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APRIL 4, 2006

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Moving in the Right Direction CCM on Transportatio A 21st Century Symposium on Globalization: A Partnership Between Academia and Business NEWS FLASH: Fairfield County Transportation Problems Solved CT Employers, Commuters Asked to Take the ‘Challenge’ Connecticut’s economic future depends on a world-class transportation system Stamford Chamber Participates in New Workplace, Inc. Program Greenwich Chamber Transportation Transportation Strategy Board Remains Focused Getting from There to Here Company Recognition “Best of” at 13th Annual Taste of Stamford Members Making News Mill River Playground Community Corner

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The Stamford Business Outlook is a monthly publication of the Stamford Chamber of Commerce. It is published in conjunction with the The Advocate Newspapers Custom Publishing Division. This publication does not represent the views of The Advocate Editorial department. To advertise, please call 964-2448.

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Is there no resolution in sight?
Transportation is by far the biggest challenge and the biggest threat that the State of Connecticut faces in the foreseeable future. The Stamford Chamber has been advocating the transportation problems in southwestern Connecticut for the past several years. Three years ago it did a survey of the businesses and residents of the greater Stamford area. As a result of the findings, and further supported by the State DOT, it became clearly evident that southwestern Connecticut faces two major issues related to transportation: commuters and non-commuters. Both of these segments will continue to impact not only Stamford’s growth, but the growth of Connecticut and that of New England.



Resolutions to these two problems are as different as night and day and will require different efforts. Improvements to one and not the other will not resolve the transportation problems for the non-commuters or the commuters. They have to have equal weight in the resolution. Commuters are utilizing Interstate 95 and the Merritt Parkway as their principle means of traveling to and from work. Non-commuters are also using these same roads as the primary arteries between New England and areas west and southwest of New York. The roads do not have the capacity to handle the volume of traffic. To address the commuter audience, transportation improvements will require a large capital investment in our mass transit system such as additional busses, additional bus routes, increased capacity at the parking facility at each train station, additional cars on the trains and additional trains. The non-commuter issue has only one resolution and that is to increase the capacity of I-95. It is not a popular solution, but it is the one and only solution that will truly solve the problem. The operational exit lanes are a step in the right direction, but total resolution calls for an increase in capacity. This year’s legislation will include a tremendous amount of discussion and focus on transportation. Governor Rell has included sizable dollars in the budget to help continue the fix to our transportation infrastructure. There is a House version that is being led by Speaker Jim Amen which calls for putting major dollars in this year’s budget to help the Transportation Strategy Board implement their recommendations. The good news is the state has finally figured out that the 30 plus years of transportation problems in the southwestern portion of the state have been impacting the entire state’s economy. The bad news is it will take three to five years just to get things moving and to see tangible evidence of improvements. When we have lost so much ground in transportation over the past 30 plus years, one has to celebrate these small victories. Things are moving forward in Connecticut when it comes to transportation. “Keep CT Moving.”

John P. Condlin President and CEO Stamford Chamber of Commerce 3

Moving in the Right Direction
D O N S H U B E R T, K E E P CT M O V I N G Six years after the Gallis Report warned that Connecticut’s failing transportation system would stall economic growth, and three years after the Transportation Strategy Board Report called for over $6 billion of transportation improvements, Connecticut’s outdated and deteriorating transportation system is threatening our economy and quality of life. The problem is real. Connecticut’s congested roads, inadequate mass transit, and antiquated freight delivery systems all make it harder live in, and do business in, the state. That’s why Keep CT Moving was formed. Keep CT Moving is a coalition of associations, chambers of commerce, and industry organizations that is concerned about fixing Connecticut’s transportation system. It is confronting the reality that our inadequate transportation system is a detriment to the state economy. Keep CT Moving has conducted research and talked with groups across the state. It has learned that travelers and businesses in Connecticut are frustrated with the state of the transportation system they rely on every day. As a result, the coalition is committed to ensuring transportation issues stay at the forefront of public debate during this legislative and gubernatorial election year. Keep CT Moving has launched a multi media advertising campaign and a website: to show support for new spending on Connecticut’s transportation system. These efforts are working with other public relations activities to show elected leaders that people and the business community support a fully funded plan that will pay for much needed transportation improvements. Keep CT Moving encourages you to join the effort to regain Connecticut’s competitive edge and improve our quality of life. Contact the governor, legislators, and candidates for public office. Tell them that an expanding economy creates jobs, but expansion is unlikely if Connecticut’s transportation system is seen as a deterrent to growth. Tell them that a reliable transportation system is one of the most important factors used to determine whether to expand or open a business, and that our quality of life depends on efficient and safe transportation choices. Tell our leaders to Keep CT Moving.

CCM on Transportation
G I A N -C A R L C A S A , D I R E C T O R


Connecticut Conference of Municipalities


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It may seem odd to some that Connecticut’s town and city officials have been at the forefront of efforts to improve our state’s transportation system. Last year the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities organized a “Transportation Investment Coalition” comprising environmentalists, business groups, commuters and others. This year the Coalition is again pushing for significant transportation investment. Why would CCM, known for asking for property tax and state-mandate relief, be leading efforts to invest in transportation infrastructure? It’s relatively simple: a weak economy would hurt every community in our state. Municipal grand lists would stagnate. The quality of public education and other vital local services would suffer. Property taxes would rise. In 2003, the Transportation Strategy Board (TSB) reported that there is a statewide need for at least $5 billion in transportation projects in order for Connecticut to have an adequate transportation system. Local officials recognize the priority need to address the acute congestion problems in lower Fairfield County. That region is the key to the economic health of all of Connecticut. If people and goods cannot come into our state from New York, we may indeed become the “economic cul-de-sac” predicted by Michael Gallis in his 1999 report for the Connecticut Institute for the 21st Century. Municipal leaders appreciate the

work done by Governor Rell and the General Assembly last year to improve mass transit in Southwest Connecticut. But there are needs in other parts of the state as well. Southeastern Connecticut has also been overrun by traffic woes, particularly due to the success of the casinos and tourism industry. The highways around Greater Hartford and between Waterbury and the New York border are often multilane parking lots. An envisioned rail system between New Haven and Springfield can spur economic growth throughout the central corridor Gian-Carl Casa of our state. State leaders are responding to this need: Governor Rell proposed funding several of these proposals in her budget address in February. Senate President Pro Tempore Williams put forward a proposal dealing with transit, freight rail and ports. House Speaker Jim Amann has offered the most comprehensive proposal, which would implement the upgrades and reforms recommended by the TSB. The proposals all recognize, to different degrees, that failure to take a statewide approach may seriously jeopardize the future economic health of the entire state. Municipal officials will continue to work with them, business leaders and other interested groups to invest in transportation and protect the economic well-being of the whole state. Connecticut’s quality of life is a hometown issue.

