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                • FEAR OF THE DEEP
                • CHIEF TANKSLEY RETIRES
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                                                                                    the BACKLINE

 FLASH FIRES                                                                  A PUBLICATION OF THE DALLAS
                                                                                FIRE-RESCUE DEPARTMENT
 News & Events at Press Time
                                                                                VOL. VI DECEMBER -
                                                                                 JANUARY 2008-09
 Assistant Chief Thomas Tanksley retired from the Dallas Fire-
 Rescue Department with more than 38 years of service. The retirement            STAFF & COMMITTEE
 ceremony was held in his honor on Tuesday, December 9, 2008 in the Flag
 Room at City Hall.                                                                  James Adams
                                                                                         Kim Cole
                                                                                    Cynthia Bustillos
 Captain David L. Smith and Paramedic/Driver Ayman Ghousheh, are                      Jason Evans
 being recognized as Fire Officer and Paramedic of the Year by Sons of the           Molly Feighner
                                                                                 Melanie Forbes-Scott
 American Revolution. The luncheon honoring the pair will be held at                   Stuart Grant
 Highland Park Cafeteria at the Casa Linda Shopping Center December 13,               Ernest Gurulé
 2008, at 1200 N. Bucker Boulevard in Dallas at 8:00 a.m.                           Cristian Hinojosa
                                                                                       Julie Kumar
                                                                                      Sherrie Lopez
                                                                                     Mark Mitchell
 In early November, through the Adopt-A-Station program, Congregation                Debbie Mullins
                                                                                    Annette Ponce
 Shearith Israel donated their time and talent to Stations 27 and 41. For        Leanne Siri-Edwards
 three hours, nearly 45 volunteers descended upon the stations. They worked    Merian Robbins-Beckworth
 the soil, cleaned out the beds, trimmed hedges and planted a variety of             Sherrie Wilson
 color, giving the stations much needed landscape beautification.                    Robert Winters

                                                                               ALL INFORMATION PUBLISHED IS
                                                                                CONSIDERED CORRECT AND
                                                                                  CURRENT AT THE TIME OF
                                                                                PUBLICATION. CORRECTIONS,
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  FEATURES                                REGULARS
    7 Planning Last Health Fair                TRICKS OF THE TRADE
                                            4 Is There a Ladder Out There?
    9 38 Years of Service That Inspires        LOOKING BACK
                                            5 Stories From the Past
        K-9 CONFERENCE 2008
  11 DFR's 5th Anniversary Hosted              PRESS RELEASE
                                          15 From DFR’s Press Room
  13 FEAR OFPastimes to Real Life
             THE DEEP
                                          16 ROOKIE PROFILES
    6   A Message from the Chief

IS THERE A LADDER                         ladder will be set in a “rescue set” and  the entrance point. It doesn’t have to
                                          will not be visible from the inside. If   be a great big multi-million candle
OUT THERE?                                there is a ladder set to that window,     power light, but something that will
                                          clear the entire window out. This gives   let you know when you are close. A
                                          the firefighters a clue inside if there   small strobe light on the floor by the
                                          are ladders set to the windows on the     window or taped to the beam of your
                                          floor they are operating on. Cross bar,   ladder will direct you back to the
                                          no ladder. No cross bar, a ladder is set. ladder or the window without blind-
                                          Be careful not to move ladders that are   ing you. Some other options are small
We have been taught through the           set to buildings in this fashion. If you  flashlights that you can carry in your
years that when we vent a window          end up setting a ladder to a window       pocket for just this task and as an extra
that we completely clear the window       that still has a cross bar, simply remove light in case your main flashlight goes
of all objects. This is a great practice  the cross bar once the ladder is set.     out. Some manufacturers have small
because it gets rid of any obstruc-                                                 LED’s on the back of their hand lights
                                         A LIGHT IN THE DARK                        that will do the same thing. All this
tions that might impede ventilation, a
                                         How many times have you entered a          does is give the firefighter a reference
rescue effort or getting ourselves out
                                         building through a window or gone to point so that he/she doesn’t crawl
of that window. What we suggest is
                                         the roof off a ladder and had trouble      around in circles or walk off the roof.
just a little adjustment to that thought
                                         finding your way back to that window
process for second floor windows or
                                         or ladder? I believe that we have all
above. When you take the window
                                         done so, at least, once in our careers. It
out on these floors, leave the cross bar
                                         raises your anxiety level and causes you
or sash in place across the middle of
                                         to breathe a little quicker. A simple
the window if there is NOT a ladder
                                         step you can take is to place a light at
at that window. Most of the time the

