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					               Kingswood High School
                          Parent Newsletter
            **          Term 3 ~ August, 2006             **
Principal’s Report
Mr P. Erickson
  • Congratulation to Mr Gregory Skeoch (Head Teacher Science, Mitchell
    High) who was successful in the merit selection process for the vacant
    Deputy Principal position at our school. I would also like to welcome Mrs
    Tania Robson who was selected to fill the vacant Support Teacher
    position and who has already commenced.
  • At the beginning of Term 4 Mrs Cherine Spirou from Kingsgrove High
    School will join us as our new Head Teacher Science. Many of you met
    her at out Year 10 to 11 Subject Selection evening. Mrs Spirou is a very
    experienced teacher who has obtained outstanding HSC results with her
    students especially in Physics.
  • Congratulation to all those involved in this years Rock Eisteddfod. It
    was Kingswood High Schools first year in the Open division and our
    students did extremely well winning five awards. It was good to see so
    many parents and staff at the heats held at Homebush. I would
    especially like to thank Ms. Waterson who is the schools Rock
    Eisteddfod coordinator and puts in countless hours making costumes and
    attending rehearsals. Other key staff members were Ms. Douglass, Ms.
    Galea and Mr Kotyk but it was a whole school effort. Well done. A big
    thank you to Westbus our major sponsor.
  • I hope all the student and staff attending this week’s school PD/ Health
    /PE ski trip have a very enjoyable and safe time on the slopes.
  • The school’s History / Language trip to Italy is also getting close
    departing on the 28th September.
  • Congratulation to Miss Galea and the Year 12 Drama students for their
    performance evening on the 8th August. I and all in attendance
    thoroughly enjoyed the showcasing of our students talents.
  • Year 12 and Year 10 Trials are coming around very fast (weeks 5 and 6
    – 14th to 25th August) so I hope all our students are ensuring that their
    revision and study notes are prepared and that they are committing the
    necessary amount of time to study to give them the best possible
    outcome. Good luck.
•   At the end of last term we had the culmination of our joint primary
    feeder schools/high school project funded by the Commonwealth
    Australian School Innovation in Science, Technology and Mathematics
    (ASISTM). This involved the training by Kingswood High staff of
    primary teachers in scientific methodology, the purchase of science
    equipment for the primary schools, the writing of innovative teaching
    programs and following their completion a science competition. Three
    winning students from each feeder school, Claremont Meadows Primary,
    Kingswood Primary, Kingswood South Primary, Penrith Primary and
    Orchard Hills Primary went with the winning Year 7 students from KHS
    to Canberra for a two day visit to science facilities. The joint program
    was an outstanding success and I would like to thank our colleagues in
    each of the primary schools for their excellent support and efforts.
•   On the 22nd of September we will be holding a Literacy Development
    Training Day. This will involve a staff member form each faculty being
    trained as a Literacy coordinator followed by an evening training
    component for all staff on enhancing literacy outcome in our students.
    This is part of the school Priority School Funding (PSFP) initiative.
•   On behalf of the school I would like to pass on our best wishes to
    Michael Hyslop who will be competing later this month in 5 individual
    events in the Australian Open Short Course Swimming Championship in
    Hobart. Good luck Michael.
•   A reminder that all the latest school information is placed on the school
    Web site which is updated weekly.

Ms S. Brown
Acting Deputy Principal 8, 10, 12

Welcome back to term 3, it has been a very busy term so far and will only
continue to get more hectic in the lead up to the HSC for our year 12
The subject selection evening was very successful with a large contingent of
parents turning up to listen to guest speakers and speak to teachers about
the subjects on offer for our current year 8 and year 10 students. It is often
quite a daunting task to choose subjects, especially for our parents who are
trying to guide their child, as curriculum has undergone a dramatic change
since they were at school; however it is important that students select
subjects that they enjoy, as they are more likely to be engaged in them.
We recently hosted a group of boys from Solihull School, an independent
school in England. The group comprised of two teams (32 boys) and were on a
hockey tour of Australia and Singapore. The first team played the Sydney
West team, they displayed a high level of skill and teamwork and won the
game 4-1, the no.2 team played a Kingswood High team, with a few extras, and
played an entertaining match which ended in a 2-2 draw. At the end of the
games I spoke to the teachers from the school and discovered that the
school is quite a prestigious school and in fact has their own synthetic field!.
Just a thought for next years budget allocation!. I must say an absolutely
huge thankyou to Ms. McCullen for all her hard work in organising the billets,
Mrs Beaton for her help on the day and all the families for opening their
homes to the boys and billeting them, there were a few teary goodbyes the
next day and I am sure that the boys would have fond memories of their stay
in Kingswood.
August 13th will see the “Kingswood Kamikaze Ski Team” hit the slopes of
Perisher Blue, it is hoped that the 40 students and staff will be greeted with
powder snow and enjoy the opportunity to learn and improve their skills in
skiing and snowboarding.
Week 5 is the start of the trial HSC for our year 12 students, it is important
that the students see this as an important opportunity to hone their skills for
the Board of Studies exams later in October. Year 12 students are still
expected to attend school right up to 29th September and still be engaged in
meaningful work, ensuring that they get as much out of these last few weeks
as possible.