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A 21st Century Symposium on Globalization:

NEWS FLASH: Fairfield County Transportation Problems Solved
C O M M E N TA R Y B Y E D M U S A N T E President, Greater Norwalk Chamber of Commerce Do you remember the old adage about the weather, “Everyone talks about it, but no one ever does anything about it?” Haven’t we felt the same way about the transportation woes around this state and, most particularly, in Fairfield County? For over twenty years, people have complained about their journey to work along the highways and byways of Fairfield County. For more than ten years, rail commuters have offered similar concerns regarding outdated transit facilities, cold and smelly rail cars and the oftentimes poor service these conditions bring. In actuality, a lot has happened in terms of raising awareness to the economic problems that a poor transportation system can bring to an area and, in this case, to an entire state. But awareness is a no-brainer. How much more evidence was needed? Connecticut has lagged the rest of the nation in recovering from the last economic recession and has been near the bottom of the list in new job production. For several years, legislative leaders failed to heed the warnings from the business community as to the Ed Musante real impacts that our transportation system or lack thereof has had on its ability to expand operations in place. Now it seems that each political entity at our state capitol is trying to outdo the other by out-

A Partnership Between Academia and Business
D R . M I C H A E L E G O , U C O N N S TA M F O R D The University of Connecticut Center for Globalization and Commerce, a collaboration with the Stamford Chamber of Commerce, will be hosting “A 21st Century Symposium on Globalization: A Partnership Between Academia and Business,” on Monday, April 10, at the UConn Stamford Campus in the Gen Re Auditorium. The event will begin with registration at 12:30 p.m., and the formal program starts at 1:00 p.m. The symposium will conclude with a reception at 5:30 p.m. The symposium will bring together scholars from the Storrs and Stamford campuses of the University of Connecticut, and business and corporate leaders from Fairfield County to engage in discussion and dialogue about the impact of globalization on commerce and economic development. The symposium will begin with a keynote Michael Ego speech by Dr. Curt Hunter, Dean, UConn School of Business. There will be three themes that will be addressed during the research symposium, and the moderators and panelists include: Globalization and Science and Technology Moderator: Paul Edelberg, Murtha Cullina LLP; Panelists: Richard Langlois, Professor of Economics, and Charles Yarish, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Jason Liu, General Network Services, and speaker, representing Pitney Bowes. Globalization and Human Capital Moderator: Boris Bravo-Ureta, Executive Director of International Affairs and Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics Panelists: Subhash Jain, Director of CIBER and Professor of Marketing, and William Alpert, Associate Professor of Economics; Jennifer Buchholz, GE Consumer Finance, and Ashok Vasudevan, Preferred Brands International Globalization and Cultural Diversity Moderator: Eileen Heaphy, Executive Director, World Affairs Forum Panelists: Samuel Martinez, Associate Professor of Anthropology, and Kathleen Dechant, Associate Professor in Residence of Management; David Lobo, GE Consumer Finance, and Rich Kuslan, AsiaWide

There will be a pre-registration fee of $25.00, paid prior to April 7, and $30.00 at the door. For information and registration, please see and www.stamford.

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Problems Solved, continued from previous page
bidding each other in allocating dollars to solve the transportation problems. You’ll get no argument from this corner if the highest bidder wins. But where will all of this money go? You would think that the problems of Fairfield County are all solved as the focus has turned to I-91 and the New Haven to Springfield rail corridor. But, as of this writing, not one new rail car has been placed in service on the Metro North line and people still sit and sit and sit on I-95 every workday morning and afternoon. Okay, our legislators will remind me that new rail cars are on order and that our state DOT has plans to fix the colossal mess between exits 16 and 14 in Norwalk. But these are situations that should have been addressed seven and ten years ago! It’s time to fully implement the good work of the Transportation Strategy Board by funding its recommendations and awarding contracts. Additionally, we need recognition that I-95 is the gateway to Connecticut and New England and, in order to move goods around this state, it needs a major boost in safety improvements and capacity. Talk is cheap—we need more action in Fairfield County and we need it now or continue to pay the

Company Recognition, continued from page 18

Jeffrey H. Newman, Executive V.P

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CT Employers, Commuters Asked to Take the ‘Challenge’
J O H N L YO N S , E X E C U T I V E D I R E C T O R , MetroPool With the support of Governor Rell, Connecticut Transportation Strategy Board and The Connecticut Department of Transportation, Connecticut employers and commuters have been issued a challenge, the “Connecticut 2,000,000 Mile Rideshare Challenge.” Governor Rell announced the Challenge on March 30 at the UConn Waterbury campus, explaining that the goal is to eliminate 2 million miles of drive-alone commuting from Connecticut roadways this year. It will improve mobility, support the growth and vitality of the economy, and benefit the environment by reducing emissions. Once the goal of two million miles has been reached, Connecticut residents will have shared 50,000 rides, taken 70,000 fewer trips and saved 90,000 gallons of gasoline. “Ridesharing helps reduce the number of single occupancy cars on our roads and highways which leads to an easier and more predictable commute,” said John Lyons, President and CEO of MetroPool, a nonprofit commuter solutions company in Stamford. “If every commuter shared a ride just two days a month, that’s almost a 10 percent reduction in commuter traffic.” The Connecticut 2,000,000 Mile Rideshare Challenge offers unique sponsorship opportunities. Connecticut companies can support this initiative through sponsorship. Companies can choose various levels and the commuters they wish to support. Tee shirts, promotional packages and other information also will be provided to the more than 5,000 commuters who will be participating in the Challenge. In addition to traditional ridesharing through carpooling and vanpooling, MetroPool partners with NuRide ( to allow individuals to easily arrange ridesharing trips and earn rewards for every confirmed trip they take. Members accumulate points that can be used toward a variety of exclusive rewards. To date, participants have eliminated nearly 8,000,000 road miles across the U.S., primarily during high-density rush hours, when stop-and-start traffic reduces gas mileage and increases pollution. In the process, more than 3,300 tons of carbon dioxide has been prevented from being released into the atmosphere. Since its launch in Connecticut, NuRiders have taken 1.4 million road miles off the road and reduced car trips by 52,144 trips. More than 600 tons of emissions have been reduced. MetroPool can provide more details about the Connecticut 2,000,000 Mile Rideshare Challenge and introduce NuRide to area companies. For more information, please call MetroPool at (203) 324-6700 or send an email to

Bob Callahan Design 181 Thornridge Drive Stamford Connecticut 06903 v+f 203.329.0425 e

Connecticut’s economic future depends on a world-class transportation system
E R I C B R O W N , CBIA A S S O C I AT E C O U N S E L “Allow plenty of time to get there.” In the business world, that is a phrase from the past and has no place in the new global economy where efficiency and rapid collaboration are competitive necessities. But its common use in Connecticut, especially along the I-95 corridor, is an ominous signal for Connecticut’s economic future. Business people in Fairfield County are used to getting phone calls from people telling them they are “running late” due to highway traffic. In fact, some executives we’ve spoken with actually schedule an extra half hour into their meetings for these traffic delays. Again, that is no way to compete in a 21st-century global economy. Connecticut’s ability to thrive and create jobs is increasingly being threatened by its inability to move people and products through the state easily and reliably. That is why for the past several years, the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) and its Board of Directors have made transportation a top priority. We organized a coalition of businesses and organizations across the state

years. This will be an enormous undertaking, but there is a growing consensus that the public is prepared to make the financial and other necessary sacrifices that will ultimately result in more jobs and a better quality of life for everyone in our state. Legislators must continue to build on last year’s transportation package and move Connecticut into a 21st-century world-class transportation system that businesses and individuals can depend on and that allows them to grow and compete in the global marketplace. Further, they should vigorously and expeditiously explore new or moreflexible funding opportunities only recently made possible through the passage of the 2005 federal transportation funding bill. According to recent CBIA surveys, one of Connecticut’s greatest historical economic assets is our location between New York and Boston. But that asset is quickly becoming a liability as businesses struggle to move their products through choked highways and attract talented employees to areas with congested commutes. The state must take action now to ensure Connecticut has the infrastructure it needs to participate in the new global economy, grow jobs and improve the quality of life for all our citizens.

