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					Tips For Selling Your Panama City Real Estate
Picking the right Panama City real estate professional can be the most impactful decision you will make
when you decide to sell your property. Here are some quick tips that will help you to sell your Panama
City home more quickly and efficiently.

First Impressions are everything... There is little doubt that a nice looking home will attract more
potential buyers. Therefore you should take the time to get your home prepared for showings. The
following tasks are things that you can do immediately to increase the overall visual appeal of your

       Clean windows, porch steps, doors, railings etc
       Clear clutter out of garage and storage rooms
       Paint if necessary
       Weed gardens, around sidewalks, etc.
       Trim bushes & hedges
       Mow the lawn
       Clean up the yard

Really take the time to make your house look nice. This includes sweeping/mopping floors, wiping down
walls, dusting, vacuuming, etc. Buyers will immediately notice how clean your home is. Repairing any
leaky plumbing or faucets, repairing any minor defects that you have been putting off can really pay off
when selling your home. Buyers tend to notice the little things, and can easily be turned off by minor
problems if they are not dealt with beforehand. When you are getting ready for a showing, it helps to do
some serious cleaning and quick fixes such as:

       Cleaning showers, toilets, tubs and hanging fresh towels
       Fixing broken light switches and broken door hinges
       Oiling squeaky doors
       Shampooing carpets

Be open to criticism and listen to suggestions. Never rely solely on your own judgment when preparing a
home. Your Panama City real estate agent can be very helpful and provide great advice on how to make
your home easier to sell.

Lighting candles, spraying air freshener, and eliminating any food, pet or smoking odors and getting rid
of any evidence of such will go a long way to help you sell your home. If potential buyers happen to
notice a pet or an ashtray, they will be on the lookout for stains and smells.

Lighting is everything. Open blinds and shades before a showing and opening doors and windows can
also go a long way to airing out and brightening your home.
Sometimes it helps to stash away pictures and personal items before a showing as well. The idea is to let
the potential buyer see themselves in the home, and too many personal items can take away from that
experience and make them feel like intruders in someone else's home. If you don't have to be present,
don't be. Buyers will feel more comfortable and spend more time looking at your home if they feel more
comfortable there.

Remember that selling your home is a business transaction, and should be treated as such. Don't let
emotions get in the way of negotiations and getting a deal made.

If you are selling your home and are looking for a Panama City real estate expert to help guide you
through the process, then Panama City ERA is a good place to turn.

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