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									There are times when just a few inexpensive adjustments can make all the difference in a room. My
daughter and her husband were tired of throwing their money away on rent, but they could not afford a very
big home. Our son-in-law is quite handy with fixing things and so is my husband. We told them that if they
wanted to invest in a fixer upper we would help them get it into shape. As long as the house had a solid
foundation and support walls we could restore the rest as a family project. I love to paint and stain so I told
them I would help also.

They began looking in different areas for a lower price house. They found a house that was on a large lot at
the end of a dead end road. The lot butted up against a small city park. The house had sat empty for three
years after the elderly woman that lived in it was moved to a nursing home. She had recently passed away
and so it was now for sale. She had a niece and nephew that were settling her estate and they were in a hurry
to sell the house to get things settled. There was a lot of furniture and other things in the house. They wanted
to sell everything as it was. Because it the elderly woman was not able to do a great deal of cleaning and
with it sitting empty so long it needed a great deal of cleaning. The price was a steal so the kids bought it
and we went to help them get it into shape. We agreed that the first thing we needed to do was move
everything out so we could see what we were working with. In the corner of the living room were several
boxes of discount carpet tiles that she must have purchased and never got around to installing. The carpet in
the living room was old and worn. We thought we could pull it up and lay down the discount carpet tiles.
They were a neutral color and they were clean and new. We began pulling up the old carpet and the pad.
There was a wood floor underneath; however it was not in very good shape in the center of the room;
however the edges were perfect. We decided to leave the wood exposed around the parameter of the room
and lay the discount carpet tiles in the rest of the room. By doing this we had enough to do the dining room
also. The discount carpet tiles were made of Berber and fit together very well. Once we were done you could
not tell that they were individual squares.

We put fresh coats of paint on all the walls and sanded and painted the kitchen cabinets. We reupholstered
several of the furniture pieces that had come with the house. There were several neat items that they kept
and the rest we put on a garage sale. The house is shaping up nicely and the kids know that they will make a
huge profit on it when it comes time for them to move on.

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