(Bulletproof) Vehicle Bill of Sale by senixon

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									Vehicle Bill of Sale
Seller 1: ___________________________ Address: ___________________________ ___________________________ Seller 2: ___________________________ Address: ___________________________ ___________________________ Buyer1 : __________________________ Address: ___________________________ ___________________________ Buyer 2: __________________________ Address: ___________________________ ___________________________

If there is more than one buyer or seller, the use of the singular incorporates the plural. 1. Seller hereby sells the vehicle described here to Buyer: Year, Make and Model : ________________________________________________ Its body type is: _______________________________________________________ Vehicle identification number (VIN): _______________________________________ 2. The full purchase price for Vehicle is $_______________. In exchange for Vehicle, Buyer has paid Seller [choose one]: [ ] the full purchase price. [ ] $ ___________________ as a down payment, balance due in _____ days. [ ] $ ___________________ as a down payment and has executed a promissory note for the balance of the purchase price. 3. Seller warrants that Seller is the legal owner of Vehicle and that Vehicle is free of all legal claims (liens or encumbrances) by others except: ___________________________________________________________________ Seller agrees to remove any lien or encumbrance specified in this clause with the proceeds of this sale within _____ days of the date of the bill of sale. 4. Vehicle [ ] has been [ ] has not been inspected by an independent mechanic at Buyer's request. If an inspection has been made, the inspection report [ ] is attached [ ] is not attached to and made part of this bill of sale. 5. Seller believes Vehicle to be in good condition except for the following defects: ______________________________________________________________________________ 6. Other than the warranty of ownership in Clause 3 and the representations in Clause 5, Seller makes no express warranties. Buyer takes Vehicle “as is”. Seller hereby disclaims the implied warranty of merchantability and all other implied warranties that may apply to the extent disclaimers are permitted in the state having jurisdiction over this bill of sale. 7. The odometer reading for Vehicle is: _________________ miles. Seller 1’s signature: _______________________________ Date: __________________ Seller 2’s signature: _______________________________ Date: __________________ Buyer 1’s signature: _______________________________ Date: __________________ Buyer 2’s signature: _______________________________ Date: __________________

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