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					Master of Accounting
at Macquarie University, 2011
Master of Accounting (Professional)
Master of Accounting (CPA Extension)

Photo: Effy Alexakis         
M acq ua r i e u n i v e r s i t y Fac u lt y o F B u s i n e s s a n d e co n o M i c s D E PA r t M E n t o f A CCo u n t i n g A n D f i n A n C E

     Why study accounting
     at Macquarie University?

                                                                                                                                                                                               Photo: Paul Wright
     Macquarie University’s   +                                                    qualiFy FroM a non-accounting                                        academics and practitioners
                                                                                   Bachelor degree                                                      who are experts in their field. A
     postgraduate accounting                                                       Students who hold a bachelor                                         number of teaching staff also act as
     degrees provide a path                                                        degree in any discipline have                                        consultants providing advice to the
     for university graduates                                                      the opportunity to earn a widely                                     iCAA and CPA Australia.
                                                                                   recognised and respected                                         +
     in any discipline to                                                          postgraduate academic
                                                                                                                                                        ParticiPate in our Work exPerience
     acquire accounting                                                            qualification.
                                                                                                                                                        Eligible Master of Accounting (CPA
     qualifications that are  +                                                    PrePare For cPa or ca                                                Extension) students can participate
     fully recognised by                                                           ProFessional PrograM                                                 in the work experience program
     CPA Australia and The                                                         units have been designed to meet                                     run by the Macquarie university
                                                                                   the educational requirements                                         careers service.
     Institute of Chartered                                                        of CPA Australia, the institute of
     Accountants in Australia                                                      Chartered Accountants in Australia
     (ICAA).                                                                       (iCAA) and other international
                                                                                   accounting bodies. the programs
                                                                                   provide thorough preparation
                                                                                   for the CPA or CA programs and
                                                                                   are taught by both accounting

2 C R I C O S C O d e 00002 J

Master of Accounting

                                                                                                                                                                                 Photo: James Zhao
Master of Accounting
(CPA extension)
                                                       master OF aCCOuntIng (PrOFessIOnaL)
                                                       Students complete 13 units over 3 semesters of study and one vacation session (ACCG854 or ACCG857).
  Key Features
                                                       Upon completion of these 13 units students meet the entry requirements for both the CPA and ICAA
  These courses enable international students
                                                       professional programs.
  to obtain a widely recognised and respected
  postgraduate academic qualification in               units availaBle
  accounting. Students completing the Master                                                                                                              core units
  of Accounting (CPA extension) receive                    economic Analysis                                                                              ACCG849
  extensive academic support while they                    Business Law                                                                                   ACCG851
  prepare for the CPA external examinations.               Quantitative Methods                                                                           ACCG860
  Both programs place particular emphasis on               Principles of Accounting                                                                       ACCG861
  communication as well as strong technical                Company Law                                                                                    ACCG854
  skills.                                                  Financial Accounting                                                                           ACCG862
  •	 Students	from	a	non-accounting	bachelor	              Managerial Accounting                                                                          ACCG852
     degree can apply                                      Accounting Information Systems                                                                 ACCG853
                                                           Taxation Law                                                                                   ACCG857
  •	 The	programs	are	accredited	by	CPA	
                                                           Auditing and Assurance Services                                                                ACCG856
     Australia and the Institute of Chartered
                                                           Corporate Accounting                                                                           ACCG855
     Accountants in Australia (ICAA) and
                                                           Financial Management and Policy                                                                ACCG858
     meet the entry requirements for both
                                                           Current Issues in Accounting                                                                   ACCG859
     professional programs
  •	 Students	can	undertake	the	CPA	                   master OF aCCOuntIng (CPa extensIOn)
     qualification while completing a Master           In addition to the 13 units of the Master of Accounting (Professional) students complete 6 CPA Australia
     degree in Accounting                              segments in conjunction with the corresponding University CPA Support units over 2 semesters of study.
                                                       Assessment of the Macquarie University CPA Support units is 70% determined by a student’s performance in
  •	 Macquarie	CPA	extension	units	directly	
                                                       the University CPA Support unit and 30% determined by the student’s CPA Australia examination result.
     support CPA segments
                                                       Note: Three years of mentored work experience is also required to be eligible for full CPA
                                                       Australia membership.
                                                       units availaBle
2011 entry requireMents                                                                                                                                   suPPort unit
Applicants must have a bachelor degree from a              Students complete the 13 units of the Master of Accounting (Professional) and
recognised university, with a GPA of at least 2.70         then the CPA Extension component as listed below:
(out of 4.00). A maximum of five exemptions may be         CPA Compulsory Segments
granted for previously completed equivalent units          CPA – Financial Reporting and disclosure                                                       ACCG907
at an Australian university within a period of three       CPA – Strategic Management Accounting                                                          ACCG908
years prior to enrolment at Macquarie.                     CPA – ethics and Governance                                                                    ACCG913
english language requireMents                              CPA – Global Strategy and Leadership                                                           ACCG903
IeLTS (Academic english only): Minimum 6.5 overall,        CPA Elective segments (choose 2)
with 6.0 in each section. For other accepted               CPA – Assurance Services and Auditing                                                          ACCG904
english language qualifications please view                CPA – Financial Risk Management                                                                ACCG905                  CPA – Taxation                                                                                 ACCG909
apply/english                                              CPA – Contemporary Business Issues                                                             ACCG914
                                                       * This fee is subject to change. For units completed in 2011 the 2011 fee will apply. For units completed in 2012 (or
CrICOs COde           Professional: 068956G              2013 depending on the duration of the course), students will pay the fee approved for the 2012 (or 2013) academic
                      CPa extension: 022767d             year respectively. This fee does not include the CPA examination fees.
2011 estImated Fee* Professional: AU$34,992 (total)
                      CPa extension: AU$23,328
                                                            CPA External Examination fees are paid directly to CPA Australia. There are two parts to the CPA Australia fees:
                                                            assessment and membership fee: AU$500 (approximately); segment enrolment fee: AU$785 per segment (6
                                                            segments in total). For further information visit
duratIOn              Professional: 1.5 years
                      CPa extension: 2.5 years         For further information on tuition fees visit

