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									ITI Extension Centre - Dhrangadhara                                                         1


1.0       General Profile of District
                                             Table – 1.1
                                        District at a Glance
   Sr.   Particulars
    1 Name of                Surendranagar
    2 District H.Q           Surendranagar
    3 No. of Talukas         9
    4 No. of Villages        661
    5 Populations            15,15,147
    6 Major Towns            Surendranagar, Wadhawan, Chotila, Syla, Muli, Lakhtar,
                             Dasada, Limdi, Dhrangadhara, Halvad, Chuda.
      7    Decadal           25.34
           growth    rate
      8    Literacy rate Rural              Urban             Total
           by sex and     Total M     F     Total M     F     Total M     F
           residence      55.85 69.85 40.90 76.78 85.53 67.25 61.61 74.19 48.10

2.0       Industrial Profile of the District
2.1       Large and Medium Scale Industries
          Out of total 24 large and medium industries only 12 are working and
          employing about 3800 workers consisting of 1800 skilled manpower. The
          potential in the district has been identified in the sectors such as cotton textile,
          ginning industry, engineering goods, electrical industries, salt manufacture
          (salt iodization plant), pharmaceutical and ceramic industry. The district has
          780 factories registered and employing more than 21,000 labour forces. The
          Taluka wise numbers of large & medium industries is given in Table 2.1
ITI Extension Centre - Dhrangadhara                                                    2

                                      Table – 2.1
                                Number of Industries
         Sr.       Taluka          Large Medium          Factories Registered
         No.                       Scale Industries       under factory Act
                                                              (Till 2007)
          1     Wadhwan                    3                      291
          2     Chotila                    9                      252
          3     Sayla                      2                        7
          4     Muli                       1                       37
          5     Lakhtar                    2                       34
          6     Dasada                     2                       44
          7     Limbdi                     2                       31
          8     Dhrangadhra                1                       56
          9     Halvad                     2                       28
         10     Chuda                      0                        0
                Total                     24                      780

2.2    Macro, Small and Medium Scale Industry Development
       Surendranagar has more than 8600 SSI and Cottage Industries. As per the
       industrial statistics of 2006-07 there were 8639 units established in the district
       with investment of 184.82 crore in plants and machinery and employing about
       89,099 workers.

       Wadhwan Taluka has the highest number of small scale industries and trend is
       continuing over the period of last few years. This trend is due to Wadhwan’s
       central location in the district Surendranagar and it is well connected to all
       other parts of district and neighboring districts, making it a potential growth
       centre. The details of Macro, SSI and Medium scale units are given in Table
       2.2. The distribution of SSI units by industry type is given in Table 2.3.
       Industry Clusters identified in the district are given in Table 2.4.
ITI Extension Centre - Dhrangadhara                                              3

                           Registered Small Scale Industries
      Sr.      Taluka      Capital Investment       Emplo   2004-05   2005-06   2006-07
      No.                  (Rs.in lacs) in Plant    yment
                              & Machinery
       1    Wadhwan               7418.80           19618      3996     4122         4225
       2    Chotila               4377.99           10025       899      910          924
       3    Sayla                  745.67             811       172       76          182
       4    Muli                  1127.79            2318       353      361          374
       5    Lakhtar                500.83            1286       235      245          253
       6    Dasada                 732.10            4199       775      789          805
       7    Limbdi                1406.69            3922       681      693          701
       8    Dhrangadhara          1159.19            4388       750      763          780
       9    Halvad                 929.77            2410       329      340          347
      10    Chuda                   83.11             122        52       54           58
            Total                18481.94           49099      8242     8353         8639

                                    Table – 2.3
                       Distribution of Industries by Type
                Type of Industry                               Nos.
                Spare parts                                     148
                Electric, Machinery & parts                     126
                Wool, Resin & Synthetic Fiber                   164
                Printing and stationery                         170
                Carpentry Wooden                                200
                Metal Alloy                                     210
                Hosiery and readymade clothes                   244
                Leather and Leather products                    292
                Rubber and plastic                              265
                Others                                          327
                Minerals                                        493
                Metal Works                                     599
                Chemical and products                           638
                Mineral, Glass, Terracotta and Cement           854
                Engineering                                     982
                Cotton Cloth                                   1005
                Repair and Servicing                           1922
                Total                                          8639
ITI Extension Centre - Dhrangadhara                                                  4