Ms K. McKell
Acting Deputy Principal 7, 9, 11
NSW Health Vaccinations for Year 7 are coming up at the end of August. The
date is Monday the 28th of August and this is the second injection for
hepatitis B disease. If your child did not participate in the first injection
then they are not able to be vaccinated this time round. Please book in with
your family doctor if your child has missed out. This service is provided by
the NSW Health Dept not the Department of Education and Training.

Please ensure that your child is aware of “Stranger Danger”. I know that we
are a high school and this is a primary school term but sometimes our
students can forget the basic training that they received in primary school. I
was notified this week by one of the year 9 students that she was followed
by a man in a car on the way to school. Remind your child not to interact with
people they don’t know. If a car pulls up along side them and asks directions
not to get close to the driver or the car. To walk briskly to their destination
and to either tell a parent (if it is on the way home from school) or tell one of
the deputies (if it is on the way to school). The police need to know if there is
inappropriate activity happening so if you as a parent have been informed by
your child please pass this information onto the police.

Snr Constable Kristy Williams will be conducting workshops with Year 8.
Monday 11th of September will be the bullying and assault workshop with
Monday 18th of September being behaviour in a public place.

It is that time of the year again and some of our Year 11 students are looking
at the prefects’ role and putting their name in for nomination. This role in the
school is that of a school leader and we expect our school leaders to behave
in a way that brings credit to the school. These are the requirements for our
prefect body.
   Promote the school Code of Conduct through their actions.
   Maintain excellent school attendance.
   Always wear school uniform and their school badges.
   Be assigned a Staff Mentor who will assist in the development of
   leadership skills.
   Be assigned a junior year to mentor and attend weekly assemblies.
   Be present at Formal Year Assemblies.
   Chair weekly school assemblies.
   Meet on a regular basis with Prefect Co-ordinators.
   Be actively involved in promoting and contributing to school-wide programs,
   including Time Out, Anti-Bullying Programs, NIM etc.
   Be willing to be trained and operate as Peer Mediators.
   Complete set playground duty weekly.
   Be involved in the preparation for and planning of yearly Presentation
   Represent students on School Committees.
Mrs Morris has attended meetings with Year 11 and the election of our new
leaders will occur on the 23 – 25th of August. The prefects elect will then
prepare speeches to present to the Executive where the school captains are

The Safe Schools “Connectedness” Project has begun and there are
competitions happening each fortnight in roll call. Some roll call classes are
really enjoying the challenge of the quizzes and are trying hard to win the

There will be interviews with every junior student over the next couple of
weeks with regards to the Semester One reports. The interviewers will be
focusing on where to improve and the subjects in most need of improvement.
We are hoping that the students will use the information and work harder to
develop skills so that Semester Two shows a big improvement.

Parents are reminded that the school car park is for staff only.
Please drop off and pick up your children in Smith Street or in
front of the school on Bringelly Road. Parents are not to drive
into or drop off students in the school bus bay. The Police
have booked parents who have illegally parked. Thanking you for
your cooperation.

           Secure Internet browsing and email for students
The following letter was distributed to all students in week two of this term.
If you have any objections to this Departmental directive please let the
school know in writing.

Dear Parent or Caregiver,
The NSW Department of Education and Training is committed to providing a secure e-
Learning environment to enrich learning opportunities for all students in NSW public
schools. During 2006 your child/children will be provided with access to secure Internet
browsing and email.

Email is a method of communicating on the Internet by sending and receiving written
messages. Your child’s/children’s email account is protected by software to block out
inappropriate messages. Your child/children will be provided with an individual username
and password to access filtered Internet browsing and email at school. Their user name
and password will ensure that they receive Internet filtering and that no one else can
access their email.

All students who use the Internet at school are taught that they must follow the code of
conduct outlined in each school’s Student Access to the Internet Policy. This policy
includes the action that may be taken by a school if students do not follow this code of
conduct. This policy also follows specific privacy guidelines which make it clear that
personal information and information that would mean they could be identified is not to
be revealed and that personal account details remain confidential. Contact the school if
you would like a full copy of this policy.

Students will be able to access their personal email from computers at home and other
locations through private Internet service providers. All Internet browsing at home will be
directed through your own Internet service provider. We recommend that you install
filtering software at home and be aware of filtering software at other locations.