HOUSE OF BLUES HOLIDAY EVENT                                    YOU THINK YOU'VE GOT THE LOOK?
It seems like if you play the blues, one of the original           • EXTENDED CONTEST! • DEADLINE EXTENDED! •
American sounds, the prerequisite is that you’d better
be interesting, have a story that is unique, or at the very     Stations! Members of DFR! We know that you've taken
least, memorable. Dallas Firefighter Tom Cortilet has           liberties on personalizing the Dallas Fire-Rescue logo.
been playing music since college. He’s a serious student        Why not take a quick picture and email it to us?
but fire fighting puts a serious crimp in how much he can       We are extending this logo contest due to a very sad
play. But every Christmas he somehow finds time to get          submission rate - we would prefer you to have choices to
a group of musicians together and organize a charity            vote on! So get them in - what do you have to lose? Your
concert. This year, Cortilet and his band of blues men,         logo will have the entire cover of the Backline once voted
including a good representation from Dallas Fire-Rescue,        for. Email your pics to or
will descend on Dallas’ House of Blues on December              send them up to 7AS. Show off your station pride!
16th to raise the roof along with a little money for
Muscular Dystrophy and Santa’s Helpers, a charity that
collects toys for underprivileged children.

The December 16th House of Blues event, which can
be accessed at, is already selling out. Advance
sale tickets are selling for $10. At the door, prices go
up to $12.

4      the BACKLINE                                                               
                                                                                   STATION STORIES

LOOKING BACK                               CHICKEN PAZOLE                              1. In a large stock pot, mix flour with
                                                                                          the water until smooth. Add the
Fire Prevention Rules, C. 1872             Once you try this soup, you'll be              chicken broth and bring to a boil.
                                           glad that it makes a good amount,
                                           as it makes for great leftovers. Be         2. Add the garlic, onion, seasonings
The Dallas City Council passed             sure to include the suggested garnish          and green chiles. Simmer covered
several fire prevention ordinances         of lime and avocado when serving               for about 15 minutes.
beginning January 30, 1872. The            this delicious soup!
following sections were taken from                                                     3. Add the chicken and hominy and
the Ordinance Books of the City of         ½ C. Masa Harina Flour                         let it simmer for awhile to bring
Dallas. All were passed by the Council 1 ½ C. Cool Water                                  out the flavor. Salt to taste. Garnish
in 1872.                                   12 C. Chicken Broth                            with a lime wedge and avocado slice
                                           2 Medium Garlic Cloves, minced                 before serving.
“It shall be unlawful for any person       1 Medium Onion, chopped
to throw any ball on fire, or fire any                                                 Serves 16
                                           1 T. Chili Powder
squib, cracker, rocket or fireworks        1 T. Brown Sugar
within fire district of said city.” A vio- 1 T. Dried Oregano
lation of this section was punishable      1 T. Ground Comino
by a fine of not less than one dollar      1 T. Ground Pepper
nor more than twenty-five dollars.         1 C. Green Chiles, chopped, drained
“No person shall use in any livery or      4 C. Chicken Pieces
other stable, carpenter shop or feed       1 30oz. can White Hominy, drained
store, containing hay or straw, in         1 30oz. can Yellow Hominy, drained
said city, any lighted candle or other     Salt, to taste
light, without having secured the          Garnish: Lime Wedges and Avocado
same within a tin horn or glass lan-
tern; nor shall any smoke within or
bring into such stable shop or store       WINNING THE BATTLE OF HOLIDAY STRESS
a lighted cigar or pipe or firecracker.
                                           The holidays are quickly approaching us again. Along with the joy of this time,
Any person violating the provisions of
                                           we’re also accompanied by the stress of this season. As adults, we often feel that
this section shall be fined in any sum
                                           we need to follow the same holiday rituals that our parents carried out. These
not less than one dollar nor more than
                                           traditions can be more difficult for us to continue since life is much more fast-
twenty-five dollars.
                                           paced now.
“It shall not be lawful for any person
                                           Try implementing the following tips into your busy schedule to minimize your
to carry, or cause to be carried in the
                                           stress. Don’t let yourself fall short of much needed sleep. You may get more
streets or alleys, any burning coal or
                                           accomplished by staying up late but you’ll also feel run down and make your-
brands, unless the same be shut up
                                           self more susceptible to getting a cold. Sugary treats are hard to avoid during
in a covered vessel, and any person
                                           this time, but you’ll be better off limiting yourself from them. Your energy
offending against the provisions of
                                           levels don’t fall as quickly when keeping your normal diet. Try not to skip your
this section shall be fined the sum of
                                           regular workouts at the gym. You’ll find that they give you the boost you need
not less than one nor more than five
                                           during this stressful time. It’s perfectly okay to say “no” to all those holiday par-
                                           ties you’re invited to. Instead pick one or two you’d really like to attend. Start
                                           new traditions that are more accommodating to your busy lifestyle. Lastly,
                                           don’t forget to relax with a cup of hot cocoa!                                                                               the BACKLINE             5

"My wishes for each member of the department is spend time with the people you love the
most doing the things you enjoy the best. And best wishes for a safe and happy 2009."

