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					                                    FOOD SECURITY WORKGROUP PARTICIPANT ATTENDANCE
Name                    3/12/2008
Stephanie Nishio
Linda Langan
Libby Albert
Hannah Laurison
Heather Wooten
Deanna Niebuhr
Becca Barxzykowski
Lisa Sherrill
Paula Jones
Meredith K. Moore
Rosalva Diaz
Tamiko Johnson
Alisa Dodge
Lael Gerhart
Pamela Harter
Jennifer Gabet
Lucrecia Farfan-Ramirez
Suzanne Ryan-Ibarra
                                  BANPAC Food Systems and Food Security Taskforce Meeting

Name                   Organization                                    Email                       Phone
Libby Albert           Dept. of Children, Youth, and Their Families              415.557.6852
Carle Brinkman         Pacific Coast Farmer Markets Association     925.825.9090
Becca Barxzykowski                                                     (      773.392.7732
Kyle Cornforth         The Edible Schoolyard                     510.558.1335
Rosalva Diaz           UC Coop Ext Alameda County: NETA Program
Alisa Dodge            HOPE Collaborative                           510.332.7700
Lucrecia Farfan-RamirezUC Coop Extension Alameda County              510.220.6367
Jennifer Gabet         UC Coop Ext: San Mateo/San Francisco Counties           650.871.7559
Lael Gerhart                       607.229.6348
Linda Graham           Ecology Center                        
Pamela Harter          Network for a Healthy CA               408.792.5130
Navina Khanna          HOPE Collaborative                          510.395.4905
Tamiko Johnson         Alameda County Public Health Department     510.595.6439
Paula Jones            San Francisco Food Systems, CIF/SF Foundation
Meredith K. Moore      UC Coop Ext Alameda County: NETA Program          510.685.1359
Linda Langan           Ecology Center                        
Hannah Laurison        Public Health Institute               
Stephanie Nishio       Network for a Healthy CA               510.285.5596
Deanna Niebuhr         Bay Area Partnership for Children and Youth                                  5
                                                                       deanna@bayareapartnership.org10.645.4207 x102
Kira Pascoe            UCCE Alameda County                   
Lisa Sherrill          Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano      925.771.1304
Suzanne Ryan-Ibarra Alameda County Food Bank                                 510.635.3663 x311
Nisheeta Setlur        Healthy Silicon Valley                    408.879.4106
Scott Vu               Healthy Silicon Valley                       408.879.4106
Heather Wooten         Planning for Healthy Places                     510.302.3370
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