As long as your child/children are enrolled at a public school or TAFE college in NSW
they will have access to secure Internet browsing and email. The NSW Department of
Education and Training respects your right as a parent to refuse your child
permission to access this facility. If you do not agree to your child having access
to this facility, you will need to provide notification in writing to the school within
2 school weeks of receiving this letter.

Parents can contact the school at any time and request for an e-Learning account to be
provided to their child/children. This request should be forwarded to the school in writing.

 Further information about secure Internet browsing and email is available on the NSW
     Department of Education and Training website at: or by
                          telephoning or emailing the school.

                 Rock Eisteddfod Challenge 2006

                   “Children of Africa”

Kingswood High School first entered the Rock Eisteddfod Challenge in 2005
and won the Small Teams Section. In 2006, we ventured into the more
challenging section of “Open Division”. Moana Waddell, Kayla Prakisch and
Sandy Makareth’s enthusiasm in organising a “Showcase of Talent” in Term 4
last year and many dance auditions, was exceptional. This inspired more than
150 students to audition for Rock Eisteddfod, with rehearsals commencing in
Term 2. Nina Milner-Peacock came on board once again as our talented
choreographer, working closely with our enthusiastic senior dancers, to
choreograph our performance. Ms. Waterson again took a major role as our
Rock Eisteddfod coordinator and in costume development. Ms. Galea in
lighting and acting. Mr Kotyk and Mr Tepper made our excellent props and
back drops which were painted by Ms. Douglas and her outstanding student
support team. Again works of art. Mr Phil Sawyers (Remote Control Recording
ph. 0438 620 314) developed our award winning sound track. Mrs Hirst, Mrs
Ford-Davis, Ms. McKell, Mr Procter, Mr Ross-New and a large team of
teachers all spent many out of school hours preparing our team of over 120

Strong linkages were made between the number of African children that
would die during our 8 minute performance due to malnutrition, military
combat, malaria and AIDS and how both poor and wealthy nations face these
challenges a contrast being drawn to the sad death of Peter Allen due to

We travelled to the State Sports Centre, Homebush on Tuesday 8th August,
where our students performed admirably and with a level of enthusiasm and
commitment not previously seen in rehearsals. Unfortunately we were not
successful in qualifying for the Sydney Grand Finals, but did extremely well
and received very positive feedback from the judges for our performance.
We received amazing support from the school and local community, through
donations of transport, money, food, fabric and countless hours of time from
teachers, parents, family and friends. We would especially like to thank
Westbus our major sponsor and Bunnings and M.P. Karen Paluzzano for their
sponsorship. It has been a great learning experience and has given many
students the opportunity to perform in front of an audience and work
together as a team to produce a fantastic performance. Thank you to
everyone involved and especially parents who attended our (sewing/props)
working bee.

Awards won on the night include:

  • Rock Eisteddfod Challenge:
    Award of Excellence for School Community Support.

  • Cancer Institute of NSW:
    Award of Excellence for Environmental or Social Awareness

  • Australian Government, Dept of Families, Community Services and
     Indigenous Affairs
    Dept of Education, Science & Training:
    Award of excellence for Concept