We at the North Texas Food Bank hope your fire station          With the help of Dallas Fire-Rescue and now Ford Motor
is excited about Extinguish Hunger, the annual Dallas           Company, the North Texas Food Bank will feed thousands
Fire-Rescue canned food drive currently underway and            of families this holiday season. Thank you for making
benefiting the NTFB. With a month left, there’s still           Extinguish Hunger a continued success!
more time for you to collect needed food items for North
Texans in need!                                                 A bit of background: The North Texas Food Bank was
                                                                established in 1982 by Liz Minyard, Kathryn Hall, Jo
Ford Motor Company volunteers will be picking up                Curtis and Lorraine Griffin Kircher. Their goal was to
canned good collections for Extinguish Hunger on Thurs-         address the critical issue of hunger in North Texas by
day, December 18th. Ford employees will wear NTFB               securing donations of surplus unmarketable, but whole-
volunteer stickers and will arrive in Ford trucks. This part-   some, foods and grocery products for distribution through
nership will save the Food Bank in fuel cost and valuable       a network of charitable organizations dedicated to feeding
time, increasing our efficiency at one of our busiest times     the hungry in 13 North Texas counties: Dallas, Denton,
of the year.                                                    Collin, Fannin, Rockwall, Hunt, Grayson, Kaufman, Ellis,
                                                                Navarro, Lamar, Delta and Hopkins.
A truck from the North Texas Food Bank will make a
second pick-up at your station after the holiday, the week      The North Texas Food Bank is a certified member of
of January 5th.                                                 America's Second Harvest National Food Bank Network.

6      the BACKLINE                                                             
                                                                                   FEATURE STORY

                                                           NURSE CAROL RETIRING
                                                           Planning last Health Fair
Fourteen years ago the Dallas Fire-      Nurse Carol has carved a path into the    was badly burned during an attack
Rescue Department drew a line in the     hearts and souls of every Firefighter     with an explosive device. To Nurse
sand when it came to the health and      and Paramedic in our department           Carol and her husband Al, they feel
well being of its members. They hired    with her heart-warming kindness and       that adopting soldiers (16 Soldiers
Carol S. Lawrence, lovingly known as     supportive approach.                      and 8 Marines) over the years is their
“Nurse Carol.”                                                                     ministry.
                                         Everyone interviewed about Nurse
Nurse Carol was the first nurse in       Carol had something great to say.         The members of the Dallas Fire-
the State of Texas to do occupational    “Nurse Carol is a seasoned profes-        Rescue acknowledge Nurse Carol for
exposure for a fire department. Nurse    sional and we will miss her,” said        her years of dedicated service and her
                                                                                   professionalism over the last fourteen
                                                                                   years. “You can ask anyone in the
    "You can ask anyone in the department: if you                                  department, if you have a challenge
    have a challenge, ask Nurse Carol 'cause she’s                                 ask Nurse Carol 'cause she’s usually got
            usually got the right answer."                                         the right answer,” said EMS Lieuten-
                                                                                   ant Marshall Cook.

Carol says “I came here looking for      Paramedic Johnny Moreno. “It’s going We send our Nurse Carol off into
a job and found a family.” She has       to be hard to fill her shoes,” said Fire- retirement with the best wishes and
implemented and managed our              fighter Sonny Gilcrease. “Nurse Carol great thanks for a job well done.
infection control program, decon-        can be compared to the nurturing
tamination procedures and exposure       Aunt Bee on the Andy Griffin show,”
notification program. In addition,       said Communications Lieutenant Tim
she has managed the annual Health        Adkins.
Fair and worked diligently to defend
Workers Comp claims when it came          Not only has Nurse Carol taken care
to members being exposed to trauma        of us, she also adopts individuals in
and disease.                              the military. She has been very active
                                          with Prisoner of War (POW) and
“Nurse Carol called me shortly after      Missing In Action (MIA) groups. As
the Health Fair to tell me my blood       President of a homemakers group in
sugar was high and that I needed to       Ellis county her group adopted forty
be checked by a doctor. I don’t know      soldiers during Desert Storm. If you
how long this disease would have gone adopt a soldier you agree to send care
unchecked had it not been for Nurse       packages every few weeks and a letter
Carol,” said one member. Just this kind every week. She has also adopted sol-
of quiet, behind the scenes phone call diers out of Fort Hood and is part of a
that is delivered in a gentle, polite and program called “Soldier's Angels.”
compassionate tone is what we have
come to expect from her.                  Currently, she and her husband has
                                          adopted a “Wounded Warrior.” He                                                                           the BACKLINE             7
SMELL WHAT’S                               kind of a spread,” said Battalion          Knoerr recalls one Christmas early in
                                           Chief Harold Holland. “It’s good for       his DFR career when a captain “who
COOKING?                                   morale.” No matter the surround-           wasn’t the easiest guy to get along
                                           ings, he said, “to have a meal with        with,” asked if anyone had kids who
IT’S A DFR                                 your comrades, on either holiday,          still believed in Santa Claus. “I was
CHRISTMAS DINNER                           builds a bond.”                            working and he came in and told me,
                                                                                      “you go home…be with your kids. But
Even for firefighters, the men and                                                    don’t forget to come back.”
women whose job never ends, things
                                                                                      With more than fifty firehouses, each
tend to move just a little slower on
                                                                                      does the holiday differently — some
Christmas Day. Yes. If the bell rings,
                                                                                      on a grand scale, others a bit more
real time kicks in and they’ll answer
                                                                                      minimalist; some awesome, some
the call. But, when they return to
                                                                                      austere. “I’ve seen some firefighters
the firehouse, they try to replicate
                                                                                      go out and sing Christmas carols for
--- away from home --- something that
                                                                                      seniors,” said Assistant Chief Daniel
approximates what they may have
                                           Other firehouses are ‘sponsored’           Salazar. “It’s the kind of thing that
had when they were at home.
                                           for the holiday. A hotel will bring in a   touches both those who are being
                                           spread fancy enough to make a fire-        sung to as well as the firefighters
                                           house blush. “They’ll bring in turkey,     who are doing the singing.”

