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            Oregon Convention Center • Portland, OR

         CO-sPOnsORed by: The KniTTing guild AssOCiATiOn & The CROCheT guild Of AmeRiCA
                   mAnAged by: OffingeR mAnAgemenT CO. • OffingeR.COm
                  ExpECt ANd RECEivE Top QualiTy
                 & Value fOR YOuR CREAtivE BudGEt!

   CONFERENCE AND SHOW SCHEDULE                                         SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13
                                                                          8:00 am – 6:00 pm            Registration Open
                                                                          9:00 am – 12:00 pm           Education, Knit and Crochet
                                                                        10:00 am – 6:00 pm             SHOPPING FLOOR OPEN
     8:30 am – 8:30 pm      CYCA Certified Instructor Program
                                                                        10:30 am – 1:30 pm             Designer Meet & Greet
                                                                          2:00 pm – 5:00 pm            Education, Knit and Crochet
                                                                          6:30 pm                      Dinner, Fashion Show & Silent Auction
     8:00 am – 8:00 pm      Registration Open
     9:00 am – 12:00 pm     Education, Knit and Crochet                 SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 14
     2:00 pm – 5:00 pm      Education, Knit and Crochet                   9:00 am – 3:00 pm            Registration Open
     7:00 pm – 9:00 pm      PREvIEW, SHOPPING FLOOR OPEN                  9:00 am – 12:00 pm           Education, Knit and Crochet
                                                                        10:00 am – 3:00 pm             SHOPPING FLOOR OPEN
   FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12                                                   2:00 pm – 5:00 pm            Education, Knit and Crochet
     8:00 am – 6:00 pm      Registration Open
     9:00 am – 12:00 pm     Education, Knit and Crochet                 (Schedule Subject to Change)

    10:00 am – 6:00 pm      SHOPPING FLOOR OPEN
     1:00 pm – 1:30 pm      Friday Fashion Parade
     2:00 pm – 5:00 pm      Education, Knit and Crochet
     6:30 pm                TKGA Annual Member Meeting
     6:30 pm                CGOA Mini Member Meeting

Everything is in Place to Enhance                                        THURSDAY

Your Show Experience:                                                    SHOPPING PREvIEW: be there Thursday evening from 7 pm
                                                                         to 9 pm when booths first open for Conference registrants.
                                                                         get a fresh look and chance to start buying. (Check out the list
                                                                         of exhibitors at to see who’s
                                                                         coming and what they’re bringing for you to buy!)

WEDNESDAY                                                                OTHER ACTIvITIES

CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR PROGRAM (CIP) IN KNITTING, AT THE                   EDUCATION: graduate at the top of your class under the direc-
DOUBLETREE HOTEL: it’s a great time to share your knitting tal-          tion of top-name instructors. We have hours of knit and crochet
ents and become a certified teacher! People are clamoring                learning you’ll use for a lifetime!
for lessons and stores are offering classes. The Craft yarn Coun-
cil of America (CyCA) Certified instructors Program provides             NEW SHOW FLOOR CLASSES: four new one-hour classes on the
knitters with teaching skills and confidence.                            show floor will add to your knitting skills. be sure to sign up!

To apply for this special intense one-day knitter’s edition of           SILENT AUCTION: Opportunities to bid on knit and crochet items
the course, you must have advanced beginner’s skills in knit-            in the helping hands mittens & gloves silent Auction will begin
ting and the enthusiasm to teach. (This is nOT a beginning               during show hours and close at the banquet on saturday. Take
knitter’s course.) Pre-class homework is required and 15 hours           home your favorite selections while helping to provide young-
of post-class volunteer teaching must be done. The course                sters across the country with some much-needed activity and
will be taught by dixie berryman. see all of the details at              positive mentoring in the needle arts. The Craft yarn Coun-
cil of America offers discounts for TKgA and CgOA members.               FRIDAY FASHION PARADE: grab a seat in the Activities Area on
                                                                         the show floor on friday from 1:00 – 1:30 pm for a fashion parade
All registrations for CIP are handled directly by CYCA.                  of inspirational garments by show exhibitors.

get the most out of your TKgA or CgOA membership dollar.
Come to the membership meetings where you’ll hear about
new programs and meet your board members. We will have
door prizes and share association highlights.

BOOK SIGNINGS: Check the show directory for a listing of times
and booths where your favorite authors can sign your books.

CHIC STREET SATURDAY EvENING: fashions, food and a flour-
ish of awards and door prizes make saturday evening the
highlight of the Conference! Applaud the TKgA and CgOA
member fashions as well as those by designers and exhibi-
tors. fashion show sponsor is Universal Yarns and emcees
are lily Chin and drew emborsky, “The Crochet dude”.

TIME TRIALS: have you ever wondered how fast you are? dur-
ing posted hours on the show floor, come for fun or to seriously
compete in the Knitting and Crochet Time Trials in preparation
for the Craft yarn Council of America’s next World-Wide Cro-
chet and Knit-Off.

booth to chat during special “office hours” with a member of
                                                                        REGISTER NOW!
the master hand Knitting Committee.                                     3 Ways to Register:
                                                                        1.) Register ONLINE at
The Knit & Crochet lounge will be available 4/7 so you and
                                                                            or complete the Registration form in this brochure.
your friends have a place to stitch and relax.                              Copy the registration form for additional registrants …
                                                                            the more who come, the greater the fun!
TEACH ME 2 KNIT® AND TEACH ME 2 CROCHET®: A host of seventy-
five minute sessions throughout the show by Coats & Clark®              .) MAIL TO:        Knit & Crochet show
provide the perfect opportunity for your children or friends to                             1100-h brandywine boulevard
learn your favorite art. bring them to the Activities Area of the                           Zanesville Oh 43701-7303
show floor for free lessons and a complimentary starter kit. in
“it’s hip to be square” learn how to knit or crochet a basic            3.) FAX TO:         740.45.55
square, and then be inspired by how to use the square in vari-
ous projects. Also discussed in depth: how to read instructions.        DEADLINES: August 21, 2008 is the pre-registration deadline
feel free to drop in to learn or just sit and stitch awhile.            for classes. After that date, all registrations will be process-
                                                                        ed at the event. don’t chance a class sell-out – to lock in
GOODY BAGS (SPONSORED BY COATS & CLARK®): The first 500                 classes, pre-register today!
pre-registered Conference-goers will receive stuffed goody
bags.                                                                   August 14, 2008 is the last day cancellations will be accept-
                                                                        ed, less a $5 processing fee, if received in writing by that
                                                                        date. After August 14, no refund will be issued.

                                                                        if your e-mail confirmation shows that only a portion of your
                                                                        classes were available, you will be contacted about a re-

                                                                        PRE-REGISTER TO SAvE – SAvE EvEN MORE by joining TKgA
                                                                        or CgOA!

                                                                        INFO: or call Knit &
                                                                        Crochet Show Headquarters at 740.45.4541. A customer
                                                                        service specialist will be happy to assist you with registra-
                                                                        tion, show questions or membership.

                                                                        SELECT YOUR CLASSES WITH CARE: no exchanges can be
                                                                        made at the registration counter. if you select a class and
                                                                        discover you can’t attend, you may post a notice on a
                                                                        message bulletin board located near registration and pos-
                                                                        sibly sell or exchange your ticket in a transaction with an-
                                                                        other attendee.

                                                                        Complete class descriptions, photos and teacher bio-
                                                                        graphies are available at

                                                                        ANNUAL MEMBER MEETING
                                                                        & GUILD ANNIvERSARIES
                                                                        On friday evening plan to come to the
                                                                        TKgA Annual member meeting. meet staff

                              WELCOME TO
                                                                        members, some of your Advisory board
                                                                        members, and other TKgA members! help
                                                                        us celebrate guild anniversaries for those

                                TKGA’S                                  that are 10 years and older. (gain new
                                                                        ideas for programs and membership pro-

                               NATIONAL                                 motions.) look over samples of guild pro-
                                                                        gram aids from TKgA. And get ready to

                                                                        take away some door prizes from our many
                                                                        industry manufacturers!

dear TKgA members,

Welcome to the 008 TKgA national Conference. We are so excit-
ed to meet everyone during the show. Visit your Association booth
on the show floor to get updates on member benefits, to visit with
masters Committee members, to drop off your Precious Pals dona-
tions and more. Join your fellow members on friday evening at your
                                                                        PRECIOUS PALS SM DROP-OFF
annual TKgA member meeting sponsored by Caron international.            drop off your Precious Pals donations at
We’ll be celebrating guild anniversaries and you may come away          show registration before noon saturday.
with a great door prize. share your ideas with TKgA staff and with      Pals will remain on display on the show floor.
                                                                        After the show, the Pals will be donated to
Advisory board members (they’re the ones wearing Advisory board         help children in crisis. for more information
ribbons!). be sure to sign up for saturday’s gala banquet and lots of   go to
knitting classes. We hope you enjoy your Conference experience!

TKgA staff

                            TKGA STAFF
                   Penny Sitler, TKgA executive
                   director and events manager
               Debby Johnston, member services &
                                                                        TKGA MASTERS PROGRAM RECOGNITION
               Programs Coordinator and Assistant                       All TKgA members who have completed
                  Association & events manager                          the TKgA master hand or machine Knitting
                  Jane Miller, Cast On managing                         Program™ since last year’s national Con-
                                                                        ference will be recognized in a pinning cer-
                  editor and Assistant Association                      emony during the program of the saturday
                         & events manager                               evening banquet. be sure to congratulate
                                                                        the newest “master Knitters”!

