Sales of Goods Act 1979 This act by fjzhangxiaoquan


									Sales of Goods Act 1979

This act sets out how traders describe and sell their goods. It effects Tesco in that it limits how they
can advertise their goods. It is essential for Tesco club card to sell goods to their customers that
satisfy their needs, They also need to sell and offer them deals that are accurate and are described
as they will be offered to customers.

The purpose of the limitations is so that the customers are happy using the club card and they know
that certain products they buy contain accurate information. E.g if cereal contains less sugar then it
has to be apparent to the customer and they have to be aware that the cereal contains less sugar.

Sales of Goods Act 1979

The sales of goods act 1979 sets out rules on how traders market their product. Goods have to be
described accurately and meet the description. Tesco are affected by the sale of goods act as they
must describe any products accurately. Example in terms and conditions section of Tesco club card
application they describe the product and how it works. This will be substantiated when people use
the club card and it works as described.

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