CURRICULUM VITAE

Patricia Langenberg, PhD

Professor and Vice Chair
Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Baltimore, Md 21201


   1953             BS              Iowa State University, Mathematics and Statistics (dual major)

   1959                             University of California, Berkeley, California Secondary Teacher's
                                    Certificate, Mathematics, (27 graduate credits)

   1975             MA              Temple University, Philadelphia, Mathematics

   1978             PhD             Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, Mathematics/Statistics

MAJOR RESEARCH                      Clinical trials, meta-analysis, survival analysis, research in
INTERESTS:                           women's health, biostatistical applications in health research.


   1975-1978                        Instructor, La Salle College, Philadelphia, PA, Mathematical
                                       Sciences Department
   1978-1980                        Assistant Professor

   1980-1983                        Assistant Professor, Temple University, Department of Statistics

   1983-1986                        Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago,
                                      School of Public Health, Program in Epidemiology/Biostatistics,
   1986-1990                        Associate Professor
   1990-1996                        Adjunct Associate Professor
   1986-1990                        Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, College of Medicine,
                                       Department of Medicine (Joint appointment).
   1989-1990                        Assistant Professor, College of Associated Health Professions,
                                      Department of Nutrition and Medical Dietetics (Joint Appointment)

   1990-1997                        Associate Professor, School of Medicine, University of Maryland
                                        Baltimore, Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine
   1995-present                     Vice-Chair, Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine,
                                      (Acting Chair, 1/98-6/98)
   1997-present                     Professor, Division of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

  1982-1983                  Director, Graduate Studies, Department of Statistics, Temple University
  1984-1990                  Director, Biostatistical Consulting Laboratory, University of Illinois at
  1988-1990                  Chair, Committee on Educational Programs, School of Public Health,
                              University of Illinois at Chicago
  1992-1993                  Co-Chair, MD/PhD Subcommittee, Task Force on Graduate Education,
                               School of Medicine, University of Maryland at Baltimore
  1993-present               Chair, Women's Health Research Group, University of Maryland,
  1993-1997                  Co-Chair, Advisory Board, DEPM Research Services
  1997-1999                  Co-Director, Center of Excellence in Women's Health
  2001-present               Director, Graduate Programs, DEPM
  2001-2006                  Director, Biostatistics Core, General Statistical Research Center (GCRC) and
                             Member, GCRC Advisory Committee (GAC)
  2002-present               BIRCWH Internal Advisory Committee, Chair
  2003-present               Data Safety Monitoring Committee, Maryland Psychiatric Research Center,
  2004-present               Observational Studies Monitoring Board, NICHD, member
  2004-2006                  Graduate Council, Course Approval Committee, Chair
  2007-present               Graduate Council, Graduate Faculty Committee
  2005-present               MPH Executive Committee, MPH Steering Committee, Accreditation
  2008-present               GPILS Program Director, Epidemiology and Human Genetics


  1976-present               American Statistical Association
  1980-present               The International Biometric Society
  1980-1995                  The Institute of Mathematical Statistics
  1980-present               Caucus for Women in Statistics
  1996-present               Society for Clinical Trials


  1953                       Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Mortar Board
  1989                       Faculty inductee, Delta Omega Public Health Honorary
  1986+                      Who's Who of American Women
                             Who's Who in the Midwest
                             Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare
                             Who's Who in Cancer Research
                             American Men and Women of Science
  2004                       Hall of Fame, Roosevelt High School, Des Moines, Iowa

                          Editorial Board, Journal of Women’s Health
                          Reviewer, Journal of the American Statistical Association
                          Reviewer, Annals of Statistics
                          Reviewer, American Journal of Otolaryngology
                          Reviewer, Archives of Ophthalmology
                          Reviewer, Technometrics
                          Reviewer, Journal of Quality Technology
                          Reviewer, American Journal of Public Health
                          Reviewer, Communications in Statistics
                          Reviewer, Simulation and Computation
                          Reviewer, Annals of Internal Medicine
                          Reviewer, Medical and Pediatric Oncology
                          Reviewer, Controlled Clinical Trials
                          Reviewer, American Journal of Managed Care
                          Reviewer, Clinical Drug Investigation
                          Reviewer, Health Psychology
                          Reviewer, Women’s Health Issues
                          Reviewer, Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology
                          Reviewer, Annals of Epidemiology