to support the creation of a Transportation Strategy Board (TSB) that would emphasize strategic economic thinking in the creation of a comprehensive strategy to address our pressing transportation challenges. CBIA has worked with the TSB, the Department of Transportation, and other state, regional and federal officials and organizations to develop and advance policies designed not only to alleviate congestion in Connecticut, but to help ensure that our state is efficiently connected to current and emerging regional, national and international economic corridors. Governor Rell and legislators are making transportation a priority as well. Last year, the governor and legislature took the first steps toward improving the state’s transportation system, and this year the governor proposed $344 million in capital spending to address the state’s transportation infrastructure. Speaker of the House James Amann (D-Milford) has called for legislation to implement the entire TSB improvement plan. The price tag on that proposal is about $6.2 billion over the next 10 to 20
Eric Brown

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Ninety-two percent of the Fairfield County business leaders have identified transportation as the major issue affecting their businesses, according to the 2005 Fairfield County Business Survey, and they believe that a first-class transportation infrastructure is very important to Connecticut’s overall economic growth.
The Connecticut Business & Industry Association (CBIA) also believes that a first-class transportation Mary Ann Morrison infrastructure will enable Connecticut to flourish in the 21st century by connecting to regional, national and international trade routes. Their 2006 legislative agenda identifies transportation among the top three issues affecting the state’s economic future, but it is not their number one issue. The good news is that transportation has become a major state issue. Both political parties have acknowledged the importance of addressing the state’s transportation infrastructure to ensure Connecticut’s economic future and for building jobs for the 21st century. Republican Governor M. Jodi Rell has proposed an additional $344 million, which is in addition to the $1.3 billion that was approved in 2005. Included in her recent proposal are $146 million for a New Haven to Springfield, MA, commuter rail service, $52 million for a New Britain to Hartford busway and $45 million for improvements on the New Canaan, Danbury, and Waterbury branch lines of Metro-North. These projects are expected to generate another $300 million in federal transportation spending. The General Assembly’s Democratic leaders have released their economic plan, titled, “Connecticut Jobs for the 21st Century: An Economic Development Plan for Connecticut’s Future.” It calls for unlocking the transportation gridlock through various initiatives. Their bill, No. 5715, supports the Transportation Strategy Board’s (TSB) recommendations calling for an additional $5 billion in transportation spending over the next ten years.

The proposals that are before this year’s General Assembly primarily focus on transportation issues outside lower Fairfield County. However, House Bill 5715 will fund no fewer than two thousand new seats on the Metro North-New Haven Line. The unanswered question is how will we pay for improving our transportation infrastructure? In addition to new or additional taxes, reinstating tolls in Connecticut has been brought up many times before and opposed by those who remember the terrible accident at the Stratford toll booth that caused several lives. Fortunately, electronic tolling increases safety and reduces traffic congestion at toll booths. As a region, we must recognize that we may not always get everything that we would like when the ‘transportation pie’ is divided, but this region’s business leaders have been instrumental in bringing the issue to the forefront statewide. It is now up to all of us to work closely with our legislators to ensure that our unmet needs remain a concern for those calling for improved economic vitality throughout the Connecticut.

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HOME-TOWN.US Program Aimed at More Efficiently Linking Employers and Job Seekers Jack Condlin, Stamford Chamber announced recently that The Stamford Chamber of Commerce will be the first Chamber of Commerce in Southwest Connecticut participating in a program designed to more efficiently link local employers and job seekers. The HomeTown.US program is being implemented through The WorkPlace, Inc., Southwestern Connecticut’s Regional Workforce Development Board, at their CTWorks locations in Bridgeport, and eventually in Stamford and Derby, CT and on the mobile Career Coach. GettingHired™, based in Bedminster, NJ, along with the National Association of Workforce Boards ( developed the Home-Town.US (www. program to address the needs of the employer by providing advanced screening methods and unique tools to match qualified job candidates with open employer positions. Home-Town’s RightMatch™ Assessment offering matches a job candidate’s behavioral and cognitive profile against an employer’s specific job classification in order to maximize job fit. RightMatch™ Daily Notification provides employers with only qualified candidates in rank order of fit via email. Another unique tool employed by Home-Town. US is the Video Marketing Profile, which provides employers with an exclusive perspective of the job candidate’s chemistry, oral presentation skills, and personality—items that can’t be found on a traditional resume or cover letter. Finally, employers are provided with the ability to produce an Employer Branding Video to “sell” their organization to the job seeker who may not otherwise be aware of all aspects of the firm’s attractiveness. Home-Town.US addresses the needs of the job seeker by providing job search assistance through tools such as video interview training and “smart” resume and cover letter building. It provides career guidance for the job seeker through the RightMatch™ Assessment program and personalized marketing through Video Marketing Profile software. According to Jack Condlin, President of the Stamford Chamber of Commerce, “Workforce development continues to be a priority for our community and this program represents a great opportunity to bring a new and better service to our area.” Chamber members and other employers can find out further information about the program by accessing ( A series of informational Webinars will be held over the next few months.

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h month at 6:30 pm at St. Clement’s Church on Fairfield Avenue.


ide residents and businesses; oning issues; on energy conservation; talk on influenza and bird flu; sented information on affordable housing and predatory lending.


Cook, Waterside Community Organizer, at 203-325-4463, or email

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Transportation Strategy Board Remains Focused
K E V I N K E L L E H E R, CH A I R M A N Governor Rell’s 2005 transportation initiative, as approved by the General Assembly symbolized a turning point in addressing the needs toward achieving our broader and longer-term transportation strategy. Since being appointed chair- in electronic tolling technology. man of the TSB, I have invested Further, I would encourage examsignificant time to meet with gov- ination of federal options in tolling ernmental and business leaders, on interstate routes, to include the customers and other transporta- careful review of benchmarking tion stakeholders to discuss our studies in states where such stratestate’s transportation and economic gic vehicles have been employed. development issues. These conver- Lastly, I would respectfully recsations affirmed my outlook that ommend that any investment we have started down the road to or funding which is designed to strengthen, enhance and provide address our transportation needs, for sustainable economic growth to implement our state’s strategy, be and a premier quality of life. These securely dedicated to that. In other discussions also prowords, every posvided one conclusible step should be sion—there is still taken to identify the much to be done. sources of revenue This year’s transthat will constitute portation initiatives the State’s Special boldly address this Tr a n s p or t a t io n need to do more. Fund (the “STF”) The components and to insulate such of these initiatives revenue from the include the advanceebbing and flowing ment of anti-gridof the demands on Kevin Kelleher the State’s operating lock projects as well as a major investment to improve budget. Such insulation will proour mass transportation system. vide the Connecticut Department I would, however, respectfully of Transportation with the presuggest that there is no greater dictability it needs to plan and single impediment that confronts execute maintenance and expanthe needed investment in our sion projects expeditiously and transportation system then that cost-effectively. Such predictabilof funding. Over the last three ity and insulation will also create years the Board has committed its the confidence demanded by the efforts to examining, reexamin- business and commuter publics ing and addressing the financing that the taxes and fees that they options needed to fund the actions pay to produce the STF revenue specified in the Board’s strategy are being invested in the State’s as well as the “good repair short- transportation infrastructure. fall” identified by the ConnDOT. As a resident and employer These activities have involved all in the Danbury region, I have a our state’s stakeholders and have vested interest in the successful recognized the limits of the motor implementation of a transportafuels taxes to generate the revenue tion initiative that generates econeeded to maintain and invest nomic opportunity and improves in our transportation infrastruc- our quality of life. As chairman ture. To this end, I would strongly of the TSB I have confidence that encourage close examination of the the 2006 transportation initiative impact of SAFTEA-LU on relaxing would strengthen and expand the federal restrictions on congestion State’s transportation system to 12 pricing and tolling initiatives, as enhance prospects for the successwell as the rapid advances made ful realization of both. R O B E R T M . K A R P, C H A I R M A N Long-standing neglect of our transportation infrastructure is clearly evident by our broken trains and over-crowded highways. On average up to 30% of Metro North’s rolling stock is sidelined for repairs; and I-95, clogged with traffic 300% beyond its design capacity, is an icon of highway gridlock. Against this backdrop, last year’s passage of $1.3 billion to address our transportation shortcomings was a welcome start, though insufficient. More than half, earmarked for 342 new rail cars, will replace but not expand Metro North’s aging fleet now on life support. Likewise, the $187 million targeted for selected highway improvements will ease congestion, in spots, but not grow new capacity. Much more needs to be done. Unless the state embraces a long-term, comprehensive transportation program and commits serious dollars to it, this region risks becoming an economic, stop-and-crawl drive-thru, as commerce and jobs move to more hospitable locales. Essentially, Connecticut needs to adopt a Master Plan for Transportation which would: identify transportation projects for near and long term timelines; target regions (such as lower Fairfield


