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					     Monday                            Today's Greater Washington Radio Programs                                                                                                             September 12, 1949.
                                                                           WMAL           630IWRC              9801WOL                 1260JWINX           13401WEAM 13901WWDC 1450IWTOP
               Radio.                                                      News, 6, 7.           Almanac, 5:30.       12:52.rt Brown           News, 6,
                                                                                                                                                    Sign On, 6 a. m. Ton Massey Show, Mark Evans, 5:30;
                                                                                                                                                          7, 8.
      W1tC-9:30 a. in. Madame Irene Beran, grad-                           7:45, 8:30.           Weaer, 6:30
                                                                                                     th           -how, 6-9 except The Jerry Strong Bill Jenkins.    6 a. se.; Devotions Claude Mahoney,
    uate of the Cordon Bleu Cooking School in Paris,                       Town Clock,           News, 6, 7, 7:30, for Voice of    Show,            Bill Jenkins.    6:45; Milton Q. 7:30; Eddie Gal-
    shares some of her secret dishes with Nancy                            with Jim Gibbons,      8, 8:30.       1Washington,      6:05-9.
                                                                                                                                        7:30                    Right Start. 7:45 Ford, 7-9: News, laher, 7:45. News
    Osgood.                                                                6:09-9.                Herson, 5:05-9      I
                                                                                                                                                                                      7, 7:30, 8:15.         .6. 6:30, 7, 8.
       WMAL-11:30. Mrs. Georgia Neese Clark tells                     :00Breakfast Club News; Herson                 Art Brown Show 1 Nws.; Jerry Strong 5:11 Jenkins                 Milton 0. Ford         News of America
    or her duties and experiences as Treasurer of the                         Don McNeill Bill Herson                Art Brown Show Jerry Strong Show!Bill Jenkins                                and Parrot Sundial
    United States.                                                    :30 John Desmond Nancy Osgood
                                                                   9:15                                              Morning Melody WINX Varieties News: Music                        Milton Q. Ford         jHome Serv. Daily
       WQQW-2 p. tn. Dvorak, Cello Concerto in B                      245     Sam Cowling Nancy Osgood                              Time WINX Varieties To Your Health                Missing Persons !Nancy Dixon
    Minor. Gregor Piatigorsky. *cellist with Eugene                    :001My True Story Welcome,                    Morning Melody !News; Varieties 'Waltz Time
    Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra.                                                                                                                                           Tune Inn                You're the Top
                                                                       :15IMy True Story                  Travelers                 Time WINX Varieties 'Morning Worship                        Felix Grant Arthur Godfrey
        WMAL-3. Audience participants talk their way                  10:30IBetty Crocker     Marriage For Two Georgia Crackers :WINX Varieties :Gloria Brandt                        Tune Inn               ! Arthur Godfrey
    out of comedy situations and receive 'prizes if they               :451Vic. H. Lindlahr Thanks For Tomer.' Temp Tones                 1WINX Varieties Gloria Brandt                         Felix Grant Arthur Godfrey
    are sticcessful.