  • Hot 30 countdown :
    Award of Excellence for Soundtrack

  • University of NSW :
    Award of Excellence for Performance Skill

Cast and Crew

 Zaynab Al-Jerman       Jillian Flack           Kayla Prakisch       Janos Bertalan
   Emily Alport        Tamara Friebel           Monique Quinn        Jessica Brannan
 Charmie Andutan         Talia Gibbs            Dale Rafferty-        Jade Carroll
 Demi Armstrong-       Aaron Gilbert            Tony Rakaupai          Josh Davis
  Rebecca Asquith       Jaimi Herrick           Eddie Richter        Samantha Dwyer
  Belinda Bartush       Rebekah Hills           Amanda Robar          Alan Hardiman
   Jody Borwell        Micheal Hyslop         Chontelle Roberts         Lisa Mancer
    Amy Borwell         Wade Kaleth            Matthew Russell        Paul Matthews
  Catherine Brain     Joanna Keramidas         Melissa Russell      Ashley McFarland
 Shalisa Brewster        Urshla Kere            Rebecca Ryan          Amanda Moore
   Jessia Burton        Micheal Kuban              Amy Ryan         Courtney Oglesby
   Rachel Carson          Issac Lee           Jesse Sene Lefao     Katherine Olsen-Cole
 Elizabeth Catlett     Melinda Levinge        Natasha Sesperez          Daniel Pride
  Cherilyn Catlett     Kaylee Lonsdale           Sue Sibanda           Lisa Rakaupai
 Mohitesh Charan      Sandy Mackereth         Nayasha Takayidza       Taryne Rogers
   Jaymi Chatto        Kristen Malone         Tinashe Takayidza          Brad Ryan
Micheal Churchward    Jelena Manojlovic       Cassandra Thomas     Suzanne Sene Lefao
    Jade Clarke         Gemma Mavo            Jamie Lee Thomas        Warren Wilson
Jamie-Lee Considine      Jade Miller           Jessica Thomas      Nina Milner-Peacock
   Jackie Cooper       Crystal Mobbs               Brian Tiki        Nyree Waterson
    Ben Cotterill     Shardai Moukbel            Elaine Tortal       Belinda Douglass
     Lisa Crock          Prisca Moyo              Tai Tuivasa           Bob Procter
 Shannon Crozier-       Taila Murray           Angelique Ulrich      Andrew Tepper
   Nicole Dawes        Monish Naiker             Greg Waddell            Kim Galea
    Erin Drayton      Karina Osborne             Joel Waddell         Brandon Kotyk
   Aaron Drollet      Naomi Ostrowski           Moana Waddell         Paul Ross-New
     Emma Dunn         Allison Palfrey          Taiana Waddell      Simone McCullen
Abdullah El-Haddad    Melinda Palfrey         Mathew Waddington      Amanda Knight
 Osama El-Khatib       Emma Palmer             Jessica Willcocks        Terry Davis
 Carmina El-Khatib    Matthew Palmer                                Denise Ford-Davis
      Iris Fan         Rachel Palmer                                 Jeanette Bright
    Rebecca Fan        Shaun Peters                                    Karl Erickson


                 Rehearsals in the Hall

     Sewing Working Bee

Rock Eisteddfod Heats
State Sports Centre- Homebush
1st August 2006

Some of our stars of the performance

A                                                                        V
P                                                                        I
A                                                                        S
N                                                                        I
E                                                                        T

On Thursday 26th June the school was delighted to welcome to Kingswood High 160
students and 4 teachers from Fukushima Kogyo High School, Japan. These cultural
exchanges provide our students with a unique opportunity to interact with students
from another country and culture. A
buddy system operated with each of our
students and a student from Japan
sharing in number of activities throughout
the day. Our thanks to Ms McCullen for
organising a very successful day and to
the many teachers who organised
activities in their faculties for the various
groups. Feeding 350 students with a
BBQ lunch was quite an experience.

Zone Athletics Carnival. Kingswood High School had another exceptionally
good performance at the Werrington Zone Athletics carnival. We convincingly
won the Champion School point score, as well as the Boys title. Our Girls again
finished second behind Cranebrook. Our Age Champions were:

   1st                    2nd                         3rd
   Jasmine Pizany (12)    Matthew Baso (13)           Alex Murrell (12)
   Mathew Brennan (14)    Suzanne Sene Lefao (14)     Jessica Hurst (15)
   Shayne Ardle (15)      Clint McGee (15)            Jesse Sene Lefao (17)
                          Urshla Kere (16)

Kingswood won only 3 of the 12 age team point scores contested, showing that
we had good depth and high participation rates. All athletes contributed to
our win. Many students commented on how their extra training, as part of the
Targeted Sports Program, assisted them in achieving higher placings than
previous years.

Regional Cross Country     A large contingent of Kingswood High students
travelled to International Regatta Centre in June to compete in the Sydney
West Cross Country Championships. Unfortunately, a large number of our
students did not compete for a variety of reasons and we could only fill 4 of
the 8 teams we qualified for. Disappointingly, this cost several students a top
5 team placing.

On the bright side, we had 3 top 10 placings. Clint McGee was our best
performed athlete on the day, finishing an impressive 4th in the 15 yrs race.
Tyron Cooper also qualified for the NSWCHS Championships by finishing 5th
in the 13 yrs event. Congratulations to both of these boys. Our other Top 10
finisher was Samantha Miller who came 9th in the 17 yrs group.

In the teams event, we had two impressive Top 3 placings. Our 13 years Boys
team of Tyron Cooper, Hayden Palmer and Mitchell Miladinski finished 2nd
behind The Hills Sports High School. An excellent achievement boys! Our 16
yrs Girls team of Rebecca Pride, Sarah Hosking, Ashlee Brennan and Amanda
Roy should be extremely proud of their 3rd placing behind The Hills Sports
High and Blaxland High.

NSWCHS Cross Country Two of our athletes competed with distinction at
the NSWCHS Championships, which were held in conjunction with the NSW
All Schools Carnival. Tyron Cooper came 39th in the State. Clint McGee had a
brilliant run in difficult wet conditions and finished in an impressive 9th
position. In addition, Clint was a member of the Sydney West age team which
finished 2nd! Clint proudly accepted his Silver CHS Medal presented on
assembly. Congratulations, Clint, on a brilliant achievement!

