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Henry Chamberlain, CAE, APR
President and COO
BOMA International
1101 15th Street, NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20005

Dear Henry:

INSERT Paragraph about company’s green efforts, etc.

[Name of Company] is committed to implement energy efficient and sustainable
policies within our corporate facilities and to work with our customers –
commercial real estate owners and managers – to provide expertise and
knowledge of the products, equipment, services or programs they offer to help
customers evaluate green strategies to facilitate market transformation.

Specifically, [Name of Company] commits to the following goals:

1. Continuously develop, enhance, and market new product and service offerings
to the BOMA community, giving members innovative and cost-effective solutions
to deploy in the reduction of energy use in existing buildings;

2. Demonstrate leadership by working towards a goal to decrease energy
consumption by 30 percent by 2012 and implement sustainable strategies in your
corporate facilities;

3. Actively participate in public-private partnerships (such as the DOE’s Energy
Alliances) to identify voluntary energy efficiency strategies with proven results
and application to existing buildings;

4. Share research and/or case studies on building operating and management
practices, equipment replacement, or building retrofit projects, etc., that achieve
the goal of reducing energy consumption and result in a positive ROI;

5. Work with policymakers to enact voluntary, incentive-based programs to
accomplish their goals of implementing green strategies;

6. Work cooperatively within the consensus model building codes process to
develop responsible energy codes and green buildings standards that reduce
energy consumption utilizing cost-effective and proven technologies; and

7. Provide opportunities and support for [Name of Company] employees to
participate in education programs about energy conservation and sustainable
Our 7-Point Challenge liaison is [Name of Contact Person] and can be reached at
[Contact Information]. We are excited about the challenge and the effect we can
and will have on our environment, buildings and tenants. We look forward to
working with BOMA International and other industry leaders to achieve these
common goals.



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