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					Stopping Addictive Behaviors

When most people think of addictive behaviors, they picture drug abuse or alcohol addiction, but for
addictive personalities, almost anything can be habit forming. The psychology of addiction is complex and
kind of twisted, but it is a reality for millions of people world wide. For these poor, unfortunate souls, every
day is a struggle. People who suffer from addictive behavior get rid of one bad habit only to fall for another

Alcohol and drug rehab is often the start of changing a life paralyzed by addictive behaviors. The first thing,
after all, is to break out of your current addiction. A treatment center is really the best way to start doing
this. Through meditation, a healthy diet, daily exercise, and a variety of other tricks, most people can get
past an initial drug habit and become clean and sober. With addictive behaviors, however, that is only the
start of the problem.

The big problem is that it is quite easy to fall back into your addictive behaviors as soon as you are out of
the treatment program. After all, anyone can stay drug free when they are being treated and supervised by
doctors who help them to stay on a strict schedule. Having the strong will and the wherewithal to stay with it
when you are on your own is another thing altogether.

The best thing to do is to find some higher power. There has to be something at the core that you can cling
tightly too when you feel lost in temptation. For a lot of people, this higher power is God. If you feel like
God is watching you all the time, it might be a lot easier to stay clean and sober. I know that it has made a
big difference for me. Whether I am being watched by doctors in the clinic or God in heaven, I have little
problem staying sober. It is only when I feel like I am alone that the psychology of addiction gets the best of
me again.

Of course, having a support group of some sort is every bit as important as having religious faith, if not
more. Whether you go to narcotics anonymous or simply have a family who is there to look after you, a
supportive community will make a huge difference. After all, we all feel weak now and again. Those are the
times when it is most important to be vigilant in your fight against addictive behaviors.

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