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					                                                                                                          Summer 2010

              A publication of the Carolinas Association of Advertising and Marketing Professionals

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President’s Post, pg 2
Professional Development, pg 3
End Buyer Show Q&A, pg 4
Columbia IdeaCaamp Recap, pg 6
Welcome New Members, pg 8
Pony Express, pg 9
Around the CaampFire, pg 11
Legislative Update, pg 12
Event Descriptions, pg 13

                                          September 8, 2010 • 10 am–3:30 pm
CAAMP Office Update, pg 15

 Additional Information Available                                    Embassy Suites
                                                5400 John Q. Hammons Drive • Concord, NC
“Every man owes part of his
time and money to the busi-            Don’t miss out on the largest single-day showroom in the Carolinas,
ness or industry to which he           just in time for fourth quarter selling. Exhibitor space is already sold out!
is engaged. No man has a               It’s THE place to show your clients the power of promotional products.
moral right to withhold his                   • Over 150 Lines represented • Free Parking
support from an organization
                                                 • Refreshments served during show hours
that is striving to improve
conditions within his sphere”
- Pres. Theodore Roosevelt                                Pre-register for your exclusive access to the
                                                         Sneak Peek reception on September 7, 6-8 pm
   GET INVOLVED IN                                               (For pre-registered distributors only)


The Mission of the Carolina’s Association of Advertising and Marketing Professionals is to
           enhance the professionalism and business success of our members.
                            Our Vision is to maximize the ROI for every member.

            Post                                               Joy Jacobs
Greetings CAAMPERS!

As Summer winds down, I hope you all have had a prosperous and enjoyable few months. By now, most vacations
are over and the kids are back at school Like me, I am sure you getting geared up for the busy holiday season!

One of the best ways to get you and your customers excited would be to attend the upcoming End Buyer Show on
Sept. 7th and 8th. We are, and have been for quite some time, SOLD OUT! That means that all your favorite suppli-
ers will be showing new and exciting products for Fall and the upcoming Holiday Season.

Join us the evening of the 7th for a "sneak peak" on the show floor. Suppliers will be there to answer any questions
you might have. This is a great opportunity to shop for your customers prior to them attending the show. We will also
be hosting a reception for you to network with all of your fellow CAAMPERS! This end-buyer show is only 3 years
young, but continues to grow larger and larger each year. I continually hear comments on the success of attending.
Also, you will want to take the opportunity to attend Professional Developement prior to the show. Michael Crooks will
be helping us "Google proof your business" . I personally can't wait to learn more about this.

CAAMP is very excited to bring this show to you, and we continually work to find different, exciting ways to help you in
running your business. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to call and share! We are welcoming new
members daily, as more and more people realize the importance of a professional association. As always, I encour-
age each of you to get involved in some manner. I KNOW you will be enriched by the experience!

A reminder to all you lady CAAMPERS! If you haven't done so already, be sure to register for the Womens Leader-
ship Conference. We have a wonderful line up of professionals to help us in our daily lives, business and personal. I
am really looking forward to it and hope to see you there. Space is limited, so be sure to sign up!

See you all soon!

                                                                           Joyha    n2     irm
                                                                     CA AMP C
                       End Buyer Show
                      Professional Development Provided by

                        Michael Crooks
             September 8th - 8:15 am - 9:45 am
       How To Compete In A Cyber World:
        Google-Proofing Your Business
The internet has and will continue to change the
face of our industry. How do you complete when
product is just a mouse click away and selling for
less than you can buy it? You provide what isn’t
available on the internet.

This powerful presentation is designed to change
perceptions and ReThink promotional marketing.
By taking the focus off of product and placing it
squarely on the development of effective, creative
ideas and concepts — Promotional Marketing
Specialists can effectively position themselves as
a new breed of promotional marketing profes-
sional. Participants will learn what to do and how
to do it. We’ll strip away the status quo to reveal
the obscure obvious.