Regional Athletics    With one of our largest ever teams to compete at a
Sydney West carnival, Kingswood High had a successful two days at the
Sydney West Athletics Championships. Our school finished in 9th position out
of the 56 in the Region. This was a bit below expected and due to a number of
students not competing and not notifying the school before the event. These
students will be dealt with as per the school’s Sports Code of Conduct. It is
particularly upsetting that members of relay teams travel all the way to
Homebush to race on the International track, only to be unable to compete
due to a team member failing to arrive.

We did, however, have a couple of students who performed admirably. Karina
Osborne in the Javelin, Jasmine Pizany in the Long Jump, Adam Toms in the
1500 m Walk, Moana Waddell in the Long Jump and Greg Waddell in the
100m, will be representing Sydney West at the NSWCHS Athletics Carnival
in September. Congratulations to all and good luck! Clint McGee finished 3rd in
the 3000m beating both Hills Sports High competitors. Our 17’s Boys 4x100
m relay team finished a narrow 4th. Moana Waddell jumped into 3rd place in
the Triple Jump and Justin Miller came 3rd in the Discus. Sam Miller
completed the 3000 m Walk in 3rd place. Suzanne Sene Lefao achieved 4th
place in the Shotput just over 30 cm from the winner.

It was an excellent learning experience for all competitors and most had a
very enjoyable couple of days at the carnival.

Grade Sport. The Winter season is just past the halfway mark and
Kingswood High continues to excel. With many of our top athletes choosing
not to represent the school in Grade this season, many of our younger and up-
and-coming athletes have filled the void admirably. After Round 6 (of 10),
Kingswood High is coming 1st in 11 of the 17 Grades we have fielded. Three
teams are placed second, and another 2 are in 3rd. Hopefully our teams can
sustain their form and perform well in the upcoming finals. Our leading teams
at present are:
         • Boys Basketball Grades 1,2 & 4
         • Boys and Girls Hockey
         • Netball Grades 1,2 & 3
         • Boys Soccer Grade 1
         • Yr 9+10 Rugby League
         • Lawn Bowls

Buses. Students and parents are reminded to keep paying off their Thursday
Sport bus money payments. The cost of the bus ticket is for the entire
Winter sport season which runs until September. A position on the bus is
booked for each student who hands in the signed permission sheet and the
entire cost must be met whether the student is present every week or not.
Students who fall behind on payments may be removed from sports requiring
payments. You are also reminded that outstanding sports money payments
may lead to students being unable to attend end of year formals, excursions,
End-of-Year Activities, Grade sport finals and representative sporting
fixtures. Your cooperation is appreciated. Students and parents are again
asked to seriously consider sport options before choosing and signing Sport
Selection forms, especially with Term 4 activities coming up.

Knockout Sports. The Boys KO Touch team had a strong win over Ulladulla
High and have qualified for the State Top 10 playoffs at Coffs Harbour in
late August. This was an excellent team effort from the boys and we wish
them all the best in striving to become one of the best teams in the State.
Well done to Mr Edwards with his coaching of this team.
Breaking News!!! Boys Open Rugby had a win 28 v 19 over Parkes High School
and have now made the final 8 in the state. The convincing win was a team
effort with Dale Chivas scoring 2 tries and Greg Waddell and Matt Gibson 1
try each. Well done boys! and congratulations to the coach Mr Murphy.

It has been a busy time for Zone trials and Regional carnivals. A reminder
that our Zone consists of 6 High schools and that there are 56 member
secondary schools in the Sydney West Region. Congratulations to our
following representatives:

Taiana Waddell     Touch       Region      Moana Waddell        Touch       Region
AMEER-BEG Rhys     Athletics   Zone        McGEE Clint          Athletics   Zone
ANDERSEN Jack      Athletics   Zone        McGRATH Brendan      Athletics   Zone
ARDLE Shayne       Athletics   Zone        McINTOSH Laura       Athletics   Zone
BASO Matthew       Athletics   Zone        McMILES Branden      Athletics   Zone
BETHUNE Michael    Athletics   Zone        McNEILLY Arieta      Athletics   Zone
BRENNAN Mathew     Athletics   Zone        McPHILLIPS Stephen   Athletics   Zone
BRENNAN Ashlee     Athletics   Zone        MILLER Justin        Athletics   Zone
BUNTER Catherine   Athletics   Zone        MILLER Jamie         Athletics   Zone
BURNHAM Jessie     Athletics   Zone        MILLER Samantha      Athletics   Zone
CALDWELL Gemma     Athletics   Zone        MILLER Raymond       Athletics   Zone
CARLSON Zach       Athletics   Zone        MORRISON Corey       Athletics   Zone
FREEMAN Mazz       Athletics   Zone        MURRELL Alex         Athletics   Zone
CLARKE Emma        Athletics   Zone        O'KELLY Elise        Athletics   Zone
COOPER Tyron       Athletics   Zone        ORCHER Shawn         Athletics   Zone
DAVIS Joel         Athletics   Zone        OSBORNE Karina       Athletics   Zone
Tatjana            Athletics   Zone        OWENS Daniel         Athletics   Zone
DROLLET Joshua     Athletics   Zone        PAXTON Jessie        Athletics   Zone
DROLLET Aaron      Athletics   Zone        PAYNE Daniel         Athletics   Zone
FAHEY Justin       Athletics   Zone        PIZANY Jasmine       Athletics   Zone
FLACK Jillian      Athletics   Zone        PRIDE Rebecca        Athletics   Zone
GIBSON Matt        Athletics   Zone        RICHTER Sione        Athletics   Zone
HILLS Rebekah      Athletics   Zone        ROA Joshua           Athletics   Zone
HOSKING Sarah      Athletics   Zone        ROLLESTON Samuel     Athletics   Zone
HURST Jessica      Athletics   Zone        ROY Amanda           Athletics   Zone
KERE Urshla        Athletics   Zone        SENE LEFAO Suzanne   Athletics   Zone
LEITCH Joshua      Athletics   Zone        SENE LEFAO Jesse     Athletics   Zone
MACHU Kurt         Athletics   Zone        SLEWO Ashour         Athletics   Zone
MARSDEN Ronald     Athletics   Zone        SMITH Joshua         Athletics   Zone
TAALILI Iszak      Athletics   Zone        TUIVASA Tai          Athletics   Zone
TAUVAO Andrew      Athletics   Zone        VALLETTA Sarah       Athletics   Zone
THOMAS Pera        Athletics   Zone        WADDELL Taiana       Athletics   Zone
TOMS Adam          Athletics   Zone        WADDELL Greg         Athletics   Zone

TRIBBIA Robert      Athletics    Zone      WADDELL Moana        Athletics    Zone
TROVATO Stefanie    Athletics    Zone      WHALAN Shane         Athletics    Zone
Karen Thomas        Rugby        Region    Sarah Valletta       Rugby        Region
Renae Stubbs        Rugby        Region    Moana Waddell        Rugby        Region
Tyron Cooper        X-Country    Region    Clint McGee          X-Country    Region
Karen Thomas        Rugby        Metro     Moana Waddell        Rugby        Metro
Urshla Kere         Rugby        Metro     Renea Stubbs         Rugby        Metro
Karina Osborne      Athletics    Region    Greg Waddell         Athletics    Region
Dale Chivas         Softball     Region    Natasha Djordjevic   Lawn Bowls   Region
Louren Katague      Lawn Bowls   Region

Mr G. Holburn
Sports Program Coordinator

The following students have won awards for their efforts as ‘Writers of the
Term’ in term 2. They are:
                           First Place ~ Michael Morgan
                           Second Place ~ Elise O’Kelly
                           Third Place ~ Harley Costen

The prizes of shopping vouchers have been generously donated by the Parents
and Citizens Association. Participation certificates were awarded to Taylah
Crouch and Sumati Prasad.

       SRC News
 Vampire Shield - Blood
      Bank Appeal
Congratulations to all the students, staff and
family members who donated blood in the last 12 months on behalf of
Kingswood High. We made 144 donations from July 2005 to June 2006 and
surpassed 500 donations since joining the vampire shield program.
It would be great if we could continue our excellent work donating blood and
the SRC is in the process of process of organising another trip to the
bloodbank for students 16 years and older. We will be donating on Friday 1st
September. Please see Miss Cass or your SRC members if you would like to
New donors will need to complete a confidential Red Cross questionnaire;
parent consent form and all students will still require a permission note and
will need to bring ID on the day.
Anyone giving blood needs to make sure they eat and drink plenty of fluids:
water and / or juice (not coffee or soft drinks) in the morning before giving
blood, otherwise they may not be able to donate blood.
Meanwhile please remember that parents and family members are encouraged
to donate and inform the bloodbank staff that they would like their donation
to be added to the Kingswood High Vampire Shield tally.
Once again, thank you to all those who we able to give blood and we look
forward to even greater numbers in the 2006/07 Vampire Shield.

                 Inter – School SRC Meeting

On the Tuesday the 25th of July, Louren Katague and I participated in
a meeting for the representatives for the SRC members of the local area.
This included: Jamison High, Cranebrook, Nepean and many more. We first
held a meeting that concluded what the various SRCs had participated in term
two. This included various fundraisers and discos the schools SRCs had

We then had a lunch meal of pizza. After lunch was eaten, everyone was back
at work discussing the various pros and cons of the SRCs, this was very
interesting for myself and Louren. As we found out how some of the other
schools had developed a simple fundraising activity for a charity, into
something so huge the whole community could participate in. The charter for
improving SRCs came around and had to be filled out.
Louren and I found that not much has to be improved
with our SRC and that it runs very effectively
compared to other schools.

