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This is a list of tools to find out how often keywords and phrases are searched plus they give suggestions on finding similar keywords to use in your internet marketing campaigns. These keyword suggestion tools can also help you choose the right words for your website content to help improve search engine optimization.

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									Top 10 Keyword Suggestion Tools Reviewed Do you have a new website that needs SEO work? Do you have a new pay per click campaign idea that may just be the turning point in your internet marketing career? If so, how do choose your keywords? Since it is one of the most vital components of any good internet marketing campaign, the keywords you choose must be well researched and chosen correctly. There are a number of keyword tools you can use to help you decide which keywords should bring you the best results. Here is a short overview of ten of these keyword suggestion tools. 1. Word Tracker: Touted as one of the best keyword research tools available on the internet, this is a rather impressive tool. Not only can you complete the keyword research you need to stay competitive, you can also track the keyword in terms of search popularity on multiple search engines. There is also a way for you to import and rank keywords, so you know which ones are performing the best. WordTracker also allows you to store all your projects, so you can access them from any internet connection. There’s a free trial available, but if you wish to subscribe, you have three months to determine if it’s right for you. If it’s not, you can request a full refund. This is worth a look, at least as a free trial. Keyword Discovery: This powerful keyword research tool has some great features, such as Spelling Mistake Research, Keyword Density Analysis, and Seasonal Search Trends. It uses data from over 180 different search engines and the keyword database contains information from over 38 billion searches. There is a free trial available that does not have a time limit imposed for its use, but not all the services are available. There are two paid subscription possibilities, but all of the services are available in the “professional.”


3. WordStream: This 2009 Technology Award winner certainly offers a lot of substantial features. Specifically designed for keyword management and improving PPC and SEO campaigns, it helps enhance the value of natural and paid search engine marketing results. It offers a wide selection of keyword research tools, such as keyword search frequency and analytics, and gives their clients an easy to use interface. It’s designed for those just starting out in a PPC campaign or for companies look for keyword software solutions. This is a quality platform for determining the best and most productive keywords for your PPC or SEO campaign. 4. QueryAds: This powerful marketing platform offers a unique approach to PPC and SEO marketing; however, it’s quickly becoming one of the most effective. Instead of choosing broad, ineffective keywords, QueryAds gives you the top targeted keywords for your niche. This program tracks the keywords that bring people to their publisher sites where your ads are placed. You don’t get information that is days or months old either. They provide real-time search results, so you can see which keywords are most effective. By utilizing real-time targeted keywords, QueryAds has brought a whole new faucet to PPC campaigns.

5. Nichebot: This five step program for discovering the current trends in relevant keywords offers a 14-day trial for only $1. You being by creating a keyword basket, so you start off organized. Step 2 is Nichebot’s premier tool, the Quick Digging Tool. When coupled with the Keyword Discovery tool, you’ll end up with a targeted list of keywords specific to your niche. Step 3 is Deep Digging, utilizes billions of keywords from WordTracker and Google keyword databases. Step 4 is the Analysis Tool, which lets you see how effective your keywords are and if you need to tweak your PPC or SEO Campaign. Finally, Step 5 is a powerful SEO tool which will let you build content around your keywords. This complete system is certainly worth taking a close look. 6. Google Adwords: This is usually the first thing people think of when researching keywords. It’s a free keyword suggestion tool, and it will show you the number of searches for your specific keyword, as well as those that are similar. You can download the results or create an ad account. Google uses this free keyword research tool as opening to a PPC Google advertising campaign. You can search by one word or by long tail keywords and get a decent idea of how many searches are performed in Google with those keywords. For a free tool, it’s very effective. 7. AdGooroo: This keyword tracking and keyword suggestion tool has a couple of very cool features. Adgooroo Express combines five keyword tools into one program that’s easy to use. You can locate your competitor’s keywords, identify and fix common PPC campaign problems, track your natural and paid rankings, and track clicks, conversions, and costs in an easy to use format. There are also two other tools for SEM and trademark insight. These two tools are designed to help you beat out the competition and fight trademark infringement on the internet. All in all, it’s a very comprehensive PPC site, designed for both the newbie and the professional marketer. 8. Wordze: According to their website, Wordze promises complete keyword domination in your niche and for a fraction of what some of their competitors charge. There are several keyword tools available to scrape your competitors’ keywords and a wide array of tracking tools as well. There are keyword management tools which allow you to import, export, and merge your projects, as well as print in Excel or text format. The site is easy enough for the PCP or SEO beginner, but it has enough advanced features for the experienced marketer. 9. Spyfu: This keyword research and tracking tool relies on Keyword SmartSearch to provide the top ranking, targeted keywords that are needed to put a PPC or SEO campaign over the top. It also allows you to spy on your competitors, so you can see what keywords are working the best for them. With Spyfu, you get a unique tracking tool to see which keywords your competitors buy and optimize their pages for, so you can tap into their market, as well. Spyfu is terrific for marketers that have highly sought after and competitive keywords.

10. SEO Book: This is another rather unique program. It offers rough daily estimates of keyword search volumes. It also allows you to see what bid you need to place on Google Adwords to get the top spot on 85% of the

queries. This can save your PPC campaign some money by not overbidding on keywords. It’s linked to Wordtracker’s keyword suggestion tool, as well as Google Trends and Yahoo Suggest. This is good starting point for your SEO and PPC campaigns because you can really track trends across the globe. Conclusion: There you have it: the top 10 keyword suggestion tools on the internet today. While some may be free, there are others that offer a lot of high quality features for a decent price. If you are ready to take your PPC or SEO campaign to the next level, consider one of the above keyword suggestion tools to start you in the right direction.

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