                     TKGA ADvISORY BOARD
                   laura bryant, Prism Arts, inc.
                    margaret fisher, designer
                  barry Klein, Trendsetter yarns
                   melissa leapman, designer
                marci Richardson, The elegant ewe
                Janet Johnson stephens, member

stop by the TKgA booth (co-located with
CgOA) to visit with a TKgA staff member.
                                                            EDUCATION: KNIT & CROCHET CLASSES
Check out a copy of the “TKgA Catalog”
and ask your questions about the Corre-
spondence courses or the masters Pro-
gram or about resources for your local                                  BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!
guild. if your membership has lapsed, you              Teacher and Designer Workshops – See T1TWK and T2DWK.
can renew. if you’re not yet a member, this
is a great time to sign up! new members
can get a free copy of the latest Cast On        NoTe: MaTerials fees are iN addiTioN           Stoles for Belly Dance & Workout (B), Nor-
                                                  To class fees aNd are To be paid              een Crone-Findlay don’t just sit there ...
magazine.                                             To The iNsTrucTor oN siTe.                shake something! Crochet moves beauti-
                                                                                                fully and is the perfect way to add some
                                                      Thursday, sepTeMber 11, 2008              zing to your workouts. learn how to em-
                                                     Three-hour MorNiNG classes                 bellish a fabric or crocheted piece with
                                                            9 aM – 12 NooN                      simple but gorgeous crochet lace and
                                                                                                add beads, buttons and charms for extra
                                              T100C (Crochet/Knit), Designing Larger Siz-       drama and movement. you can create a
                                              es (I), Nancy Nehring large women have            cozy but glam wrap for warm up and cool
                                              special needs in garment design. We’ll co-        down or a spectacular piece to make your
                                              ver shaped necks and armholes to elimi-           dancing even more fun.
                                              nate excess fabric around neck and under
                                              arms, darts and short rows for large busts,       T106K Where Do They Get Those Num-
                                              cardigans for ease in dressing, light yarns       bers? (Math for Knitters) (I), Edie Eckman
                                              and stretchy stitches for comfort. Materials      This class will take the mystery out of those
                                              Fee: $5                                           pesky math calculations you have to do
                                                                                                when designing/altering a sweater. math-
                                              T101K Colorful Cables (I), Melissa Leapman        phobics are welcome, and you don’t have
                                              Cables add beautiful texture to knitted           to raise your hand in class. We will draft
                                              fabrics without much effort. Just imagine         a basic sweater and discuss calculating
                                              the awesome effects you can achieve by            yarn amounts, V-neck shaping, rates of in-
                                              incorporating color work into them! dis-          crease/decrease and stitch pattern place-
                                              cover some easy ways to make cables ev-           ment. Materials Fee: $ .50
                                              en more exciting and fun to knit. Materials
                                              Fee: $2                                           T107C Crochet Embellishment (E), Marga-
                                                                                                ret Hubert learn how to embellish basic filet
                                              T102C Crocheted Tips, Tricks and Hints (I),       stitches in unusual ways creating a lovely
                                              Lily Chin learn all the little secrets to make    irish Crochet look in a much easier method.
                                              crocheting life easier and better. find out       We strive to make a bag in class, but other
                                              how to work a foundation chain that is            designs are explored such as making a vest
                                              not too tight. learn to join a new skein of       and a shawl. Materials Fee: $3
                                              yarn or a new color without losing that first
                                              stitch and find ways of attaching buttons         T110C (Crochet/Knit) How To Self Publish
                                              as you work. Create invisible circular joins      Your Own Book (B), Myra Wood learn how
                                              where the beginning and end are abso-             to develop, produce and publish your own
                                              lutely imperceptible. Weave in those little       book. info will include how to create an
                                              ends that are too short to put through a          outline and focus your chapters, best soft-
                                              darning needle. Take away lots of small fix-      ware to use, ways to locate photographers,
                                              its and improve those details.                    models and make-up artists, how to obtain
                                                                                                an isbn and copyright, locate an online or
                                              T103C (Crochet/Knit) Grab-A-Needle & Tat          traditional printer and how to market your
                                              That! (B), Joan Davis learn basic Armenian        final printed books.
                                              Knot, double hitch, single hitch and Picot.
                                              explore working the technique onto a fab-         T111C (Crochet/Knit) Arty Adornments (B),
                                              ric edge and crochet/knitted edging. Cre-         Jenny Dowde learn distinctive, unusual de-
                                              ate simple to complex doilies and garment         corative methods to enhance your knit
                                              embellishments. Materials Fee: $15
               CGOA                                                                             or crocheted fabric or to create unique
                                                                                                pieces of jewelry. Techniques include col-
                                              T104C Crochet Illusions (B), Darla Fanton         lage, wrapping, freehand embroidery and
       WELCOMES YOU                           now you see stripes; now you see hearts!          other stitch te-chniques, adding beads, us-
                                              it all depends on the angle of the view.          ing plastic tubing and much more.
     TO OUR REGIONAL                          Viewed straight on, this form of crochet
                                              looks like simple alternating stripes of color.   T112C (Crochet/Knit) Maximizing Self-Sh-
                                              but wait! View at an angle, and the stripes       ading & variegated Yarns (E), Drew Embo-
         CONFERENCE                           disappear while a surprise secondary pat-         rsky learn how to maximize the beauty of
                                              tern emerges! The only crochet stitch re-         self-shading and variegated yarns and
       EDUCATION AND                          quired to create this fascinating optical
                                              illusion is the single crochet. learn how to
                                                                                                how to avoid the mistakes made when us-
                                                                                                ing these exciting yarns. Materials Fee: $5
                                              work from a chart, select yarns to achieve
            ACTIvITIES!                       the desired result and tips on designing          T113K Introduction To Entrelac (I), Margaret
                                              your own illusions. Materials Fee: $5             Fisher entrelac knitting creates a fabric
                                                                                                with a wonderful basket weave or quilted
                                              T105C Crochet in Motion! Fabulous Cro-            appearance. Although it looks complex,
                                              cheted Shawls, Shrugs, Wraps, Scarves &           the knitting is easy and lots of fun to do.

Create an entrelac sample as you learn            ence the fun of working with a double-            and bead chain lengths. if time permits,
all the steps of this fascinating technique.      ended crochet hook, join darla as she             the beads can be made into fun and
We will cover the use of entrelac in gar-         shares the magic of this hook! learn how          unique pieces of jewelry.
ments and accessories and the effects             to make a unique crocheted fabric that
achieved with various types of yarn.              is wonderfully soft, looks like a cross be-       T212C (Crochet/Knit) Successful Blogging
                                                  tween knit and crochet and as a bonus is          for Crafters (E), Drew Emborsky in this inter-
T1TWK (Crochet/Knit) Teaching Strategies –        totally reversible with a distinctly different    active class students will have the oppor-
Teacher Workshop (E), Joyce Renee Wyatt           look to each side. The finished work looks        tunity to discuss the aspects of successful
do you enjoy teaching and want to share           so unusual that you will be amazed at how         craft blogs. The basics of how to get a blog
your knowledge with others? if so, this           easy it is to create and your friends will be     will be discussed at the beginning of the
is the class for you. learn to incorporate        asking, “how did you do that?” Materials          class; however the main focus will be on
different teaching styles and methods to          Fee: $7                                           blog content and the benefits of maintain-
meet the needs of your students. Remem-                                                             ing a successful blog. Materials Fee: $3
ber, people learn in many different ways.         T205C Crocheting on the Edge (I), Marty
learn how to say it, when to say it, why          Miller Are you tired of the same old edg-         T2DWK (Crochet/Knit) Turning Pro: Designer
to say it and most importantly what not           ings that you do all the time? Are you bored      Workshop (E), Melissa Leapman do you as-
to say. learn how to develop a class idea         with fringes? learn new ways to make dif-         pire to become a professional designer?
into a proposal format and lesson plan.           ferent types of fringes that are attached         Join melissa as she shares the secrets of her
being organized is the key to a successful        as-you-go, solid edges and borders, lacy          successful career as an author/designer.
teaching career. learn the business side          or ruffled ones, all kinds of edgings that will   learn how to develop and market your
of teaching: contracts, reimbursements,           put your garments on the “cutting edge”           designs and turn your much-loved hobby
travel expenses, resumes, etc. A sample           of fashion. Materials Fee: $3                     into a money-maker! Materials Fee: $2
proposal and expense report are includ-
ed. Materials Fee: $4                             T206K UnLearn To Knit (E), Edie Eckman
                                                                                                           Thursday, sepTeMber 11, 2008
                                                  you learned the rules: put your needle in                  siX-hour all day classes
                                                  this way, wrap your yarn that way. now                   9 aM – 12 NooN & 2 pM – 5 pM
       Thursday, sepTeMber 11, 2008
      Three-hour afTerNooN classes
                                                  unlearn those rules to gain control of your
               2 pM – 5 pM                        knitting. no matter how long you’ve been
                                                  knitting or what your knitting style, under-      T300K Spiral Knitting (I), Arenda Holladay
                                                  standing the structure of the knitted fabric      This class will discuss the spiral knitting tech-
T200C (Crochet/Knit) Couture Techniques           and how the stitches are related to one           nique which allows the knitter to knit stripes
for Knit and Crochet (A), Nancy Nehring           another is the key to becoming an expert          in the round without jogs and without car-
shoulder pads, zippers, stayed seams, fac-        knitter. We’ll have fun exploring what it re-     rying or cutting the yarn. you will knit a
ings, linings, grosgrain faced button bands,      ally means to take a length of string and         baby hat in class using this technique. The
safety buttons, covered snaps, padding            turn it into a fabric. you’ll leave class with    handout will also discuss the “jogless” join
stitches: those little details that make a gar-   the confidence and ability to fix mistakes,       and two-color stripe flat knitting.
ment look like a million (well, at the least a    take shortcuts and be the master of your
thousand) bucks. Materials Fee: $3                stitches. Materials Fee: $.50                     T301K Diagonal Knitting (E), Nancie Wise-
                                                                                                    man Tired of knitting on the vertical and
T201C (Crochet/Knit) Free Form Knit and           T207C Butterfly Shawl Pin (B), Noreen Crone-      horizontal; want to learn a new direction?
Crochet Combination (I), Margaret Hubert          Findlay in this workshop, you’ll crochet the      Knitting on the diagonal is the answer. it
begin a small free form bag combining             wings for a beautiful butterfly shawl pin.        is an intriguing way to knit especially with
techniques of free form in both knitting and      your favorite crochet hook, knitting needle       space dyed and multicolored yarns. Add-
crocheting. leave with the knowledge of           or chopstick is slipped through the wings         ing texture will make it even more interest-
how to complete it on your own. it is pos-        and brass body to hold your favorite shawl,       ing. nancie’s system lets you always know
sible to make the bag all free form knitting      vest or jacket closed with style and pa-          where you are. increases, decreases and
or all free form crochet. Materials Fee: $3       nache. Materials Fee: $25 for kit including       shaping occur in a most unusual manner
                                                  brass butterfly body, special yarn for wings,     when worked on the diagonal. learn all of
T202C Short-Rowed Bust Darts (I), Lily Chin       chopstick to hold shawl pin in place.             the techniques needed to create armhole
Tired of that frontal hike-up on your sweat-                                                        and neck shaping on the diagonal as you
ers? Take a look at how darts can improve         T208K A Sampling of Stitches (I), Margaret        work through a small sampler of stitches
the fit of your garments, even if you’re not      Fisher Want to make your knitting more in-        and stitch patterns.
buxom. learn how to translate this shaping        teresting? see how fun it is to work fancy
technique from sewing terms to crochet-           stitch patterns rather than stockinette. We’ll    T302K Creative Knitting (E), valentina De-
ing. see how to place it correctly, how           focus on four families of stitches: smocking,     vine shed your fears about fiber, texture
much to add and where and how to do it            elongated, brioche and Twisted Traveling          and most of all – gauge! learn Valentina’s
in a patterned stitch. Translate basic prin-      stitches. learn the characteristics of each       secrets. The emphasis will be on knitting
ciples to beer bellies and dowager humps.         group. Practice working several stitch pat-       without a pattern. discover how to com-
must have total grasp of the concept of           terns in each “family” as you receive tips        bine linear shapes, such as rectangles,
gauge with the ability to convert measure-        and hints for producing good results. learn       squares and strips along with linear areas of
ments into stitches and rows when given           how to use these stitches in your projects.       colors. Combine with textures and embel-
a gauge, be very comfortable with math,           The material may be of special interest to        lishments and VOilA! explore simple shap-
have made a few garments, be familiar             those enrolled in the masters Program.            ing ideas for sweaters, coats and shawls,
with stitch charts. Materials Fee: $1                                                               and you will quickly become a one-of-a-
                                                  T210K Magic Loop! (I), Myra Wood learn            kind knitter.
T203C Crochet Your Cables From the Cen-           this wonderful knitting-in-the-round tech-
ter Outward (I), Joan Davis learn how to          nique using one long circular needle. you’ll      T303K Foxglove Socks (I), Cat Bordhi learn
set up a crochet cable and then how to            knit a wristlet in class. you’ll also learn how   your way around one of Cat’s new styles
place the cable in the round or in a circu-       to use this technique for all your circular       of sock architecture by knitting a sweet
lar motif. The crochet cable can be elusive       knitting. great for necklines and sleeves.        baby-sized sock. Adult interpretations of
especially in working with -stitch or 8-stitch                                                     the simple foxglove architecture will also
cables when it is time to crossover. This class   T211C (Crochet/Knit) Fancy Knit & Crochet-        be shared. After this class, you’ll be ready
will give you hands on play time to work          ed Beads (B), Jenny Dowde learn to make           to easily design within the foxglove sock’s
with cables. Materials Fee: $7                    barrel beads which will then be deco-             exceptionally cooperative form.
                                                  rated with seed beads or other accent
T204C Double Hook Crochet: The Basics             beads plus “wrapped fibre beads” using            T304K Love Is a Many Mitered Thing (I),
(E), Darla Fanton if you haven’t yet experi-      plastic tubing, fabric and crocheted wire         Candace Eisner Strick fall in love with mi-