• Why ideas are more important than product           Michael Crooks owns Crooks Adver-
• Effective idea generation strategies/tactics        tising Alliance, an advertising and
• Effective message development                       promotional marketing company that
• Targeting tactics                                   specializes in creative problem-
• Developing an effective niche market                solving. With 26 year’s experience in
                                                      advertising and promotional market-
                                                      ing, he’s internationally recognized as

                AS ied
                                                      a thought-leader for his ability to strip
                                                      away the status-quo to reveal the
           MCertif                                    obscure obvious.
             Q &A about the End Buyer Show
Q: Who Can Attend The Show?
A: Distributors (Sales and Admin) and End Buyer Guests. Your End Buyer Guests are also welcome
to attend the Professional Development seminar prior to the opening of the show.

Q: Do I have to be a Member of CAAMP to attend?
A: No, but joining will save you quite a bit of money over the course of the year in attendance fees for
each event, plus you'll enjoy the other Member Benefits noted on our website (
CAAMP membership is a COMPANY membership, so everyone working with the member company
enjoys the member rates for EVERYTHING! Non-Members pay a much higher price per event than

Q: Will Lunch be served at the Show?
A: No, we will not offer a plated lunch, but will have refreshments and heavy snacks available
throughout the day for you and your End Buyer Guest.

Q: Is the Professional Development included with my admission?
A: Yes, please let us know when you register if you're planning to attend, and if you're bringing any
End Buyer Guests.

Q: Is the Sneak Peek reception open to everyone?
A: NO - only PRE-REGISTERED Distributors may attend this fun and unique event - NO END
BUYERS. This is your opportunity to "do your homework" prior to your guests coming to the show the
next day.

Q: Is there a cost for my End Buyer Guests to attend?
A: Yes, the admission for End Buyers is $10 each. We will have a drawing for a Saturday stay and
Sunday Brunch for 2 at the Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa for Pre Registered End Buyer Guests, so
we encourage you to get their names in prior to the show.

Q: What if I don't know who I want to invite yet, or need to add more End Buyer Guests names later?
A: No Problem - you can always go back and MODIFY your registration!

Q: Will CAAMP be providing an appropriate email invitation for ME to send to MY End Buyer?
 A: Yes, this will be available at the end of this week; if you are interested in having it sent to you,
please contact the CAAMP office: or call 404 218 2689, and it will be sent with
forwarding instructions.

Q: Who is Exhibiting?
A: A complete list of the Top Industry Suppliers that will be at the Show can be found in the invitation
or at, under the Upcoming Events, Registration Links tab.
   Let your VOICE be heard . . .
   you CAN make a difference!

Do you have something to say? Do you believe that PPAI (Promotional Products Association
International) would benefit by hearing your perspective? If you feel that you would like to get
involved and associate with other professionals in the promotional products industry, you need to
check out this new site.

To log in to Volunteer Central, you must be registered in UPIC. Go to and log
in. If you’re not registered, you must get registered first. You will establish a user name and pass-
word and then be able to access the Volunteer Central site. There is help available if you have any
issues here!

This is PPAI’s new Volunteer site. When visiting this site, you will be asked to fill out your pro-
file telling us about yourself. This will take about two minutes, but once you do you will be “in
the loop” with hundreds of other professionals who participate and volunteer in the association’s

You will be able to learn about committees and action groups as well as task forces and projects
that are ongoing at the association level.

Don’t worry ... filling out your profile does NOT mean that you are volunteering. All it means is
that you are registering to be in the database. This database where you tell us about yourself and
your interests will be instrumental going forward in allowing us to determine the needs and wants
of our membership.

It will allow you to learn about all the opportunities to volunteer, IF you are interested! Volunteer
Leadership is a wonderful thing. If you do it right, you will get back a lot more than you give.