        WASH-FM-5:15. Story Book Time. "Snow White                     :001Moidern            Dr. Paul              'Behind the Story News: Varieties Meet the Band                   Tuna Inn                Arthur Godfrey
    and the Seven Dwarfs" with the Lynn Murray                         :151          Romances We Love & Lear Your Marriage                 WINX Varieties
                                                                                                                                                      rieties    Meet the Band                  Felix Grant Arthur Godfrey
    Orchestra and Chorus.                                         11 :301Ruth Crane lack Berch                       Against the Storm WINX Varieties            Luncheon             Tune Inn                Grand Siam
        WCFM-6. A. Gordon Huson, Economic Officer                      :451Ruth Crane         Lora Lawton            Against the Storm WINX Varieties                        Musicale           Felix Grant Rosemary
    of the British Embassy, discusses the background                     :00INews; Crane                 Brinkley     Kate Smith Speaks !News; Strong           I Luncheon             'e I lo-Tes1            Wendy Warren
     for the current financial conversations.                            :15IGalen Drake        Look To This Day Les Hight°, News Luncheon With                              Musicale Sky Clubbers             Aunt Tonny
        WWDC-7. Health problems are discussed by
     Sarah Bruce, YWCA director of Health Education. 12 :451Listen To This 1News; Archer
                                                                         :301Listen To This Here's Archer            Back to the Bible'           Jerry Strong Sports Derby            Sky 71ubbers            Helen Trent
                                                                                               'Here's                Back to the Bible Jerry Strong                      Tack Ridge 3ing Crosby               Our Gel Sunday
         WTOP-7:30. Club 15 features Dick Haymes                         :001Baukhage           Here's Archer        Art Brown Show News; Brundige                                    All Sports Parade Big Sister
     and the Andrew Sisters.                                            2151Ted Malone          Here's Archer        Art Brown Show Sports Page
                                                                                                                                                                ISports Tack Ridge
        WTOP-9. Dana Andrews and Donna Reed in                                                                                                                                             Tony Wakeman Ma Perkins
     "Deep Waters."                                                  1 :301It's a Hit           District Line,       Art Brown Show Bill Brundige               ;Sports Derby          All Sports Parade Young Dr. Malone
                                                                        :451Dorothy Di.x                  Bill Gold Art Brown Show Sports Page                            Tack Ridge       Tony Wakeman The Guiding Light
        WOL-10. American Forum of the Air. "What
     Are the Fundamental Issues Which Divide the Re-                     :00 Round the Town Double or Nothing ueen For a DaylNews; Brundige I Sports Derby                             All Sports Parade 1Robert McCormick
     publican and Democratic Parties Today?" is de-                      :15 Round the Town Double or Nothing Queen For a DaylSports Page                                 Tack Ridge Tony Wakeman!Perry Mason
    bated by a Young Republican and a Young Demo-                  L :301Bride and Groom Today's Children Kate Smith Sings Bill Brundige                          Sports Derby         All Sports ParadejNora Drake
    crat who won national theme contests.                               :45 Bride and Groom Light of the World H. Harding Sings Sports Page                               Tack Ridge       Tony Wakeman1 Brighter Day
                                                                         :001Ladies Be Seated Life Can Be Besot District Matinee            News; Brundige Sports Derby                All Sports Parade David Harum
           Television Highlights                                        -151Ladies; Malone Road of Life
                                                                   3 :30 Add a Line Right toYoung District Matinee Bill Brundige
                                                                              Add a Line       Pepper
                                                                                                                                    Music Sports Page                     Jack Ridge Tony Wakeman Hilltop House
                                                                                                                                                                  Sports Derby         All Sports Parade Mark Evans
        WMAL-7. Chapter I of "Burn 'Em Up Barns,"                        :45                             Happiness                  Music Sports Page                      Tack Ridge       Tony Wakeman Mark Evans
     starring Jack Mulhall.
         WNBW-9. Philip Wylie's "Perkins Finds $3,400,-                  :00IMelody             Backstage Wife                      News News; Brundige                   Derby        All Sports PArade You're the Top,
     000" is dramatized with Romney Brent.                                                        tella Dallas                      Sports Sports Page                                     Tony Wakemn
                                                                                                                                                                ISports Tack Ridge                        a'Garry Moore Show
                                                                   4 :301TuneA. Jones Lorenzo Brown
                                                                          :451I. &
                                                                         :151Promenade Widow Tones                                   News Bill Brundige
                                                                                                                                    Music Sports Page
                                                                                                                                                                 .Sports Derby          All Sports Parade Garry Moore Show
                                                                                                                                                                           Tack Ridge Tony Wakeman Garry Moore Show
           wriaw-nesneei 4           W6L4L-Cliannel 7                    :00'Yukon              When a Girl Mar Guardian of the News: Music Hall Sports Derby
           WTTG--Channe1             WOIO-Channel                                                                                                                                     Band of the Day Top Spot
                                                                         t,s,        Challenge Portia Faces Life                  Big Top Music Hall Sports                Tack Ridge Sweeot vs. Swing Top Spot
                2:15                                                     :30:Sky King           Just Plain Bill       The Wonder Horse Music Hall Sports Sports Derby                 Sports; Tack Lowe Curt Massey
      W51AL-Stop, Look, Listen                    7:45                   :45 Sky King           Front Page Farrell Curley Bradley               Imo Hall.Sports
                3:00                  WNBW-News Caravan.                                                                                                                   Jack Rido Lower                 _   .. ... ____..
