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									            Minutes of the Second Steering Committee Meeting of
            Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Project

The second meeting of the Steering Committee constituted by Government of
Gujarat to advise the Nodal Agency in various aspects of the project was held at
1.00 p.m. at the Committee Room of Forest & Environment Department under the
Chairmanship of Dr. S.K. Nanda, IAS, Principal Secretary, Forest & Environment
Department, Government of Gujarat.

A list of officers and invitees who attended the meeting is attached herewith.

The following Committee Members could not attend the meeting due to pre-

   1. The Principal Secretary, Urban Development and Urban Housing Department
   2. The Chairman, Gujarat Pollution Control Board

At the outset, Shri E. Balagurusamy,IFS, Project Director (ICZMP) and Member
Secretary, Gujarat Ecology commission (GEC) welcomed the members and requested
Dr. S.K. Nanda, IAS to chair the meeting. A powerpoint presentation was made by
Mr. Nischal Joshi, Head of Operations, Gujarat SPMU regarding overall progress of
the project achieved so far. The following points were discussed:

   -   A dedicated Toll Free Number – 18002337960 installed at Gujarat Ecology
       Commission (GEC) for attending the queries related to ICZM Project. Shri C.L.
       Meena, IAS, Principal Secretary (Finance - Expenditure) pointed out that the
       person who is going to operate this Toll Free number should have enough
       knowledge of the project and a responsible person to give proper reply.

   -   Director, GEER Foundation informed that they have already started recruiting
       new research staff like Junior Research Fellows, Research Associates,
       Accounts Assistants etc. During the interview held in the month of October,
       2010, proper candidates could not be recruited and therefore, the entire
       recruitment procedure is to be repeated. However, few staff has already been
       recruited. As far as building construction is concerned, process of finalising
       the design is still pending. At this juncture, Principal Secretary (Finance) as
       well as the Chairman showed their concern and informed that these pending
       works should be immediately taken up and completed by the end of
       December as there is always a likelihood of cost escalation in future. Director,
       GEER Foundation informed that all the required information has already been
    furnished to the consultant engaged by SPMU for designing the building. The
    Project Director, however, assured that the designing of civil works will be
    finalised as soon as possible for the preparation of bid documents. Project
    Director also pointed out that Director, GEER Foundation usually remains over
    burdened with works other than ICZMP and he will be requested to allot
    sufficient time for looking after the activities related to ICZMP so that works
    are not unnecessarily held up.

-   Municipal Commissioner, Jamnagar informed that though eight bid documents
    were taken by eight parties, only two bidders had submitted bids in the
    sewage collection systems. The rates quoted were found to be almost 40%
    above the estimated cost. Principal Secretary (Expenditure) enquired whether
    negotiations were held with L1 bidder but it was informed by Shri Nischal
    Joshi that as per World Bank norms, negotiations are not permitted and the
    only option left is to go for re-tendering. It was also informed to the members
    that both the bidders didn’t meet the required qualifications and their bids
    were not substantially responsive. One of the conditions for the qualifications
    is the bidder should have experience of completing a project of at least 90%
    of the total contract value. Chairman emphasised the need for reducing the
    benchmark of qualifications so that more number of parties can be involved in
    the bidding process. Moreover, since it is very difficult to get a bidder who
    has past experience of handling 90% of the total cost, it was decided to
    explore the possibility of diluting the same to 60%, in which case the World
    Bank has to be convinced. Chairman instructed that this should be taken up
    on top priority basis and we should also motivate parties from Mumbai to
    participate with reduced benchmark.

-   Sr. Scientist, Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) informed that the
    process of purchasing scientific instruments has already been initiated. They
    have held number of meetings with prospective suppliers and made enquiries
    about the cost of various precious instruments. The Chairman informed that
    the equipments which are required to be used in the field shall be purchased
    this year whereas remaining instruments can be purchased next year.

-   CCF, Marine National Park (MNP), Jamnagar informed that their current year
    target for mangrove plantation is 1300 ha., out of which they have completed
    700 ha. on islands. Remaining plantations on fringe areas will be taken up in
    the month of January and will be completed within the current financial year.
    He also informed that advance works for shelterbelt plantations will be
    completed before 31st March, 2011 where as plantation will be taken up
    during ensuing monsoon. CCF, MNP also informed that specifications for boat
    to be purchased have already been finalised in the meeting held on 18 th
    October, 2010 in consultation with Marine Engineer, Coast Guard.

-   During the discussion on Gandhi Green Memorial Project at Dandi, Principal
    Secretary (Expenditure) informed that since certain activities are also
    undertaken by Dept. of Tourism, it should be ensured that there is no
    duplication of activities under this project. Project Director informed the
    members that certain activities have already been initiated like mangrove
    plantation, installation of solar street lights and beach cleaning etc.

-   Issue in respect of developing eco-tourism was discussed at length. The
    Chairman emphasised the need for training the local youngsters for
    snorkelling and scuba diving. Initially 100 youth may be identified and a
    suitable and competent trainer should be invited, who can impart this training
    in MNP area for coral based tourism. Moreover, Chairman also informed to
    explore the possibility of using acrylic glass materials to build “Walk through
    bridge”, for which Polycoat Services (India) may be contacted. This bridge
    can be installed just 6” above high-tide line for watching fringe corals.

-   The issue of establishing Marine Research Centre at Jamnagar was discussed
    at length. The Project Director proposed that instead of building the full-
    fledged central laboratory in Gandhinagar, which is proposed by GEER
    Foundation, such a laboratory should be established at Jamnagar. There are
    proposals underway by Gujarat State Bio-Technology Mission as well as
    Marine Notational Park, Jamnagar to establish research laboratories at
    Jamnagar. The area has already been identified for this purpose. Therefore,
    the Chairman emphasised that a combined Marine Research Centre consisting
    of various mandates of four different agencies viz. GPCB, MNP, GSBTM and
    GEER Foundation should be established at Jamnagar with an inter-disciplinary
    team of scientists. This research complex can be headed by CCF, Marine
    National Park and administrative expenditure can be booked under the
    amount of interest earned from funds available with MNP Society. This would
    also ensure non-dependence on the World Bank funds for running the Marine
    Research Centre.

-   Chairman was also of the opinion that from the funds available under ICZM
    Project for entry point activities, possibility should be explored for installing a
    desalination plant in MNP area where water can be utilised by local
    communities for drinking water purpose.
  Annual Action Plan 2011-12

  -   The issue related to approval of total financial outlay for financial year 2011-
      12 was discussed. Though the total amount required as per the provision of
      project is `96.00 Cr., Chairman as well as Principal Secretary (Expenditure)
      emphasised that instead of thrusting upon activities on various Project
      Executing Agencies (PEAs) to utilise the amount as shown in the cost table,
      steps should be immediately taken for ensuring the activities which can be
      actually taken up by PEAs within the financial year and it should be presented
      in the 3rd Steering Committee meeting which can be held in the month of
      January/ February 2011. This would ensure total utilisation of funds within a
      specific time limit.

      Then after, there were no more issues to be discussed and meeting ended
      with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

           Chairman                                        Member Secretary
&&ncccc         &
      Principal Secretary,
  Forest & Environment Dept.

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