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Z967-325 cpc


CITY PLAN COMMISSION                            THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2008
                                                  Planner: Olga Torres-Holyoak

FILE NUMBER:   Z067-325 (OTH)                DATE FILED: September 5, 2007

LOCATION:      East corner of Wycliff Avenue and Lemmon Avenue

COUNCIL DISTRICT: 14 (Emmons)                MAPSCO:    35 S

SIZE OF REQUEST:   Approx. 0.537 acres       CENSUS TRACT: 6.03

REPRESENTATIVE:       SGDesign, Inc.

APPLICANT:            Well Fargo Bank

OWNER:                Piedmont

REQUEST:              An application for a Specific Use Permit for a bank or
                      savings and loan with drive-in window on property zoned a
                      GR General Retail Subdistrict within Planned Development
                      District No. 193, the Oak Lawn Special Purpose District.

SUMMARY:              The applicant proposes to construct an approximately 2,749
                      square foot bank with two drive-through ATM windows.

STAFF RECOMMENDATION:       Approval for a ten-year period with eligibility for
                            automatic renewals for additional ten-year periods,
                            subject to a site plan, landscape plan and conditions.

Z067-325 (OTH)


   •    The request site is currently undeveloped.

   •    The request site is adjacent to multiple family and retail.

   •    The proposed use is an approximately 2,749 square foot bank with two drive-thru
        automatic teller machines.

Zoning History: There has been one Board of Adjustment case in the area.

1. BDA-056-025:       On November 14, 2005, the Board of Adjustment denied a request
                      for a special exception to the landscape regulations in conjunction
                      with construction of eight, 3-story residential units on a site
                      currently developed with a multiple family use.


         Thoroughfares/Street                       Type               Existing ROW

  Lemmon Avenue                            Principle Arterial              80 ft.

  Wycliff Avenue                                Major Arterial             60 ft.

Land Use:

                         Zoning                             Land Use

          Site         PD 193 -GR      Undeveloped

       Northeast       PD 193 MF-2     Multiple family

       Northwest       PD 193 GR       Retail & Restaurant

       Southwest       PD 193 GR       Retail

       Southeast       PD 193 GR       Retail

Area Plans:

The Oak Lawn Special Purpose District and the Oak Lawn Plan include the following

Z067-325 (OTH)

      (1)           To achieve buildings more urban in form.

      (2)          To promote and protect an attractive street level pedestrian
environment with continuous street frontage activities in retail areas.

       (3)            To encourage the placement of off-street parking underground or
within buildings similar in appearance to non-parking buildings.

      (4)         To promote development appropriate to the character of nearby
neighborhood uses by imposing standards sensitive to scale and adjacency issues.

       (5)          To use existing zoned development densities as a base from which
to plan, while providing bonuses to encourage residential development in commercial

      (6)            To discourage variances or zoning changes which would erode the
quantity or quality of single-family neighborhoods, or would fail to adhere to the
standards for multiple-family neighborhoods and commercial areas.

      (7)           To promote landscape/streetscape quality and appearance.

The applicant’s request complies with objectives No. 2, 4, 6, and 7. It is anticipated that
pedestrian sidewalks will be aligned away from Wicliff Avenue and Lemmon Avenue,
thus providing a buffer from traffic movements along the thoroughfare.

The request does not comply with the following objectives: No. 1 because the design of
the building and overall layout of the site does not have an urban form; No. 3, because
the required parking does not warrant a parking structure; and No. 5, because the
request does not include a residential element.

Comprehensive Plan:

The forwardDallas!The request for a bank or savings and loan with drive-through
window service complies with the following land use goal and policy of the
Comprehensive Plan because the use and development of the property is consistent
with the retail nature of the area:

Land use
The neighborhood has a unique retail and office development character.

      Goal 1.1 Align Land Use strategies with economic development priorities.

Z067-325 (OTH)

      Policy 1.1.5 Strengthen existing neighborhoods unique characteristics and
promote unique characteristics.


Land Use Compatibility:

The approximately 0.537-acre request site is zoned a GR General Retail Subdistrict
within Planned Development District No. 193, the Oak Lawn Special Purpose District.
The site is currently undeveloped. The applicant is proposing to construct a bank with
drive-through automatic teller machines on the property, which requires a Specific Use
Permit. The applicant indicates the proposed building height is 21’6” feet, the maximum
allowed height in a GR District is 24’.