Getting from There to Here
Stamford Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee Forty years ago, Connecticut’s highways were hailed as the best in New England; its trains comfortable and on time. A twenty minute drive from Fairfield to Stamford was the expected rush hour commute, and getting a seat on the train was just as certain. Today that same drive can take an hour, and finding an available place to sit on Metro North is no slam dunk. County) whose overburdened transportation networks are threatening economic growth; and create a $10 billion, 10-year transportation superfund, thus securing a dedicated revenue source for master plan initiatives. Moving in that direction are various transportation bills in the $5 billion range proposed in this year’s legislative session. At that funding level, the state can begin to remedy its dysfunctional transportation systems. It also has the potential to jump-start expanded rail, bus, highway, barge, ferry and airborne initiatives recommended by the state’s Transportation Strategy Board. For its part, The Stamford Chamber of Commerce is galvanizing support for I-95 expansion between Greenwich and New Haven. Strategies to upgrade its infrastructure should begin now, rather than shelving them as the “third rail” in transportation politics. To delay is to do so at our economic peril. At stake is this region’s viability as a business generator in Connecticut’s transportation/economic game plan. Hopefully, that message is gaining traction in Hartford where the transportation agenda needs to shift into high gear.

Company Recognition
Companies who are committed to Stamford’s Business Community
A & S Apartment Rentals
Abdou Soliman, President
60 Strawberry Hill Ave. Stamford 06902 (203) 359-9855/Fax: (203) 363-0236

Eric Lotstein, Owner

1127 High Ridge Rd. Stamford 06905 (203) 329-7955/Fax: (203) 322-975

Gregory G. Andriunas, President


Home Improvements

Agabhumi-The Best of Bali
Michael Kirshbaum, President
22 Magee Ave., Stamford 06902 (203) 325-2274/Fax: (203) 325-3755

All types of commercial and residential Power Washing and Painting with an emphasis on SERVICE.

1200 Summer St., Stamford 06905 (203) 356-0404/Fax: (203) 961-8290 Law Firm • Legal Services in areas of Real Estate, Wills and Probate Matters.

Arena at Harbor Yard
Laura Giammattei, Director of Marketing
600 Main St., Bridgeport 06604 (203) 345-2303/Fax: (203) 333-8811 Sports & Entertainment • Arena at Harbor Yard is home to the AHL’S Bridgeport Sound Tigers, hosts the NCAA Fairfield University Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams, host over 140 world class events each year, including top-name concerts, touring continued on page 14

American Diabetes Association
Diane T. Creed, Area Director
1722 Bucks Hill Rd. Southbury 0648 (203) 264-1920/Fax: (203) 264-1873

Retail Gift Shop

Offers an exotic selection of clothing jewelry handbags, sandals and gifts for the home - and much more.


Aladdin Services, LLC

Law Offices of Gregory G. Andriunas, LLC

“Best of” at th 13 Annual Taste of Stamford
Best Display: David Cingari, owner and Melissa DeSousa, general manager (center) of David’s Soundview Catering accept the award for Best Display from Joyce Mazur, (l) UBS and chairperson of the Taste of Stamford and Jack Condlin, president and CEO, Stamford Chamber at the 13th Annual Taste of Stamford.
Photo: Dan Tual, Photographic Memories Photo: Dan Tual, Photographic Memories

Best Tasting: Greg
Perna, general manager and Beth Hale, sales and marketing manger (center) from Morton’s—The Steakhouse accept the award for Best Tasting from Joyce Mazur, (l) UBS and chairperson of the Taste of Stamford and Jack Condlin, president and CEO, Stamford Chamber at the 13th Annual Taste of Stamford.

ammy Settembre, owner of Sabatiello's has created a restaurant with the sophisticated relaxed feeling of Manhattan in downtown Stamford. Coming up on its first year anniversary people are responding favorably to the chance to enjoy wonderful Italian food and substantial cocktails in the restaurant's beautiful dark wood and rich toned rooms followed by music and dancing. There are many options to choose from when visiting Sabatiello's. The cozy downstairs room with its relaxing waterfall and al fresco dining lend themselves to enjoying the active street scene that has made Bedford Street a lively venue. The Town Square Room offers panoramic windows that allow for beautiful views of downtown Stamford. This is the ideal spot to watch as the sun sets and the evening lights cast a glow on the street. Think ahead. What could be better than having a cozy dinner here during the winter with the holiday lights all aglow? Dining on a soothing pasta, tender veal dish or fresh seafood will make this a memorable occasion. This room also includes a dance floor and Baby Grand Piano. If you want to make an evening of it come by on a Friday or Saturday night and be prepared to enjoy the lively DJ and the revue of seventies and eighties music starting around 9:30. Around 10:30 things kick up a notch and you can dance the night away. An evening of music and dancing, no cover charge and a dining room that has been favorably reviewed by Zagat's makes for a special evening. So special, in fact that Sammy said that two proposals have already taken place in this lovely, romantic spot. If you are planning a corporate function or a private party the compact Tuscany Room will be ideal. Larger groups including weddings will appreciate the amenities available in the Venetian Room.


269 Bedford Street, 353-3300

Members Making News

Appointments & New Positions
Stamford Hospital announced the following appointments. Dr. Robert Babkowski was appointed chair of the department of pathology. Dr. Donald Lombino was appointed chair of the department of emergency medicine. Leslie P. Sexer was appointed director of clinical and outreach services at Family Centers, a human services agency. ARC Greenwich, a provider of program and services to individuals with special needs announced the following appointments. Sharon Dirac was appointed director of human resource. Amy Samalin was promoted to director of the adult services division. Jennifer Slaybaugh was promoted to a residential director. Tearsha Askew was promoted to a residential director.

Welcome New Members
A Z Carpet
Mohammed Sabir, President
1134 East Main Street Stamford, CT 06902 (203) 356-1256/(203) 487-0275 90 first-class guestrooms on 30 rolling acres with two lakes. Campus offers recreation, dining & team building.

Dr. Jackie Schiff
22 White Birch Lane, Stamford 06905 (203) 322-9639/Fax: (203) 322-9639

55 Church Street New Haven, CT 06510 (203) 523-5204/(203) 773-1947 Internet • High speed wireless internet access company.

Carpeting/Floor Covering


The Breakthrough Center
David Weltman, Director
1150 Summer Street, Suite 2C Stamford, CT 06901 (203) 602-0501/(203) 602-0571 Hypnotherapy • Stress, weight, smoking, anxiety, phobias, insomnia, pain, job performance, sports, depression, self-confidence, selfesteem, relationships, cravings and much more. Doctor recommended.