   1981-1986              Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies, Treasurer
   1986-1991              Committee on Women in Statistics, American Statistical Association
   1989-1990              Northeastern Illinois Chapter, ASA, President and Program Chair
   1990-1992              ASA Council of Chapters, Chapter Representative
   1990-1991              National Research Council, Doctoral and Postdoctoral Mathematics
                           Study Planning Group, Commission on Physical Sciences,
                           Mathematics and Applications
   1990-1992              Caucus for Women in Statistics, Secretary
   1993                   National Cancer Institute, Special Review Panel
   1995                   American Academy of Microbiology Colloquium on Global Issues in
                           Water Quality, Guayaquil, Ecuador
   1995-1997              Council of Sections Representative, American Statistical Association
   1995-2000              Scientific Merit Review Board, Rehabilitation Research and
                           Development Service, Department of Veterans Affairs
                           Chair, 1997-2002
   2004-present           Observational Studies Monitoring Board, NIAMS, Member
   2008                   NIH Review Panel, New Interventions for Menopausal Symptoms, member


   1985-1988              Statistical Analysis Sub-committee of the Neonatal Screening
                          Committee, Illinois Department of Public Health
   1995-1997              Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Center for Alternative Medicine
                                        Pain Research and Evaluation
    1999-present                       Member, Governor's Council on Women's Health Promotion, State of
    2003-present                       Member, Data Safety Monitoring Board, Maryland Psychiatric Research


Temple University:

    1981-1983                          Committee on the Status of Women
    1982-1983                          Faculty Senate
    1981-1983                          Consultant, Data Analysis Laboratory

    Department of Statistics:
    1980-1981                          Undergraduate Affairs Committee
    1981-1983                          Graduate Affairs Committee
    1981-1982                          Faculty Recruiting Committee, Chair

University of Illinois at Chicago:

    1983-1990                          Chancellor=s Committee on the Status of Women
    1985-1989                          UIC Computer Policy Committee

    School of Public Health:
    1983-1986                          Admissions Committee
    1985-1990                          Committee on Educational Programs
    1986-1990                          Executive Committee
    1987-1988                          Advisor, International Student Association

University of Maryland at Baltimore:

    1990-1997                          Women's Forum, University of Maryland System, Executive
    1991-1992                          Resources Sub-committee, School of Medicine Accreditation
    1991-1995                          Institutional Review Board
    1992-present                       Chair, Women’s Health Research Group
    1991-present                       Medical School Council, Regular or Alternate Member
    1994-1995                          Graduate Council, UMBGS, New Course Committee, Member
    1996                               Gender Salary Equity Study, Medical School (with P.D.Wilson)
    2001-present                       Residency Advisory Committee, Member
    2001-present                       Director, Biostatistical Core, General Clinical Research Center,

                                         Member, Executive Committee and Advisory Committee (GAC)
    2002                                RAAC Sub-Committee on Graduate Programs, School of Medicine
    2004-2006                           Graduate Council, Member and Chair, New Course Committee, 2004-5,
                                          Program Review Committee, 2005-2006
    2006                                SPH Strategic Planning, Organization subcommittee.

    Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine:

    1990-1991                           PhD Re-activation Committee, Chair
    1991-1992                           PhD Curriculum Committee, Chair
    1992-present                        Graduate Program Committee, Chair 2001-present
    1993-2002                           Computer Committee
    1995-2000                           Space Committee; Chair 1999-2000
    1997-present                        Appointments, Promotions and Tenure Committee
    2004-present                        MPH Steering Committee