Please consider going to this site and checking it out. Take two minutes to plug yourself into the
association and consider volunteering. There are all sorts of projects you can participate in rang-
ing from quick surveys to short projects that might involve a couple of conference calls over a
few months. If you are really hungry for the involvement, you can volunteer to join some of the
action groups, or inquire about committee opportunities.

The key is to get registered if you want to have a voice!
Thank you for taking action TODAY!
  Columbia IdeaCAAMP Recap

 Professional Development, Product Knowledge,
    Industry Legislation Updates & Networking
all in one afternoon/evening - What a great IDEA!
   ASI/68680 ● PPAI:144165 ● SAGE:57654 ● UPIC: MAPLE

How to compete with the giant
food gift companies.
A “Must Read” if you want to make more money!
                                                                                               Your Most Trusted Food Gift Supplier
Provided by Tom Riordan

During the 4th quarter, your clients receive catalogs from giant       Case History #2
food gift companies almost daily. With businesses spending over        An Illinois distributor learned that his client was planning to order
$5 billion on holiday food gifts, and the average order being over     their holiday food gifts from one of the food gift giants. They
$2000(c), it’s easy to understand why. As a result of their efforts,   had selected a $50 cheese package that included a mediocre cut-
these mail-order companies sell more food gifts to American busi-      ting board with some tiny, rather useless, serving accessories. To
nesses each year than the entire promotional products industry         dramatically show the difference between the two gifts, he ordered
does!                                                                  the $50 cheese package from their website and a spec sample of
Your key to competing with these Goliath-like companies is dis-        the Party Starter ($50 c) from Maple Ridge Farms. When both
covering their weaknesses. It’s critical, if you want to increase      gifts arrived he headed over to see his client. After tasting the food
your sales with your existing clients. Remember, nearly 50% of         from both gifts, seeing the difference in the quality of the cutting
all businesses purchase holiday food gifts.                            boards, and how impressive their logo looked on the cutting board
                                                                       from Maple Ridge Farms, his client gave him a $7500 (c) order for
                                                                       150 holiday food gifts!
Case History #1
While presenting holiday ideas, a Bay-area distributor discovered
her client was going to order 200 food gift towers at about $50        Case History #3
apiece (a potential $10,000 order!) from one of the giant food gift    A distributor from Ohio was competing with a large cookie com-
companies (you’d recognize their name). She quickly explained          pany for an order of 250 boxes of cookies at $30 each. The cook-
that she could provide food gifts with far greater value. Her client   ies from the large cookie manufacturer were just as delicious as
was interested and wanted to know more.                                those from Maple Ridge Farms. The retail prices of the two gifts
She offered to bring in the food gift tower they were considering,     were practically identical. It would come down to the gift’s pre-
and a similarly priced Maple Ridge Farms gift for a real-life, side-   sentation and the personal service provided by the distributor.
by-side comparison. Her client liked that idea. When the two gifts     The gift from the large cookie company had their logo all over it…
arrived she scheduled an appointment.                                  on the shipping carton, on the gift box, and even on the cello wrap-
Together they opened the box from the mail-order company. The          pers that were on each cookie! It was hard to tell whether the gift
client was disappointed in the appearance of the gift compared to      was from the client, or from the large cookie company!
what it looked like in the catalog. While the cookies were pretty      The gift from Maple Ridge Farms came in a blind shipping carton,
good, the rest of the food was very disappointing. In many of the      the client’s logo was richly foil-stamped on the gift box, and there
tower boxes, there was more “air” than food. The box of mixed          were clear cello wrappers protecting the cookies. When recipients
nuts contained a tiny “airline type” bag. The caramel corn filled      opened these gifts, the first thing they would see was the client’s
about ½ the box. The boxes of hard candy and the gummy-like            logo on the gift box, not the Maple Ridge Farms logo.
fruit jells were extremely unimpressive.                               When it came to service, the distributor made the gift program
Next, the gift from Maple Ridge Farms… while not quite as large        easy and convenient by handling all the details including the ship-
as the other tower, it looked better in real life than it did in the   ping list, gift cards, and proofs.
catalog. Each box was filled to the brim with premium chocolates       Once again, the distributor was able to prevail by providing better
and fresh roasted nuts.                                                service and a more appropriate gift.
Together they taste-tested the food from each gift and the Maple       The moral of these three case histories:
Ridge Farms tower won hands down. This distributor was reward-         • Ask your clients if they are planning a food gift program for
ed with a $10,000 (c) order for going the extra mile to demonstrate        the holidays (if so, who would they be likely to order from).
difference in quality.                                                 • Do a little homework to discover your competitor’s weaknesses.
                                                                           Contact Maple Ridge Farms if you need help.
                                                                       • Use real-life samples to demonstrate the difference!
                   First Place - Food & Beverage