                                   Table 2.4
               Small Industry Cluster in Surendranagar District
                        (as per GOG Censes -1999-2000)
Industry Group Taluka            No. of Investment     Production Employment
                                 units    in P & M/c.
                                          (Rs.in lac)
Firebricks &    Chotila                38     220.60       191.69     337
Sanitary ware   Chotila              158    3182.30       3070.66    1858
Textiles        Chuda                  39      14.57        13.81     133
Salt            Dasada               250      662.34       571.79    2262
Salt            Dhrangadhara           92     198.55       314.49     846
Khadi           Dhrangadhara           39      10.29          5.52    172
Salt            Halvad                 86     113.63       301.92     610
Khadi           Limdi
Textile         Limdi                145       79,82        90.60     482
Textile         Muli                   34       9.73          2.65     34
Khadi           Muli                   92      32.44        13.59     125
Khadi           Wadhavan             364      225.06       188.15     473
Printing        Wadhavan               31     162.49        46.59     105
Boilers         Wadhavan             105       87.40       192.83     215
Textile         Wadhavan               76     712.67      1015.39     576
Ball Bearing    Wadhavan               35     347.04       708.09     499
Lathes &        Wadhavan             148      409.96       330.69     508
Machine Tools

3.0    Technical Education and Industrial Training
       There are one engineering and two polytechnic colleges in the district. The
       details are given in Table 3.1 & 3.2
                                         .Table – 3.1
              List of Engineering College in Surendranagar District
               Name of Engg. College
            1 Shri CU Shah College of Engineering and Technology
               Surendranagar-Ahmedabad Highway
               Nr. Kotharia Village, Wadhwan City

                                      Table – 3.2
                    List of Polytechnic in Surendranagar District
              Sr No     Name of Polytechnic
                1       Shri CU Shah Polytechnic
                        Nr. Boda Talav, Wadhwan GIDC Estate
                        Mulchand Road, Dist. Surendranagar
                2       Sarvodaya Polytechnic Institute
                        At Untadi, Tal. Limdi
ITI Extension Centre - Dhrangadhara                                               5

3.1    Industrial Training Institutes
       There are 4 Govt. ITIs, 4 Grant in Aid ITIs, 1 Blind & Handicapped and 1 self
       finance ITIs in the district. The Name and addresses of the same is given in
       Table 3.3 to Table 3.6.
                                      Table – 3.3
                       List of ITIs in Surendranagar District
                 Name of ITIs
              1 MP Shah Industrial Training Institute
                 Opp. Bus-stand, Surendranagar
              2 Industrial Training Institute
                 B/h. Petrol Pump, Popatpara, Chotila
              3 Industrial Training Institute
                 Near. Bhala Hanuman, Halvad Road, Dhrangadhra
              4 Industrial Training Institute
                 O/s Viramgam Darwaja, Juni Patel Wadi, Patdi

                                       Table – 3.4
                 List of Grant-in-Aid ITIs in Surendranagar District
                   Name of ITIs
             1     Smt. Bhagirathi Shukla Industrial Training Center
                   College Road, Limdi
             2     Halvad Education Society
                   Vasantrai Upadhyay Industrial Training Center
                   Sara Road, Halvad
             3     Karnavati Sarvajanik Trust Industrial Training Center
                   At Vaghada, Tal. Dasada
             4     Institute of Technology
                   Ashram Road, Limdi

                                       Table – 3.5
                        List of ITIs for Blind & Handicapped
                         Persons in Surendranagar District
                Name of ITIs
              1 Pragnachakshu Mahila Sevakunj
                Nirmalnagar Society, Dal Mill Road, Surendranagar
                                Table – 3.6
                 List of Self-finance ITIs in Surendranagar District
                      Name of it is
                    1 Joravarnagar Education Society
                      C/o. Sevasara Coseway Road, Nadi Kanthe
                      Joravarnagar, Surendranagar
ITI Extension Centre - Dhrangadhara                                                 6

3.2    Availability of Students
       There were 1205 students appeared in 12th General Stream examinations. Out
       of these 83.91% students passed in 12th examinations.