    La Salle College:
    1976-1980                           Finite Mathematics
                                        Linear Algebra
                                        Abstract Algebra
                                        Introduction to Computing (average class size=40, all above)
    Temple University:
    1980-1983                             Undergraduate (average class size= 45):
                                          Statistical Methods and Concepts
                                          Selected Statistical Topics
                                          Basic Quantitative Foundations for Business and Economics.
                                          Theory of Probability
                                          Theory of Statistics
                                          Mathematical Analysis for Statistics
                                          Matrix Algebra for Statistics.
    University of Illinois at Chicago (Graduate):
    1983-1990                             Biostatistics in Public Health I,II
                                          Statistical Computing
                                          Clinical Trials
                                          Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics
                                          Biostatistical Consulting
                                          Multivariate Analysis
                                          Survival Analysis
                                          Regression Analysis
    University of Maryland at Baltimore:

   1991-1993                            Experimental Epidemiology and Clinical Trials (Lecturer)
   1992-2007                            Research Practicum I, II (Co-instructor and Biostatistical Consultant)
   1991-1993                            Statistical Methods in Epidemiology (Coursemaster)
   1994-2004                            Advanced Statistical Methods in Epidemiology (Coursemaster)
   2003-2007                            Clinical Trials (co-coursemaster)
   2005-2006                            Survival Analysis
   2006-                                Analysis of Longitudinal and Clustered Data

   1991-2001                            Introductory Epidemiology (Small Group Leader)
   1994-2001                            Preventive Medicine (Preceptor)

   1983-present                         37 PhD Committees (member)
                                        2 PhD Committees (Chair)
                                        10 MS Committees (member)
                                        1 MS Committee (Chair)


University of Illinois at Chicago (funding totals unknown):

   1984-1987          Co-investigator, NCI Grant, Adenomatous Colonic Polyps, A Vitamers
                       and MFO Induction
                      PI, Phyllis Bowen, PhD, RD
   1985-1989          Co-investigator, NCI Grant, Metabolism of Beta-Carotene in Hypocartenemic
                      PI, Sohrab Mobarhan, M.D.
   1985-1989          Statistician, NCI Grant, Evaluation of the PDQ System
                      PI, Ron Czaja, Ph.D.
   1986-1991          Principal Investigator, (Statistical Core), NCI Program Project, CCSP: Evaluating
                      Strategies for Community Interventions for Cancer Prevention.
                      PI, Richard Warnecke,PhD
   1987-1990          Statistical Consultant, NIH Grant: An Expert System for Stroke.
                      PI, Daniel B. Hier, MD, Michael Reese Hospital
   1987-1990          Statistical Consultant, NIH Grant: Immunologic Function in Infants of Drug Addicted
                       Mothers, PI, Kenneth C. Rich, MD
   1987-1991          Co-investigator, NCI Grant, Long Term Effects of Cholesterol Lowering Diets in
                      PI, Phyllis Bowen, PhD, RD
   1988-1991          Co-investigator, U.S. Department of Education Grant, An Educational Behavioral
                       Program for PKU.
                      PI, Kimberlee Michals, PhD
   1988               Co-investigator, Illinois Cancer Council Grant: The Effect of Dietary Fat Reduction
                       on Estradiol Binding.
                      PI, Victoria Persky, MD.
   1990               Statistical Director, Sub-contract with University of Chicago Beautiful Babies Project:
                      Beautiful Babies Evaluation.
                      PI, Dee Burton, PhD

University of Maryland at Baltimore:

   1990-1993          Biostatistician, NCI Grant, Mechanisms of Drug Resistance in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
                      P.I., Charles A. Schiffer, MD
                      Total Direct Costs: $607,930
   1990-1995          Biostatistician, NCI Grant, Phase I in Pharmacokinetic Study of New
                        Anti-Cancer Agents
                      P.I., David Van Echo, MD
                      Total Direct Costs: $1,741,74
   1991-1995          Biostatistician, AHCPR Grant, Effectiveness and Outcomes of Hysterectomy
                      P.I., Kristen H. Kjerulff, Ph.D.
                      Total Direct Costs: $1,268,215
   1991-1996          Statistician, NIH Grant, Clinical Stroke Research Center, Project III, Prediction of
                        Ischemic Stroke Progression
                      P.I., Thomas R. Price, M.D.
                      Total Direct Costs: $3,764,108
   1992-1993          Statistician, AMFAR Grant, Cervical Disease in HIV Infected Women
                      P.I. Suzanne Gagnon, M.D., U. of Kansas
                      Total Direct Costs: $59,447
   1992-1996          Statistician, NEI Grant, Ischemic Optic Neuropathy Decompression Trial
                      P.I., Kay Dickersin, Ph.D.
                      Total Direct Costs: $2,428,469
   1993-1995          Co-investigator, NIH Grant, Risk Factors Associated with Uterine Fibroid Growth
                      P.I. Kristen Kjerulff, PhD
                      Total Direct Costs: $912,307
   1993-1998          Biostatistician, NIA Grant, FIRST Award: Epidemiologic Study of Bone Density in
                        Mothers and Daughters
                      P.I., Kathleen Fox, PhD
                      Total Direct Costs: $521,862
   1993-1997          Co-investigator, NCI Grant, Maryland WIC 5-A-Day Promotion Program
                      P.I. Stephen W. Havas, M.D., M.P.H.
                      Total Direct Costs: $1,491,434
   1994-1996          Biostatistician, NICHD and Office of Research on Women=s Health NIH: An
                        Expanded Examination of Non-hysterectomy Fibroid Cases
                      P.I., Kristen Kjerulff
                      Total costs: $49,656
1994-1996   Biostatistician, AHCPR Grant: Supplement: Cost of Elective Hysterectomy
            P.I., Kristen Kjerulff
            Total costs: $160,329
1995-1996   Biostatistician, W. Alton Jones Foundation Grant, Mercury in Brazil: From Gold to
              Fish to Humans
            P.I.: Ellen Silbergeld, PhD
            Total Direct Costs: $50,000
1996-1997   Biostatistician, Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Grant: Reducing Variability
              in Screening Mammography
            P.I., Wendy Berg, MD
            Total Direct Costs: $39,999
1996-2001   Deputy Director and Statistician, Coordinating Center, AHCPR Grant, Surgical
              Treatment Outcomes Project for Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (STOP-DUB)
            P.I. Kay Dickersin, Ph.D.
            Total Direct Costs: $5.249.965
1998-2002   Sub-contract PI, Biostatistician, NEI Grant: IONDT Followup Study
            P.I., Kay Dickersin, Ph.D.
            Total Direct Costs: $5,249,965
1997-2002   Co-Investigator, AHCPR Grant: Hormone Replacement and Risk of Uterine Fibroid
            P.I., Kristen Kjerulff, Ph.D.
            Total Direct Costs: $2,198,980
1997-1999   Co-Principal Investigator, Office of Women's Health, HHS: Center of Excellence in Women's Health
            P.I. Carl Weiner, MD
            Total Direct Costs: $276,000
1997-2001   Biostatistician, NCI Grant: Maryland WIC Healthy Eating for a Lifetime Program
            P.I. Stephen Havas, MD, MPH
            Total Direct Costs: $1,061,000
1998-2001   Biostatistician, NIH Grant: Use of Acupuncture for Dental Pain: Testing a Model
            P.I. Lixing Lao, PhD, L.Ac.
            Total Direct Costs: $265,207
1998-2002   Biostatistician, NIAMSD Grant: An RCT on Acupuncture Safety/Efficacy in Knee Osteoarthritis
            P.I. Brian Berman, MD
            Total Direct Costs: $436,205
1993-2001   Biostatistician, NCI Grant: Maryland WIC Healthy Eating for a Lifetime Program
            P.I. Stephen Havas, MD, MPH
2000-2002   Senior Biostatistician, US Army Medical Research: Black & White Differences in Tamoxifen
            P.I. Trudy L. Bush; Jodi Flaws
2000-2005   Co-Investigator, NCI Grant: Nutrition Academic Award. P.I. Stephen Havas
2002-2007   P. I., NIH K-12 Award, Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women's Health
            Total Direct Costs: $2,285,605
2003-2007   Biostatistician, A Case Control Study of Interstitial Cystitis
                         PI. John Warren, MD
     2001-2005           Locus of Care & Pressure Ulcers in Hip Fracture Patients
                         PI. Mona Baumgarten, PhD
     2002-2007           Director, Biostatistics Core, General Clinical Research Center
                         PI. Donald Wilson, PhD, Dean
     2001-2005           Biostatistician, Risk Factors for Hot Flashes in Mid-Life
                         PI. Jodi Anne Flaws, PhD.
     2003-2005           Biostatistician, Gut Permeability in the Pathogenesis of Type 1 Diabetes
     2003-2006           PI. Alesssio Fasano, MD
     2007-2012           P. I., NIH K-12 Award, Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women's Health
                          (BIRCWH) Total Direct Costs: $2,299,837