                                                                    “It's all about family.”

                                           ham, breads, everything they’d be          Inviting in families and marking the
                                           serving at the hotel,” said Deputy         season’s most important day is
                                           Chief Jerry Knoerr. On a smaller
                                           scale, community members will
                                           often drop by with cookies or cakes.

                                           While breaking bread is a holiday
It’s Christmas all across the
                                           staple at most firehouses, “it’s really
Dallas Fire-Rescue grid. Something
                                           all about family,” said Knoerr, who’s
or some event marking the holiday
                                           marking his thirty-second Christmas
is going on in nearly every one of the
                                           with DFR.
fifty-plus firehouses across the city.
In some places, it looks like a Currier    Alongside a fire truck, with moms
& Ives setting; families will come to      or dads supervising nearby, young          something that has been encour-
the firehouse to share the holiday         children will play. The truck, iconic      aged for generations in the fire
with their loved ones and with their       in its shiniest shade of red, is           service. “I certainly understand that
extended DFR family.                       elephantine in scale. On any other         we’re like everyone else,” said Fire
                                           day, under almost any other circum-        Chief Eddie Burns. “We’d like to
Like most everyone else, firefight-
                                           stances, the apparatus might be            be at home and do the things that
ers would rather be home for the
                                           overwhelming. But on Christmas,            everyone else likes to do. But our job
holiday. But everyone who wears
                                           it’s just a big truck — what daddy, or     is different and when we sign on to
the uniform understands that this
                                           mommy, drives at work.                     do it, we accept that as our reality,”
job isn’t like any other. Firefighters
know that emergencies don’t respect        Not all firehouses ‘do Christmas’          he said. “Still, it’s never a bad thing if
either calendar or clock. But they still   and opt instead for grilled cheese         we can share our good will with one
make the best of things.                   and chips. But those marking the day       another, with those in our community
                                           do their very best to see it’s as close    and remember the true meaning of
“Every time I’ve worked on Christmas                                                  this holiday.”
                                           to a family day as possible.
or Thanksgiving, we’ve set out some

8      the BACKLINE                                                                
                                                                                         FEATURE STORY

                                                     CHIEF TANKSLEY RETIRES
                                             38 Years of Service That Inspires

In your career — what one thing would        the 3rd day of a week-long ice storm. We
you have done differently?                   were out all day and all night. That year
I’d be a Chief ’s driver. I would have       we had snow at Thanksgiving. I ticked off
learned so much. It’s a training tool for    the Chief ’s driver and he swung me to a
a Battalion Chief. As a Command Tech,        station with an open cab engine. Man, it
you learn so much. Instead of being a        was cold.
driver on an engine, (you drive, you
                                             What was the best day of your career?
pump, you set up flares) — be a
Command Tech.                                I was nominated and received
                                             Distinguished Firefighter of the Year.
What advice would you give to a rookie?      We laid crosslay up a stairwell and the
Never stop studying. Prepare for and take    driver didn’t time it right. The crosslay
every promotional opportunity you can.       got all tangled up and we could not         sure enough, it happened again, and he
                                             advance it. So, we went in without a line   said “What did it say?” I said “Taking on
                                             and got the baby out. Another proud         water, send help fast — Titanic.”
                                             moment was on a drowning call. A little
                                             girl; she was 9 years old. We got her out   Zak: We worked opposite shifts and when
                                             of a swimming pool. We did CPR and          we got together in the morning, we’d
                                             brought her back with very rudimentary      share the state of affairs. There were lots of
                                             Munger equipment. She’d been out of the     times we had the whole station howling.