      WBIAL-Sports Parade.            WM:AL-Film Shorts                   :01:11News, Sports    News; Eid             Philipps, Snorts News: Music Hall !Sports Hi Way
                5:00                  WOIC-Cilif Edwards: Ruthie.                                                                                                                     t Melody Lane            News, Sevareicl
      WOW-Vanity Pair.                            8:00               a :15 Boston Blackie Earl Godwin                 ,,. Warren, News Bob Wolff. Sports Dinner Music                 , Lane: VJakeman News; Factlinder
                5:30                  wmiw-AcademY Theater.          U :30 Boston Blackie Boughozer; Brgmn L. Welk 's Orch. Music Hall                            Places to Go
      WNBW-Howdy Doody.               WTTG-Newsweek's Views.                                                                                                                          ;Deems Taylor           'Sports: City Desk
                6:00                  W,3IAL--District Viewpoint.
                                      WOIC-Dione Lucas. Cooking.
                                                                          :45 Sammy Kaye        3 Star Extra         IL Welk's Orch. Music Hall                             and Know(                Concert, Lowell Thomas

      WNBW-Black Coin. TV Jour-
      WTTG--Moppet Shop.                          8:30                    :00News, Headlines Light Up Time             Fulton Lewis, tr. News; Music Hall Lily and Curley 'Personal Report                      Beulah
      WMAL-Frontier Theater.          WNBW-Voice of Firestone.            11$ Elmer Davis        World News            lohnson Family Music Hall                  Lily and Curley iNews; Berger

      WOIC.-Video Cookbook.            WTTG-Film Shorts.                                                                                                                                                        Jack Smith Show,
                6:30                   WIVIAL-Film Shorts.
                                       WOIC-Ignorance Pays.
                                                                          :30 Lone Ranger        Fiddle and Bow Gabriel Heatter Music Hall                         Hillbilly Music       Willis Conover         Club 15
      WTTG-The Magic Cottage.
       WOIC-LuckY Pup.                            9:00                    :45 Lone Ranger        Richard Harkness Today In Sports Music Hall                      Hillbilly Music 'Willis Conover              Edw. R. Morrow
                6:46                   WNEW-Video Theater.
      WNBW-Weather. NewsreeL          WTTG-Dverything Nice.,              :00 Railroad Hour      One Man's Family Straight Arrow             News; Carmody Hillbilly Jackpot St. Mary's Novena Inner Sanctum
      WOIC-Sketch a Quiz.             WMAL--Barn Dance.                   :15 Railroad Hour      One Man's Family Straight Arrow               armocIrSanci
                7:00                  WOIC--Candid Camera.                                                                                                        Hillbilly Jackpot Si Mary's Novena Inner Sanctum
       WNBW-1Cukla, Fran & 011ie.
       WTTG-Marvin's Amateurs.
                                       WNIIW-Black Robe.
                                       WTTG-News. Thornton,
                                                                          8:301Voices in Eve. Voice of Firestone Affairs of Peter
                                                                          :4511-lenry I. Taylor Voice of Firestone
                                                                                                                                             That Sand Man Dance Time
                                                                                                                            Salpra; Henry That Sand Man Dance Time
                                                                                                                                                                                         News; 1450 Club Talent Scouts
       WMAL-Burn 'Km Up Barney.        WMAD-Seience Circus.                                                                                                                              Lowe; 1450 Club 'Talent Scouts        1

       WOIC--Brundige. &Ports.         WOIC-The Goldbergs.                :00 Kate Smith         Telephone Hour Murder by ExpertsfNews; Les Sand Cactus Matt                             Lowe; 1450 Club ',Radio Theater
       WMAD--Sports Reel.
