McCarthyism and the Second Red Scare by 4A83AJ


									McCarthyism and the Second
        Red Scare
American Cold War Culture and Law
        President Truman
Expands the federal bureaucracy.
National Security Act of 1947
        President Truman
Expands fed govt size and power
Executive Order 9835
   Barred members of the Communist Party
   from federal employment.
     Fascists too
     States started to do this too
     Loyalty oaths
 Senator Joseph McCarthy
Wisconsin Republican facing defeat in
election of 1950
Turns to a platform of anti-Communism
              The List
“I have here a list of 205 names that
were made known to the Secretary of
State as being members of the
Communist Party and who nevertheless
are still working and shaping policy in
the State Department.”
 Definition of McCarthyism
The fear, suspicion, and scapegoating
that surrounded McCarthy, his
accusations and the general curtailment
of civil rights during the Cold War era.
It was a witch-hunt style campaign to
silence critics of the Cold War.
 House UnAmerican Activities
     Committee (HUAC)
  Subcommittee of the House of
  Purpose: To root out “subversion” of
  the American system
  The Question: “Are you now or
have you ever been a member of
the Communist Party?”
      The McCarran Act
Formal name: The Internal Security Act
Requires communist organizations to
register with the Subversive Activities
Control Board
Authorizes the arrest of suspect persons
during national emergency
Six concentration camps
built for this purpose
The Immigration and Nationality Act
   Another McCarran-authored law
   Barred people who were deemed either
   “subversive” or “homosexual” from becoming
   citizens or even visiting the U.S.
   Power to deport immigrants who were
   members of the Communist Party, even if
   they were citizens
   In effect until 1973
 Examples of McCarthyism
In NYC, citizens must take loyalty oath to
receive a fishing license
FDR’s New Deal is re-evaluated as “a socialist
conspiracy” and “20 years of treason”
Jonas Salk invents vaccine for Polio; a
congressman suggests that it be distributed
to all school-age children for free.
Eisenhower’s Secretary of Health rejects the
idea as an attempt to “socialize medicine
through the backdoor.”

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