                                                      “I’d like to be remembered for always
                                                    putting the good of the fire department first
What advice would you give to                               above my personal desires.”
any member?
                                             water for 5 minutes and no one had done
Always try to learn as much as you                                                       Early in your career — Who were you?
                                             anything. We only had ambulances for
can. I came to work out of High School       about a year at that time.                  Gung-Ho. Don’t get between me and the
and promoted. I decided if I was ever                                                    fire. We put the wet stuff on the red stuff.
going to go past CS rank, I needed to go     What are some of your fondest memories?
back to school. Once I went to college,                                                  What do you think they would say
                                           Jackie Brown: We were coming to town          about you?
I just couldn’t get enough. I told Signe,  one day and the radio sounded like
my wife, I really wanted to enroll in some Morris code. Jackie asked why we were         Cautious — as a Chief ’s Officer I became
courses like health law — don’t care much  hearing that. I gave a bogus elaborate        very cautious. Not a 'Nervous Nelly,' but
about income tax law.                      explanation that lots of time radio signals   cautious. Let’s take a calculated risk.
So — don’t stop at 45 hours. There are     will get lost in the atmosphere. I said it    Can you name 2 or 3 people who
guys who want to do away with it, but      was called “skip” and if the atmospheric      guided you?
that’s a big mistake. The world is becom-  conditions are right, signals get lost in
                                                                                         They buried my first Captain today.
ing more complicated, not less.            space. At the next light, the radio did it
                                                                                         George T. Standifer. Army Captain from
                                           again and he asked “what is it saying?” I
                                                                                         WWII. Blind as a bat without his glasses
What was the worst day of your career?     told him I wasn’t sure…that it had been a
                                                                                         — and always laid them down at the
That’s easy, 1979. We made 25 runs. It was long time since I learned Morris code but                   — continued on page 10
                                           that I would try if it happened again. So                                                                                  the BACKLINE              9
watchdesk on a run. Never wore a
mask, the ol’ leather lung. He’s the one       WE WANT YOUR PHOTO OF THE MONTH
who told me — don’t ever stop study-
ing — don’t go in unprepared and don’t
get happy on an assignment. Take all
promotional opportunities.

Dodd Miller: He said he’d love to
promote me but I didn’t have any educa-
tion, so go back to school and then I’ll
think about promoting you.

David Dower: (In regards to me being
'very expressive.') He came to me as a
driver and told me, “Tank, let me tell
you what — just be sure it’s something
you want — be sure it’s something
you’re willing to die for before you put it
out there. If you feel that strongly about
it, then put it out there.”
What else would you like
to communicate?                                          GET IN YOUR PHOTOS! The BACKLINE NEEDS YOU!
Well, how do you encourage someone to                  We want to see photos from our members in the field —
really commit to the department? Don’t         while maybe it isn't a photo of a 4-alarm fire, we want to consider you
treat it like a part time job — it’s not. It   for the Photo of the Month. What about a picture of a funny moment
requires your 100% commitment at all            at your station? A grateful family after a save? Maybe even a cool
                                                           shot while you're on the way back from a run.
times. You can’t be a little bit commit-
                                                         Have fun with it, get creative — send them with a
ted. It’s like the Marines: once a Marine,                brief description to
always a Marine. Firefighters are the                     Are you really going to turn down a free lunch?
same way. Once a firefighter, always a

What are your plans?

Study for the bar. After that, spring
training comes and Sam’s got baseball.
I’ve missed spending time with
my family.

And finally, I’d like to be remembered
for always putting the good of the fire
department first above my personal
desires. I did that all the time except for
one circumstance, when my mother was
very, very sick, and only then I couldn’t.

Congratulations Chief Tanksley, may
your future exceed your expectations.

10        the BACKLINE                                                           
                                                                                  FEATURE STORY