tered squares/diamonds and see how                   often envied by people who knit Ameri-              F112C Crochet Intermeshing (I), Margaret
many different ways you can knit them                can style. it is essential for fair isle Knitting   Hubert intermeshing creates a crochet
and all the things you can make from                 when using  colors at a time, one in each          fabric using two colors layered and inter-
them. you can even put holes in them!                hand. Knitting, purling, ribbing, decreases         meshed together into a heavier fabric. This
                                                     such as knit  together and slip, slip, knit,       fabric is suitable for bags, pillows, afghans
                                                     and increases such as knit in the front and         and outerwear garments. you will use the
         friday, sepTeMber 12, 2008
       Three-hour MorNiNG classes
                                                     the back of a stitch and make one will be           piece made in class to make a small bag.
              9 aM – 12 NooN                         shown.                                              Materials Fee: $3

                                                     F106K Intarsia Without Fear (E), Edie Eck-          F113K Any Which Way Knitting – Freeform
F100C (Crochet/Knit) Design 1A Just Rec-             man many knitters avoid patterns requir-            Knitting Techniques (B), Jenny Dowde let
tangles (B), Nancy Nehring if you can knit           ing blocks of color work fearing that the           your creative spirit soar! you will have total
or crochet a simple rectangle, you can               many different looks that can be achieved           design freedom and you will learn to cre-
design your own tops, vests, ponchos and             with this technique are too difficult. not          ate fragments using many different tech-
sweaters! designs covered include  pan-             so! intarsia and its baby cousin, duplicate         niques to texture and shape your work in-
el vest, 3 panel vest with fold back lapel,          stitch, will be conquered in this hands-on          cluding using short rows to create gentle
4 panel top, asymmetrical 1 rectangle                class. learn when to choose the intarsia            curves, various textured and other stitch
poncho,  rectangle poncho, drop sleeve              method vs. fair isle, how to avoid holes,           ideas and add-on embellishments. some
sweater with boat neck. Also covered:                how to handle multiple colors in a row and          basic crochet techniques may be used.
overview of increasing design complexity,            what to do with all those ends. Materials           you will also learn how to build fragments
sizing/ease, how yarn choice affects sizing          Fee: $.50                                           into an exciting and unique fabric using a
and best designs for complex stitch pat-                                                                 template. no tension swatch rules apply to
terns and color work. Materials Fee: $5              F107C (Crochet/Knit) Hallelujah Hero Feisty         this method, making the possibilities end-
                                                     Fairy Doll (B), Noreen Crone-Findlay have           less!
F101K Borderline Personalities or On The             you (or someone you treasure) come thr-
Edge (I), Lily Chin borders and edging dif-          ough one of life’s rough passages? halle-           F114C Reversible Bead Crochet Brace-
fer from trims in that they are very often           lujah! you (or they) are a hero! make this          let (I), Darla Fanton it’s like two bracelets
worked separately usually in a different             feisty fairy pin doll to celebrate! And, if         in one! Although crocheted in the round,
direction. The main knitting is then picked          someone’s still in a tough patch, they defi-        when finished the bracelet flattens out to
up from this border or edging and work-              nitely need one to remind them that they’re         show two sides to its personality. you de-
ed upwards. This separation means more               a hero – even if they don’t always feel feisty!     cide which will be on display each time
possibilities for variations of materials,           This is a wonderful choice for youngster            you put it on. either way your bracelet is
gauge, stitch, etc. Then there’s the prob-           and adult pairs (both must be register-             edged with lovely contrasting beads. The
lem of how to join the same border or                ed). All you need to take this workshop is          kit comes pre-strung, so by the end of class
edging along vertical sides, curved edges            to love working with yarn! Materials Fee: $9        you will be well on the way to completing
and garment tops. get to know more pos-                                                                  your bracelet. Just a few more rounds to
sibilities for adding interest to knit garments      F108K Advanced Finishing (I), Margaret              go, and then sew on the toggle clasp, fol-
or even “dressing up” store bought items             Fisher This class is for those who wish to go       lowing the illustrated instructions in the kit.
with bits of knitting and novelty add-ons.           beyond the basics. it covers a variety of fin-      Materials Fee: $17
Materials Fee: $1                                    ishing topics: the tubular cast on and bind
                                                     off, working short rows, grafting and dupli-
F102K Adapting Stitch Patterns for Circular                                                                        friday, sepTeMber 12, 2008
                                                     cate stitch. learn and practice a potpourri                       oNe-hour classes
Knitting (I), Arenda Holladay This class will        of useful techniques to advance your knit-                       oN The shoW floor
discuss how to adapt a stitch pattern from           ting and finishing skills.
a stitch dictionary for circular knitting. stitch
patterns are generally written for flat knit-        F109C Single Crochet Entrelac Worked Flat           10:15 AM – 11:15 AM FF1K Ribbing 101 (B),
ting. This skill will enable the knitter to design   Part I (New & Improved) (I), Joyce Renee            Tosca Mark Tired of the same old ribbings?
their own socks and hats. The class will in-         Wyatt Knitted entrelac has now been re-             liven up your projects with some differ-
clude a basic sock and hat pattern which             created with single crochet stitches. en-           ent knit and purl combinations and other
can be adapted to accommodate most                   trelac is worked using squares and triangles        simple stitch variations. We will discuss elas-
stitch patterns.                                     that resemble a quilted fabric with a bas-          ticity considerations, how to choose a rib-
                                                     ket weave look. believe it or not, crochet-         bing to enhance the body of your project
F103C Celtic Lace Crochet – The Basics (B),          ers can master the technique without the            and incorporate repeats to match-up at
Joan Davis Celtic lace crochet is a cross-           use of Tunisian crochet aka: afghan stitch.         seams. Materials Fee: $1
over technique based on the ancient art              learn the basics while working a flat piece
form from the Celts of Western europe. At-           using single crochet stitches. Once you un-         11:30 AM – 12:30 PM FF2K Textured Knitting
tendees will learn to use these techniques           derstand the basics, you can use the tech-          101 (B), Tosca Mark discover the excite-
to create new Celtic edgings and embel-              nique with numerous colors to create beau-          ment of creating textured fabrics. see how
lishments. Materials Fee: $7                         tiful quilt-look designs. Materials Fee: $4         simple knit and purl stitches can liven up
F104C Crochet in Bits and Pieces (E), Marty                                                              your projects. learn how to work with pat-
                                                     F110K Beautiful Beaded Borders (B), Can-
Miller Crochet-on-the-go with portable,                                                                  tern repeats and read charts. Materials
                                                     dace Eisner Strick learn how to make plain
easy-to-carry pieces. learn to crochet                                                                   Fee: $1
                                                     things special by adding a beaded bor-
without patterns using modules and easy-             der. Knit either vertically or horizontally,
to-crochet shapes. learn many methods                you can use beaded borders on anything              2:00 PM – 3:00 PM FF3K Selvedge Options
of making squares, circles, triangles, rec-          from “A” to “Z”. Try adding them to mitten          (E), Tosca Mark expand your repertoire of
tangles and other shapes and put them to-            cuffs, sweater bottom, necklines or sleeve          selvedge stitches. see how different types
gether to create one-of-a-kind, no-pattern           edging, socks, hats and scarves. Materials          combined with placement and different
needed items. you will work on creating              Fee: $3                                             execution of increases and decreases can
these different shapes and putting them                                                                  change and enhance the appearance of
together to make the sweaters, garments,             F111K Fully Fashioned and Fabulous (I),             your projects. We will discuss considerations
afghans or other designs. Materials Fee: $3          Melissa Leapman it’s all in the details! ex-        when choosing one method over another.
                                                     plore the fun and easy ways to work gar-            Materials Fee: $1
F105K Continental Knitting (E), Nancie Wise-         ment shapings with style. discover design-
man Continental Knitting is well known as            er tricks which use full-fashion techniques
a faster more efficient way to knit. utilized        with figure-flattering results! Materials Fee:
in parts of europe as well as the us, it is          $2                                                  continued on page 10

 INSTRUCTOR                   THURSDAY AM                      THURSDAY PM                      FRIDAY AM                        FRIDAY PM                    SATURDAY AM

     CAT BORDHI                               T303K FOXGLOvE SOCKS (I)                              F300K MAGICAL MOEBIUS KNITTING GALORE (I)                                  S300K CORIO