Cafe Madrid
Jose R. Rodriguez, Owner
25 Atlantic Street Stamford, CT 06901 (203) 487-0693/(203) 487-0695

Dr. Jackie Schiff, is a licensed Clinical Psychologist. She specializes in helping people find relief from chronic pain, Lymes, prepare for surgery and heal faster.


J & E Process Services, Inc.
Ellen Eakley, President
35 McDougal Drive North White Plains, NY 10603 (914) 328-1069/ (914) 328-4999 Legal Services • J&E Process Services, Inc. serves all forms of legal process as well as court retrieval and filings, skip tracing and database investigations.

Real Estate
Seth G. Weinstein, principal of Hannah Real Estate Investors, the Stamford based real estate development and investment company, announced plans for his latest collaborative project, East Side Commons. Located at the corner of East Main Street and Glenbrook Road, East Side Commons will convert the 1.9-acre site of a Chrysler automobile dealership and service facility into a complex of 112 luxury residential units integrated with a ground-level 15,000 square foot commercial/ retail space. A Community Retail Module will comprise 10,000 square feet and a Bank Module with drivethrough will encompass 5,000 square feet. East Side Commons will continue the dramatic re-vitalization of the neighborhood, extending the transformation that the developers have begun with Glen View House further to the east on the Main Street corridor.

Hello World
Henry DelAngelo,Independent Affiliate
67 Walbin Court, Fairfield 06824 (203) 259-2922

The Cove Restaurant
Danny Velasquez
864 Cove Road, Stamford, CT 06902 (203) 323-1059/(203) 353-8984

Internet/Marketing Communications

Streaming video is here. Get in front of your target audience with high-impact low-cost streaming video. Video email, Live broadcasting, video-ondemand.

Kelly Services
Lisa Sands, District Manager
300 Atlantic St., Ste. 110 Stamford, CT 06901 (203) 324-2211/(203) 324-6304 Employment Agencies • Kelly Services offers staffing solutions that include temporaryservices, staff leasing, outsourcing, vendor-on-site and full timeplacement in skill sets that include office services, accounting, engineering, IT, law, science, marketing, lightindustrial,education,healthc are and home care.


G. Tracy LaPorta, CPA
Tracy LaPorta, CPA
237 W. Norwalk Rd. Norwalk, CT06850 (203) 434-8686/(203) 831-9231

The Millwork Group
Darren C. Beurer, Owner
22 Hubbard Court Stamford, CT 06902 (203) 542-0654/(203) 542-0655 Millwork • Specialize in custom cabinetry, millwork, built-ins, working hand in hand with architects, builders and designers.

Accounting & Tax Services

GPS For Management
Wilder Baker
99 Nearwater Lane, Darien, CT 06820 (203) 656-0015/(203) 656-0015 Business Coach • A former CEO and current professor, I help small companies grow through clear strategies, competitive differentiation, targeted selling and improved PR.

Upper Crust Bagel & Deli
980 Post Road, Darien, CT 06820 (203) 655-7566/(203) 655-9399 Bakery/Deli • We are “Much More than a Bagel Store.” We have Boars Head deli, Panini Grill sandwiches and more!

Mary Jane Forsythe
Professional Make-Up Artist
104A West Main Street Vernon, CT 06066 (860) 796-4722

Anthony LoParco, Owner

East Side Commons

Bruce T. Moore Sr., president of Eastern Land Management, is proud to announce his company’s 30th year in business. Eastern Land Management, Inc. provides landscape and exterior site management services to commercial and distinctive residential property owners/managers in the Fairfield and Westchester County areas.

Interlaken Inn
Laura Vhay, Group & Incentive Sales Manager
74 Interlaken Road Lakeville, CT 06039 (203) 759-7590/(203) 759-7622 Resort Hotel • CT’s mountain retreat.

Personal Beauty & Health Services

I am a skin therapist & professional make-up artist. I teach skin & makeup at a modeling school . I am available to do makeovers for TV, Stage fashion shows and any other events.

William Raveis
James Sessa, Realtor
20 Austin Ave., Stamford, CT 06905 (203) 273-2379/(203) 353-9935

Spot On Networks
Melissa Caldwell, Director of Marketing

Real Estate

Company Recognition,
family shows, and regional sporting events. design services.

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Jennifer Fine
3455 Old Town Rd., Bridgeport 06606 (203) 322-4466/Fax:(203) 322-4980

Bassett Furniture Direct NE
John Mercado, Managing Design Director
2490 Summer St., Stamford 06905 (203) 356-1600/Fax: (203) 356-9400 Design center bringing quality and 14 variety to you at factory direct pricing. Casual to traditional, contemporary to classic. Complimentary

Better Women’s Health
Carol W. Watt, Principal
94 Saddle Hill Rd., Stamford 06903 (203) 943-2590/Fax: (203) 968-8250

Carey Worldwide Chauffeured Services
Steven Sanzone, Director of National Sales
76 Progress Drive, Stamford 06902 (203) 541-2019/Fax: (203) 541-2022 Transportation • Carey has been in business since 1921 and operates in 480 cities in 75 countries. Chauffered transportation services. Driving Success, Delivering Experience.

In-Home Care

Real Estate

Health & Fitness

Furniture/Home Furnishings/Bedding

We measure and improve your antioxidant levels. Discover worldclass anti-aging nutritional and skincare products used by Olympic Training Centers.

A residential Real Estate firm dealing with all of Fairfield County.

Enabling people to remain safe & independent at home. Providing quality of life service that assist with tasks of daily living.

CT Chiropractic Neurology Center
Mary Von Ohlen, Director of Community Relations
870 Post Rd., Darien 06820 continued on page 16

Comfort Keepers
Dennis H. Patouhas, Owner
17 Hernovue Rd., Greenwich 06831 (203) 629-5029/Fax: (203) 622-8182

Colonial Properties

Mill River Playground
“Imagine building a project with your own hands, working with your community to make it happen. Your community dreams and imagination culminate in a design that is unique and one-of-a-kind. Community-built projects, just like kids, come in all shapes and sizes.”

– Leathers Associates, the playground designers

We will build this playground come rain or shine. The site work has started. Materials are being ordered. Come join your neighbors and the employees of organizations like GE, UBS, Phillips, Pitney Bowes, United Technologies, the City and The Advocate and make new friends at Mill River Playground. Mill River Playground is the second of many major new improvements coming to Mill River Park. The playground will be built in May by hundreds of Stamford volunteers working in a barn raising fashion over seven days. We seek volunteers, donations and contributions of materials, food and the loan of tools. Mill River Playground has been designed by Leathers & Associates, which exclusively designs playgrounds that are totally custom built and constructed by community volunteers. The company designs and supervises construction of 80 playgrounds a year nationwide and overseas. Leathers designed the very popular Compo Beach playground in Westport, and has been retained to upgrade it with a new design. The Community Build is intended to build community by bringing together residents, companies and employees from throughout Stamford to build a playground designed in collaboration with elementary school children. Children at Hart Magnet and Stillmeadow Schools worked with the designer to design Mill River Playground last October. The

theme of the playground is the habitat of Mill River. It will include river wildlife houses that depict animals in their habitat and ceramic Join hundreds of volunteers to erect the exciting new tiles designed by kids that show the river wildlife and environment. play environment designed by the children of Stamford. On May 15th to 21st 150 to 200 people will be on the site at any given time measuring, sawing, drilling and erecting what will be one of the most exciting playgrounds in the Stamford area. Volunteers include We’ll build it over 7 days, 3 shifts a day parents, civic organizations, neighborhood residents, skilled trades people, and employees of companies (Monday to Sunday) like GE, UBS, Phillips and others. Organizations from throughout the area are contributing in various ways Skilled or unskilled including The Advocate, the Boys Man or woman & Girls Club, Stamford Rotary and Just be willing to pitch in and have some fun many, many others. A contribution to the Mill River • Don’t have to know carpentry. We’ll show you. Collaborative, Inc., a 501c3 non-prof• Don’t have to have tools it, is tax deductible.

