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					8                                                                             WORLD                                                                                          The Minsk Times Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rage in
Rome as
reforms get
green light
There have been ugly scenes
in an historic square in Rome

as controversial education reforms
won final parliamentary approval                                                                                    Students attend an engineering class being conducted in the middle of the Farnese Square
    Tourists ran for cover from the                  side the Senate building, denounced                 she said. “But they are preventing us     and put Italian schools on an equal          finalised. But his words are unlikely
Piazza Navona and riot police moved                  spending cuts they say will hinder                  from continuing our studies.”             footing with other European school           to dampen the determination of
in as rival groups of students clashed.              their ability to get a good education.                  The text approved by the Senate,      systems.                                     protesters who took to the streets
Witnesses said the demonstration                     One young woman expressed her                       as part of Education Minister Mari-           Prime Minister Silvio Berlus-            throughout Italy. Fearful for their
was peaceful until right-wingers                     anger at politicians. “They say the                 astella Gelmini’s reforms, is largely     coni accuses the left of manipulat-          jobs, teachers are angry too and a
wielding clubs and chains arrived.                   youth of today don’t know anything,                 focused on primary education. The         ing students. He says reforms to the         nationwide strike is to hit the state
Nearby, students staging a sit-in out-               that they are leaving school earlier,”              Government says it will trim waste        university sector have not yet been          school sector.

European car sales fall  Delta and Northwest
for fifth month this year airlines seal merger
New vehicle registrations                            were down 8.2 percent for the Eu-                   cerned. In Europe, the recession is       Delta Air Lines has
in Europe continued to                               ropean Union, excluding Malta and                   advancing bit by bit, in the US the       completed a $2.8bn
plummet in September                                 Cyprus, plus the European Free                      car markets have been destroyed.          deal to take over US rival
    The financial crisis is hitting car              Trade Association countries.                        The next three years will be very,        Northwest Airlines
makers hard. Sales in Western Eu-                        The credit crunch is making it                  very hard for car makers and sup-
rope fell 9.3 percent. In Spain they                 more difficult for purchasers to get                pliers.”                                        It came after the Justice Depart-
were down by nearly a third com-                     loans and preventing car makers                         The European Automobile               ment granted antitrust approval and
pared with last year and in the UK                   from financing their daily opera-                   Manufacturers’ Association, which         said the deal could produce efficien-
they dropped over 21 percent. Sep-                   tions. Ferdinand Dudenhoefer, the                   released the registration figures,        cies that ‘would benefit US consum-
tember is normally a month when                      Director of the Centre for Auto-                    said its members were also having         ers’. The new airline, to be called Delta,   biggest. The combined company will
sales pick up after a summer lull.                   motive Research in Germany, said,                   trouble raising the money to invest       will have annual revenue of more than        be based in Atlanta. “The airline in-
Not so this year. Following August’s                 “We are going into a big recession                  in new technologies for greener ve-       $35bn and employ about 75,000 staff.         dustry faces a very difficult economic
15.7 percent fall, sales last month                  as far as the car markets are con-                  hicles.                                   It will serve customers in 66 countries      environment around the world and
                                                                                                                                                   and more than 375 cities — ‘more than        this merger gives Delta increased flex-

Recession hit economy
                                                                                                                                                   any other airline’, it is claimed.           ibility to adapt to the economic chal-
                                                                                                                                                         Delta Air Lines was the US’s third     lenges ahead,” said Delta Chief Execu-
                                                                                                                                                   largest airline, and Northwest was fifth     tive Richard Anderson.

The economic storm clouds
continue to gather over
                                                                                                                                                   ‘Full’ artificial heart
     The latest figures show the UK
gross domestic product fell substan-
tially more than expected in the last
                                                                                                                                                   implant now ready
three months, increasing the evidence                                                                                                              Scientists say they have a                   saving heart transplant because of a
that Europe’s second largest economy                                                                                                               working prototype of a fully                 shortage of donor organs.
is in recession. However the British                                                                                                               artificial heart ready for                        Heart specialist Alain Carpen-
Government is trying to be upbeat.                                                                                                                 implanting in humans                         tier said it had taken him 15 years to
Finance Minister Alistair Darling                                                                                                                      The device beats almost exactly          perfect and claimed his device over-

said, “Oil prices have halved in recent                                                                                                            like the real thing using electronic         comes some of the drawbacks with
weeks, we’ve taken significant steps                                                                                                               sensors to regulate heart rate and           other prototypes. The new heart is
to deal with the banking problems                                                                                                                  blood flow. Developers Carmat now            covered with specially treated tis-
                                                      Pedestrians read recruitment announcements in central London
and the credit crunch and we will get                                                                                                              need approval from the French au-            sue to avoid rejection by the body’s
through this; I’m determined we will                 16 years and the biggest quarterly                  increasing action, in terms of bring-     thorities before pushing ahead with          immune system and the formation
do everything we can to support the                  fall since 1990. Economists said the                ing interest rates down to try and        clinical trials. But heart experts           of blood clots. However, the power
economy and also to ensure that we                   situation could be even worse in the                fight it,” said Howard Wheldon, Sen-      warned it was still early days as previ-     supply for the heart remains a signifi-
have sound public finances; so, yes it’s             fourth quarter given the fact that the              ior Strategist with BGC Partners.         ous attempts to create a fully artificial    cant hurdle. Carmat, the company
going to be difficult and it’s going to              escalation in the financial crisis only                 The GDP figures are just the latest   heart had failed during human test-          founded by Professor Carpentier and
be tough, but we will get through it.”               took hold in September.                             sign that the UK is heading into what     ing. Several teams from around the           Europe’s aerospace and defence giant
     The UK economy grew by an                            The question now is how long                   economists feel will be a significantly   world have been working to develop           EADS, says the battery could last for
anaemic 0.3 percent in the first three               will the recession last? “We are going              deeper than previously predicted re-      the perfect artificial heart that could      between five and 16 hours after which
months of this year, it was stagnant                 to suffer three full quarters of GDP                cession. Reports from retailers un-       be fitted into the 20,000 patients           it would have to be recharged to pre-
between April and June and shrank                    growth decline, but we knew it was                  derline that. The John Lewis chain        worldwide unable to receive a life-          vent the artificial heart stopping.
by half a percent in the third quar-                 going to happen, we are ready for it,               of department stores has just said its
ter. That is the first contraction in                and the authorities of course will take             sales fell 7.6 percent on the year.                                Materials prepared with aid of information agencies

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