                                                                                                 F101K BORDERLINE
                                T102C CROCHETED TIPS,            T202C SHORT-ROWED                                                 F201K TIPS, TRICK
       LILY CHIN                 TRICKS AND HINTS (I)               BUST DARTS (I)
                                                                                                 PERSONALITIES OR
                                                                                                                                     AND HINTS (I)
                                                                                                                                                                 S301K WEAvING TECHNIqU
                                                                                                  ON THE EDGE (I)

                                   T105C CROCHET                    T207C BUTTERFLY           F107C HALLELUJAH HERO          F207C CROCHETED RANDOM                S104C BUILDING
NOREEN CRONE-FINDLAY                IN MOTION! (B)                   SHAWL PIN (B)           FEISTY FAIRY DOLL (B) C&K       LACE CLUTCH STYLE BAG (B)              BUTTERFLIES (B)

                                T103C GRAB-A-NEEDLE         T203C CROCHET YOUR CABLES          F103C CELTIC LACE                   F203C PAISLEYS            S101C INTERMEDIATE CELTIC
     JOAN DAvIS                   & TAT THAT! (B) C&K       FROM THE CENTER OUTWARD (I)      CROCHET – THE BASICS (B)               THAT POP! (B)                LACE CROCHET (I)

  vALENTINA DEvINE                           T302K CREATIvE KNITTING (E)                                 F302K BEYOND CREATIvE KNITTING (E)

                                                                                                                                 F213C TAKING YOUR
                                    T111C ARTY                  T211C FANCY KNIT &               F113K ANY WHICH
    JENNY DOWDE                 ADORNMENTS (B) C&K            CROCHETED BEADS (B) C&K            WAY KNITTING (B)
                                                                                                                                 YARN FOR A WALK! –
                                                                                                                               FREEFORM CROCHET (B)

                                T106K WHERE DO THEY                                               F106K INTARSIA             F206K KNITTING DISASTERS &
    EDIE ECKMAN                GET THOSE NUMBERS? (I)
                                                              T206K UNLEARN TO KNIT (E)
                                                                                                 WITHOUT FEAR (E)             OTHER OPPORTUNITIES (E)

                                                                                                  F110K BEAUTIFUL                F210K THE ART OF                         S303K STRICKMUST
                                                                                                BEADED BORDERS (B)            KNITTING BACKWARDS (I)                    TWISTED STITCH PATTE

                                                                                                                                                                   S108K CAPTURE
 LORRAINE EHRLINGER                                                                                                                                               THE RAINBOW (B)

                                  T112C MAXIMIzING           T212C SUCCESSFUL BLOGGING
   DREW EMBORSKY                    YARNS (E) C&K                FOR CRAFTERS (E) C&K

                                   T104C CROCHET                T204C DOUBLE HOOK              F114C REvERSIBLE BEAD               F214C Y WIRE              S102C TUNISIAN ENTRELAC –
    DARLA FANTON                     ILLUSIONS (B)             CROCHET: THE BASICS (E)          CROCHET BRACELET (I)           CROCHET NECKLACE (B)               FELT IN ROUND (I)

                                                                                                                                 F208K SEvEN THINGS
                                 T113K INTRODUCTION               T208K A SAMPLING               F108K ADvANCED
  MARGARET FISHER                   TO ENTRELAC (I)                 OF STITCHES (I)                FINISHING (I)
                                                                                                                                THAT CAN “MAKE OR             S105K SIMPLE SHAPING (B)
                                                                                                                               BREAK” A SWEATER™ (B)

  JENNIFER HANSEN                                                                                F303C A STYLISH INTRODUCTION TO HAIRPIN LACE (E)

                                                                                                  F102K ADAPTING                                                  SF4K 10 WAYS TO
                                                                                                                                F202K DOUBLE PICKUP
  ARENDA HOLLADAY                              T300K SPIRAL KNITTING (I)                        STITCH PATTERNS FOR
                                                                                                                                   FOR BANDS (I)             IMPROvE YOUR KNITTING (E)
                                                                                               CIRCULAR KNITTING (I)                                          ONE HOUR CLASS ON SHOW FLOOR

                                                                   T201C FREE FORM
                                   T107C CROCHET                                                  F112C CROCHET                   F212K PATCHWORK                  S107C BEYOND
                                                                  KNIT AND CROCHET
                                                                                                 INTERMESHING (I)                    KNITTING (A)                 SCARvES (B) C&K
                                                                 COMBINATION (I) C&K

                                                                 T2DWK TURNING PRO:            F111K FULLY FASHIONED                                            S106K BASIC PATTERN
                                                             DESIGNER WORKSHOP (E) C&K            AND FABULOUS (I)
                                                                                                                              F211K CELTIC CABLES (A)
                                                                                                                                                                   DRAFTING (E)

                                                                                             FF1K RIBBING 101 (B) aNd                                        S109K NO MORE TANGLES –
                                                                                                                             FF3K SELvEDGE OPTIONS (E)
    TOSCA MARK                                                                             FF2K TEXTURED KNITTING 101 (B)     ONE HOUR CLASS ON SHOW FLOOR
                                                                                                                                                              1 HANDED, 2 STRANDED,
                                                                                            ONE HOUR CLASSES ON SHOW FLOOR                                        CONTINENTAL (I)

                                                                  T205C CROCHETING              F104C CROCHET IN                F204C DESIGN YOUR                S103C CROCHET BY
    MARTY MILLER                                                    ON THE EDGE (I)             BITS AND PIECES (E)            OWN STITCH PATTERN (I)             THE NUMBERS (E)

                                                                                                                                                                S110K COMBINATION
   ANNIE MODESITT                                                                                                                                                   KNITTING (E)

                                  T100C DESIGNING                  T200C COUTURE                 F100C DESIGN 1A                 F200C DESIGN 2A             S100C DESIGN 3A INTERNAL
   NANCY NEHRING                 LARGER SIzES (I) C&K            TECHNIqUES (A) C&K          JUST RECTANGLES (B) C&K           EDGE SHAPING (I) C&K              SHAPING (A) C&K

  JOAN SCHROUDER                                                                                                                                                    S306K PACIFIC NORTHWE

   DAWN SEYMOUR                                                                                                                                                  S308K DESIGNING SCANDIN

     JANET SzABO                                                                                       F304K INFINITELY INTERESTING CABLES (I)                              S304K ARAN SWE

                                                                                                F105K CONTINENTAL                  F205K KNITTING
  NANCY WISEMAN                             T301K DIAGONAL KNITTING (B)
                                                                                                   KNITTING (E)                     WITH WIRE (E)
                                                                                                                                                                                S302K FINE FI

                              T110C HOW TO SELF PUBLISH
    MYRA WOOD                  YOUR OWN BOOK (B) C&K
                                                                T210K MAGIC LOOP! (I)                     F305C CREATIvE CROCHET LACE (E)

                                                                                              F109C SINGLE CROCHET             F209C SINGLE CROCHET
                             T1TWK TEACHING STRATEGIES –
                                                                                              ENTRELAC WORKED FLAT             ENTRELAC IN THE ROUND         S305C TOP DOWN SWEATER – NO
                                                                                                     PART I (I)                       PART II (I)

  CLASS LEGEND: First letter indicates the day: Thursday (T) friday (f) saturday (s) sunday (n) • First number indicates class time/length: 100s = 3 hr morning class 00s = 3 hr afterno
     SATURDAY PM                     SUNDAY AM                      SUNDAY PM                                                     TAKE NOTE!
OLIS SOCKS (I)                                                                                  Materials Fee may apply. for some classes a materials fee is listed. This
                                                                                                fee is in addition to the ticket cost and should be paid to the instructor in
                                       N102K SHAPING UP                                         the classroom. Please bring the correct change. Do not send it with your
                                      WITH SHORT ROWS (I)                                       pre-registration form – the teacher will collect it at the start of the class.
                                       N101C SCULPTURAL                                         bring any supplies listed for classes you register for.
                                        CROCHET – BOX,
         MASKS (B) C&K
                                        BASKET, BOWL (B)
                                                                                                All homework instructions and supplies lists are posted on the Web at
     S203C COLOR YOUR FILET                                                            When you receive confirmation that
                                                                                                you are in a class, please check there to be sure you are prepared when
                                                                                                you get to class.

                                                                                                Bring basic supplies. in addition to class supply list, if you have favorite
                                                                                                tools, bring them. scissors, markers, stitch holders, tape measure, hooks and
                                                                                                needles in different sizes, support gloves and note-taking materials can be
                                                                                                easily tucked in a bag. following each class, make sure you gather your
                                                                                                supplies and tidy up – we don’t want you to lose your favorites!

ERNS OF AUSTRIA (A)                   SHETLAND SCARF (A)                                        Badges required. Register by August 1 and your daily show admission
                                                                                                tickets and name badge will be mailed to you – it is your pass to classes.
    S208K KNIT TO FIT: A DRESS-         N108K KNITTERS                N202K FUN WITH            upon receipt, tuck your packet in a safe place and remember to bring it
     MAKER’S PERSPECTIvE (B)            WITH HOOKS (B)                  FAIR ISLE (B)
                                                                                                to the show to avoid additional fees. There is a $0 replacement fee
                                                                                                for lost or forgotten badges. no exceptions. if you register after August
                                                                                                1, your packet will be waiting for you onsite.

        FELT IN SqUARE (I)            THERMAL STITCH (B)

      S204K SUPERB SEAMS (E)

                                                                                                KNIT SKILL LEvELS
                                                                     N205C A BIG HOOK
                                   N110C FAST AND BEAUTIFUL
                                                                      INTRODUCTION TO
                                     BROOMSTICK LACE (E)
                                                                    TUNISIAN CROCHET (E)
                                                                                                (E) All skill levels welcome to participate!

                                                                                                (B) Beginner – be able to cast on, bind off, work simple increases/
                                                                                                    decreases, cables, yarn overs, how to follow written instructions, know
           STITCHES (I)                                                                             garter, stockinette and basic ribbing stitches.

        S206C CROCHETED                N106C CROCHETED                                          (I) Intermediate – Advanced beginner skills plus be able to work in the
       SHAWL WORKSHOP (I)                HAT TRICKS! (I)
                                                                                                    round using circular needles and double-pointed needles, work with
       S209K JUDGE, JURIED            N109K CONTINENTAL             N203K INTRODUCTION
                                                                                                    + colors, to pick up stitches for necklines and sleeves, correct
     OR TO BE JUDGED (E) C&K        KNITTING WITH A TWIST (E)       TO LACE KNITTING (E)            knitting errors, be proficient in intarsia (argyle), complex cables, yarn-
                                                                                                    over patterns, simple seaming and finishing techniques.
         S202C PATTERN            N104C FOUNDATION STITCHES/       N201C GOING AROUND
       WRITING SCHOOL (I)              LINKED STITCHES (I)             IN CIRCLES (I)
                                                                                                (A) Advanced – intermediate skills plus be able to draft and make pattern
                                       N111K LEARNING                                               adjustments, make style changes, knit in a hem, work fair isle and
          S210K KNIT
                                        TO LOvE LACE –             N204K CABLE SANITY (B)
       EMBELLISHMENTS (B)                                                                           stranded knitting, work pocket and border trims including sewing in a
                                      NOT HATE CHARTS (I)
                                                                                                    zipper, and work complex patterns.
       S200C MAKE YOUR

EST INDIAN SWEATERS (A)                            N302K FAROESE SHAWLS (I)
                                                                                                CROCHET SKILL LEvELS

                                                                                                (E) All skill levels welcome to participate!