             Welcome New Members
New Members for 2010                    Action Plus Ideas
           (so far!)       Adventures in Advertising / AdSource Media
                                  Charlotte's Social Butterfly
                                    Goldner Associates, Inc
                                  Image Apparel & Marketing
  SUPPLIERS AND MLR'S                  Incentive Solutions
       Avaline / Falcon                   Kaeser - Blair
      Aztex Enterprises           Maxwell Smart Promotions
 Bay State Specialty Company        Maxwell Tool Sales, Inc.
   Berlekamp Plastics, Inc               Moore Exposure
     Beacon Promotions       Palmetto Apparel and Embroidery, LLC
  Brad Watson & Associates           Palmetto Impressions
        Carolina Made                   Source One Sales
        Delta Apparel                  Southern Designs
       Gold Bond, Inc.             Southern Imaging Group
     Hudson & Company         Southpaw Screen Print & Embroidery
         Leashables                 Sportsman's World, Inc.
     MAT Marketing, Inc.                  Stitchin’ Frog
   Moderne Glass Co., Inc.
     Senator Group USA

     The Book Company
    The Dooley Company
     The Huffman Group
          Virginia T's
          Xpres. LLC          YA’LL
                                     the pony express
                                             Industry news
Covington, TN (6-1-10) World Wide Lines, Inc, a Covington, TN based Supplier, recently welcomed to their team Brett Long as their
new National Sales Manager. Brett will be based in Wisconsin and will be responsible for overseeing all customer accounts while
concentrating on key and national accounts.

Dallas, TX – June 1st, 2010 - Senator Promotional Group USA (SPGUSA) announced today that Ashlee Poole has been hired as a Key
Account Sales representative for the Southeast region.

Bridgeport, CT – June, 2010 – Prime Line® proudly announces the promotion of Renee Head to Marketing Director. Renee has been
with Prime for almost 10 years. Renee began at Prime as the Trade Show Manager and then managed the Samples department as well.

UNION, IL - Bag Makers announces that it has broken ground on a new 75,000 sq. ft. warehouse extension at its headquarters in Union,
Illinois. The expansion supports Bag Makers continued commitment to strong inventory levels as its business continues to grow.

Chocolate Inn ( ASI 44900, UPIC chocinn) the premier chocolate manufacturer in the promotional products industry was the recipient of
a 2010 Promo Marketing Excellence Award in the Food & Drink category.

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., (June 16, 2010) – Sweda Company (ASI# 90305) today announced the hiring of Judy Warren as a new
Independent Regional Sales Representative for North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Gill Studios has partnered with ScanLife, the global leader in mobile barcode solutions, to offer 2D mobile barcodes and discounted code
creation on a variety of Gill-line products. Mobile tagging and promotional products were made for each other. Combine the simple
black and white barcode with a company's colorful logo and the results are an eye-catching decal that opens a web portal of the adver-
tiser's content and ideas. 2D barcodes allow customers to use their smart phones to access dynamic content with unlimited promotional

FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY (July 1, 2010) – Points of Light has appointed Marietta, Georgia-based Pearson Marketing, Inc. to represent
the company in the Southeast, including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

New Ulm, MN, July 12, 2010 – Beacon Promotions, Inc. Arthur L. Olsen Chairman and CEO of Beacon Promotions, Inc. announced
today the appointment of Gary Haley as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Beacon Promotions, Inc.

