5 Ways to Grow Sales Through Renewed Channels

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					5 Ways to Grow Sales through Renewed Channels
Many businesses focus on growing sales as a regular component to the actions of that business.
However, in some cases, businesses get into a rut and use the same formulas over and over again
to grow sales rather than stretching in new ways. If your business is growing slowly or has
stopped finding success in its marketing methods, it may be time to find a new way to spur on
growth. Often, you just need to put more energy into the business in creative ways and you could
end up with a powerful growth strategy.

Focus on Sales

As your business stands today, it may or may not be reaching its sales goals. In many instances, a
small business can put together an effective sales strategy that includes new and innovative ways
to boost the bottom line. Instead of running the same old ad or counting on that newspaper flyer
to bring people in, it may be time to find a few new ways to add some sizzle to your bottom line.

The following are five ways you can do that. You can often use them all or pick and choose
those that may work for your business as it stands right now. The key to success is to focus
specifically on doing something to boost sales and to lift the sales energy in your business right
now. The good news is that you can often do this with just a bit of focus and a clearly designed

    1.   Get Referrals
    2.   Ask Clients About Your Marketing Campaign
    3.   Make Hiring You Easier
    4.   Get Your Business Online
    5.   Make Use of Satisfied Customers

Growing Your Business through Referrals

This is one of the simplest ways to get business and yet it is one of the most underused. You are
doing a great deal to bring customers in. When you do land that new customer, why not
encourages the customer to bring in more business for you? Chances are good that this can help
you to boost your bottom line without adding much to your costs. Word of mouth advertising,
even when it is motivated through promotions, can still increase sales substantially. Here are
some tips.

         Offer something of value to the customer who refers you to another customer.
         Ensure the referral makes a purchase prior to actually rewarding the initial customer.
         Encourage your customers to share information about you. Some may want to “keep you
         to themselves” but encourage them to help you with referrals by guaranteeing the quality,
         price or service you offer them will remain the same level it is now.

Referrals are like a 2 for 1 deal. With them, you get twice as much business and you are only
doing the advertising work one time.
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Ask Clients About Your Marketing Campaign

The new customers you do get from your current marketing campaign can often help you to
improve that campaign. For example, if you are running a campaign on the web and trying to
increase the number of search engine hits you get, why not ask your current client base for
feedback on the keywords you are using? Ask why these customers hired you. Then, tailor your
advertising campaign to that specific feature.

For example, you may learn that your clients found you and are using you because you offer a
specific type of service other companies do not. If that is the case, you may want to consider
making that service a bigger part of your marketing plan. It could help to boost the number of
people who contact you and end up doing business with you. Ask your customers:

        Why did you hire us?
        What do you think of our service?
        What about our campaign attracted you?

Then, tailor your marketing plan to fit those specific needs. This could be the ideal way to boost
your bottom line and it costs very little to do so.

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Make Hiring You Easier

How many customers do you have come in and then leave because working with you is too
hard? You may not realize this is happening within your business. For many businesses, the
process involves more than one phone call, interviews, sales meetings and so on. Each time that
the work does not get done or the contract is not signed is another opportunity for the client to
look for someone else to work with. That hurts your business. If you are losing clients because
you are not closing the deal fast enough, make changes to make this happen.

Most clients do not want to spend time on the phone or deal with multiple emails to close the
process. They want to place an order, ask for a service or buy a product and move on. The
simpler you can make this process, the more effective it will be for you. One way to simplify
things is to take the people factor out of the picture. Place a “request a quote” link on your

Get Your Business Online

The more you can do with your business online, the more efficient it will run. Manage all of your
files and documents online. Use cloud management to make managing your business easier. This
may not only help you to increase your sales because your business is running more efficiently,
but it may also help you to cut down on your overhead costs. Use tools to help you to streamline
quotes, projects, contracts and even product sales.

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Make Use of Satisfied Customers

Take full advantage of the customers you do have. The more you can use recognizable names
you have worked with in the past in your ad copy or even just on your company’s website, the
more people are interested in what you have to offer. Use testimonials to boost your business’s

Each of these aspects can help you to improve your sales. By just getting some energy and boost
from the customers you already have could help to improve your long term sales goals. If your
business is struggling with marketing methods, it may be time to take a closer look at why and
how to improve this situation.

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