Help Us Build Mill River Playground!

It’s a Barn Raising!
May 15 - 21

You can visit the Mill River Park website at You can visit the playground website at, where you can register to help. Or email your contact info to Marilyn,

• We’ll supply childcare that’s fun & engaging • We’ll feed you

Sign up at: Or email your contact info to


Community Corner
Stamford Theatre Works
Stamford Theatre Works presents A PICASSO by Jeffrey Hatcher, Directed by Steve Karp. April 26 - May 14, 2006 Paris, 1941. The Nazis have occupied France and Pablo Picasso has been arrested. He is interrogated by a beautiful German agent whose duty to persuade Picasso to denounce his own work is compromised by a secret admiration of Picasso’s paintings and a sexual attraction to the famous artist. Under the umbrella of Nazi terror, playwright Jeffrey Hatcher has created a highly charged political drama in which his characters are locked in a struggle of gamesmanship and mutual manipulation. For further information: (203) 359.4414,

Company Recognition,
continued from page 14
(203) 655-4494/Fax: (203) 655-7577 Fax: (203) 795-6875

Mayor’s Gallery
Stamford native, Ed Esposito, will exhibit his work at the Mayor’s Gallery until April 28, 2006. The exhibit is open to the public. The Mayor’s Gallery is located on the 10th Floor, Government Center, 777 Washington Blvd., Stamford. The exhibition may be viewed Mon.-Fri. 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. A large focus of his work is on marine subject matter, sailing ships and his colEd Esposito lection of Lighthouses of Long Island. His collection also features scenes from our surrounding area and New England as well as international venues from trips over the years. For more information: (203) 324-1768.


Beer Distributors

The CT Chiropractic Neurology Center is a specialized facility for the treatment of neurological dysfunctions without drugs or surgery.

Dr. Stephen Wolpo
60 Strawberry Hill Ave. Stamford 06902 (203) 323-9277/Fax: (203) 324-9633

Curley’s Diner
62 W. Park Pl., Stamford 06901-2209 (203) 348-2020/Fax: (203) 348-2020 Restaurants • In business for 30 years, this family owned and operated diner, located in downtown Stamford, serves a traditional, home style diner menu, famous for their chicken specialty dishes. Open 24/7.

Maria Aposporos, Co-Owner


Drotman & Sawkiw, CPA’s
Edward S. Drotman, Partner
1010 Washington Blvd. Stamford 06901 (203) 325-9442/Fax: (203) 325-9441

Stamford Museum & Nature Center: Spring 2006
Consuming Desires: Modern Marketing Posters, 1880-1918 • Now Thru June 4, 2006: 92 bold, gorgeous, elegant posters from the turn of the last century, including those designed by some of the finest artists of their time, grace the gallery walls in this unique exhibition. Tuesday, April 4, 7:00pm: Poster Perfect with Dr. Joyce Schiller, curator of the Delaware Art Museum. A fascinating talk about the contribution of artistic posters to the rise of modern marketing. Friday, April 7, 7:00pm: Amphibian Amble. A guided nighttime tour lets you watch a magical migration take place in one of the Nature Center’s three unique vernal ponds. Saturday, April 8, 10:00am-12:00pm: Aprilfest and Egg Hunt. Bring the whole family for a day of fun at Heckscher Farm. Aprilfest begins with a springtime tradition, the annual Egg Hunt. April 18-20: Take-a-Hike Week. Three full days of adventure in which you can explore more than 80 acres of woodlands. Enjoy guided nature hikes each morning Tuesday, April 18, 9:30am and 10:30am: Five Senses Hike. Use all of your senses to explore the natural world of streams, ponds, meadows and the forest. Great for beginning hikers. Tuesday, April 18, 1:00pm and 3:00pm: Introduction to Orienteering. Learn basic map and navigation skills from trained professionals. Wednesday, April 19, 7:30am and 8:30am: For the Birds Hike. This interesting bird walk will help beginner birders learn how to identify many of the common birds seen at the Nature Center and in their own backyards. Wednesday, April 19, 10:30am-2:30pm: Art for All, Open Studio: Nature’s Clay Tile. Collect your own treasures from nature and impress these materials into clay to create your own natural clay tiles. Thursday, April 20, 9:30am and 10:30am: Vernal Pond Ecology Hike. Explore the unique world of vernal ponds and the flora and fauna that they attract. Hikers will walk around three different vernal ponds. Thursday, April 20, 12:00pm-3:00pm: Scavenger Hunt. Pick-up your first clue at the front gate and begin a self-guided tour of the Stamford Museum & Nature Center’s many resources. For information: (203) 322-1646

Czamanski Construction, LLC
Mark J. Czamanski, Owner
410 Courtland Ave., Stamford 06906 (203) 967-3498 Contractors-General A general contracting company for residential construction, such as, new homes, additions, renovations and decks.

Accountants-Certified Public

The Stamford Symphony Orchestra
Musicians of the Stamford Symphony Orchestra are bringing a fun-filled Family mini-concert entitled “Brass Attack” to the Stamford Museum & Nature Center on Sunday, April 9 at 2:00 pm and 3:30 pm. The mini-concert is part of SM&NC’s new “Exploring the Orchestra” program. The concert focuses on those rowdy brass instruments kids love: trumpet, horn, trombone and tuba. For further information: 203-322-1646, The Stamford Symphony Orchestra performs the music of “American Legends” on Saturday, April 22 at 8:00 PM and Sunday, April 23 at 3:00 pm at the Palace Theatre. Music Director Eckart Preu will lead the Orchestra in a program of Romantic German music by Mendelssohn, Brahms, and Schumann. Stellar violinist Karen Gomyo, the youngest artist ever presented by Young Concert Artists, will join the Orchestra. Behind the Baton, the Symphony’s popular preconcert lecture series, takes place one hour before each program when Maestro Preu will share the secrets and stories behind the music. For further information: 203.325.1407 x305, www.

Providers of creative tax planning and outstanding accounting services for the business community

DT Holdings, Inc.
Scott Kuppersmith, CFO
1234 Summer St., Stamford 06905 (203) 602-6976/Fax: (203) 602-6970

David P. Lasnick, Attorney at Law
970 Summer St., Stamford 06905 (203) 967-9111/Fax: (203) 359-9515

Direct Sales

Manufacturer of fine jewelry selling to the wholesale and retail market.


Legal representation in real estate transactions and land use and environmental matters.

Extra Space Storage
Jose Reyes
1934 West Main St., Stamford 06902 (203) 357-8200/Fax: (203) 961-9419 Storage-Self Storage • Extra Space Storage’s company mission is to provide customers with a quality product upheld with excellent customer service at a competitive prices.

DBA Desai Communications
Sandra Ruiz-Desai, President
143 Myrtle Ave., Stamford 06902 (203) 324-6000/Fax: (203) 324-9509

Large Format Digital Printing/Fleet Graphics

Products and services provided are marketing/advertising, sales promotions, graphic design, professional photo lab, digital imaging, and commercial printing.