BRIDGEPORT, CT – July 2010 – Prime Line® proudly announces it has received five awards in this year’s Promo Marketing Excellence
Awards. The company received a Silver award in the category of Electronics, a Silver award in Toys & Games, a Silver award in Com-
puter Accessories, a Silver award in Stress Reducers, and a Bronze award in Office & Desk. Prime Line’s achievements will be featured
in Promo Marketing's July "Top Suppliers" issue, which honors the Finalists and Winners in these 30 categories.

NEENAH, WISCONSIN (July 27, 2010) – Adventures In Advertising (AIA) takes a unique approach to its owner network, growing it
selectively and supporting each distributor’s individuality, brand, niche and market approach. And it works. New affiliate member Ann
Marie Robertson, owner of Charlotte, North Carolina-based Red Pepper Promotions

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (August 3, 2010) – Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) has formed a Distributor Advocacy Group that formal-
izes the relationship the organization has with distributors who understand the value compliance programs have in building stronger
relationships with suppliers, creating competitive advantage in the marketplace and building loyalty with their end-buyer clients.

PHILADELPHIA, PA—Bodek and Rhodes, one of the leading wholesalers of imprintable activewear, is proud to announce that Greg
Janney was recognized in Printwear magazine as July’s outstanding Supplier Sales Rep.

Sharon, MA-August 17, 2010- Charles River Apparel, a leading manufacturer of innovative active wear, announced today that they have
been listed once again on the Advertising Specialty Institutes’ (ASI) Supplier Multimillion-Dollar Roundtable as well as one of Promo
Marketing Magazine’s Top 50 Suppliers. This is the fourth year in a row the company has received such honors. The announcement
comes on the heels of their 2011 catalog which launches this month.

PHILADELPHIA, PA—Bodek and Rhodes, a leading wholesaler of imprintable activewear, was honored for the second year in a row as
EmbroidMe’s Vendor of the Year. United Franchise Group, parent company of EmbroidMe, Inc., the world’s largest embroidery
franchise, chose the company after polling their entire franchise base of 450 members.
                    Around the CAAMP Fire
 video has been released that will help
  your members promote the value of
  industry certification to end-buyers.
To get the graphic, article, video, etc —
         go to the RAC website.

                Have you found us on
                Become a fan today!

NEW this year: Join or Renew your Member-
  ship ONSITE at the Fall End Buyer and
  Holiday Gift Show and receive a CAAMP
                Cooler Tote!

 Be sure to stop by the Membership Table,
   and see David Monteith to get yours

   Congratulations                               Sponsorship Opportunities Available
                                                    Please contact Lisa Bibb, MAS
     Dave Gephart, MAS
        Gephart Marketing                          Advertising Information
         Solutions, LLC
                                            CAAMP sends out electronic newsletters to our members 4 times
                                              a year, announcing upcoming events as well as industry and
     Dwayne Long, CAS                                   member news. Deadlines are as follows:
                                                       Winter Newsletter - Deadline is January 31
        CMG Promo’s Inc.                                Spring Newsletter - Deadline is March 31
                                                        Summer Newsletter - Deadline is May 31
      For attaining their                              Fall Newsletter - Deadline is September 30
   Professional Designation                         Size & Dimensions      Per Issue    Annual
                                                   ¼ page (4 ¼” x 5 ½”)      $100        $380
       of MAS and CAS                              ½ page (8 ½” x 5 ½”)      $125        $480
                                                   1 page (8 ½” x 11”)       $150        $580
         Hope Binegar                         Please allow a 1/4” border on all sides. All images and files
                                            minimum 300dpi resolution. Electronic artwork only in PDF, EPS
              Proforma                        or TIFF format with fonts outlines and graphics embedded.
      For being appointed                            Email files to
                                                and mail payment to: CAAMP, 831 Windsor Oak Circle
          to the Board                                         Lawrenceville, GA 30045
         Legislative Action Committee
    You say you're not "political"? You really don't think you need to get "involved"?

