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How to use Linked in for you & your career

Some points you can explore to make LinkedIn more effective in your job search.

1. Complete your profile thoroughly.
• Include your picture
• List your education, past employers, professional affiliations, awards, and keywords related to
your jobs and activities.
• Contact past supervisors, peers and subordinates for recommendations. Also include
recommendations from customers, clients and colleagues
• Create a descriptive headline (under your name). This will help give a brief introduction about

• Do share your contact details

2. Build your network.
• Add people who could hire you (hiring managers) or can help you find a job
(recruiters/executive search consultants).
• Your network should be strong to help your profile to be listed on top while recruiters are
looking for candidates.

3. Prepare for interviews using LinkedIn.
• Expand your research by reading about the people who will be interviewing you.
• Check for people with same work profile in the hiring company and prepare yourself for the

4. Join LinkedIn groups.
• Join groups which will help recruiters identify you easily.
• Contribute by asking questions, answering in queries, write in relevant articles, comment on
relevant articles, etc
• Larger groups allow for more potential contacts and like minded individuals

5. Search for jobs daily.
• LinkedIn’s job board functions like other job boards. You can apply or mail the hiring manager
• Write to Recruiters based on their job postings with your details

6. Identify target companies.
• You can identify companies by industry and geography to expand your network. You can add
potential contacts like hiring managers, senior resources to support you on your job search.

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                                                   Katz Consulting Club 2010
7. Create and Promote your blog / articles / website / polls / other social media networks.
• You can promote your work to the search engines by optimizing them on LinkedIn.

8. Final Tid-bits.

• Update your profile regularly. Every time you update your whole network will be notified and
you’ll get exposure.
• Include your social media links on your LinkedIn profile
• Include your LinkedIn profile link in your email signature to promote a single window.
• Participate in events.
• Update your status regularly.

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