                                                        K-9 CONFERENCE 2008
                                                  DFR's 5th Anniversary Hosted
We celebrated our 5th Anniver-              ence. Lead Instructor Matt Devaney    support from the community and K-9
sary hosting the Texas Arson K-9            trains approximately 200 canine teams industry and we want to thank and
Conference at the Fire Academy on           each year to protect the US borders   recognize these groups:
November 3 – 7, 2008. When our              and is also a Master Instructor for
Accelerant Detection Canine Ashly           NAPWDA.
was certified in 2002, Handler Chief                                              American Aluminum Accessories
Debbie Mullins would obtain her             The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and
C.E.’s and annual certification with the    Firearms advertises the conference    Cedar Hill Veterinary Clinic
State Fire Marshal’s Office at various      and supports the ATF accelerant K-9
                                            teams to come for the networking,     Criminalistics, Inc.
locations around the state. In 2003,
the K-9 teams came to Dallas for quar-      training and certifications. Dallas   Dallas Children's Charities
terly training and were so impressed
with the training facilities and support         "We try to throw in some fun competitions and
from Dallas Fire-Rescue they wanted
                                                  activities to keep the handlers more relaxed."
to come back for the annual certifica-
tions. Mullins volunteered to host
the group and so began the first Texas      Police K-9 Instructor Eric Jez and    Fairfield Inn — Mesquite
Arson K-9 Conference in 2004.               State Fire Marshal K-9 Instructor
                                            Tommy Pleasant also assist with the   GST Public Safety Supply
“As State Coordinator for the North         training and certifications.          Hill's Pet Nutrition
American Police Work Dog Asso-
ciation (NAPWDA), we wanted to          “While the certification criteria is      K9-Ops Gear, Inc.
host an annual state workshop where     demanding and stressful, we try to
                                        throw in some fun competitions and        Novartis Animal Health
different K-9 teams could obtain certi-
                                        activities to keep the handlers more
fications, so this was a great start with                                         PetCo
the accelerant K-9 teams and the sup-   relaxed,” stated Mullins. The favorite
                                        is always the “Closest to Pin” (like in   Nestle Purina PetCare
port of the State Fire Marshal’s Office,"
stated Mullins.                         golf ) where the teams locate 3 drops
                                                                                  Rio Vista Products
                                        of gasoline in a carpeted room. The
The training varies each year depend- teams mark the spot with a pin and          Southwest Airlines Co.
ing on C.E. needs for peace officer     the closest to the drop receives the
                                                                                  Sam's Club
certification and the fire commission. coveted Top Dog Award. Of course we
This year's classrooms consisted of     always offer a booby prize, so the team
Special Investigative Topics with K-9s, farthest from the source gets to carry
K-9 emergency first aid, and Court-     the “Golden Brick” in the K-9 vehicle
room Testimony.                         all year to remind them to practice
                                        before next year.
The Department of Homeland Secu-
rity National Canine Facility provided Certifications were offered by the
the certification instructor and the    State Fire Marshal and NAPWDA.
classroom instructor for the confer-    The conference received excellent                                                                         the BACKLINE     11
RED vs. BLUE                             member threatened to purchase a          requested his identity be withheld,
                                         cup of coffee from an unnamed            recalls grocery duties at the station.
The great coffee debate                  franchise (hint: where prices start      The unnamed employee, who works in
                                         @ $4 per cup).                           Recruiting with the initials B.I., said
                                                                                  it was always the red can – Folgers,
After spending the better part of the    A different aroma fills the Arson        although he “never drinks the stuff.”
year weighing candidates, America        office where blue cans of MH can be      Coffee, it’s the fuel that so many of us
got together and voted. Whether the found in the cabinet. In the red offices
                                                                                  need to get moving in the morning or
end result was positive or negative for of EMS you will find Folgers cans
                                                                                  to help us stay up on those late night
your candidate, a sigh of relief that    prominently displayed in break rooms. shifts. It really doesn’t matter if you are
the 2008 Election was over could be      Although Lt. Luper professes his love a casual drinker or a certified addict,
heard across the nation. Despite our     of MH, he indiscriminately pours a       the question remains, the debate
efforts, one debate remains. The real    cup of Folgers to get in his fix for the lingers, is the best part of waking up
Red vs. Blue debate, Folgers vs. Max-    day. Lt. McKinley drinks Folgers in      really Folgers in your cup?
well House (MH), yes, that’s right the EMS but longs for the days that he,
great coffee debate.                     Capt. White, and his fellow station
                                         mates drank fresh pressed gourmet
The loyal affiliations to the blue or
                                         coffee, made at Station 41 - “the best
red coffee cans run deep within the
                                         on the department." In the Chaplain’s
DFR community. Take the DFR
                                         office, Folgers cans are prominently
building at 1551 Baylor St., for
                                         displayed. Is that the choice of a
example. One dutiful employee in the
                                         Higher Power? You decide.
Inspection office who once purchased
MH was told to “wake up and smell        There is some bipartisan support of
the coffee, that’s not Folgers” as their the Hills Brothers, Community and
fellow member struggled to swallow       other coffee brands. If you ask which
the hot cup of MH. The word had          they prefer you will usually receive
soon passed around that MH was in        a definitive answer of Folgers or
their pots, restlessness ensued, one     MH. A certain DFR employee, who

      FIREMEN ASKED TO PERFORM                                from sewers, flues, trees, posts, attics and roofs; a
                                                              cow from out of a well, parrot from a tree, bird’s
      MANY ODD JOBS DURING 1944                               nests out of gutters and put up a flag pole.
                                                              People forget keys and firemen helped one
      Everybody knows that firemen put out fires,             man and 12 women who couldn’t get into their
      and in addition it appears that general opinion         homes. Nine children locked themselves in their
      would have it that firemen can put out anything,        rooms until firemen climbed through windows or
      put up anything, or put down anything.                  took off door hinges.
      The fire department’s report on miscellaneous           Rescue work included boys in sailboats, boys in
      services rendered in 1944 looks like a report on        wells, a woman caught in high water, a child’s
      several city departments.                               leg caught in a desk and a man caught by a
      But who else than the fire department would be          cave-in on the second floor of a building.
      called upon to perform the following tasks:             — Reprinted from the Dallas Times Herald, 1944
      Rescue a crazy man from a vent, rescue cats

12      the BACKLINE                                                             
                                                                                       FEATURE STORY

                                                             FEAR OF THE DEEP
                                                   Linking Pastimes to Real-Life