This is VERY IMPORTANT information - pay close attention, this will directly affect you.

  The Senate will vote September 14, 2010 on WHETHER OR NOT they should give
   small businesses relief from a paperwork burden imposed by health-care reform,
    known as S. 3578, the "Small Business Paperwork Mandate Elimination Act."

 The CURRENT law requires businesses, beginning in 2012, to file 1099 reports with
     the IRS any time they spend more than $600 a year with another business.

                     Do you spend $600 a year with any of these:
Any Promotional Products supplier, Office Supplies, Insurance, Courier service, Screen
      printer, Embroiderer, Airlines, Gasoline, Hotel, Printer, UPS or Fed Ex, etc.

 This will be a bookkeeping nightmare and an incredible burden on small businesses

 According to the Taxpayer Advocate, a service of the Internal Revenue Service, this
 mandate will affect as many as 40 million businesses, including about 26 million sole
  proprietorships, and will only stifle small business and further cripple our economy.

Are you willing to go through a few clicks of the mouse to let your elected officials know
                                   you oppose this??

Go to, then click on your home state, select the issue, and fill in the blanks.
                           The letter is ready for you to send!

                           It's Quick, It's Easy, It's Important.

                      Do it EVERY DAY UNTIL SEPTEMBER 14!

 Need more information or have questions?
 Contact: Dave Gephart, MAS (NC) or
        Neil Mumm, MAS (SC)

 Join us on Facebook and keep informed: CAAMP LAC
                          Event Descriptions
 Carolina Connections                          CAAMPFire                            IdeaCAAMP
                    March                            Monthly                        May & July
 This two day regional pipe and     A CAAMPFire is a small local,        A relaxing and fun forum with
 drape trade show is the largest    1 hour, gathering of both            a limited number of suppliers
 trade show of the year and         suppliers and distributors in the    and distributors.
 attracts both distributors and     area.
 suppliers from the Carolinas.                                           We kick off on Thursday
                                    The great thing about CAAMP-         afternoon with professional
 This mega event includes the       Fires is that this event is          development geared toward
 Annual Membership Meeting          defined by the professionals         improving your business
 brunch where we honor the          that attend. For example, the        practices. Supplier presenta-
 outgoing board members and         Greensboro CAAMPFire meets           tions and a light dinner with
 celebrate the new incoming         at Panera Bread at 11:00, the        refereshments follow.
 board members.                     third Thursday of the month
                                    and is attended by both suppli-      A great event enjoyed by both
 After brunch you will have the     ers and distributors.                distributors and suppliers for its
 opportunity to advance your                                             intimate setting and personal
 professionalism with PPAI          It is a great opportunity to learn   connections.
 CAS/MAS approved education         about new products and
 seminars designed especially       services and share industry
 for the promotional products       information.
 industry. Top off the day by
                                                                            Strategic Planning
 attending our networking
 reception and connect with
 both suppliers and distributors.
                                                                          The Annual Strategic Planning
                                                                          Conference provides guided
 Show day is sure to be filled
 with great ideas and products      Women's Leadership                    time to write your Sales,
 to help you enjoy a successful                       November            Marketing & Financial Plans
                                                                          for the upcoming year.
                                    In cooperation with GAPPP, the
                                    Woman’s Leadership Confer-            In addition, we have included
                                    ence is held each November at         time to focus on your infra-
                                    the Grove Park Inn Resort &           structure needs and overall
                                    Spa in Ashville, NC.                  view of your business.