4.0    Dhrangadhara Profile
       Present Status of ITIs
       There are total 304 seats in ITI in Dhrangadhara Centre. In Dhrangadhara
       there is only one ITI. The name, address and courses run by ITI are given in
       Table 4.1 & Table 4.2.

                                         Table – 4.1
                          Name and address of ITI - Dhrangadhara
                Name of ITIs
             1 Industrial Training Institute
                Near. Bhala Hanuman, Halvad Road, Dhrangadhara

                                         Table – 4.2
                                ITI Course of Dhrangadhara
                     Sr.    No. of Courses
                      1     Computer Operator cum Programme
                      2     Electronic Mechanic
                      3     Attendant Operator (Chemical Plant)
                      4     Electrician
                      5     Mechanic Diesel
                      6     Fitter
                      7     Wiremen
                      8     Cutting and Sewing
                      9     Certificate Course in E-Commerce
                     10     Certificate Course in Software
                     11     Armature Motor Rewinding
ITI Extension Centre - Dhrangadhara                                                   7

5.0    Industrial Scenario of Dhrangadhara and Surrounding Areas
       There are 780 registered SSI units, 56 factories and one large scale units are in
       Dhrangadhara. The total investment is around 1159.19 lacs and it provides
       employment of 4388.

       Stone handicrafts are a major activity of Gujarat. The stone craft sector is
       mostly in the unorganized sector. Most of the units are in cottage and SSI
       sectors in Gujarat. The numbers of such cottage units are estimated in the
       range 400 to 450 units in Gujarat. Most of the value added stonecraft units are
       located in clusters. The major centres for stonecraft are shown in Table.
                                         Table – 4.1
                               Stone Handicrafts in Gujarat
                 Centres             Types of stones              Products
            Dhrangadhra,           Sandstone         Statues, engravings, furniture,
            Halvad, Wadhvan                          pillars, temple work,
                                                     landscaping articles, etc.
           Ambaji, Koteshwar, Marble/Sandstone, Statues, engravings, pillars,
           Kumbaria,            Granite              temple work, sculpture work,
                                                     furniture, cylindrical items and
                                                     other articles
           Ahmedabad,           Marble/Sandstone, Statues, engravings, pillars,
           Palitana             Granite              temple work, sculpture work,
                                                     furniture, cylindrical items and
                                                     other articles
       Dhrangadhara is famous for sandstone work specially for temple work. There
       about 40 units are working. There are around 25 to 30 mines for sandstone.
       The annual production of sandstone from Dhrangadhara region is around
       Rs.10 crores. There are total registered 103 artisans members in the
       Association. The annual turnover of this region is around Rs.8 to 10 lacs per
       unit. The activity provides employment to about 400 to 500 workers.

       There are number of cotton ginning and pressing factories are situated on
       Dhrangadhra-Halvad Road. Halvad is 25 Kms. from Dhrangadhara. In Halvad
       few units are working based on engineering and stone craft. Surendranagar
       city is the main industrial zone of the district. There are around 850 units are
       in Dudhrej, Surendranagar GIDC Estate, Wadhwan GIDC Estate and Jintan
ITI Extension Centre - Dhrangadhara                                                    8

       Industrial estate. The majority of the units are engineering, pharmaceuticals,
       plastics, ceramics, food, textile and packaging.

5.1    Few Major Industries of Dhrangadhara
       1)     M/s. DCW Ltd., Nr. Railway Station, Dhrangadhara
       2)     Military Depot, Nr.Railway Station, Dhrangadhara

6.0    Industrial Associations
       There are two associations namely M/s. Shilpa Staypatha Karigar Mandli and
       Dhrangadhara Taluka Pathhar Udyog Association in Dhrangadhara. Both the
       associations are actively involve in development activity of local as well as
       outside artisans.