The day was very informative and social as we all got a
chance to catch up with the other SRC’s members
that attended. The next meeting will be held on a
Tuesday and is a full day seminar.

Melinda Palfrey
SRC - Year 10

                                        OUR WORLD VISION
                                          CHILD, MUNNI

                                  The SRC have continued to sponsor our
                                  World vision child, Munni from Bangladesh.
                                  She will be eight on the 22nd of
                                  September. We will be sending her a
                                  birthday card and a small gift through the
                                  help of World Vision. We will also be
                                  donating some extra money for a family
                                  that requires emergency items such as

                                  We recently received an annual report on
                                  Munni. She is in good health and is happily
                                  attending primary school. Her favourite
                                  subject is Bangla (Bangladesh language).
She enjoys reading, sport and playing with dolls. She, one day, hopes to
become a teacher. We regularly write to Munni and often received letters
and drawings even though she is only in year 1. We’ve included our latest
photo of Munni.

      World Vision:
     40 hour Famine

The SRC have organised for students to participate in the 40hour Famine
this August 18-20. We aim to raise $2,500 which will be enough to feed 40
children for 1 year. All funds raised will go to childrenin East Timor and
Southern Africa. Every $40 you raise helps feed and care for 8 kids for one
whole month! So how many kids can you help?

We have prizes for the most money raised and also
other prizes for raising over $50 and $75.

If you students would like to participate, see Miss
Cass or your SRC members to collect a permission

The great thing is, you don't have to give up food.
You could give up technology, furniture or something
else you use a lot. Hope to see get involved!

Rachel Carson
SRC – Year 12

On the next page is a letter from our member for Lindsay Jackie Kelly
acknowledging our participation in the “Vampire Shield”.

As part of the subject selection process for 2007, on 2nd August, 20 year 10
students went to Nepean TAFE at Kingswood to check out the vocational
courses that can be studied as part of the HSC.

Students participated in hands on workshops in Fitness, Baking, Hospitality,
Beauty, Hairdressing, Nursing, Photography, Design and Electrotechnology.

After morning tea a compulsory workshop with careers counsellors showed
students different aspects of studying at TAFE and how to apply. A barbeque
lunch was provided by the TAFE. The day was most informative and students
now have the chance to apply for the many TVET courses on offer in 2007.

More information on courses can be found at:

Apprenticeships & Traineeships
• RTA Traineeships for 2007
  The RTA is seeking enthusiastic people to undertake temporary full time
  traineeships for a period of up to 1 year, students currently in Year 12 or
  people who have completed year 12 previously, are encouraged to apply.
  Certificate 3 Business Administration Traineeships are available at various
  locations, for a Traineeship Kit and Application form please phone 1300
  361 852 or email with the applicant’s full name and
  email address. Closing date 25th August 2006.
• Integral Energy Apprenticeships
  Apprenticeships in the following areas are available for 2007:
  System Electrician, Distribution Powerline, Instrument Fitter, Motor
  Mechanic (Heavy Vehicle). We invite students from Year 10 through to
  Year 12 with a reasonable aptitude in mathematics. More information on a
  career with Integral can be found at our website which you will need to
  visit to complete an application form and to book a place for an assessment
  covering English, Maths and Science.
• Energy Australia ~ Electrical Engineering (Year 12 Students)
  The traineeship combines paid part-time study for the Advanced Diploma
  in Electrical Technolgy at TAFE and work experience at Energy Australia.
  Attractive salary and work conditions apply. For further information about
  our traineeships, please contact Sumaira Cheema on (02) 9394 6663 or at We seek students who enjoy maths and
  physics, and show an interest in Electrical Engineering.
  Applications close on Friday 29th September 2006
• All Trades Group Training ~ Apprenticeships & Traineeships
  Have places now for apprentices and trainees across a wide range of
  trades and industries. To register your interest book in for an assessment
  and/or an information session. You need to speak to us now!! Please call now
  on (02) 4732 5577

• Scholarships in Electrical Engineering (Year 12 Students)
  Our Scholarship program combines University study in Electrical
  Engineering and work experience at Energy Australia. For further in
  formation about our scholarships please contact Sumaira Cheema on (02)
  9394 6663 or at The value of the
  scholarship over the five-year period is in excess of $90,000. The
  scholarships are not awarded only on academic marks, but a combination of
  academic results, personal skills and attributes. Applications close on
  Friday 29th September 2006