There's that                               The next very important item to
                                           master is to learn your electronics.
                                                                                       fishing the deep is a must. The average
                                                                                       fisherman is a sight fisherman. What I
old quote:                                 This technique is intimidating and
                                           also frustrating. I suggest taking the
                                                                                       mean by a sight fisherman, is one that
                                                                                       likes to fish the structure that they can
“The only thing we have to                 time to read and learn all the capabili-    only see. This limits your fish catching
fear is fear itself.”                      ties of the electronic unit that you use.   potential. So pry yourself away from
—Franklin D. Roosevelt                     Once you’ve learned how the unit            the bank and slowly work your way to
                                           operates the next step is on the water      the deep. Remember the only thing
That holds true in deepwater bass fish- training. Start on a lake or body of           to fear is fear alone and never, never
ing and in life. When you look across a water that you are familiar with. This         'Fear The Deep.'
body of water, what do you see?            will help interpret the visual image
                                           that will be projected through your
Most would say, “I wonder how far it
                                           electronic under-water imager.
is to the other side.” The disciplined                                                 Deepwater Bass Fishing
bass fisherman wonders what type of        Now that you’ve mastered and under-         Mark Mitchell displays a huge 10 lb.+
deepwater structure is between him/        stand your electronics let's briefly        fish caught while Carolina rigging in
her and the other side of the lake. But discuss some techniques you can use            30 feet of water.
to be a successful deepwater fisherman while fishing the deep.
there are some techniques that must
be performed and perfected.                One technique that I love to use is
                                           the Carolina rig. This is a versatile
The first order of business is to learn as technique that can be fished many dif-
much graphical information you can         ferent ways.
about the different lakes that you are
fishing. That means you must go out        Other good techniques include finesse
and buy a good typographical map of fishing, slow rolling spinner baits,
the lake and study all the submerged       crankbaits, jigging spoons just to name
structure that are listed on the map. It a few. These techniques will be dis-

           “Keeping a positive attitude is a must.”

may consist of submerged roadbeds,         cussed in a later issue in depth.
long main lake points, major creek         The most important issue about
channels, peaks, ditches, submerged        fishing deepwater structure does not
brush piles, pond dams, submerged          involve fishing but involves attitude,
structures, and rock piles only to name    attitude, attitude.
a few. These are all considered as deep-
                                           Keeping a positive attitude when
water structures.                                                                              the BACKLINE           13
On November 15, Dallas Fire-Rescue
met with the Highland Meadows
Neighborhood Association (HMNA) in
connection with the Adopt-A-Station
(AAS) program to help Station 48 with
some station and building needs. The
initial promise of a $500 donation
resulted in over $1,200 in donations
along with Lowes generously donat-
ing some building supplies for the
station. This was the first neighbor-
hood association to partner with
AAS, and we hope to have not only
an ongoing relationship with HMNA,
but to see other associations coming
together to sponsor their own local
stations. Our thanks go to Joyce Fer-
guson and the Association Board who
helped put this together, along with
all the men and women of DFR who
participated in a very chilly, blustery
Saturday morning event. Association
members treated DFR to breakfast
and generous hospitality. Along with
Sparky, DFR provided apparatus for
the kids to see up close, blood-pres-
sure checks and other fun stuff!

ADOPT-A-STATION                           • Robert Trenchard
                                          • Christine & Scott Lawrence
                                                                               • Keith Auten & Nancy Nance
                                                                               • Delbert Gibbs
DONORS                                    • Dan & Gayle Morgan                 • William & Tiffany Shaw
                                          • Kelly Donahue                      • Norman & Patricia Ray
                                          • Andrea Cowan                       • Brett & Kara Chumbley
DFR would like to thank                   • Kevin Pate                         • Patsy Agnes & Lisa Newman
the following generous                    • Ross Collinger, Jerry Pritchett,   • Sandra Williams
people who have supported                   Jeff Swindle & Tug Toler           • Tricia Tamayo-McGhee
local stations through DFR's              • Loreli Garrat                      • Marilyn Atkinson
                                          • Delores & John Autry               • Joyce & Sherman White
Adopt-A-Station:                          • Helen Levy                         • Ana Lotshaw
                                          • Stanley & Shirley Spitler          • Mark & Julie Minges
• Highland Meadows Neighborhood           • Vivian Davis & Janice Petit        • Timothy & Dawn Pettinari
  Association, Joyce & Sammy Ferguson     • James & Beth Hoover                • Herbert Lincler
• Congregation Shearith Isreal            • Gilda & Paul Ruppi                 • Sue & John Benson
• Demarcus Langford                       • Freda Waring                       • Suzanne Hamond
• David Pryor & Wendy Koster              • Charles & Sharon Cox               • Councilman Kadane
• Robert McCready                         • Martha Hartley                     • Councilman Neumann
                                          • Jim Reed

14      the BACKLINE                                                        
                                                                                      PRESS RELEASE
DFR’s Newest Firehouse                    storm water and wash-off water that is     ation in every sense. “We have every
Is Also a ‘Green’ House                   filtered for secondary use. Addition-      type vehicle from our arsenal respond-
                                          ally, more than three quarters of all      ing on this drill, including engines,
                                          waste generated during construction        HazMat and more,” said Knoerr. “The
                                          was recycled and nearly a third of all     more we can take from an exercise like
                                          the construction materials used in the     this,” he said, “the better for our citi-
                                          building of Station 35 were made of        zens down the road should anything
                                          recycled content.                          like this ever take place.”

