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									                                                                            IMPORTANT REMINDERS

Please review the following information prior to completing the Rehire/Concurrent/Transfer form. Please complete all required applicable fields prior to e-mailing the form
to HRIS or the form will be returned for completion. Send all forms to, not directly to any individual. Likewise, please do not send the form to both an
individual and the payroll box to prevent duplication of efforts.

General Employee Information
Please verify all information in SABHRS prior to completing the form to make sure the information is accurate prior to sending in the form. Be sure that the Position
Number, Task Group, and Task Profile IDs are active, complete and accurate. As an example of a proper position number, enter 58100320, not 00320.

If the following fields are not completed, the data will default to:
Work Group ► STATEALL
Retirement Plan ► PERS

Please refer to the table below to familiarize yourself with the benefits an employee is eligible for based on their status. The form contains a drop down for Insurance
Eligible employees and on for Non-eligible employees – Please only select from one drop-down or the other. Selecting values from both drop-downs delays the
processing until clarification can be obtained.

 Benefits Eligibility

   The system enrolls employees in different benefits based on the data                                      Insurance                                              Benefit
                                                                                Reg / Temp     Full / Part                          Leave           Retirement
   entered in the Job Information panel, specifically the                                                    (State Share)                                         Program
   Regular/Temporary and the Full-time/Part-time fields. Insurance/                                                            Sick*    Annual*
   State Share, Leave, and Retirement Benefits are set up based on the         Regular
                                                                                                                               Military Holiday
                                                                               Seasonal        Part T <20        No                                   Yes **       G20
   table to the right:                                                                                                          Exempt Comp
                                                                                                                                Non-Ex Comp
   * means the employee can accrue leave, but is not able to use it
   until the employee has worked 90 days (for sick leave) and 6 months                         Full-Time
                                                                                                                             Only FLSA Non-Exempt
                                                                               Short-Term      Part-Time         No                                   Yes **       GEN
   (for annual leave). If the employee has not worked for those lengths                                                            Comp Time
                                                                                               Part T <20
   of time, the employee is also not eligible for leave payouts upon
   termination.                                                                                                                  Sick*   Annual*
                                                                               Seasonal < 6                                         Holiday
   ** means the Employee is eligible for Retirement and will be enrolled                       Part-Time         No                                   Yes **       GEN
                                                                               Temporary < 6                                     Exempt Comp
                                                                                               Part T <20
   in the appropriate Retirement Plan field on the Benefit Program                                                               Non-Ex Comp
   Participation panel. If the “Waive” (V) retirement option is selected,                                                                                         NPN, NPG
                                                                                                                               Sick*    Annual*
   the employee will NOT be enrolled in a Retirement plan. Questions           Regular                                                                            (After Tax)
                                                                                               Full-Time                       Military Holiday
   regarding who is eligible to Waive retirement should be directed to         Seasonal                          Yes                                  Yes **           or
                                                                                               Part-Time                        Exempt Comp
   the Public Employee Retirement Administration.                              Temporary                                                                          PPN, PPG
                                                                                                                                Non-Ex Comp
                                                                                                                                                                   (Pre Tax)

Please be sure to note whether the employee has been terminated and rehired in the same pay period, as HRIS must manually reinstate the employee’s insurance,
retirement, and leave plans.

Concurrent jobs are created by HRIS and can be for an employee working in multiple positions for one agency or for an employee working an additional job in a different
agency. If the employee already has one or more concurrent records and at least one of the records is marked “Terminated”, this employee may be entered as a Rehire
into the appropriate employee record.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\184c73c2-f6ac-4c16-b997-24d0c38dcb76.doc                                                                                         Last Updated 7/16/08
Transfers will be entered on or after the Tuesday after payday, as the full off-cycle processes must be complete prior to processing any transfers.

When transferring an employee into or out of your agency, please do not create a transfer row, as this only creates more work for you and HRIS. HRIS will add this row
after receiving the necessary form from the receiving agency.

Both Agencies must enter time in the Timesheet by “View By: Day” instead of by “View By: Week or Time Period”. This allows both Agencies to be able to enter time with
fewer problems. Time can be easily overridden or erased because limited visibility of the employee’s complete timesheet due to Department level security restricting
access to your own agency and by the method you choose to “View” the timesheet. Also, timing is crucial for Agencies (DPHHS & DOT) that interface their time into
SABHRS. Contact HRIS if you have any questions regarding Time Entry.

All time will be entered in the Employee’s Timesheet either by HR/payroll (Manager Self Service> Time Management> Report Time> Timesheet) OR by the
Employee (Self Service > Time Reporting> Report Time> Timesheet) – whichever is your agency’s preferred method.

If an employee transfers the Monday after the beginning of the pay period (i.e. 5-14-07), the beginning of the pay period (i.e. 5-12-07) must be used as the transfer date for
benefit and budgeting purposes. Do not use correction mode to change the date that HRIS enters as it will negatively affect many processes, including the tax
distribution data. If the date of transfer is any date after the Monday following the beginning of the pay period, the transfer becomes a mid-period transfer.