7.0    Other Infrastructures Availability
       Dhrangadhara is well connected with rail and road. Dhrangadhara is
       prominent railway junction of Ahmedabad-Bhuj railway line. It is also
       connected by road to Ahmedabad-Kandla Highway. All other infrastructure
       facilities like transportation and communication is available there.

8.0    Need for ITI Extension Centre
       It can be observed from the industrial profile of the district that there is
       concentrated growth of mineral base Sanitarywere, Refectories, Bricks,
       textiles, salt, machine tools and stone related industries in the district. It has
       been learnt that there is need for industry specific manpower training in the
       centers like Dhrangadhara due to sandstone mining and its related stonecraft
9.0    Selection of ITI Extension Centre
       i)     G I D C Estate
       ii)    Stone Artisan Park
9.1    Stone Artisan Park
        Dhrangadhara GIDC estate is situated at Surendranagar- Dhrangadhara
         Road. There are around 50 units in the estate. Most of the units are mineral
        There are around 40 to 50 stonecraft units are working in Dhrangadhara at
         different places.
ITI Extension Centre - Dhrangadhara                                                   9

        There are some small pockets of private estates where 15 to 20 units of
         small engineering works are working.
        There are numbers of sandstone mines and its related stonecraft industries
         in and around Dhrangadhara
        In Dhrangadhara Commissioner, Geology and Mining Department, Govt.
         of Gujarat, Gandhinagar is setting up Stone Artisan Park for the benefit of
         local stone artisans.
        . Major activity (stonecraft) of the area
        Land, Building, Plant & Machinery and other infrastructures is available in
         the park.
        Local Associations are keen to have such centre in the park and willing to
         give full support to provide technical and plant training.
        All technical and other support of Commissioner, Geology and Mining
         Department, Govt. of Gujarat, Gandhinagar and local leading industry.
        Saving of setting up cost.
        Due to this, it is ideal location for centre

9.2    General reason for Selection of Centres
       1)     It is well developed town
       2)     Major industrial clusters of stone craft/Mineral based units.
       3)     Commissioner Geology and Mining, Govt. of Gujarat, Gandhinagar is
              setting Training Centre in Stone Artisan Park where all infrastructure
              facilities like machinery, land and building, class-rooms facilities will
              be available.
       4)     Due to stone cluster need of cluster based short term training
       5)     Centre location is well connected with rail, road, transportation,
              communications and other facilities.
       6)     As associations are actively involve in setting up stone artisan park for
              the benefit and upliftment of stone artisans of Dhrangadhara and
              surrounding areas.
       7)     Leading stone artisan units are willing to provide technical training
       8)     Due to starting of Stone Artisan Park around 50 new units will start
              production in the park, which will provide employment of around 1000
       9)     Further industrial growth of ancillary industry due to stone artisan
       10)    Skill shortage of teaching staff in ITI.
       11)    Local association and leading units will provide support of technical
              and plant visit.
       12)    Dhrangadhara centre fulfilled training need of surrounding areas of
              Halvad and Surendranagar/Wadhwan. It covered around 25 KM radius
       13)    Literacy ratio is lower.
ITI Extension Centre - Dhrangadhara                                              10

10.0   Selection of Short-term Training Progammes
       As per the discussions with GIDC, Head of ITI, Associations and leading units
       of Dhrangadhara following short-term courses are suggested based on need of
       cluster and other sector of units.

       As per the discussions with GIDC, Head of ITI, Associations and leading units
       of Dhrangadhara following short-term courses are suggested based on need of
       cluster and other sector of units.
       a)     Industries Specific Courses
              i)      Stone Articles
              ii)     “Murthy” Work
              iii)    Lathe work
              iv)     Grinding work
              v)      Cutting
              vi)     Gang Saw Operator
              vii)    Crane Operator
              viii)   Polishing Machine Operator
              ix)     Pentograph Machine Operator
              x)      Blaster (Mining)
              xi)     Mines-Mat
              xii)    Mining Foreman
              xiii)   Short-term Safety Courses

       b)     General Industries Courses
              i)      Motor Rewinding
              ii)     Computer operator
              iii)    Talley Accountancy
              iv)     MS Office

       c)     Self Employment Courses

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