Attachment 8 1 4 UIC PAS Code List by HC11112920590


									                                 Attachment 8.1.4.
                                UIC/PAS Code List
                            UIC/PAS List Requirements

1. During the initial site visit the following UIC/PAS Code information must be gathered:
      a. A complete list of UIC(s)/PAS(s) associated with the command/site.
      b. Parent or Gaining UIC/PAS-The UIC/PAS code of the DMHRSi Organization
          that is the high level organization associated with the command/site, i.e., 89MDG-
          0089 Medical Group.
      c. Is there one or more Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Group?
               i. –A group of UIC/PAS codes that are considered one command or duty
                   assignment. If a UIC/PAS code outside of that group is encountered, it is
                   an indication to the DMHRSi Tier III maintenance contractor that there
                   has been a PCS move and all data elements of an assignment record
                   should be changed to reflect the PCS move.
      d. Are any of the UIC(s)/PAS(s) readiness organizations?

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