Solid Carbide Cutting Tools

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					               Solid Carbide Cutting Tools
Monaghan Advanced Tooling Technology Group is proud to be the master
    distributor for MK Tools high speed precision carbide tooling.

                                            •   Tool geometries for highest cutting data and longest
                                                tool life
                                            •   Cutting tools for all common materials - ferrous &
                                            •   Use of the newest premium carbide grades
                                            •   Advanced coatings specified to best suit the
                                            •   Exclusive production on ultra-modern CNC grinding
                                            •   Rapid and reliable delivery dates
                                            •   Outstanding cost/performance ratio
                                            •   Decades of professional experience
                                            •   Recorded data for Quality Assurance

            MK Tools Geometry
    •   Straight main cutting edge
    •   Special slot form
    •   No rounding/chamfer of the outer edge
    •   High repeatability accuracy
    •   High bore depth possible -> 12xd
    •   Short chips are achieved
    •   Optimal chip flow
    •   Solid tools, longer tool life
Standard High Performance Drills
High Speed 300 Drill

•   New, patented drilling geometry
•   Unbeatable cutting speed up to 300 m/min (1,000
•   High feed rates
•   Six (6) guiding lands
•   Available in 5xD and 8xD with internal coolant
•   Advanced coating with post-coating surface
•   Excellent centering capability
•   Improved roundness and straightness of hole

                  S2 Speed Drill                             S4 Speed Drill
           Available in 3xD and 5xD                   Available in 5xD and 8xD
           Steel, cast iron machining                 Steel, cast iron machining

                 X2 Speed Drill                            A4 Speed Drill
           Available in 3xD and 5xD                   Available in 5xD and 8xD
           Stainless steel machining                   Aluminum machining
Special Solid Carbide Tools
With their decades of experience in the most demanding applications, MK Tools offers excellent application
specific tooling. They offer individual solutions to specific challenging applications with rapid and reliable lead

               Step Drills

               Core Drills

               Reamers & Step Reamers

               Milling Tools

               Tapered drills and reamers

               Combination Tools (Drilling – Milling)


Connecting Rod                                                 Injection pump

                                                                Material: 42CrMoV4, steel

   Material: C70, steel                                         Notes:
                                                                Special drilling tool with S2-geometry (coated)
   Drills with S4 geometry (coated)
   Spotfacing tools, Z=6 (coated)
   Approx. 3000 holes (drilling)
Guide wheel shaft

Material: Forged steel,
       case hardened
       (>= 670 HVS)

Special hard drilling tool, solid carbide step drill,
hardened geometry

Wheel carrier

                                            Material: 9SMn28K, forged steel

                                            Unstable component, difficult to
                                            securely clamp in the fixture.
                                            With conventional steel drills, cutting
                                            force too high-> movement of part ->
                                            no straightness of holes.

                                            Special geometry for the reduction of
                                            cutting force.
                                            This application also required special
                                            coolant holes for MQL (minimum
                                            quantity lubrication).

                               Technology + Service = Productivity
    With the technical and customer service of Monaghan Advanced Tooling Technology Group, MK Tools
    and MATTG can solve difficult drilling applications and diameter to length ratio challenges, offer single
   tool operations for close tolerance bores and provide complete project management for all solid carbide
  tools. Combined with MK Tools’ engineering, equipment and years of experience, we will provide you high
                          performance tooling from Germany without long lead times.
                                  Contact us today to discuss your application!

            1760 Tuttle Avenue Dayton, OH 45403         800.732.4565   937.253.7706 Fax: 937.259.9241

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