
ment along with the Township Zoning           ing for a Renewable Energy Specialist        local economic development efforts.          practic and Amigos Café. This prime
Ordinance, so at this time the Township       (closes 2/11/2011), so maybe a green         Additionally, the program encourages         business area will potentially become a
will be adopting this code on a volun-        program is in the early stages of devel-     economic development in rural areas by       business lease area for a medical supply
tary basis.                                   opment.                                      providing organizations with matching        and transportation office, an expanding
         Green Building is a concept                    The Building and Safety            funds to create jobs, manage community       business out of Tempe, Arizona. The
communities are trying to incorporate         Department is directed by Philbert Tso;      resources, and develop community mar-        grant was spearheaded by the Economic
into their General Plan as a sustain-         Building Official. Mr. Tso was hired         keting strategies that encourage capital     Development Department Director at
able measure. The depletion of natural        June 14th 2010. The knowledge he             investment and produce statewide ben-        the Kayenta Township.
resources and cost to the environment to      brings to the township is a combination
                                                                                           efits. It is estimated that more than
obtain daily comfort is what drives this      of being an Arizona licensed General
initiative. Having our Zoning Ordinance       (B-1) Contractor, Plumbing (C-37R)
contain green building practices puts         Contractor, and certified Commercial/
us in the category of planned develop-        Residential Building Inspector. Before
ment for long term sustainability. The        township employment Philbert served as
final action hearings for the IGCC are        a New Mexico State Building Inspector,
scheduled for November 2-6, 2011.             covering 18,000 square miles of north-
Our zoning ordinance is scheduled for         western New Mexico also Building and
completion in December 2011.                  Zoning Official for the City of Gallup,
          The green building program          NM. Prior to joining the public sector
is not directed only at construction of       Philbert was employed by code compli-
buildings, but the placement of those         ant firms as a contract building inspector
buildings within the community. The           in Northern California and Southern
reduction in                                  Arizona.
                                       Navajo Song and Dance Steps Up Its Game
This year, the Kayenta Recreation Center is expanding its programs a bit by focusing on bring- Leading up to the Fourth of July Festivities, the District 8 Fourth of July Festivities will include:
ing in programs focusing on cultural heritage and finding programs that are centered on its
recent venture with the Health Native Communities initiative: healthy lifestyles.              Navajo Nation Swingers
                                                                                               Sunday, February 27, 2011, Navajo Nation Swingers, 10:30 am to 10:00 pm
The District 8, Navajo Song and Dance committee members Melvin Austin, Harry Brown, Della Friday, March 18, 2011, Navajo Nation Swingers, 10:30 am to 10:00 pm
Nelson, Martha Most, and the Kayenta Township Public Information Officer met recently in late Friday, March 25, 2011, Navajo Nation Swingers, 10:30 am to 10:00 pm
January to discuss the Fourth of July Festivities and its ties to the annual Navajo Song and   Friday, April 22, 2011, Navajo Nation Swingers, 10:30 am to 10:00 pm
Dance.                                                                                         Saturday, May 28, 2011, Navajo Nation Swingers, 10:30 am to 10:00 pm
                                                                                               Sunday, June 11, 2011, Navajo Nation Swingers, 10:30 am to 10:00 pm
In order to find as many venues other than just traditional advertising, the Song and Dance    Saturday & Sunday, July 2nd & 3rd, 2011, Navajo Nation Swingers, 10:30 am to 10:00 pm
committee wants to take a pro-active role in promoting the cultural heritage through host-
ing its social song and dance events throughout the year leading up to the Fourth of July.     March Events 2011:
“Although the song and dance has grown due to the Fourth of July Festivities, these events     “Healing the Effects of Domestic Violence Lies in Honesty, Openness, and Support.” For the
are held mainly for the children,” says Harry Brown, President. “We are not some big money month of March, the Tohdenasshai Shelter Home, the Kayenta Health Education Department, and
machine. But, the children and their families get a lot of enjoyment and education from these the Kayenta Recreation Center will be partnering to host a Spring Health Fair Focus on Medical
events,” he says.                                                                              Costs on Wednesday, March 23, 2011, 9:00 am to 2:30 pm. (Bring Your Own Tables And Chairs To
                                                                                               This Event). For more information, call Tohdennashai Shelter Home at (928) 697-3635 or Health
The partnerships that the Kayenta Township, Kayenta Chapter, and Kayenta Recreation Center Education (928) 697-4225.
have established throughout time have begun to consistently grow from year to year. In
order to accommodate all the events, the need to put together a Kayenta Recreation planning For more information on other events happening at the Kayenta Recreation Center, please call:
committee is becoming a time sensitive issue. Right now, a “Kayenta Recreation Planning        Community Involvement Coordinator Malcolm Benally at (928) 697-8451.
Committee” is forming to explore grants to address the most important need at this time: a
new multi-purpose, multi-use Kayenta Recreation Center. The Kayenta Recreation Center is
open Monday through Thursdays from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Fridays, the center is open from
9:00 am to 5:00 pm. And unless there are public events scheduled, the center is closed on
Saturdays and Sundays.

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