• UTS Scholarship Program
  Bachelor of Information Technology. Successful applicants receive a
  scholarship of approximately $13,000 each year to study in this field.
  Skills required include: - Good communication and interpersonal skills
    - Motivation
    - High achievers in activities like peer support, school council, debating
    - An interest in this field
    - The whole you – not just a UAI. You will be selected on a combination
        of interview performance and UAI.
  For more information phone (02) 9514 1803 or visit the website:

Positions Vacant
• KAZ Business Services ~ Document Preparation Clerk
  This position would be suitable for Year 11 or 12 students who are looking
  for a full time position. The position entails providing an excellent
  document preparation service, handling in coming and out going mail and
  requires the following skills:
     - Strong numeracy skills and the ability to use a calculator
     - Computer literate
     - Attention to detail and accuracy
     - Dexterity
  For more information contact Shane Saville, Team Leader at KAZ Business
  Services on (02) 8837 5644

• Parramatta City Raceway ~ Customer Service / Cashiers / Food
  Handling / Car Park Attendants /Cleaners.
  Must be available for regular Saturday Nights between September 2006
  and May 2007. Must have common sense and be willing to learn from
  instruction, be honest, reliable and presentable. An information evening is
  being held on Wednesday 24th August 2006 from 5.0pm – 7.00pm or for
  more information phone 9637 0411 or email office@parramattacity
  Applicants can apply in person on any Friday in August between 9.30am –
  2.30 pm at Parramatta City Raceway 21 Wentworth Street Granville.

Open Days
• Taronga Zoo’s Meet-A-Keeper Program
  For students who are interested in pursuing a career in animal care or
  zookeeping. This program is part of Taronga Zoo’s vocational education
  program and is open to all school students 14 years and over.
  When: Wednesday 20th September
  Time: 10 am to 2.30 pm
  Cost: $20 per student (Includes entry into the Zoo & morning tea)
  To secure your place See Mrs Sargeant.
• Australian Catholic University
  ACU Open Day 2006 will be held at the Sydney campuses on Saturday, 9th
  September at North Sydney from 9 am to 2 pm and at Strathfield from
  9 am to 4 pm. Open Day provides an opportunity for prospective students
  and their families to visit the campus and find out more about the courses
• University of Western Sydney
  Open Day is ideal for anyone who is consider their career and their study
  When: Sunday 20th August 2006 ~ 10am – 2 pm
  Where: Parramatta Campus, Crn James Ruse Drive & Victoria Road
  For more information call 1800 897 669 or email:

               The Children’s Hospital at Westmead presents:

               Parenting Adolescents
            Seminar Series for parents of young people aged 11 to 18 years.
                     Thursday 7th September & 5th October, 7 – 9 pm.

This series of seminars will answer questions most commonly asked by parents
and carers of young people, in addition to giving advice on how to raise happy and
healthy adolescents. We recommend that you register for the seminars to insure
your position.
Each seminar will run from 7.00 – 9.00 pm, staring with a presentation.
Presentations will then be followed by a panel discussion where you will be able to
also ask questions. On each evening, the panel will be Dr David Bennett
(Adolescent Physician), Andrew Wallis (Social Worker/ Family Therapist), and Dr
Jean Starling (Psychiatrist).

Great conversations – How to talk and relate to your adolescent
WHEN:              Thursday 7th September 2006, 7 – 9 pm
SPEAKER:           Andrew Wallis (Social Worker/Family Therapist)
Learn about how to effectively and enjoyably communicate with your adolescent. The focus of
the discussion will be on fostering positive and healthy relationships within the family, dealing
with conflict, limit setting and problem solving.

Risky business – Tackling the difficult issues for adolescents
WHEN:             Thursday 5th October 2006, 7 – 9 pm
SPEAKER:          Dr Jean Starling (Psychiatrist)
Learn about the common risk taking behaviours of adolescents and how to protect and support
your teenager through the experimental years. Issues covered will include substance use
(including drinking and smoking), safe partying, sexual relationships and mental health

For more information see Ms McKell or call The Education Centre of the
Children’s Hospital Westmead on 9845 3585.
                   At JAS Tutoring we work with the
                   parents, students and teachers to
                   create an educational boost that
                   your child may require in order to
                   achieve their optimum level in their
                   education. At JAS Tutoring we have
                   developed curriculum based books,
                   so that your child can have the best
                   possible chance at success.
                    Our fees start from $15 per hour and we
                    pride ourselves in the testing of tutors,
                    curriculum based books created by our
                    company for the tutors, and the training
                    we provide for our tutors.

At JAS Tutoring we also provide extended contact
hours where you can reach us until 9pm at night. We
also tutor until 8pm so if the children have after school
commitments or you don’t get home till late, we can
cater for your individual needs.

Please do not hesitate to call or email us for some more information
     Tel: 0415 461 517        Email:


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