Fireside Restaurant
Ernst Buggisch, Owner
947 Hope St., Stamford 06907 (203) 359-9053/Fax: (203) 977-8332

DFM Insurance
Dan Mahoney, President
10 Corbin Dr., Darien 06820 (203) 656-0332/Fax: (203) 656-0452


KARL Chevrolet HUMMER will launch its twenty first Annual High School Scholarship Promotion April 1, pledging to contribute $50 to area scholarship programs this spring in the name of each individual or business purchasing a new vehicle from April 1 - 30, 2006. Since 1986 KARL Chevrolet HUMMER’s scholarship drives have raised more than $64,000 for area high school graduates for their continuing education including over $16,000 for scholarships for graduates of Stamford and Westhill High Schools. KARL Chevrolet HUMMER is located at 261 Elm Street in New Canaan. KARL Automotive Service of Greenwich is located at 1330 Putnam Avenue. For further information: (203) 966-9508; 1-800321-KARL; or

Famous for Ribs, Burgers, and wings. An enjoyable relaxed atmosphere for casual dining and great bar specials.

Insurance Agent

Insurance agency

Floor Covering Warehouse
Gregg M. Karas. President
112 Orchard St., Stamford 06902 (203) 323-3113/Fax: (203) 323-3114 Floor Coverings • Floor covering warehouse is Stamfords oldest family owned full service flooring store. Specializing in carpet, vinyl, wood, laminate and ceramic tile.

Diamond Realtors
Catherine William, Broker
800 Summer Street. Suite 202 Stamford 06901 (203) 975-8850/Fax: (203) 975-1131

Real Estate-Residential

Diamond Realtors is a residential Real Estate firm serving buyers and sellers in Fairfield County.

Dichello Distributors
A. Paul Nichols, Key Accounts Manager
P.O. Box 562, Orange 06477-0562 (800) 922-6522 Ext:177

Garden Homes Management Corporation
Richard K. Freedman, President
29 Knapp St., Stamford 06907
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Company Recognition, continued from previous page
(203) 348-2200/(203) 967-8372 schedule a tour, call (203) 461-9523.

M Communications
Alex McKeever, President
P.O. Box 4630, Stamford 06907-0630 (203) 348-2100/Fax: (203) 324-9482

service catering for private parties and corporate events.

Real Estate Management

Ronald L. Glassman, Photographer
P.O. Box 16864, Stamford 06905 (203) 322-0592/Fax: (203) 322-0592 Photographers • Freelance photographer with 20+ years experience specializing in corporate, portraits & event photography. Uses digital & film.

help your company build a successful presence on the web in the marketplace with a single minded, synergistic campaign.

England with campuses in Derby, Fairfield and Stamford.

Saks Fifth Avenue
Susan Gorman, General Manager
140 Atlantic St., Stamford 06901 (203) 323-3100/Fax: (203) 978-1466

Real Estate investment, management and development.

Robert Half International
Lisa Sweeney
One Stamford Plaza, Stamford 06901 (203) 324-3399/Fax: (203) 964-1663

General Re Corporation
Richard W. Manz, Second Vice President
695 East Main St., Stamford 06901 (203) 328-5661/Fax: (203) 328-5603

Audio-Visual\Video-Sales & Service


Full service audio-visual company specializing in AV presentation equipment and computers for the business community.

Retail Shop

Schakolad Chocolate Factory
Lynn Berg, Owner
172 Bedford St., Stamford 06901 (203) 359-1886/Fax: (203) 359-1831

Employment Agencies

Property and causalty reinsurance.

Mortgage Planners
John N. Stearns
1450 Washington Blvd. Stamford 06902 (203) 975-7509 Mortgages • Mortgages: Residential/ Commercial; co-op to developer loans.

GVA Williams of CT
Cory R. Gubner, President & CEO
1055 Washington Blvd. Stamford 06901 (203) 324-0800/Fax: (203) 324-3125

Roaring Ants Communications
Robert Anastasio, President
20 Billingsley Trail Golden Bridges, NY 10526 (914) 767-9165/Fax: (914) 767-9164

Sacred Heart University
Nancy Sidoti
12 Omega Drive, Stamford 06907 (203) 323-4959 Ext:11 Fax: (203) 323-4974

Handmade Chocolates
Handmade European style chocolates produced on the premises; gift baskets, corporate logos, wedding favors, custom & unique designs. continued on page 18

Web Development/Graphic Design


Real Estate-Commercial

Roaring Ants Communications can

Sacred Heart University is the second largest Catholic Universities in New

A full service Real Estate Firm.

NAGI Jewelers
Nagi M. Osta, President
828 High Ridge Rd., Stamford 06905 (203) 964-0551/Fax: (203) 961-1600 Jewelers • Independent luxury jeweler specializing in fine designer jewelry, swiss timepieces, ideal cut diamonds, and custom jewelry design. On site repairs.

Impressions Paper L.L.C.
Mark A. Cammisa, Vice President
460 Summer St., Stamford 06901 (203) 359-8800/Fax: (203) 359-0689

Paper Products

Jackson, Lewis LLP
Michael J. Soltis, Managing Partner
177 Broad St., Stamford 06904 (203) 961-0404/Fax: (203) 324-4704

New York Times
Diana Fogarty, Advertising/Marketing Mgr.
701 Westchester Ave. White Plains NY 10604 (203) 357-8080/Fax: (914) 428-2428


Labor and employment law firm representing employers.

Jewish Community Center
Gary S. Lipman, CEO
1035 Newfield Ave., Stamford 06905 (203) 322-7900/Fax: (203) 329-754 Non-Profit Organization • The JCC is a non-profit social service agency. We enrich the quality of lives for the greater Stamford community through the innovative programs, facilities and services for people of all ages.


Off The Grill
Claudine Pinsky, C.O.O., Owner
219 Main St., Stamford 06901 (203) 323-4684/Fax: (203) 323-1889


Juner Properties
June Rosenthal, President
3 Roxbury Rd., Stamford 06902 (203) 968-1500/Fax: (203) 968-1896

“Fast Casual” dining comes to CT. Off The Grill offers high quality & nutritious fresh made to order fare for dine-in, take out or delivery.

P & P Studios, Inc.
John Fishback, President
110 Lenox Ave., Stamford 06906 (203) 359-9292

Real Estate-Residential

Known as the “Tiny Giant”, Juner Properties is the premier boutique real estate company in Stamford, serving “cottages to castles!”

Audio/Video/Multimedia/Production/ Consulting • Since 1970, P & P’s

Long Ridge of Stamford
Tina Escobar, Director of Admissions
710 Long Ridge Rd., Stamford 06902 (203) 461-9523/Fax: (203) 321-3499

provided support to area businesses with award-winning audio, video, and multimedia production. Recording and editing facilities in-house.

Rack ‘n’ Roll Sports Café
268 Atlantic St., Stamford 06901 (203) 327-9911/Fax: (203) 964-9222 Restaurants • Up scale sports bar and billiards parlor. We also feature full

Health Services-Nursing

Jimmy D’Amato, Managing Member, Owner

Offering vital services of skilled nursing care, short-term rehabilitation and long-term care to the Stamford Community and the surrounding areas. For further details or to