       WOIC-Claude Mahoney.
                                       WNBW-Quiz Kids.               9:15 Kate SmithjTelephone Hour Murder by Experts I That Sand Man Cactus Matt                                        Lowe; 1450 Club.Radio Theater
                7:30                   WMAL-Tall Waggers.
                                       WOIC--Stadlo One.                   :30 Kate Smith        Bits of Hits          Dave Rose            : That Sand Man        Cairns Matt           News; 1450 Club Radio Theater
       P7NBW-Morton Downey.                       10:30                   :45 Kate Smith         Bits of Hits                     Presents That Sand Man Cactus Matt                     Lowe; 1450 Club Radio Theater
       1VTTG-Game Room. Sand-          WNBW-Newsreels.
       WMAD-Ship's Reporter.                      11:00                   :00 Arthur Gaeth       Contented            'American Forum 'News; Bercovici Cactus Matt                        Lowe; 1450 Club My Friend Irma
       WOIC--TV News.                  WOIC_Sports. Simpson.       10 As Kate Smith                          Program!           of the AiriBercovici; Local Cactus Matt                   Lowe; 1450 Club My Friend Irma
                      FM Radio Stations                            I       :30 Kate Smith        Dave Garroway ;Mutual Newsreel 11340 Local                        Cactus Matt           News; 1450 Club Bob Hawk
          WARL-FM (Channel 288-105.5 inc)-3 P. rn. to 10 p. m.             :45 Kate Smith        Dave Garroway Concert Notebook '1340 Local                        Cactus Matt           Lowe; 1450 Club Bob Hawk
          WMAL-F61 (Channel 297-107.3 mc)-9 a. m. to midnight.             :00 News             News, Douglas Voice of Wash. News; 1340 Local Sprilla Final
          WCF51 (Channel 258--99.5 mrs)-5 D. re. to 1.1 p. m.                                                                                                                           1 Jon Massey Show News, LeSueur
          WOL-FM channel 254-98.7 mc)-6 p. m. Co 12:30 a. ra.              :15 Hour of Dreams.News of World             Grarnps               1340 Local           Dancing Party        (Jon Massey Show Arch McDonald
          WRC-FM (Channel 230-93.9 mC)-5 a. m. to 1 a. m.
          WTOP-FM 'Channel 244-96.7 mc)-6:30 to 1:05 C. m.
          WRUZ-Fhl 1Chanei
                               242-96.3 roc)-5:30                  11- :45ILee Dayton
                                                                           :30 Hour of Dreams Dance Orchestra Gramps Show                    1340 Local            Dancing Party        'Jon Massey Show 'aloondial
          WASH-FM Channel 246-97.1 InC)-/3 p. a. m. to 10 v. in
                                                  *a. to 11 P.
                                                                                                 Dance Orchestra Gramps Show                  1340 Local           Dancing Party        'Jon Massey Show Moondial
          VVVVDC-FM (Channel 266-101.3 mcs)-- a. m. to 11 D. ro.                                                                                  to c15
          WGAY-FM (Channel 272-102.9 me)-6:15 a. at. to 9 p. m. WQQW (570) operates 7 a. m. to 7:15 p. in. WGAY (1120) oper. 6:15 a.m. to 7:15 p.m. WOOK s1590) oper. 615 a.m. to 7:15 p.m.
                                                                               DAYTIME STATIONS                  WBCC
                                                                                                                                 °Per. 6:15
                                                                                                                                            a.m.          P.M. WFAX (1.220) oper. 6:45 a.m. to 7:15 P.m.
          WQQW-FM (Channel 978-103.5 rne)-7 C. in to midnight WP1K (130) operates 6:15 a.m. to 7:15 p.m. WAEL t780) oper. 6:15 a.m.                  7:15 P

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