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Fort Leonard Wood MEDDAC Command Policy 17 Use of Tobacco P by 5iC78p6


									      REPLY TO
                              DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY
                                   126 MISSOURI AVENUE FORT
                          LEONARD WOOD, MISSOURI 65473-8952

MCXP-MD (600)                                                         12 July 2004


SUBJECT:      MEDDAC Command Policy #17, Use of Tobacco Products

1.   References.

     a.     AR 600-63, Interim Change No. 102, Army Health Promotion.

     b.     DoD Instruction 1010.15 - Smoke-Free Workplace.

     c.     FLW Smoking and Tobacco Use Policy.

2. There are many cogent reasons why medical organizations eliminate
the use of tobacco within their facilities with some of the most
obvious being: it is the moral responsibility of the health care
organization to set an example for the rest of society; it improves
employee health; it improves air quality; it reduces fire hazards; and
it reflects the personal preference of the majority of a hospital's
employees. As a healing institution we have a responsibility to
provide a safe and healthy environment for our patients, employees,
WITHIN ALL MEDDAC FACILITIES. This policy is applicable to staff,
patients, and visitors and includes:

     a.   General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital (GLWACH).

    b. Satellite activities such as: Consolidated Troop Medical
Clinic, Building 885; Veterinary Clinic, Building 2399; VA Clinic,
Building 310; Optical Laboratory, Immunization and Optometry screening
rooms, Building 2100; Roll Dental Clinic, Building 1608; and Harper
Dental Clinic, Building 500 and Building 320, MEDDAC Training Center.

    c. St. Louis Occupational Health Clinic will utilize the
designated smoking areas outside of the ARPERCEN building.

    d. Barracks buildings 318 and 319 fall under the FLW Smoking and
Tobacco Use Policy.

    e. Foyers, vestibules, porches, and sidewalks immediately
adjacent to Building 310 entrances except as noted in paragraph 5.
SUBJECT:   MEDDAC Command Policy, Use of Tobacco Products

5.   The only designated smoking areas are:

    a. The Emergency Room porticos (per attached drawings) so as to
be out of view of patients using the Emergency Room entrance.

    b. Outside the ground floor entrance to Nutrition Care (per
attached drawings).

    c. The loading docks on the ground floor of GLWACH from the
Logistics Division and outside Material Branch stairwell on the east
side of Building 310A (per attached drawings).

    d. Designated smoking areas outside of the Consolidated Troop
Medical Clinic (Building 885), Harper and Roll Dental Clinics
(Buildings 500 and 1608), Veterinary Clinic (Building 2399), and
Building 2100.

6. Smoking is prohibited in GSA and Military vehicles, reference Fort
Leonard Wood Smoking and Tobacco Use Policy for detailed information.

7. The Health Promotion Center offers tobacco cessation classes
during duty hours to employees who wish to stop using tobacco. There
is no charge for these classes, but the number of patients per clinic
is limited. The clinics are coordinated through the Health Promotion
Center. For more information on the tobacco cessation program, call
the Health Promotion Center at 596-0491. To reserve a seat in a
class, call TRICARE at (573) 329-8600.

8. The Hospital Command has implemented processes for monitoring
compliance with the policy. All staff members are charged with
enforcing the smoking policy by politely informing smokers of the
policy and directing them to designated smoking areas. The Hospital
Safety Office will also monitor inside areas, construction areas, and
outside entrances and exits during walk through inspections. The
AOD/SDNCO will also monitor inside and outside the facility during
daily rounds. If staff members are observed smoking in non-designated
areas, name of individual and work location will be taken and
documented in report.

9. The Hospital's strategies to eliminate the incidence of policy
Violation when identified will include contacting individual's
supervisor for appropriate actions. Military personnel found abusing
the policy will be subject to Uniformed Code of Military Justice.
Government employee's found abusing the policy will be subject to Fort
Leonard Wood Civilian Personnel Regulation 690-24.
SUBJECT:   MEDDAC Command Policy #17, Use of Tobacco Products

10. This memorandum will be posted on all official bulletin boards
along with the attached diagrams indicating designated smoking areas
outside of Buildings 310 and 310a.

                                    -"on: 9/8/2004

Encls                              SHARON S. DeRUVO
as                                 Colonel, Army Nurse

     i :jj

                                                  —"^-■-J --
                          ^   Jr
                           IT "J
        ,,,       .
      sen VI j: hri"! i
      asi m LU •
                          * HI Sol

                                     II   JLJL^


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