     End-Buyer Show                                                       The event begins with a
                                    This Annual “Power and Part-
                                    nerships” event revitalizes and       ideaSession dinner and discus-
                                    rejuvenates.                          sion centered around your
We begin this event with a
                                                                          business efforts on Thursday
evening reception and “Sneak
                                    Includes professional develop-        evening. Friday morning kicks
Peek” of the show floor, for
                                    ment workshops, networking,           off with a breakfast followed
distributors only.
                                    learning activities and an            by a full day of Strategic
                                    evening spa experience.               Planning.
Dubbed the Largest Show Room
in the Carolinas, this table top
                                    A great opportunity to learn,         A must-attend event for all
show is sure to increase sales
                                    laugh and meet new friends.           distributors!
and impress clients.
   From the Executive Director
What’s been happening at CAAMP, since we last connected?

Many of you may be chuckling right now, since it seems I am the
QUEEN of emails lately!

Have you heard? CAAMP is hosting a Fall End Buyer and Holiday Gift
show on September 8th.

I admit it – I do send out a lot of “communication” to you all, but I have
always felt it’s important for you to know what’s going on, what we’re
doing to help you gain more benefit from your affiliation with CAAMP                     2010 CAAMP Officers
(another snazzy word for membership), and I love hearing back from
you on what we can do to make it better for YOU.                             President – Joy Jacobs - 10
                                                                             In Stepp Marketing, Mulit-Line Rep.
The Supplier/Multi Line rep members have all received a copy of a            President - Elect - Mark Seay, MAS - 11
                                                                             The Joe Henry Company, Distributor
Distributor member directory, and all the Distributor members have 
received a Supplier/Multi Line rep directory. And I’m having to send
updated Distributor directories almost weekly, since we continue to          Secretary - Jim Hayes, MAS - 11
grow and add more members! We are here to help you network!                  BAG-IT, Inc., Distributor

Meetings:                                                                    Treasurer - Chuck Holland - 12
IdeaCAAMP in Columbia, SC was awesome. Anne Lardner, Sr. Man-                Prime REsources, Supplier
ager of Public Affairs with PPAI, came in and enlightened and fright-
ened us with the latest details on legislative issues that will directly     Past President - Dwayne Long - 09
affect our industry: 1099 Reporting (HUGE, get familiar with this one);      CMG - Distributor
Independent Contractor / Safe Harbor (another biggie); CPSIA (oh,
boy), and few other things that should inspire all of us to get motivated              2010 CAAMP Directors
and voice our opinions.
                                                                             Amanda Corey, CAS - 10
                                                                             BizMark, Distributor
CAAMPfires – if you haven’t attended one, or don’t know what one is,
ask Jay Polzien (you’ll find her in your new Supplier directory!). Fun,
informative, great networking, fellowship, camaraderie, industry people      David Gephart, CAS - 10
helping industry people. You can even start a group of your own, in          Gephart Marketing, Distributor
your area.
                                                                             Hope Binegar - 11
Professional Development:                                                    Proforma Promographix, Distributor
I mentioned Anne Lardner earlier; Michael Crooks is presenting at the
Fall Show prior to the show opening. You CAN compete against the
internet, and he will tell you how. Continental breakfast will be served,    Ezell Willard, CAS - 12
                                                                             All Kinds of Stuff, Distributor
too. We don’t want you to go hungry! December’s meeting is being put
together NOW – you know I’ll be sending out notices to make sure you
get all the details.                                                         Mark Thieleke - 12
                                                                             MAT Marketing, Multi-Line
New Coupon “Books”:
Another great benefit – this time they’re on CD, and
                                                                             Executive Director
all members get 1. I will have these at the show for                         Lisa Bibb, MAS
pick up. These won’t expire until May 2011!                        

                                       M S
                            Lisa Bibb, irecAr
                                                                               Comments, concerns & contributions for this
                                                                             newsletter should be directed to the CAAMP Office
                              Executive D  to             Lisa Bibb, MAS

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