Mandatory Checklist – be sure to check everything for accuracy
Complete this checklist following confirmation of each and every Rehire, Transfer, Concurrent Record, and Termination of an employee. This information is for the agency
that the employee record is currently in (i.e. receiving agency for transfers). Please do not make any changes using correction mode, simply insert rows using the same
effective date with effective sequence numbers.
         If the employee is a rehire, transfer or in a concurrent record, you need to make sure they are in a dynamic group or static group (you may need to refresh).
         When entering time for the employee, change on the employee’s timesheet to the effective date of the new position, then switch the timesheet view to either
     “Week” or “Day” depending on when the employee started this new job (and click refresh). This will make the Task Profile ID for the new position available; otherwise
     you will only be able to use the Task Profile from the employee’s previous position.
         Enter Agency Hire, Anniversary and Probation dates on the Employment Data Page.
         If the employee has an active Direct Deposit, ask the employee if he/she still wants it and verify the bank and account information for accuracy. If they do not wish
         to continue the account, make it inactive or it will automatically start up again. If the employee is terminating be sure to shut off the general deductions (except any
         benefit-related and GARNSH general deductions) and all Direct Deposits.
         If the employee had a 5-day break in service, check to make sure the longevity pay row has been deleted.
         If an employee terminates and gets rehired within the same pay period, notify HRIS to reactivate the leave plans.
         Check all General Deductions on rehires and enter end dates if the deduction is no longer valid. Make sure Workers Comp (WRKCMP) has an end date on
         Check Military status and Military leave balances.
         Check Union Dues and Union Pension (UP) deductions- be sure to put an end date in if the employee transferred or was rehired into a position that is not union.
         Verify Employee Tax Data.
         If this is a Concurrent record, check to be sure the same the premium payment plan used in employee record 0 is used in all subsequent concurrent records.
         Check rate of pay, including longevity.
         Check EEO & Emergency Contact Form. Update Personal Data and Emergency Contact Info accordingly.
         All EFFs (emergency fire fighters), and Patient/Employees are EXEMPT from FICA (go to Job Data> Payroll tab> FICA Status needs to be EXEMPT). Highway
         Patrol Officers must be coded as Medicare Only (go to Job Data> Payroll tab> FICA Status needs to be Medicare Only).
         If EFFs (emergency fire fighters), Highway Patrol Officers, and Patient/Employees are rehired or transferred into another position other than EFF, (emergency fire
         fighter), Highway Patrol Officers, and Patient/Employees, they are subject to FICA (go to Job Data> Payroll tab> FICA Status needs to be Subject).

Save – After downloading form from the web, select File > “Save As” to save to your appropriate drive. When naming this form to save, use the following naming
convention: Form Type Last name, First Name Middle Initial PPE (i.e. Rehire Doe, Joe K 05232008).

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\184c73c2-f6ac-4c16-b997-24d0c38dcb76.doc                                                                                        Last Updated 7/16/08
                                                                           Select Form
All rehires, concurrent records and interagency transfers MUST be completed by HRIS, due to Department-level security and impacts on Benefits. The agency
that is rehiring, adding the concurrent record, or transferring the employee INTO their agency for the upcoming pay period should e-mail with the pertinent
information on this form by Payday at 5:00 pm. Please e-mail the payroll box or call the Help Desk at 444-5219 should you have any questions.
The preceding pages contain important reminders regarding Benefits Eligibility as well as the Rehire/Concurrent/Transfer process. Please read and comply with this
information. Make sure ALL data is complete and correct prior to sending to the payroll box, as incomplete forms will be returned.

General Employee Information – All fields are required

               *Verify Position Number and Title are active and approved: Organizational Development> Position Management> Maintain Positions/Budgets> Add/Update Position Info
Employee Name: (Last, First M.I.)
Employee ID:               Record Number              Position Number*:
Position Title*:        Effective Date (MM/DD/YYYY):              First Day Worked: (MM/DD/YYYY):

                   Select the Regular/Temporary and Full/Part Time status in either the Eligible or Non-eligible row according to the employee’s eligibility.
Select Reg/Temp Status and Full/Part-Time Status from ONE of the following drop downs based on employee benefit eligibility:
Insurance Eligible: Select OR        Non-eligible: Select

BW Group: Select                      Base Rate: $              Longevity #: Select        Retirement Plan: Select

                                  *Verify Task Group and Task Profile ID are active: Set Up HRMS> Product Related> Time and Labor> Task Configurations> Task Profile and Taskgroup
Work Group: Select                                         Task Group*:               Task Profile ID*:

Rehire Information – required if you are rehiring a former State employee

Reason of Rehire: Select                            Is this employee being terminated and rehired in this pay period?          Select

Concurrent Information – required if you are adding a concurrent position for an employee

Reason for Hire in Concurrent Job: Select             With this position, do you wish to have the Job Records tied together? Select

Transfer Information – required if you are hiring a current State employee into your agency

Reason of Transfer:      Select

Agency (112, 114, etc.):             Agency Contact:                                                        Phone Number:                            Date:

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\184c73c2-f6ac-4c16-b997-24d0c38dcb76.doc                                                                                          Last Updated 7/16/08

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