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					Technology Workshop                                     Presenter: Cindy Krulick
Elementary PLC                                          Stone Lakes Elementary
January 12, and March 9, 2011                

       How to take audio files from a web page and burn a CD


  1.  Open the web page and right click on the file
  2.  Click “save target as”
  3.  Save on desktop or in a” music” folder
  4.  Open I-tunes
  5.  Drag file(s) into iTunes
  6.  Create playlist
           a. Click on  or
           b. Click “file” on pull down menu and click “New Playlist”
  7. Name playlist
  8. Click Music (under Library)
  9. Find the Songs you need and drag to the Playlist
  10. When finished, click on the Playlist title to highlight it
           a. You can change the order of songs by dragging
           b. These files still exist in your library
  11. Click “Burn Disk” (sometimes a button at the bottom, sometimes under the
      “file” pull down menu). Insert blank disk and finish.

                       Windows Media Player (WMP)

  1.   Open the web page and right click on the file
  2.   Click “save target as”
  3.   Save on desktop or in a” music” folder
  4.   Drag file(s) into WMP (you can drag entire folder at one time).
  5.   Create Playlist
  6.   Highlight playlist
  7.   Click “burn” and follow directions
  8.   To print a list of songs on CD:
           a. Highlight playlist in left column.
           b. Click “file” on drop down menu
           c. Click “print”
          Using I-tunes for Karaoke accompaniment tracks

   1.   Open iTunes Store
   2.   Type title of song plus “Karaoke” in “search store” at upper right
   3.   Put cursor over title. Click play button to hear a sample
   4.   Find the one you like and click “buy”

                 Converting sound files to other formats

   Sometimes sound files need to be converted. For instance, an “aiff” file will not
   work in Windows Media Player. Sometimes when adding sound files to a
   PowerPoint the program will require an MP3 and not an MP4. Thanks to Tiffany
   Maddy for sending these instructions for Switch Sound File Converter, a free

   Steps for Switch Sound File Converter:
   1. Save. aiff files to a folder on your computer (Desktop or other)
   2. Open: “Switch Sound File Converter”
   3. Click on Add Files (top left of screen)
   4. Find the file you want to convert on your Desktop or in a folder
      a. Click on the file name (till it is highlighted)
      b. Press “Open” in the bottom right corner
   Once all your files are added:
   5. Save File to: (at the bottom left of the screen)
   a. Press “Browse” to find the location in which you would like the new
   converted file to be saved too
   6. Output format (at the bottom left of the screen)
              a. Select the format type you want to convert your file too

                Using PowerPoint in class to teach songs

Viewing PowerPoint files.

Open Fifty Nifty.
Ways to view slide show
     Press F5
     Click “view” then “slide show”
Ways to navigate to new slide:
    Click mouse
    Press arrows
    Press “enter”
To exit slide show (before it is over) press “escape”

Creating PowerPoint files.
   1.   Open PowerPoint and open blank presentation
   2.   Click format and choose the slide layout you want
   3.   Click a theme or background color
   4.   Use the “insert” drop down menu to add text boxes and pictures
   5.   Add new slides as necessary
   6.   To add sound: from “Insert” drop down menu click “insert sound”
            a. From file - MP3 you have stored on your computer
            b. From CD – This plays from a CD that is in your computer disk drive
                while running the slide show

To edit sound file:

Sound files are considered animations. To edit sound files:
    Highlight the sound file icon
    Click “custom animation”
    Right click on the name of the file
    Adjust as needed (click on “effect options” to see all your choices)

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