“We’re committed to doing whatever        Station 35 will be served with one         Communications for this drill were
we can do to conserve resources and       Engine and one Rescue unit and             conducted in a way that did not dis-
respect the environment,” said Fire       commanded by a Battalion Chief. It         rupt normal DFR communications.
Chief Eddie Burns. “Our newest            will also be the new duty station for      While a number of critical pieces of
firehouse, Station 35, is a snapshot of   27 full-time firefighters with eight on    fire and disaster response equipment
what all firehouses will someday be.”     duty each day.                             were dedicated to this exercise, “there
Station 35, located at 3822 Walnut                                                   was no compromise in fire safety
Hill Lane replaced its namesake in a                                                 across the city,” said Knoerr. “Our
formal dedication ceremony, Decem-                                                   responsibility is and will always be to
ber 1 at 2:30 p.m.                                                                   the citizens of Dallas,” he said.

                                          DFR’s Disaster Drill
                                          "Just ten years ago, a training exercise
                                          like this would be approached from
                                          an entirely different perspective," said
The new 12,000 square foot sta-           Deputy Chief Jerry Knoerr. "But since
tion was built for slightly more than     9/11, a whole new set of variables have
three million dollars. It is also LEED    been introduced into the planning and
certified. That means it meets the        preparations for dealing with urban
requirements for Leadership in            disasters."
Energy and Environmental Design.          DFR descended on the Dallas
“Making this new station as ‘green’ as    Convention Center on November
we could was one of the most impor-       22 for a mock disaster drill, anticipat-
tant considerations,” said Burns. “We     ing a whole spectrum of possibilities
think we’ve succeeded in combining        that, in another era, had not even
the greenest criteria while making it     been considered.
efficient and comfortable for the men
and women who will be staffing it         The scenario began with an “explo-
around the clock.”                        sion.” Approximately 50 people are
                                          reported to have been inside the
Going green also meant installing         facility at the time of the blast. What
highly efficient light fixtures and       caused it or the kind of explosion it
day lighting strategies that will save    was, was unknown.
significantly on electricity along with a
new drainage system that will capture The disaster drill replicated a real situ-                                                                            the BACKLINE           15

Jeremy Hatcher, 27                          George Ricks, 40                          Patrick Anderson, 26
Mr. Hatcher comes to the Dallas             Working out of Station 10C, Mr.           Nestled in the busy streets of down-
Fire-Rescue Department, 57C, by way         Ricks joins us from Ponchatoula,          town Dallas, Patrick Anderson begins
of Scurry, Texas; where his affinity        Louisiana; home of the Ponchatoula        his career at Station 18C. As an up-
towards firefighters would eventually       High School Green Wave. After             and-coming asset to the department,
grow into the job of his dreams.            graduating high school he decided to      Patrick brings a wealth of second-
                                            explore his creative passion and attend   hand experience with him. The son
Since the influential age of 13,            the University of Southwest Louisi-       of Patrick Anderson, Sr. (48C), he
Jeremy’s interest was consistently nur-     ana, where he graduated with a degree     has been exposed to the fire depart-
tured by one of DFR’s own. During           in architecture.                          ment and its traditions for the past
most shifts, Captain John Sutton                                                      26 years.
would bring Jeremy to Station 34 to                                 Looking
ride out on the engine; accounting                                  for a career      Born in Dallas and raised in
for some of the fondest memories of                                 that would        Mesquite, Junior grew up attending
his childhood. Throughout his time                                  allow him to      Mesquite High School and, soon
at Scurry Rosser High School and                                    spend more        after, Eastville College. In his spare
Trinity Valley Community College,                                   time with his     time, Patrick enjoys working on
his days at Station 34 would continue                               family; his       and riding
to mold his career focus. Afterwards,                               interest in the   motorcycles.
there was nothing left to stand in his                              fire depart-      Someday he
way.                                                                ment would        plans to
                                                                    soon become       promote to
                          Despite rais-                             apparent.         the rank of
                          ing cattle part                                             captain and
                          time, Jeremy      A member of his church congrega-          have a career
                          has spent sig-    tion, who happened to work for the        as rewarding
                          nificant time     Fort Worth Fire Department, pointed       as his father's.
                          minding his       him in our direction, and as we say –
                          career goal of    the rest is history. Though, with three   Let us all say: greetings to you
                          becoming an       years under his belt, the more appro-     Mr. Patrick Anderson, Jr. In an effort
                          officer. In the   priate phrase would be recent history.    to become your own man, you now
                          meanwhile,                                                  join your new family bound by the
                          he plans          Despite still being a little “green,”     same values by which you were raised.
to hire back and ride as many peak          Mr. Ricks has targeted several career     As it turns out, happens to be the
demands as possible. So, even though        objectives; with particular aspirations   family you were always a part of. It
he has only been in the field for a         of becoming an officer in Arson and       seems that fate is not without a
short time; let’s welcome someone           Investigation. So let's welcome him       sense of irony.
that has been a part of the family          with open arms, and perhaps some
since 1994.                                 water buckets or maybe even a red
                                            line, to his new family with the Dallas
                                            Fire-Rescue Department.

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