                                                                                                (B) Beginner – Require basic skills to create stitches, follow instructions
                                         N107K CABLES                                               and make simple projects.
                                        AND BEYOND (E)

                                   N100K AN ASSORTMENT OF                                       (I) Intermediate – beginner skills plus be able to alter patterns and in-
                                  CAST ONS AND CAST OFFS (B)                                        structions and work out moderately complex projects.

                                                                                                (A) Advanced – intermediate skills plus many projects completed, desire
                                                                                                    to learn advanced, professional techniques, have your own design
                                                                                                    ideas and seek new, challenging techniques and designs.

oon class 300s =  hr all day class • Last letter indicates class type: K = Knitting (blue boxes) C = Crochet (purple boxes) C&K = Classes that are both Crochet & Knit (black boxes)
         friday, sepTeMber 12, 2008
                                                  at least one ufO (unfinished object) lan-        er techniques, such as the kite square and
      Three-hour afTerNooN classes                guishing in a closet because of problems         mitered square, will be covered. Materials
                 2 pM – 5 pM                      with technique, pattern, fit, color or yarn.     Fee: $3
                                                  These disasters can often be turned into
                                                  opportunities to create something special.       F213C Taking Your Yarn for a Walk! – Free-
F200C (Crochet/Knit) Design 2A Edge               learn to avoid/correct the most common           form Crochet Techniques (B), Jenny Dowde
Shaping (I), Nancy Nehring After you have         mistakes, deal with yarn shortages or dye        let your creative spirit soar! you’ll have to-
mastered designing with rectangular pie-          lot problems, repair holes and recycle yarn.     tal design freedom to make several frag-
ces, learn to shape the edges with in-            bring the worst of your problems to class        ments using many different techniques to
creases and decreases to improve fit of           and – drawing on my years of experience          texture and shape your work. learn how
armholes, necklines and waists. learn a-          with personal knitting disasters – we will       to incorporate various textures including
bout shaped armholes and sleeve caps,             brainstorm solutions. Materials Fee: $.25        bent bobbles, clump stitch, crab stitch,
neckline shaping, sleeve shaping, sizing/                                                          limpets and knitting; plus add embellish-
ease. designs include Japanese jacket,            F207C Crocheted Random Lace Clutch               ments and learn how to build fragments
sweaters with set-in sleeves, tops with vari-     Style Bag (B), Noreen Crone-Findlay make         into an exciting and unique fabric using
ous necklines, tapered, dolman, batwing           a one-of-a-kind, gorgeous clutch bag in          a template. no tension swatch rules apply,
and kimono sleeves. Materials Fee: $5             an amazingly easy but spectacular lace           making the possibilities endless!
                                                  technique using thread or yarn. This is a
F201K Tips, Tricks and Hints (I), Lily Chin       great way to bring together old pieces of        F214C Y Wire Crochet Necklace (B), Darla
learn the secrets to making knitting life         crochet and lace, swatches and motifs to         Fanton Why crochet with wire? because
easier and better. find out how to cast on        create a unique bag that you’ll treasure         the results are absolutely fabulous and
in -tail method without running out of the       forever. you’ll be amazed how easy it is to      much easier than you might suspect! most
second tail. Join a new skein of yarn or a        create “Random lace”, a free form lace           students will complete (or come very close
new color without losing that first stitch. see   technique that has its roots in irish crochet.   to completing) this lovely y-shaped neck-
ways of attaching buttons as you work.                                                             lace in class. Crocheted using gold or silver
Create invisible circular bind offs on a neck     F208K Seven Things That Can “Make or             permanent color wire and sparkling beads
where the beginning and end are abso-             Break” a Sweater™ (B), Margaret Fisher           with glass or gemstone chips, it makes a
lutely imperceptible. Weave in little ends        learn seven things that will make a big dif-     lovely addition to your jewelry wardrobe.
that are too short to put through a darning       ference in the appearance of your sweat-         Materials Fee: $17 for kit containing wire,
needle. Take away lots of small fix-its and       ers. The smallest details can have a huge        beads, chips and all findings needed to
improve those details.                            impact – increasing in ribbing, bumpy or         complete necklace. Kits will be available
                                                  smooth cast on edge, slanting decreases,         in assorted colors.
F202K Double Pickup for Bands (I), Arenda         invisible increases, perfect buttonholes,
Holladay This class will discuss the tech-        flat edgings and blocking. you will learn
nique of double pickup along necklines,                                                                     friday, sepTeMber 12, 2008
                                                  about all of these things while you prac-                 siX-hour all day classes
armholes and button band. you can use             tice and receive lots of tips and hints. since          9 aM – 12 NooN & 2 pM – 5 pM
this technique to make a garment revers-          you are going to spend hours making a
ible as there is no wrong side for the pickup     garment, you’ll want to use these tech-
edge. it also gives a much more profes-           niques to make even the simplest sweater         F300K Magical Moebius Knitting Galore (I),
sional look to any garment. Materials Fee:        look marvelous.                                  Cat Bordhi learn Cat’s moebius Cast-On
$5                                                                                                 and the tricks of knitting along the “moebi-
                                                  F209C Single Crochet Entrelac in the Round       us highway”, and then the thrill ride begins.
F203C Paisleys That Pop! (B), Joan Davis          Part II (I), Joyce Renee Wyatt entrelac is a     make a beautiful scarf or decide how and
Paisley patterns are in all the trends. don’t     technique knitters use. it’s made using stock-   where you’d like to open up this single-
be left out! learn how to create quick and        inette or garter stitch squares that look like   surfaced, single-edged stream of knitted
easy crochet paisley patterns. use the pais-      basket weave or interwoven strips. guess         grace. your opening can give birth to a
ley patterns for decorations, motifs and em-      what! Crocheters can now achieve the en-         bag, a sweater, a skirt or even an evening
bellishments. five variations will be taught.     trelac look using the single crochet stitch      wrap with sleeves ending in gloves!
Materials Fee: $7                                 and it can be worked in the round. We’ll use
                                                  two contrasting colors of worsted weight         F302K Beyond Creative Knitting (E), valen-
F204C Design Your Own Stitch Pattern (I),         yarn and a size K crochet hook. learn the        tina Devine in this class, the next step be-
Marty Miller yes, you can be a designer           4 steps of single crochet entrelac in the        yond Creative Knitting, Valentina guides
too. you will learn (or practice) a few stitch    round. Materials Fee: $4                         you through free-form knitting such as cir-
patterns, and then we will discuss how to                                                          cles, swirls, scrumbles and more. discover
change them to make them uniquely your            F210K The Art of Knitting Backwards & How        how to create extraordinary and beauti-
own. learn how the size of certain stitches       It Applies To Edging (I), Candace Eisner         ful designs while using all those wonderful
affects your pattern, how to increase or de-      Strick learn how to knit and purl back-          yarn snippets left over in your knitting bas-
crease the size of the pattern, how to incor-     wards and how to apply this technique to         ket. learn to create eye-catching fashions
porate shaping into your pattern and many         the task of working an applied edging (i.e.,     using Valentina’s methods.
other variations. Materials Fee: $3               not turning work, and those edgings are
                                                  usually worked on about  stitches!) you will    F303C A Stylish Introduction To Hairpin Lace
F205K Knitting With Wire (E), Nancie Wise-        practice knitting and purling backwards,         (E), Jennifer Hansen hairpin lace creates
man nancy found that knitting with copper         and then apply an edging with an incred-         beautiful open fabrics that look compli-
wire can be an extremely interesting way          ible mitered corner.                             cated and impressive! The dirty little secret
to create artful knitting. The wire is really                                                      is that this technique is so simple, even a
easy to knit with. The finer the gauge, the       F211K Celtic Cables (A), Melissa Leapman         beginning crocheter can do it! Come and
easier it is. Creating home decor items or        learn how to use basic cabling techniques        learn the basics of creating a hairpin lace
jewelry is simple with the wire and a few ba-     to create Celtic inspired panels and motifs.     strip and how to incorporate beads. in the
sic tools and supplies that aren’t normally       (shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but these gor-        afternoon, learn different techniques for
in our knitting bags. you will knit a bracelet    geous cables are much easier to knit than        joining these strips into a delicate hand-
or a small piece of jewelry using wire. The       they look!) Materials Fee: $2                    bag. see sample projects and discuss the
techniques for finishing off the wire, add-                                                        techniques used to create them. Materials
ing in new wire and creating shapes will          F212K Patchwork Knitting (A), Margaret Hu-       Fee: $3 (OPTIONAL $28 fee for the hairpin
be covered. Materials Fee: $6                     bert in this class, students learn the tech-     lace loom)
                                                  nique of building modular knitting. We start
F206K Knitting Disasters & Other Opportun-        with a fan shape and use the homework            F304K Infinitely Interesting Cables (I), Janet
ities (E), Edie Eckman Almost everyone has        to make a small bag. Time permitting, oth-       Szabo have you ever wondered if it’s pos-

sible to make a cable in the shape of a          scarf/shawl/poncho – a mobius strip. you           specific things knitters can do to improve
circle? it is! A technique known as “infinite”   will work swatches with different stripe se-       their work. Arenda will provide a handout
cabling allows you to work many kinds            quences to demonstrate the fibonacci               to each student which summarizes the top-
of swirls, flourishes and circular motifs into   numbers and other number series. you’ll            ics discussed.
your next cable project. learn the special       make different sized rectangles to show
increase and decrease methods used to            the pleasing shape of the golden Rec-
                                                                                                           saTurday, sepTeMber 13, 2008
make these kinds of cables and how to            tangle and a miniature mobius strip scarf/               Three-hour afTerNooN classes
translate knot work designs in knitted cable     shawl/poncho and a hyperplane flower.                             2 pM – 5 pM
patterns.                                        Materials Fee: $3