2011 COurse           Semester One (February)
COmmenCes             Semester Two (July)
CamPus LOCatIOns      North Ryde (Sydney)
                      Sydney CBd

                                             Peeratat (Natt) Benjatidmongkol | t h a i l a n d
                                             master of accounting (CPa extension)
                                             “Macquarie University was my first choice when I decided to do my postgraduate degree because of the reputation of its educational
                                             programs. The Master of Accounting (CPA extension) has provided me with strong fundamental knowledge of accounting, as well
                                             as specific technical proficiency. I have significantly increased my academic skills as well as my social skills throughout my study at
                                             Macquarie. This will enable me to be successful in my future career. I am proud to be part of this program.”
                                             Photo: James Zhao

                                             devang Patel | i n d i a
                                             master of accounting (CPa extension)
                                             “I chose to study the Master of Accounting (CPA extension) because it has been designed to integrate a CPA qualification with a
                                             program that is also focused on developing practical skills. So far my experience has been intense and challenging but also fun. It
                                             has been a wonderful learning process where I see myself growing along with other students. I love this course, the University and
                                             Sydney! I have met wonderful people and had amazing experiences.”
                                             Photo: Jenny Shedden

   About Macquarie                                                          Campus location                                                           enhance your degree
   University                                                               and facilities          As part of Macquarie’s commitment to
                                                                                                    internationalisation and innovation, the
   As a Macquarie student you will join a          Macquarie University’s North Ryde campus is
                                                                                                    Global Leadership Program (GLP), run by
   welcoming community of 33,000 students with uniquely located in parklands only 30 minutes
                                                                                                    Macquarie International, allows students to
   10,400 international students from over 114     drive to Sydney Harbour. On campus you will
                                                                                                    enhance their Macquarie degree and develop
   countries.                                      find extensive facilities, including eateries, a
                                                                                                    their leadership and global skills through
                                                   state-of-the-art	Sport	and	Aquatic	Centre,	an	
                                                                                                    studying, volunteering and participating in
   Ranked amongst Australia’s top ten universities acclaimed sculpture park, museums and hotels.
                                                                                                    internships in Australia and overseas.
   (Shanghai Jiao Tong University Rankings, 2010), The Macquarie Centre, a major shopping
   Macquarie University is recognised for its      complex, is on the doorstep of the campus.       Macquarie also has one of the most extensive
   innovative	curriculum,	high-quality	teaching	                                                    international exchange programs of any
                                                   In 2009, we became the first university
   and research and unique campus environment.                                                      Australian university.
                                                   in Australia to have its own train station
                                                   on campus. Bus services have also been
                                                   revamped, meaning it is now much easier to
                                                   get to Macquarie than ever before.
                                                                            Quality student accommodation is available
                                                                            both on and off campus.

                                                                             For More inForMation                                                     Macquarie international
                                                                             for further information on admission to Macquarie                        Tel: (61 2) 9850 7346
                                                                             university, accommodation options, transport                             Fax: (61 2) 9850 9198
                                                                             services, working in Australia, orientation activities                   email:
                                                                             and more:                                                      
                                                                                                                                                      enquire online:
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