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					           Item                  Volunteer                   Quantity
                                  Raba Letteri
          Set Up
                                Michelle Moore          75 burgers and Patties
Purchase Burgers and Rolls
                                  jamie czarny             60 Dogs and Rolls
Purchase Hotdogs and Rolls
                               Kathryn McCarthy            50 Links and Rolls
Purchase Sausage and Rolls
                              Samantha Hernandez                10 bags
      Purchase Chips
                                 Linda Sanfield               One 3-pack
   Purchase Condiments
                                  Paul Letteri                120 Bottles
  Purchase Bottled Water
                                Cindi Blackmon            Two 2-liter bottles
      Purchase Soda
                                  Kim Doulgas          Apple and Pink lemonade
      Purchase Juice                                         Concentrate
                                Michaela Graef                 4 Platters
      Veggie Platter
                                  Cara Grady         Cara, you may be the judge on
      Pulled Chicken                                           this one :)
                                Robin Sgambati         1 large bag, ranch, italian
          Salad                                                dressings
                                  Seetha Iyer         5 lbs, your choice of recipe
         Rice Dish
                                 Niels Haering                   1 Dish
        Pasta Dish
                              Annie/Charles Chiang     6-free pizzas (3 cheese, 3
Donate Pizza (with coupons)                                   pepperoni)

Purchase Sheet Cake From       Kathryn McCarthy                2 Sheets
                                Nicole Jacobson            24 single servings
                                 Linda LaPorte            2 bowls OR platters
                               Eileen Boone              Smaller Dish
   Peanut Free Dessert
                              Kathy Degutis         200 Forks and Spoons
Purchase Utensils, Plates
                                  Stiebel                 200 Cups
      Purchase Cups
                              Patty Redican        Large Spoons! At least 5
 Donate Serving Utensils
                             Kathryn McCarthy          You be the judge
 Donate Grilling Utensils
                              Cathy Roussel     200 Napkins, Roll of heavy ply
 Tablecloths and Napkins                             plastic (colorful?)
                                  Stiebel       Not needed, Coolers if possible
Garbage Bags for Recycling
                               Jennifer Ziehl               2 Rolls
     Bring Duct Tape
Bring Wipes for Setup and     Kathleen Emery           You be the judge
                               Patty Wilson        Leave propane at home
       Donate Grill
                               Charlie Rice           Bring grilling tools
        Grill Chef
                               Patty Wilson         Bring what you have!
     Donate Coolers
                               laura amaral                 40-lbs
       Donate Ice
                              Anita Damron
  Volunteer                   Quantity                 Volunteer
      mahdi                                            Karen Carroll

  Michelle Grudi         75 burgers and Patties

      Pipers               60 Dogs and Rolls

 Nicole Jacobson                 10 bags

   Cara Grady                  One 3-pack

Jeanette Benedetto             120 Bottles

   laura amaral            Two 2-liter bottles

 Charlie Logman      60-70 Juice Boxes. You pick, no
                           apple or lemonade

   Karin Sheifer        1 large bag, Blue Cheese,
                             Ceasar Dressings
   jamie czarny        5 lbs, your choice of recipe

      mahdi                      1 Dish

    Joy Jones              24 single servings

Sam Cathapermal           2 bowls OR platters
Cathy Roussel             300 Plates

Cathy Roussel              200 Cups

Jennifer Ziehl         You be the judge

 Karin Sheifer   200 Napkins, Roll of heavy ply
                      plastic (colorful?)
  Landeryou      One small box, heavy duty - if
                      it's not too much :)
    Nims                    2 Rolls

Coach Andrew             Bring 8 Tanks

 Kelly Draper         Bring grilling tools            NEED MORE

Cindi Blackmon       Bring what you have!             laura amaral

Cindi Blackmon              40-lbs                Andreas Waldschmidt

    Pipers                                           Beate Kroeger
Quantity   Volunteer     Quantity
            Greg Piper
                         NEED MORE

Bring what you have!   Sam Cathapermal   Bring what you have!

       40-lbs          Sam Cathapermal          40-lbs


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