F305C Creative Crochet Lace (E), Myra            S104C Building Butterflies (B), Noreen Crone-      S200C Make Your Own Crochet Hook (E),
Wood learn a new, freeform approach to           Findlay learn how to create glorious but-          Nancy Nehring enjoy the satisfaction of
a traditional crochet technique by learning      terflies of all descriptions: from the simplest    crocheting with a wooden hook you make
“lace logic”! you’ll learn how to use all the    teeny spool knitted and crocheted but-             yourself. no woodworking experience nec-
crochet stitches you know and some new           terflies to the most elaborate and exquisite       essary. great class for husbands! As you
ones too to make gorgeous, lacy wear-            butterflies you can imagine! These butter-         work, instructor will discuss the different parts
able garments. We’ll be working on a free-       flies are fabulous stand alones as jewelry or      of a crochet hook and how each affects
form shawl or scarf in class with yarn of your   embellishments.                                    your gauge. learn why you can’t get the
choice. Any smooth dk or worsted weight                                                             same gauge with two hooks of the same
yarn is fine! beginners are welcome along        S105K Simple Shaping (B), Margaret Fisher          size but from different manufacturers. learn
with advanced students who will also enjoy       learn everything there is to know about            why you prefer a certain manufacturer’s
combining their knowledge with this new          increases and decreases in garment shap-           hooks. you must be able to grip small hand
approach.                                        ing. discover which ones slant right and left      tools. Materials Fee: $5
                                                 and understand the decorative or invisible
                                                 appearance of each.                                S201C Tunisian Entrelac – To Felt or Not; On
        saTurday, sepTeMber 13, 2008                                                                the Square (I), Darla Fanton explore sev-
       Three-hour MorNiNG classes
                                                 S106K Basic Pattern Drafting (E), Melissa Le-      eral approaches to creating the half and
              9 aM – 12 NooN
                                                 apman learn how to custom design sweat-            quarter diamonds necessary for achiev-
                                                 ers for you and your family. master drop-          ing straight edges on Tunisian entrelac flat
S100C (Crochet/Knit) Design 3A Internal          shoulder sweater design and then add re-           projects. you will even learn how to create
Shaping (A), Nancy Nehring nothing beats         finements such as indented armholes or             full diamonds out of thin air for when you
internal shaping in a garment for that per-      saddle-shoulders. by using your choice of          want a zigzag edge! This no-sew patch-
fect, customized fit. use short rows, ribbing,   yarn, stitch pattern and silhouette, you can       work-look technique is quite addictive,
changing number of stitches in a repeat          free yourself from written patterns forever!       so you will be happy to have a variety of
and different stitches to internally shape       Materials Fee: $2                                  ways to create everything from potholders
garments. ideal for form-fitting garments,                                                          to placemats to afghans. darla will also
large busts, less than perfect figures. de-      S107C (Crochet/Knit) Beyond Scarves (B),           share tips for designing your own Tunisian
signs include cape with changing number          Margaret Hubert beginners who’ve been              entrelac projects. Materials Fee: $5
of stitches, top with short row bust, dress      making scarves will learn how to advance
with internal darts, and sweater with raglan     to a lovely little bag, afghans, shawls and        S202C Pattern Writing School (I), Marty Mill-
sleeves. Materials Fee: $5                       even sweaters. Materials Fee: $3                   er yes, you write yourself little notes when
                                                                                                    you design something, so you know what
S101C Intermediate Celtic Lace Crochet           S108K Capture the Rainbow – Working With           you did and perhaps can do it again.
(I), Joan Davis This class will focus on the     Color (B), Lorraine Ehrlinger you will learn       but are you able to write a clear, concise
Celtic lace interlacements, creating al-         about color theory and how to know what            pattern that AnyOne can follow? do you
phabet motifs and exploring possibilities of     colors work well together. We will explore         know how many inches you should mea-
using this technique to enhance your free-       the different techniques of color work in-         sure for gauge? how to count stitches and
form crochet. Prerequisite: attendee should      cluding fair isle and intarsia.                    rows? What kind of notes to write at the be-
take basic Celtic lace Crochet class before                                                         ginning of a pattern? When to count the
taking intermediate class. Materials Fee:        S109K No More Tangles – 1 Handed 2 Stra-           stitches at the end of each row or round?
$7 – if you didn’t buy the book for Basic        nded Knitting the Continental Way (I), Tos-        When you should use repeats? When you
Celtic Lace                                      ca Mark Tired of twisting and/or untangling        should use abbreviations and which ones
                                                 yarns or struggling with two stranded, two         to use? When you should use * and ( ) and
S102C Tunisian Entrelac – To Felt or Not;        handed knitting methods? if you love to            [ ]? do you know how to format patterns?
In the Round (I), Darla Fanton Tunisian en-      work with colors and are a Continental             in this class, you’ll work from basic stitch
trelac creates a fun patchwork-look fabric       Knitter or are reasonably familiar with its        samples to learn to write an easy, begin-
but requires nO sewing! As a plus you can        technique, then this class will be fun for         ner pattern. you will also make samples by
even use a regular crochet hook instead of       you! Materials Fee: $2                             following “notes” and then write a pattern
a long Tunisian hook. Create a small bowl                                                           from the samples notes. Materials Fee: $3
as you learn to work entrelac diamonds           S110K Combination Knitting (E), Annie Mod-
and triangles. Tunisian creates a sturdy fab-    esitt Christened “Combination Knitting” by         S203C Color Your Filet Crochet With Beads
ric allowing your bowl to stand on its own       Priscilla gibson-Roberts (fall 000 Inter-         (B), Joan Davis filet Crochet is usually
as is or make it oversize and felt it at home    weave Knits magazine), this combination            worked in monochromatic colored
for a different look. Warning: entrelac is ad-   of Western and eastern style knitting is fast-     threads. filet Crochet can be colorful but
dictive and so is felting. Put them together     er, creates a nicer tension with less “rowing      because of its open lacework, it is difficult
in one project, and you may not be able to       out” and less wrist strain. established knitters   to change thread colors. by beading the
stop! Materials Fee: $5                          may enjoy this different method; new knit-         filet Crochet, you can add color to the
                                                 ters can mistress this right away!                 technique. We will demonstrate how to
S103C Crochet By The Numbers (E), Marty                                                             add color to filet Crochet by using various
Miller Crochet and math – an odd combi-                                                             beads, enlivening the designs created by
nation! but math and numbers can help you               saTurday, sepTeMber 13, 2008                the patterns. Materials Fee: $15 including
                                                             oNe-hour classes
choose what size to make an afghan, how                     oN The shoW floor
                                                                                                    extensive syllabus and beads. If you bring
to add stripes to a piece, how many colors                                                          your own beads that are appropriate to
to use in the stripes and how much yarn to                                                          your own yarn/thread, the cost will be $7
purchase! learn about fibonacci numbers,         10:15 AM – 11:15 AM SF4K 10 Ways To Im-            for syllabus only. (Note: if student brings
the golden Ratio, other number series and        prove Your Knitting (E), Arenda Holladay           wrong beads to class, beads cannot be
how to make a never-ending, one-sided            This class will primarily be a “lecture” on        furnished.)

