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Texas Alpha Delta Kappa Alpha Delta Kappa Alpha Delta Kappa


									                                                                         “A Celebration of Sisterhood”

            Texas Alpha Delta Kappa
                   District II
                                                                               Volume 1, Issue 7
                                                                                  March 2007

                                                                                Coming Attractions:
                                                                          Tuesday, March 6 –
                                                                             Meeting, 7 pm
                                                                                         Jaycee Center for the Arts
Dear Beta Beta Sisters,
                                                                                         Program Scrapbooking with
As I sit writing this issue of the bulletin, the sun is trying to peak                   Leslie Tillerson
out of the clouds and the wind is really whirling around outside. I                      Hostesses: *Sandy Stephens,
started to think about March, the weather changing, new foliage                          Karen Foley, Sara Ryals, Karen
that will begin blooming, the saying “In like a Lion, Out like a                         Upton
Lamb”. Did you know that March is also National Women’s                                  Altruistic Project:
History Month? With a little researching I found out some really                         Books for United
interesting information: In 1980, 5 women founded the National                                     Reading®
                                                                                         Through Reading® program
Women’s History Project. This year’s theme, Generations of
Women Moving History Forward, recognizes the wisdom and
tenacity of the generations of women who have come before us
and those who will follow. This reminded me of our founder’s
                                                                            *Suzanne Cahill needs your Individual
journeys and all that Alpha Delta Kappa has provided for women
all over the world. It is incredible when you think about what a
                                                                                       Altruistic Report.
group of women can achieve when so dedicated to something                   Please bring your report to the March
they believe in.                                                          meeting or send the information to Suzanne
                                                                                   no later than March 6th.
From their website (
        “History must tell the whole story. For girls, knowing
        women’s achievements expands their sense of what is
        possible. For all of us, knowledge of women’s strengths
        and contributions builds respect and nourishes self
        esteem — crucial to all children and adults now, and in
        the years to come.”
It seems only fitting that we learn more about sharing our history
this month. Our program this month features scrap booking with                United Through Reading®
Leslie Tillerson. From her website: “I don't simply sell scrap
booking products. I try to make a difference in the way people                 Recommended Booklist is
remember, celebrate and connect. I am truly passionate about                       available online @
my glorious business of telling stories and connecting with each
I look forward to relishing in our past as well as looking towards
the shaping of an incredible Alpha Delta Kappa future.                            families-by-age.pdf

                                   Fraternally yours,
                                         Beta Beta Bulletin – Page 2
Pear, Gorgonzola, Sweet and Spicy Pecan Salad
2 large firm pears, peeled, cored and cut into slices          Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
1 tablespoon minced garlic                                     Slice pears and set aside. Combine all ingredients for pecans in
2 tablespoons brown sugar                                      a small bowl and toss together. Place on cookie sheet and place
                                                               in oven for 10 minutes. Remove from oven and allow to cool.
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons hot sauce                                        Place a portion of assorted greens on a plate and garnish with
1 tablespoon chili powder                                      tomato and assorted veggies.
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 cups pecan halves *                                          Place several pear slices over assorted greens. Top with 2
Gorgonzola cheese                                              tablespoons of roasted pecans and as much gorgonzola cheese
Assorted greens, enough for 4 servings                         you prefer. Drizzle with cane syrup herb vinaigrette
4 large tomato slices
Assorted veggie garnishes                                      Makes 4 salads.

                                                               By chef Patrick Mould, Louisiana Cooking School & Cajun Store
                                                               St. Martinville, La.

                   Member Updates:

  Please continue your cards, phone calls and messages as                   2006 – 2008 Beta Beta Officers
  we keep Carolyn Yarbrough and her husband David in
  our thoughts and prayers. I will continue sending                  President - Heather Lamb
  updates through email as I receive them.                           President Elect - Rachel Morgan
                                                                     Recording Secretaries –
  Shirley Baring had hip replacement surgery recently.                     Clydia Heap & Carolyn Yarbrough
                                                                     Corresponding Secretaries -
  Gayle Benage’s husband Dex is having health problems.
                                                                           Gayle Benage & Jennifer Shaw
                                                                     Treasurer - Wendy Bennett
                                                                     Historians - Lynn York & Darlene Brown
      Violets to…                                                    Chaplains - Sherree Bowers & Judy McCall
              Rachel Morgan ~                                        Sergeant-At-Arms - Billie Henderson
              Conducting a fabulous February
              meeting in my absence.

                                             United Through Reading®
                                                                   The USO, in partnership with Family Literacy
                                                                 Foundation, is proud to offer the United Through
                                                                Reading® program at select USO centers worldwide.
                                                                This program helps deployed service men and women
                                                                stay connected to the children in their lives through
                                                                           the medium of reading aloud.

                                                                    This program allows service members visiting
                                                                 participating USO centers to videotape themselves
       Our March Altruistic Project will benefit                  reading a children's book. The DVD, a copy of the
                                                               book, instructions, as well as information on the United
      this program. We will deliver the books to
                                                                Through Reading program, are mailed to the child and
             the USO of Dallas/Ft. Worth.                       family back home. All recording equipment, books and
                                                                    packaging materials are supplied by the USO.

