; Semester 2 Exam Study Guide
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Semester 2 Exam Study Guide


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									Developmental Reading                                                    1
Semester Exam-Study Guide
May 11, 2009

Provide the Meaning for Each Suffix Below:

Suffix                      Meaning

Provide the Meaning for each Prefix Below

Prefix                      Meaning

Define and Provide the POS for Each Vocabulary Word Below:

3. Vindicate________________________________________________________
4. Pulsate__________________________________________________________
5. Intimidate________________________________________________________
6. Mediate__________________________________________________________
7. Extricate_________________________________________________________
8. Initiate___________________________________________________________
9. Abdicate_________________________________________________________
10. Inundate ________________________________________________________
11. Vacilate_________________________________________________________
12. Tolerate_________________________________________________________
13. Prevaricate_______________________________________________________
14. Matriculate_______________________________________________________
15. Procrastinate_____________________________________________________
Developmental Reading                                                                 2
Semester Exam-Study Guide
May 11, 2009

16. Deteriorate_______________________________________________________
17. Collaborate_______________________________________________________
18. Asphyxiate________________________________________________________
19. Facilitate__________________________________________________________
20. Accentuate________________________________________________________
21. Debilitate___________________________________________________________
22. Infiltrate___________________________________________________________
23. Adulterate_________________________________________________________
24. Rejuvenate_________________________________________________________

In each sentence below, look at the underlined word, and then look for clues to its
meaning. Circle either example or definition. Then write a meaning for the
underlined word.

25. Afterward Jerry showed some signs of remorse, such as apologizing to everyone
and paying back the money he had lost.
26. The rain was consistent–that is, it kept the same rhythm and intensity for more
than an hour.
Meaning: __________________________________
27. To shun someone is to have nothing to do with that person.
Meaning: __________________________________

28. List and describe three characteristics of an effective thesis statement.
Developmental Reading                                                  3
Semester Exam-Study Guide
May 11, 2009

29. Parenthetical Documentation should be used after each
or_______________________________________ of information from a source.
30. You must include within parenthesis a reference to a
__________________________ and a ___________________ ______________.

31. Use the following information to create (4) parenthetical documentations.
Author               Source                Page Number           Non-Print/Film
David Fincher        The Ferris Wheel      Pg. 124
John Anderson        The Great             Pg. 42
Miles Brown          American Fair
                     Dream City

32. Use the following information to create (4) Works Cited Entries.

Author   Source                            City/Page Numbers/Website               Publisher/
Reid    The Great American Fair/Book       Chicago                                 Nelson-
Badger                                                                             Hall 2005
Jack    George Ferris Jr. and the          Pg.109-118                              July
Fincher Great Wheel of                                                             14,1983
No      The Dream City: A Portfolio of     Pg. numbers not listed/ St. Louis, Mo   Thompson
Author Photographic Views/Book                                                     1983
Julie   Mad Cow Disease in America/        http://www.tundraco.com/mschwartz.html August 1,
Rose    Professional Website                                                      1996
Developmental Reading                                                          4
Semester Exam-Study Guide
May 11, 2009

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

33. Who is telling the story? _____________________________________________
34. What is the style of the novel?_________________________________________
35. How old is Cassie?

         9

         10

         11

         12

36. The Logan property is divided from the Granger property by what?

         an oak tree

         a dirt road

         a stream

         a large boulder

37. How many acres of land do the Logans own?

         20

         40

         200

         400

38. When Little Man reads the inside cover of his book, what does he do?

         flings it on the floor and stomps on it

         throws it at the teacher and starts to cry

         tosses it in the trash can and runs out of the room

         knocks it off his desk and ignores it
Developmental Reading                                                          5
Semester Exam-Study Guide
May 11, 2009

39. What accusation led to the Berry's burning?

         John Henry was accused of stealing a watermelon

         Samuel was accused of injuring a white man in a fight

         Beacon was accused of stealing from the Barnett Mercantile

         John Henry was accused of flirting with a white woman

40. Immediately after the incident with the bus, Stacey asks his siblings to

         go with him to the Wallace store

         go to the tool shed at lunchtime

         meet him at the crossroads after school

         wait behind the school the next morning

41. After the bus gets stuck in the ditch, the driver

         sends the students home and leaves the bus until the rain stops

         has his passengers push it out of the mud

         tries to repair the motor with the help of the Wallaces

         catches the Logan children in the woods

42. The night men whom Cassie watches pass the Logan house in their cars
are after

         Beacon Berry for molesting a white woman

         Sam Tatum for calling Mr. Barnett a liar

         Cassie and Stacey for breaking the bus

         TJ for stealing a gun

       Chapter 11

43. Why does Mr. Morrison sit on the porch, watching and guarding?

44. How is T.J. involved in the trouble?
Developmental Reading                                                      6
Semester Exam-Study Guide
May 11, 2009

 Chapter 12

45. What is papa’s immediate reaction when he learns Stacy and T. J. are

    hiding in the woods?

46. What is the apparent cause of the fire? What is the real cause?

47. How does the story resolve itself?

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