A Boomlet Around the Train Station?
by Gregg Glaser
With the Stamford Transportation Center 11-floor 192,108-square-foot building. The South as a focal point, draw a tight circle on the Tower, at 680 Washington Blvd., also has 11 map and several properties are enclosed: Metro floors and is a bit smaller at 133,000 square feet. Center, First Stamford Place, 300 Atlantic St., 400 Both buildings are 100 percent leased, although Atlantic St., Stamford Towers and Stamford Plaza two full floors and two partial floors will soon 1, 2, 3 and 4. These are hot properties, almost be vacant when Vertrue Inc. moves to Norwalk. all fully leased. And with high rents that seem “That space will probably go quickly,” said Larry to be able to go higher. Tenants want to be here. Kwiat of Rexon, owner of Stamford Towers. Owners are happy, as are brokers. “We consider this a financial mecca,” Kwiat What’s the reason? Walking distance to the added, “and a valuable one made up mostly of train station and nearness to I-95. Both provide firms who want direct access to the train station ready and easy access to New York City and and I-95 in Class A buildings on the ‘right’ side points north in Connecticut. This benefits the of the tracks.” companies in these buildings in two ways. Their customers can easily get to them and they can 400 Atlantic Street attract and retain quality employees who must The Landis Group owns 400 Atlantic Street, commute to the area. a 15-floor, 500,000-square-foot building. Scott “I always advise my customers to buy near a Landis said the building is 93 percent leased with train station,” said Tom Pajolek of CB Richard six tenants that include UBS, American Express Ellis. “Vacancies are always less and historically and International Paper. “The building is unique some of the highest quality buildings have been in that every tenant is a headquarters operation.” in walking distance of the train station.” Landis said. He added: “We bought the building Access to space in these buildings is competitive. for its quality and location and the amenities to “This is a new submarket in Stamford,” said Steve downtown.” Baker of Cushman & Wakefield. “The owners are getting premium rents because there is a limited Stamford Plaza 1-2-3-4 supply of available space around the train station.” The four Stamford Plaza buildings and 300 Atlantic Street are owned by Equity Office On the south side of I-95 are First Stamford Properties. Plaza 1 is 16-stories, has more than Place and Metro Center, both owned by W & M 214,000 square feet and is 99 percent leased. Properties. First Stamford Place is a three-building, Plaza 2 is also 16 stories, in excess of 251,500 810,000-square-foot complex that is 98 percent square feet and also 99 percent leased. Plaza 3 leased. The Wholesale Financial Services Group of is 11 stories, has over 242,000 square feet and is the Bank of Ireland and the bank’s Global Markets 100 percent leased. Plaza 4 is 15 stories, has more Group recently signed on for 20,359 square feet of than 261,000 square feet and now has four floors space. Other tenants include many private equity open after Cummings & Lockwood’s departure. and money management firms and the support 300 Atlantic Street is 13-stories, in excess of businesses they attract. First Stamford Place is 272,000 square feet and is 100 percent leased. also adjacent to The Westin Stamford Hotel, a 500“We’ve noticed an increase in leasing activity, room luxury hotel with a conference center and the the majority being financial companies opening largest banquet facilities in Fairfield County. Metro Connecticut offices or moving from New York Center is a 280,000-square-foot building, which City or Greenwich,” said Margaret Carlson of is 100 percent leased. Big name tenants include Equity Office Properties. “Rents are being pushed Thomson Corp., Jefferies & Co., Susquehanna higher and concessions are diminishing, such as International Group and Media Networks Inc. (a free rent. We’re now charging for parking.” Time Inc. company). “This area has become a separate submarket in Another View—The Nature the last several years,” said Jeffrey Newman of W of the Financial Companies & M Properties. “It’s attracting tenants from New “This area is an anomaly of our market,” said York City and Greenwich. The financial service companies don’t need all the expensive space Jeff Gage of The Ashforth Co. “It’s not a function they have elsewhere. It makes a lot of sense for of the property but of the nature of the tenant. If the hedge funds didn’t exist, then this wouldn’t them to look at Stamford.” These two properties are also part of Stamford’s be happening. These are types of tenants who are Enterprise Zone and, as Newman said, “A gateway willing to pay more for space simply because they can and they’re frustrated by the lack of space in to the revitalized South End of Stamford.” Greenwich. They’d be willing to go there and pay Stamford Towers twice as much for space, but they have no other Stamford Towers is a two-building complex. options now.” The North Tower, at 750 Washington Blvd., is an

Company Recognition,
continued from page 17
Credit Union
Stamford Federal Credit Union services the employees of the city of Stamford and their family members.

Seaside Design LLC
Angela Spanakos, Partner
165 Bedford St., Stamford 06901 (203) 348-8080/Fax: (203) 316-0606

Stamford Winair Co.
Alan C. Longley, President
43 Homestead Ave., Stamford 06902 (203) 969-0553/Fax: (203) 969-0566

Advertising & Graphic Design
Brochures, logo design, packaging, newsletters, annual reports, signage, direct mail, print advertising, menus, invitations, promotional products.

Joseph Pelli, Owner
48 Crescent St., Stamford 06906 (203) 324-1642/Fax: (203) 348-8384

Wholesale Distributors
Exclusive Fairfield County distributor for American Standard heating and air conditioning equipment.

Strictly Accounting CPA
David Devin, CPA, President
263 Mill Rd., Stamford 06903 (203) 322-4000/Fax: (203) 322-4008

Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaners

Sorkin Associates
Lianne Sorkin Fisher, President
379 Old Long Ridge Rd. Stamford 06903 (203) 329-8790/Fax: (203) 329-8418 lfi

CPA services providing business individual financial tax information and management - Bill Pay USA, LLC licensed accounts payable solution provider.

Event Planner

Spartech Polycast
Dan Scully, Business Manager
70 Carlisle Pl., Stamford 06902-7600 (203) 327-6010/Fax: (203) 323-2925

Success Printing & Mailing Inc.
Robert Hurwitz
10 Pearl St., Norwalk 06850 (203) 847-1112/Fax: (203) 846-2770

First Stamford Place and Metro Center

& 300 Atlantic Street

Manufacturer-Cellcast Acrylic
Manufactures of cell cast acrylic sheets utilized in the Aerospace, Commercial, Security and Specialty Transparency Markets. Sold through Plastics Distributors.

Printers-Commercial & Mailing-Commercial

Spot On Networks
Melissa Caldwell, Director of Marketing
55 Church St., New Haven 06510 (203) 523-5204/Fax: (203) 773-1947 Internet • High speed wireless internet access company.

Full service print, copy, mailing company. Excellent customer service and attention to details.

The Learning Center at Piper’s Hill Inc.
Angelica Haralambides, Executive Officer
631 Long Ridge Rd., Stamford 06902 (203) 968-2468/Fax: (203) 968-2476

Child Care/Learning Centers
Piper’s Hill has provided child care 35 years. Our educational philosophy is developmental in its approach and our pre-school classes are family grouped. Age range 6 weeks-to PreK. After school K-3rd Gr.

Stamford Electrical Emergencies, LLC
Mario J. Paulo, Owner
39 East Avenue, Norwalk 06851 (203) 847-1733/Fax: (203) 840-1994

Troy Insurance & Real Estate
Allison Gagliardi, Office Manager
29 Hoyt St., Stamford 06905 (203) 324-3143/Fax: (203) 969-1220

Residential and Commercial Electrical service, Stand by generators sales and State of the art Electrical inspections.

Insurance Agents & Brokers
Full service independent insurance and real estate agency.

Stamford Federal Credit Union
Theresa Carlucci-Tyska, Membership Development Officer
888 Washington Blvd. Stamford 06901 (203) 977-4923 Ext:15 Fax: (203) 324-7546

University of New Haven
Linda Carlone, Associate Director
300 Boston Post Rd. West Haven 06516 (203) 932-7433/Fax: (203) 932-7261 continued from previouson page 7


Junior Achievement of Southwest CT

20th Annual Bowl-A-Thon Bowlers raising the minimum are eligible for door prizes given out every five minutes.
WHEN: Saturday, April 29, 2006 TIME: Three Shifts Available (1-3p.m., 4-6p.m., or 7-9p.m.) WHERE: Rip Van Winkle Lanes in Norwalk COST: $20/Bowler Registration Fee (covers cost of lane and shoes) $100 pledge minimum per bowler. TEAM SIZE: 5-6 People Per Team
For more information please call Junior Achievement at 203-854-1700


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