                   Heather Lamb, President, Beta Beta Chapter Texas Alpha Delta Kappa --
                                   Beta Beta Bulletin – Page 3

                                         Meeting Minutes
                                        February 6, 2007
                                    Jaycee Center for the Arts
The meeting was called to order and a welcome to our sisters from Beta Omicron was given by President
- Elect Rachel Morgan.

Rachel Morgan informed us that Heather Lamb was at a meeting in Austin and that she had been honored
as an “Amazing Librarian”.

The Devotional was given by Sherree Bowers. It was entitled “It is Well”. She said when our wells are
running dry, we have to slow down and take time to refill ourselves.

Julie Mitchell called roll to check attendance. There were 21 members present and 22 absent. The
minutes of the January 2nd meeting were approved as written.

A very informative program on Spina Bifida was given by Joanne Hurtekant. She told us that about 1 in
1,000 babies are born with spina bifida and that it is more prominent in Spanish families. The medical
advances available today enable people with spina bifida to lead full, productive lives. Most have an
average life span, normal intelligence and fulfilling careers. Spina Bifida can be prevented by taking 400
micrograms of folic acid daily. Rachel Morgan presented a gift (angel of hope) to Joanne Hurtekant.

Members enjoyed refreshments by Sandy Turner, Suzanne Cahill, Skye Bryant, and Marcia Cooper.

At this time the two chapters separated to conduct their individual meetings.

The following committee reports were given:

1. Rachel Morgan read two emails, one from Paula O’Neill, State President- elect congratulating us on
the great pecan sales, our good works, and our wonderful altruistic deeds. The second email was from
Carol Kovach, State President, thanking Heather for the picture of a most precious child and
congratulating us on the scholarships we are giving.

Rachel also read a letter she had written thanking us for the Super Suppers.

2. Wendy Bennett, treasurer, presented the treasurer’s report. She reported an income of $2,295.00,
   expenses of $825.00, saving’s interest of $ .59, and checking interest of $ .72. The checking balance
   on February 6th was $5234.81 and the saving’s balance was $1153.28 for a total balance on hand of

3. Suzanne Cahill, altruistic, encouraged everyone to get their individual altruistic report to her as soon
as possible so she could send her report to the state after next month’s meeting.

Old Business: There was discussion on what to do about not having enough members present at our
meetings to have a quorum. Evelyn Clifton made the motion and it was seconded by Shirley Baring to
suspend the rules regarding quorum for the February 6th meeting. Motion carried.

Shirley Baring made a motion and it was seconded by Mary Lou South to contribute $300.00 to the Robyn
Noneman family. Motion carried.
                                        Beta Beta Bulletin – Page 4

Two or three members don’t have email and aren’t getting notified of meetings. These members need
to receive a telephone call or get information by mail.

New Business: The Mini-Met Scholarship is due February 25th.

There was some discussion about members not attending meetings. It was suggested that if a member
missed 3 times they might be asked to resign.

Members signed up for the District II Spring Luncheon. It will be held at the Dallas Athletic Club on
Saturday, April 21st at 11:00.

Billie Henderson is going to deliver the basket of snacks to Carolyn Yarbrough.

We were asked to remember Gayle Benage, whose husband is still having health problems, and Shirley
Baring who is having hip replacement surgery.

Door prizes were drawn and members adjourned after joining the sisters from Beta Omicron in singing
the Lamp of ADK.

Respectively submitted by Clydia Heap and Carolyn Yarbrough.

 Updates from Carolyn Yarbrough:

 Carolyn just called me and informed me that they are completely sedating David today because tomorrow at
 8:00 a.m. they are doing a tracheotomy surgery. They will be performing the surgery to remove the ventilator
 tubes from his mouth due to the possibility of permanent damage to his vocal cords if they leave it there too
 long. She asked that everyone be informed of the latest.

 Carolyn is at home resting today, as she had chemo yesterday. She sounded pretty tired, but still sends her

 In other, related news, Carter Blood Care received 32 units from Macarthur and 21 units from Austin at our
 respective blood drives on Monday! This will pay for at least 2 units for David! Due to the success, Austin has
 scheduled another drive on April 30, 2007. If you gave on Monday, you will be eligible to give again on this
 date. If you were unable to give for iron deficiency reasons, I can give you information and tips about getting
 your iron levels up for that day! Thanks for your support in this area – it means so much to them both!


 I spoke with Carolyn last night. She would first like to express her gratitude for the contributors to the blood drive,
 and those who tried to give, but could not. She said it was the desire to give that really touched her, whether you
 were able to or not. She said it was the perfect example of such an outpouring of love, and she feels so blessed
 to be surrounded by amazing friends.

 Mr. Yarbrough is still in ICU. At the moment they are still keeping him pretty sedated, mostly because when he
 does come out of sedation he is very anxious about his surroundings. They have to restrain him to keep him from
 pulling out his ventilator tube. He is not happy to have that! When he starts to wake up and realizes where he is,
 his heart rate goes up. They are trying to keep his heart rate down so they can explore the possibility of removing
 the ventilator. That is their major focus at this point.

 Carolyn said that a big hug and thank you goes out to each of you! She is still receiving chemo, and says she
 feels decent 3 out of 7 days a week. She would love to see each one of you, but her energy level is pretty low
 these days. Her spirits, on the other hand, are very high!

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