     For current support, see attached


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Active Support

5 K12 HD42489-04 (Langenberg)                                9/24/2007-7/31/2012             10% donated

NIH (NICHD and ORWH)                                         $2,483,826

Maryland’s Organized Research Effort in Women’s Health (MORE-WH)
This project will provide interdisciplinary mentored training in women’s health research to junior faculty
scholars in an effort to foster the expansion of women’s health research across a variety of

R01 DK65880-02 (Warren)                                       9/18/2003-8/31/2007               9%
NIH                                                            $444,552
A Case Control Study of Interstitial Cystitis
The objective of the study is to compare cases of Interstitial Cystitis with controls to identify possible
risk factors for this painful and rare chronic condition. The cases will be followed over time to better
understand the natural history of the condition.

1M01RR165001-03 (Wilson)                                       3/1/2002 – 2/28/2007            20%
NIH                                                            $2,872,319
General Clinical Research Center
The goals of the Biostatistics Core are to provide scientific consultation in biostatistical and
epidemiological aspects of research. It includes study design, statistical power, analysis planning and
implementation. It also includes outreach to new investigators; that is, helping less experienced
investigators frame a research question, develop hypotheses and specific aims, and identify a suitable
study design such as case-control, prospective cohort, or randomized trial.

U54 HD36207          (Albrecht)                         4/1/2004-3/31/2009                   6%
National Institutes of Health (NICHD)                                               $1,007,761
Project 3 of the Specialized Cooperative Centers Program in Reproduction Research: A Multidisciplinary
Program in Female Reproduction
Project Description: 1) Steroid hormone regulation of Ang-1, Ang-2, TSP-1, neuropilin-1, and Tie-2
expression in the baboon endometrium, 2) Role of VEGF in mediating estrogen action on
angiogenesis and microvascular permeability in the baboon endometrium; and 3) Role of human
endometrial VEGF and Ang-1 in mediating estrogen and progesterone action in angiogenesis and
vascular remodeling.

K01 AG022011 (I. Zuckerman)                         04/01/04—03/31/09              2% (donated)
NIA                                                 $119,750
Predicting Transitions Among Community-Dwelling Elders
The research aim of this career development award is to provide mentored training for the applicant.
Research objectives are to describe transitions from independent living situations among the elderly, to
estimate the association between medication use factors and transitions, and to identify elders at risk for
Role: Co-Mentor
IP01 AT002605-01A1 (Berman)                           9/30/2005-8/31/2010          10% yrs 1-4; 15% yr
NIH/NCCAM                                                    $4,934,361
Arthritis and Traditional Chinese Medicine
The primary objective of this proposal is to establish a Center for research in CAM that is focused on
arthritis and TCM. The proposal contains three projects and three supporting cores that will examine
the safety, efficacy and mechanism of action associated with common TCM treatments, acupuncture
and herbs for arthritis.

5R21 AT001943-02 (Berman)                     9/30/2005-9/29/2010         5% year 2; 10% year 3&4
NCCAM                                         $3,710,493

Functional Bowel Disorders in Chinese Medicine
This application responds to a NCCAM request for proposal among the current recipients of the
Planning Grant for International Centers for Research on Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
The proposal supports the development of an international research center with the Chinese
University of Hong Kong. The goal for NIH is an international collaboration for research focused on
indigenous medicine systems. The specific research focus for this grant is the Traditional Chinese
Medicine systems and the TCM approach to the treatment of functional bowel disorders.

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