S204K Superb Seams (E), Margaret Fisher                 saTurday, sepTeMber 13, 2008
                                                                                                  sweater does not fit? learn how to make
master the basic joining techniques which                 siX-hour all day classes                a sweater starting from the shoulder seam.
make seams look flat and smooth. learn                  9 aM – 12 NooN & 2 pM – 5 pM              When you crochet your sweater from the
how to sew invisible side seams on stocki-                                                        shoulder seam, you can try it on as you
nette, reverse stockinette and ribbing. find                                                      go. The back and front are crocheted to
out how selvage stitches make seaming            S300K Coriolis Socks (I), Cat Bordhi Coriolis    the underarm and later joined to form one
easy even on the most complex pattern            socks are one of Cat’s most wildly popu-         piece. simple increases, decreases and
stitches. Practice joining shoulders and         lar styles of sock architecture. (They also      slip stitches are used to shape the sweater.
attaching sleeves. discover how to make          starred in a seventh season Knitty Gritty        Any stitch pattern, yarn textures and hook
your garments look seamless.                     episode.) you’ll learn to knit both the simple   size can be used. you will make a minia-
                                                 and spiraling versions, to vary the width of     ture cardigan or vest. The ribbing is applied
S205C (Crochet/Knit) Magnificent Masks (B),      the Coriolis band and how to extend these        later to the neck, wrists, lower edges and
Noreen Crone-Findlay masks conceal, and          magical, elegant socks into knee-socks,          button bands. Materials Fee: $4
masks reveal. Reveal your love of crochet,       thigh-highs, tights or even dancer’s toe-
knitting, spool knitting, tatting, small loom    less and heel-less swirling socks. A variety     S306K Pacific Northwest Indian Sweaters
weaving, beading and other fiber arts by         of treatments will be discussed.                 (A), Joan Schrouder Cowichan sweaters
making a magnificent mask that you’ll em-                                                         are the best known authentic ethnic sweat-
bellish with your favorite yarn and thread       S301K Weaving Techniques As Applied To           er style developed in north America. The
works. noreen will guide you in making the       Knits (I), Lily Chin using weaving methods       salish indians of british Columbia and Wash-
perfect base for your mask and then help         add another yarn to your knitting to enjoy       ington state probably began knitting in
you to create a one of kind work of art for      new aesthetic possibilities, solve problems,     the 180’s using thick handspun wool. influ-
your wall or your next costume ball!             and expand your oeuvre with new tech-            enced by european settlers, they adapted
                                                 niques. Widen your world of textures, color      their own indian symbols and totems into
S206C Crocheted Shawl Workshop (I), Me-          handling and patterning. Keep gorgeous           color pattern knitting. learn woven color-
lissa Leapman you’ll be amazed at how            but uncomfortable fibers from touching           stranding, seamless construction meth-
fast and easy it is to crochet great-looking     sensitive skin. make effective use of novelty    ods and shawl-collar shapings unique to
shawls and wraps for yourself and for oth-       yarns, minimize stretching, maybe even           Cowichan sweaters while knitting a mini
ers! you will learn by doing: crochet several    use less yarn. Apply a separate yarn onto        model. Materials Fee: $1
mini shawls which illustrate all techniques      knits with the “up/down” method or the
involved, including how to work increases        “in/out” method. use the same yarn as a          S308K Designing Scandinavian Style Sw-
in pattern stitches and how to finish off your   “weft” thread with the slip stitch method.       eaters (A), Dawn Seymour do you love
projects with beautiful edgings. Materials       explore vertical weaves, color weaves,           the look of scandinavian style sweaters?
Fee: $2                                          smocking weaves, and more. learn what            do you like to play with the interaction of
                                                 yarns work well, what garments are best          colors? Why not combine your interests
S207K Spectacular Slip Stitches (I), Mar-        suited, and how to chart the weaves to an-       and design a sweater with your own color
garet Hubert The slip stitches are some of       ticipate what you’ll get. Take away a sam-       sense and style? We will go over the basics
the most spectacular in the knitting world.      pler of knitted “woven” fabrics plus enough      of the standard garment styles as well as
The effects that can be achieved are             ideas to keep you in stitches for a very long    color patterning for these lovely sweaters.
truly beautiful. We begin to make a bag in       time. Materials Fee: $1                          Materials Fee: $2.50
class but, time permitting, we will learn lots
more applications of these great stitches.       S302K Fine Finishing (B), Nancie Wiseman
                                                 hate finishing? learn the techniques that               suNday, sepTeMber 14, 2008
Materials Fee: $3                                                                                       Three-hour MorNiNG classes
                                                 make it easier and more successful so you
                                                                                                               9 aM – 12 NooN
S208K Knit To Fit: A Dressmaker’s Perspective    won’t hate it anymore. A class for the al-
(B), Lorraine Ehrlinger you will learn to ad-    ready confident knitter that wants to fine
just the pattern to fit the gauge of the         tune the professional techniques for per-        N100K An Assortment of Cast Ons and Cast
swatch. We will also discuss and demon-          fect seaming, picking up stitches, grafting,     Offs (B), Nancie Wiseman learn a variety
strate measuring the body and adjusting for      short rows, perfect cast ons and cast offs       of ways to cast on and cast off. many of
what we find. no longer will you be bound        and much more. lots of hands on practice         the techniques discussed have a mirror im-
by a pattern written for someone else.           with all of the techniques.                      age cast on to the cast off for a perfectly
                                                                                                  finished garment. new techniques will in-
S209K (Crochet/Knit) Judge, Juried or To Be      S303K Strickmuster, the Beautiful Twisted        clude casting on and casting off with pi-
Judged (E), Tosca Mark This true workshop        Stitch Patterns of Austria (A), Candace Eis-     cots, the “tubular look” cast on and cast
will be of interest to anyone entering a state   ner Strick These gorgeous patterns wind          off, cable cast on vs. knitted cast on and
or county fair, a juried exhibit or wanting to   and twist around each other in compli-           provisional cast on. you’ll love the variety
be a judge. We will discuss the importance of    cated and intricate designs but actually         to make your garments fit and wear better.
guidelines for both the judges and entrants,     are done using only two basic techniques
the many different aspects that need to be       without the use of a cable needle. We will       N101C Sculptural Crochet: Boxes, Baskets
included within the guidelines, the respon-      sample some of the 174 charming patterns         and Bowls (B), Noreen Crone-Findlay learn
sibilities of judges and entrants and how to     from maria erlbacher’s book, Strickmuster,       how to crochet a plain and simple or a wild
prepare yourself, the different considerations   and learn how to read charts.                    and wonky basket, box or bowl. Crocheted
between judged and juried exhibits or judg-                                                       baskets, boxes and bowls are useful, deco-
ing a juried exhibit, which category each        S304K Aran Sweater Design (I), Janet             rative and can be a freeform statement
submitted item should be entered in, what        Szabo you might think that designing an          that uniquely expresses your creativity!
it might be competing against and how to         Aran sweater is only for experts. it’s not
seize the opportunity as a judge to educate,     – just about anyone with some patience           N102K Shaping Up With Short Rows (I), Lily
set a good example, and honor outstanding        and determination can learn how to put           Chin short rows are smooth solutions to
craftsmanship.                                   the elements of Aran sweaters together           slants and curves. instead of the “stepped”
                                                 in an eye-pleasing way. learn the basics         bind offs at shoulders and necks, short rows
S210K Knit Embellishments (B), Annie             of Aran sweater design and leave being           (sometimes referred to as partial knitting)
Modesitt Once a sweater or knitted gar-          ready to design a unique Aran sweater of         create a continuous line making seaming
ment is finished, is it ReAlly finished? Why     your own!                                        and picking up stitches much easier. The
not accentuate your lovely items with knit                                                        tremendous capabilities for invisibly sculpt-
embellishments such as i-cord, dreadlock         S305C Top Down Sweater – No Raglan               ing knits within the fabric will also be ex-
fringe, knots, decorative chain embroidery       Shaping Needed (B), Joyce Renee Wyatt            plored. learn a horizontal bust dart, a side-
and knit buttons! your mind will be opened       Are you annoyed when crocheting from             to-side yoke, a seamless hat on  needles
to knitting as a 3-dimensional craft!            the bottom up, and to your surprise the          instead of 4, entrelacs, a sock heel ... Other

possibilities include unusual textures and         N110C Fast and Beautiful Broomstick                use this traditional technique in very untra-
no-bobbin intarsias. Materials Fee: $1             Lace (E), Jennifer Hansen broomstick lace is       ditional ways. using large hooks and mod-
                                                   worked with a crochet hook and a knitting          ern yarns create fabrics that look woven
N103C Twice As Nice Thermal Stitch (B),            needle. Also known as “Jiffy” lace, this           instead of knit or crochet. Tunisian crochet
Darla Fanton using standard crochet stitch-        technique creates stunning, lacy fabrics           uses less yarn than standard crochet and
es and two colors of yarn create projects          that work up in no time. We will cover the         is considered by many to be a cross be-
with a different look to each side. The re-        basic technique as well as increasing, de-         tween knitting and crochet. We’ll cover
sulting fabric can be dense and protective,        creasing, working in the round and short           the basic stitches and view some fAsT and
such as the potholder we will make in class,       rows to create a class project that Jennifer       eAsy projects. Materials Fee: $3 (OPTIONAL
or soft and cushiony as a cloud. This stitch       has designed. Materials Fee: $3                    $30 fee to purchase the crochet hook)
is perfect for keeping heat out or holding it
in! learn to select yarns, stitches and hooks      N111K Learning To Love Lace (& Not Hate
                                                                                                              suNday, sepTeMber 14, 2008
to achieve the desired result. Materials Fee:      Charts ...) (I), Annie Modesitt learn the ba-               siX-hour all day classes
$5                                                 sic theory behind knitting lace and how                   9 aM – 12 NooN & 2 pM – 5 pM
                                                   to “memorize” a lace chart to make knit-
N104C Foundation Stitches/Linked Stitches          ting more fun. With a chart, what you see
(I), Marty Miller is the hardest part of cro-      is what you get, which is why it’s the best        N300C Magic Square Patchwork Pizzazz
chet pattern for you the first step – making       option for knitters who want to “see” what         (I), Joyce Renee Wyatt The inspiration for
a certain number of chains and then cro-           their lace will look like before they take up      this class was a knitted patchwork sweat-
cheting into them? do you cringe at the            their needles. We’ll get a start on the Wavy       er designed by irene york of the Knitting
amount of space between two dcs or trs?            lace scarf featured in Romantic Hand               basket in Tahoe City, CA. your sampler
learn how to fix these and other problems.         Knits (007, Potter Craft); each participant       will be made with squares which are not
you will learn ways to eliminate the chain         will receive a copy of the pattern.                made individually and sewn together af-
foundation – how to do many different                                                                 terwards. each square is picked up from
foundation stitches, when to use them and                                                             an adjacent square and connected to
                                                           suNday, sepTeMber 14, 2008                 one another as you go using slip stitches
their advantages. Also learn to make linked              Three-hour afTerNooN classes
stitches, to get rid of those pesky spaces!                                                           and/or foundation chains. After learning
                                                                  2 pM – 5 pM
Materials Fee: $3                                                                                     how to make the basic square, rectangle
                                                                                                      and the “l”-shape, you can use these
N105K Traditional Shetland Scarf (A), Can-         N201C Going Around In Circles (I), Marty           shapes to create a one-of-a-kind garment.
dace Eisner Strick using traditional shet-         Miller We will explore the circle; how to          This is a good way of using your yarn stash.
land techniques and patterns, this light-as-       make circles with different stitches; how to       Materials Fee: $4
a-feather scarf can be made in as many             add patterns and pattern stitches to the
colors as you wish. using lace weight yarn         circle; how to turn the circle into a spiral,      N301K Stranded Knitting Techniques (I),
on size 5 or  needles, it incorporates a lacy     a square, a triangle, a hexagon or an oval.        Dawn Seymour have you ever wanted to
edge, faggoting, the traditional shetland          explore how a circle can be used in design-        knit those gorgeous scandinavian or fair
pattern of cockleshell and a beautiful scal-       ing and then design and work on a purse,           isle sweaters? This class will show you how
loped border. We will knit a small sample          shawl, vest/shrug, hat or yarmulke using the       to knit with two colors at once. A variety of
in class using traditional shetland lace           circle. Materials Fee: $3                          techniques will be shown, and time will be
weight yarn. Materials Fee: $25 for kit of                                                            spent practicing the techniques. steeking
Shetland Lace weight yarn to make a full           N202K Fun With Fair Isle (B), Lorraine Ehrlinger   methods will also be discussed. Materials
sized scarf.                                       learn how to work stranded knitting with           Fee: $2
                                                   two or more colors. Chart reading for color
N106C Crocheted Hat Tricks! (I), Melissa           patterns will also be covered. We will be          N302K Faroese Shawls (I), Joan Schrouder
Leapman hats, hats and more hats! in this          knitting a tube, so students must know how         Knit  mini faroese shawls in class learning
hands-on workshop, you’ll create mini ver-         to work in the round using any of the popu-        to work the unique shoulder shaping into
sions of several quick-to-make, fashionable        lar methods.                                       the body of the shawl, one with a darted
hats. Take the class handout (chock full of                                                           shoulder, the other with a gathered shoul-
full-size patterns) back home and let the          N203K Introduction To Lace Knitting (E),           der which keeps them from slipping off.
fun begin! Materials Fee: $5                       Tosca Mark ever wanted to try lace knit-           Work from the top down to use the quan-
                                                   ting and were afraid? find out if lace knit-       tity of yarn available. Materials Fee: $1
N107K Cables and Beyond (E), Janet Szabo           ting is for you. Knit a bookmark using a pat-
Take a trip around the world of cables. ex-        tern presented in written and graph format.
periment with slip-stitch cables, cables and       learn the basic principals of lace knitting,
lace, infinite cables, modular cables, ca-         to interpret written and charted instructions,
bles and color and many other techniques.          to recognize if a pattern is relatively simple
There is much more to the world of cables          or not, tips on minimizing mistakes and pos-
than just simple 4-stitch ropes!                   sibilities of correcting mistakes without a
                                                   lot of frogging. Materials Fee: $3
N108K Knitters With Hooks (B), Lorraine Eh-
rlinger students will learn simple crochet         N204K Cable Sanity (B), Annie Modesitt Ca-
techniques frequently used to enhance              bles are a mainstay of knitting, but the
knitting.                                          technique for knitting them WiThOuT cable
                                                   needles has eluded many expert knitters.
N109K Continental Knitting With a Twist (E),       Overcome your fear of cabling and at
Tosca Mark discover for yourself if conti-         the same time learn a technique that is
nental knitting is ergonomically more suit-        faster and easier than the standard tech-
able for you or use it for facilitated fair isle   nique which uses an extra needle to twist
(two handed, two stranded) knitting. Wheth-        the yarn. if you can knit and purl, you can
er you are a new knitter, new to continen-         cable. After this workshop, your hair will turn
tal knitting or are looking to improve your        red, your nose will turn up and you’ll be
technique, especially with the purl stitch,        speaking with a brogue of “the old coun-
this is for you! even if you think you are         try” as you knit Aran sweaters and cabled
quite proficient in continental knitting,          scarves with wild abandon.
this method can improve your speed
and is guaranteed to not twist purl stitch-        N205C A Big Hook Introduction To Tunisian
es. Materials Fee: $2                              Crochet (E), Jennifer Hansen learn how to

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                                               PlEASE PRINT lEGIblY.                                                                                        2. MEMbERSHIP DUES
                                               • Retain a copy of form for your records.
                                                                                                                                                            q		Individual q		Designer
                                               • Membership is dated from date application is received.
                                                                                                                                                            One-year membership (12 months)                                Two-year membership (24 months)
                                               • TKGA Members receive four issues of Cast On magazine, passwords                                            ($20 of this amount is for a four-issue                        ($40 of this amount is for a eight-issue
                                                 to access the TKGA online Member-only area, eligibility to enroll in                                       subscription to Cast On magazine.)                             subscription to Cast On magazine.)

