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									      Welcome to the Centre for Social Innovation - Annex!
      The Centre for Social Innovation hosts a vibrant community of change-makers and we’re delighted
      to have you as part of this dynamic environment. Below are some important details that will help to
      get you comfortably settled in and familiar with day to day office practices, tips, tricks, and
      guidelines. If you have any questions, please see any of our staff – there is a full staff listing on the back.

Fobs and Keys                                                       Phones – Making a Call
                                                                    CSI provides VoIP telephones and telephone lines at a cost
You will be assigned both a key and a security fob for the          of $50/month. Please ask Camila if you would like a phone.
front door when you first sign your lease/license. You will         When we activate your phone, we also provide you with a
need the key to enter the building on weekdays before 8am           user’s guide to set up voice mail and auto-attendant.
and after 7pm, as well as on weekends. Once the new
security system is installed and activated the fob you were         If you chose not to purchase a phone, you can make local or
assigned will replace the key.                                      long distance calls from the phone booths. To make a call,
                                                                    dial 9 to get a line, dial the number as usual, then enter your
To enter the workspace, you will need the punch code for            4-digit Long Distance code once you hear the tone. For a
the 2 floor door until the fob system is in place.                  Long Distance code, please see Camila.
Codes – Alarm, Printer & Long Distance                              In an Emergency
Camila will issue you a unique code that will be used for           If there is a building emergency (security, flooding, etc.)
tracking copier/printer use, long distance use, and,                during work hours, please alert any of the Community
eventually, the security system. Please do not share this           Animators (CA) on site that day. If the emergency occurs
number!                                                             after-hours, please call Karine at 647-389-5054 or Colleen
                                                                    at 416-676-7787.

                                                                    One of us will notify other tenants of the emergency situation
                                                                    if necessary.
Internet Access                                                     Booking Meeting Spaces
CSI is pleased to offer wireless Internet access throughout         To book a meeting room or check availability, please see the
the space. In order to get connected, simply open your              books in the CSI office [2 Floor].
browser – your computer should automatically seek out the
open socialinnovation1 or socialinnovation2 network.                When making a booking, please write in pencil and include:
                                                                       1. the organization that is making the booking
You will likely need to set your outgoing mail smtp to                 2. the number of people attending
smtp.beanfield.com                                                     3. any equipment needed (projector, conference pod)

Printer / Copier / Scanner / Fax                                    Kitchen and Coffee
The Xerox machine on 2nd floor is a colour printer copier,          We have an interim kitchen solution (a kitchenette, if you
a scanner, and fax all in one! You will receive a printer           will) with coffee, a water cooler, a kettle and a mini fridge.
driver tutorial for MAC or PC from Camila when you sign             Please help yourself to tea, coffee and water. Please use
your lease. The tutorial will guide you through installing the      your own mugs and water glasses since there currently isn’t
print driver so you can print from the machine.                     an easy way to do dishes. A full kitchen will be installed on
                                                                          rd                      st
                                                                    the 3 floor by December 1 . An even fuller kitchen will
There are extra copies of the print driver tutorial by the          eventually be built on the 1 floor!
machine incase you need to install it and print urgently.
                                                                    The common reception and kitchen is our collective
Copies/prints are:                                                  responsibility to keep clean and tidy. We encourage you to
 5 cents for black and white                                        clean up after yourself, and to also contribute to the overall
 20 cents for colour.                                               cleanliness of the shared space.
Mail Delivery                                                     Billing and Invoicing
The mail is delivered daily. We will eventually assign you a      All invoicing – rent, long distance phone calls, photocopy
mail slot, but for now we will leave your mail on your desk       charges, and so on will be sent to you electronically and are
or by your office. We will have a box in the CSI office for the   managed by Deepthi (deepthi@socialinnovation.ca). Her
Hot Desker’s mail.                                                office is at CSI Spadina.

Business Cards and Sig Files                                      Member Orientation Session
Just a reminder that your business cards, signature file, and     Attendance at one of our monthly Orientation Sessions is
anywhere else that you would place your address should            mandatory for all new members. These sessions introduce
include:                                                          you to the CSI community, history, and programs, along with
      @ Centre for Social Innovation – Annex                     simple rules of operation, so that everyone is on the same
      your suite or desk number.                                 page.

This protocol ensures that your mail is delivered to the right    We are planning the first CSI Annex information session
place, that people can find you, and helps to promote the         on November 3 at 2pm. There will also be the chance to
CSI community.                                                    socialize with some drinks afterwards. We’d love to see you

Internal List serve                                               Programming
Our internal mailing lists are the primary form of                CSI hosts a variety of programming and is always keen to
communication that we use at CSI. We share job postings,          hear your ideas for the community – anything is possible
announcements from CSI, and general information that we           when you have the space to host it!
think would be of interest to each other. Please use this
communication channel carefully and only send things that         Please contact Colleen or Annahid with any community
you would not mind finding in your own inbox – we all need        animation programming ideas.
to be aware of inbox overload. To send a message, send
to:                                                               Please contact Eli Malinsky with any social innovation/city
                                                                  innovation programming ideas.
If your message gets held for approval, please note that it
will be approved within a day. A clear and concise subject
line will help increase readership.

Innovators Update and Web site                                    Staff Contacts – 416-979-3939
Our monthly Innovators Update e-newsletter reaches over           Tonya Surman, Executive Director, ext. 2
7,000 people and features your news and events. To                Eli Malinsky, Director, Programs and Partnerships, ext.3
promote your work on this list, send your materials to            Annahid Dashgard, Director of Community Animation, ext 8
Jessica at jessica@socialinnovation.ca for inclusion in the       Karine Jaouich, Director of Operations, ext 9
next e-newsletter.                                                Jessica Hazen, Director of Stakeholder Relations
                                                                  Camila Bonifaz, Leasing Coordinator ext. 4
Your events can also be listed on the CSI website. Please         Getnet Ejigu, Lead Community Animator, CSI Spadina, ext 7
send Getnet getnet@socialinnovation.ca details and short          Colleen Diamond, Lead Community Animator, CSI Annex,
description and he will upload them.                                     416-676-7787
                                                                  Yumi Hotta, Community Animator, ext 5
                                                                  Mojan Jianfar, Communicaty Animator, ext 6
                                                                  Deepthi Thiruchelvam, Bookkeeper, ext. 4

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