                                                 TKGA Master Knitting Program, Correspondence Courses and more.                                             q $29 (USA)                                                    q $53 (USA)
                                                                                                                                                            q $36 (Canada/Mexico)                                          q $67 (Canada/Mexico)
TKGA • 1100-H brandywine blvd. • Zanesville oH 43701-7303                                                                                                   q $44 (Other non-USA)                                          q $83 (Other non-USA)
E-mail: • Phone: 740-452-4541 • Fax: 740-452-2552                                                                                         corporate Retailer (includes listing online and in Cast On magazine)
                                                                                                                                                            One-year membership (12 months)             Two-year membership (24 months)
1. MEMbER REcoRD                                                                                                                                            q $52 (USA)                                 q $99 (USA)
                                                                                                                                                            q $59 (Canada/Mexico)                       q $103 (Canada/Mexico)
Individual Name ______________________________________________________________                                                                              q $67 (Other non-USA)                       q $129 (Other non-USA)

Company Name ______________________________________________________________                                                                                 corporate other – Manufacturer, Wholesaler/Distributor, Publisher
                                                               Company names may be abbreviated.                                                            (includes listing online and in Cast On magazine)
Mailing Address ______________________________________________________________                                                                              One-year membership (12 months)             Two-year membership (24 months)
                                                                                                                                                            q $100 (USA)                                q $195 (USA)
City____________________________ State/Prov. ____________ Zip Code _______________
Country ____________________________________________________________________                                                                                I give permission to TKGA to publish in print and online, including in Cast On magazine, as follows:
Phone ________________________________ Eve Phone ____________________________                                                                               Publish the following: q Web site q Name q Company Name q Address q E-mail q Do Not Publish
Fax __________________________________ Toll-free ______________________________                                                                             I give permission for contact by e-mail from the following*:
E-mail ________________________________ @ __________________________________                                                                                q From TKGA & Cast On only q From TKGA-sponsored events (e.g., Knit & Crochet Shows & TKGA Conferences)
                                                                                                                                                            q From third party organizations with knitting-related interests
Web ______________________________________________________________________
                   Completing this form serves Management notice that you agree to be contacted by mail, phone, fax and/or e-mail.                          q Do not want e-mail communication (do not list my e-mail in my member record)
                                                                                                                                                            * Member: If you have agreed to e-mail communication from TKGA, please add the following e-mail domain to your e-mail “safe list” now: This
                                                                                                                                                            will help to ensure that you receive all communications from TKGA (i.e.,, and all individual staff
1b. FoR RETAIl MEMbERS oNlY                                                                                                                                 communications whose e-mails contain their name and end with

(Fill in only if you have a storefront & desire this information to appear in retailer listings read by consumers.)
                                                                                                                                                            3. METHoD oF PAYMENT – PAYMENT DUE AT TIME oF oRDER (MAKE cHEcK PAYAblE To TKGA)
Store Mgr (optional) ____________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                            q Check      q Cashier’s Check/Money Order
Store Business Name __________________________________________________________                                                                              q Debit Card q Credit Card q American Express q Discover q MasterCard q VISA
Store Location _______________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                            Credit Card Account # ____________________________________________________________
City____________________________ State/Prov. ____________ Zip Code _______________
                                                                                                                                                            Exp. Date _____________________________ Amt. charged $ ____________________________
Country ____________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                            Cardholder’s Name (Print)__________________________________________________________
Store Phone (optional) __________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                            Authorized Signature _____________________________________________________________
Store Fax (optional) ____________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                            (A $25 fee will be charged for returned checks. All payment in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. banks.)
Store E-mail ____________________________ @ __________________________________
Store Web Site (optional) ________________________________________________________                                                                          FoR oFFIcE USE oNlY

                                                                                                                                                            Rcvd __________________________________ Ck# __________________________________
q Check here to receive information on the Cast On Retail Distribution Program for selling Cast On
  magazine in your store.
                                                                                                                                                            Amt ___________________________________ Ackd _________________________________

                                                                                                                          CGOA MEMBERSHIP FORM
                                               PlEASE PRINT lEGIblY.                                                                                        2. MEMbERSHIP DUES (PlEASE cHEcK oNlY oNE! RATES ARE IN US DollARS.)
                                               • Retain a copy of form for your records.
                                               • Membership is dated from date application is received.                                                     Individual
                                               • CGOA Members receive six issues of Crochet! magazine and Chain Link                                        One-year membership (12 months)                                Two-year membership (24 months)
                                                 Newsletter, access to the Crochet Library and Pattern Line, exclusive retail                               q $35 (USA)                                                    q $65 (USA)
                                                 discounts, eligibility to enroll in CGOA correspondence courses and more.                                  q $42 (Canada/Mexico)                                          q $79 (Canada/Mexico)
                                                                                                                                                            q $50 (Other non-USA)                                          q $95 (Other non-USA)
cGoA • 1100-H brandywine blvd. • Zanesville oH 43701-7303
                                                                                                                                                            corporate (includes listing online and in Crochet! magazine)
E-mail: • Phone: 740-452-4541 • Fax: 740-452-2552                                                                                         One-year membership (12 months)             Two-year membership (24 months)
                                                                                                                                                            q $100 (Retailer)                           q $195 (Retailer)
1. MEMbER REcoRD                                                                                                                                            q $100 (Other: Manufacturer,                q $195 (Other: Manufacturer,
                                                                                                                                                               Wholesaler/Distributor, Publisher)          Wholesaler/Distributor, Publisher)
Individual Name ______________________________________________________________
Company Name ______________________________________________________________                                                                                 corporate Sponsor (includes Web site listing and link, advertising discounts in Crochet! magazine, national
                                                               Company names may be abbreviated.                                                            conference show floor admission waived for up to five pre-registered employees.)
Mailing Address ______________________________________________________________                                                                              q $1,000
City____________________________ State/Prov. ____________ Zip Code _______________
                                                                                                                                                            3. METHoD oF PAYMENT – PAYMENT DUE AT TIME oF oRDER (MAKE cHEcK PAYAblE To cGoA)
Country ____________________________________________________________________
Phone ________________________________ Eve Phone ____________________________                                                                               q Check      q Cashier’s Check/Money Order
Fax __________________________________ Toll-free ______________________________                                                                             q Debit Card q Credit Card q American Express q Discover q MasterCard q VISA
E-mail ________________________________ @ __________________________________                                                                                Credit Card Account # ____________________________________________________________
Web ______________________________________________________________________
                   Completing this form serves Management notice that you agree to be contacted by mail, phone, fax and/or e-mail.                          Exp. Date _____________________________ Amt. charged $ ____________________________

I give permission to publish in the CGOA Membership Directory in the Members-Only Section of the Web                                                        Cardholder’s Name (Print)__________________________________________________________
site and in Crochet! magazine as follows:
                                                                                                                                                            Authorized Signature _____________________________________________________________
Publish the following: q Web site q Name q Company Name q Address q E-mail q Do Not Publish
I give permission for contact by e-mail from the following*:                                                                                                (A $25 fee will be charged for returned checks. All payment in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. banks.)
q From CGOA only q From CGOA-sponsored events (e.g., Knit & Crochet Shows & CGOA Conferences)
q From third party organizations with crochet-related interests                                                                                             FoR oFFIcE USE oNlY
q Do not want e-mail communication (do not list my e-mail in my member record)
                                                                                                                                                            Rcvd __________________________________ Ck# __________________________________
* Member: If you have agreed to e-mail communication from CGOA, please add the following e-mail domain to your e-mail “safe list” now: This
will help to ensure that you receive all communications from CGOA (i.e.,, and all individual staff
communications whose e-mails contain their name and end with                                                                                Amt ___________________________________ Ackd _________________________________
                                                                                                                                    TO PlACe
                                                                                                                                  indiCiA heRe

1100-h brandywine blvd
Zanesville Oh 43701-7303

             TODAY! ens
                  tion Op
          Registra 12!
                  SELL OUT

             the KNIT & CROCHET show
                               SEPTEMBER 12 – 14, 2008 (EDUCATION: SEPTEMBER 11 – 14)
                                OREGON CONvENTION CENTER • PORTLAND, OREGON

                                                                              DOUBLETREE HOTEL PORTLAND – LLOYD CENTER
                                                                              1000 e multnomah st., Portland, OR 973
                                                                              Phone: 503-81-111
                                                                              group code for online reservation: KgA
                                                                              by phone, mention: Knit & Crochet show or KgA

                                                                              Rates:   $10 + tax (single/double)
                                                                                       $130 + tax (single/double) for Premium Rooms
                                                                                       each additional person is $15.
                                           Portland Oregon visitors Assn.
                                   Courtesy of photographer, Steve Terrill.   The hotel is located 10.5 miles from the Portland international
                                                                              Airport and just 4 short blocks from the Oregon Convention
                                                                              Center. max light Rail line is $.50 from the airport and is free
OREGON CONvENTION CENTER                                                      downtown.
777 ne martin luther King, Jr. blvd., Portland, OR 973
                                                                              doubletree overnight parking for all guests is $9.
Convention Center parking is $8 daily.                                        daily rate for those identified as “Knit & Crochet show” hotel
enter garage from first Avenue or lloyd blvd.                                 guests is $3.

                    Offinger management Co. • 1100-h brandywine blvd • Zanesville Oh 43701-7303 •

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