The surrounding land uses are multiple family to the northeast; retail to the southeast;
retail uses to the southwest; and retail uses and restaurant to the northwest.

The general provisions for a Specific Use Permit in Section 51A-4.219 of the Dallas
Development Code specifically state: (1) The SUP provides a means for developing
certain uses in a manner in which the specific use will be consistent with the character
of the neighborhood; (2) Each SUP application must be evaluated as to its probable
effect on the adjacent property and the community welfare and may be approved or
denied as the findings indicate appropriate; (3) The city council shall not grant an SUP
for a use except upon a finding that the use will: (A) complement or be compatible with
the surrounding uses and community facilities; (B) contribute to, enhance, or promote
the welfare of the area of request and adjacent properties; (C) not be detrimental to the
public health, safety, or general welfare; and (D) conform in all other respects to all
applicable zoning regulations and standards. The regulations in this chapter have been
established in accordance with a comprehensive plan for the purpose of promoting the
health, safety, morals, and general welfare of the city.

The proposed use and development of the property is consistent with the retail and
office nature of the area. The site plan indicates the drive-through lane will provide two
stacking spaces for the ATM service as required by Code. The ATM lanes have ingress
and egress access on Wycliff Avenue and on Lemmon Avenue. The bank will also
have ingress/access on both, Wicliff Avenue and Lemmon Avenue.

Development Standards:

Z067-325 (OTH)

                         SETBACKS                  Density                      Lot       Special
     DISTRICT                                                        Height                            Primary Uses
                      Front     Side/Rear           FAR                       Coverage   Standards
                                              Maximum FAR 2:1
                                            Additional .5:1 FAR is                                   Retail and
PDD 193               10* ft.     0 ft.
                                            allowed where there is
                                                                      24’       80%
                                                                                                     professional and
General Retail                                  a minimum 1:1                                        personal service
                                                 component of                                        uses
                                                residential use

* The front yard for this site is on Lemmon Avenue.


Landscaping required per Planned Development District No. 193. The attached
landscaping plan is also a condition of the Specific Use Permit. The landscaping plan
meets the requirements of PDD No. 193.

Parking / Traffic:

Parking required per Planned Development District No. 193 for a bank requires 1 off-
street parking space per 366 square feet of floor area. The proposed bank will require 8
off-street parking spaces for 2,749 square feet. The site plan shows that 22 spaces will
be provided. The SUP conditions state that at least two stacking spaces for ATM
service be provided.

The site plan shows ingress and egress points on Lemmon Avenue and Wycliff Avenue.
This driveway allows for customers who park to use either Wycliff Avenue or Lemmon
Avenue as an exit. Egress on Lemmon Avenue will be a right-turn only since traffic will
be exiting on to Lemmon Avenue west bound. Wycliff Avenue is a one way street and
will allow a left turn only for exit purposes. Staff is recommending that directional
signage be provided on the Wycliff Avenue access point.

The expected number of trips generated by the proposed use is 730 trips per day
according to the trip rate for a financial institution with drive-in for the proposed floor
area. A Traffic Impact Study is only required for proposals that generate more than
1,000 trips per day unless a waiver is issued.

Z067-325 (OTH)

                          List of Partners/Principals/Officers

Piedmont Wycliff Partners, L.P.

The partners that are the owners of the property at 4232 Lemmon Ave. are:

Allen S. Hardin, Jr.

Robert L. Mencke

Board of Directors
John S. Chen
Lloyd H. Dean
Susan E. Engel
Enrique Hernandez, Jr..
Robert L. Joss
Richard M. Kovacevich

Richard D. McCormick

Cynthia H. Milligan
Nicholas G. Moore
Philip J. Quigley
Donald B. Rice
Judith M. Runstad
Stephen W. Sanger
John G. Stumpf
Susan G. Swenson
Michael W. Wright

Executive Officers

Z067-325 (OTH)

Howard I. Atkins, Senior EVP, Chief Financial Officer

Patricia R. Callahan, EVP, Compliance and Risk Management

David A. Hoyt, Senior EVP, Wholesale Banking

Richard M. Kovacevich, Chairman

Richard D. Levy, EVP, Controller

Michael J. Loughlin, EVP and Chief Credit Officer

Mark C. Oman, Senior EVP, Home and Consumer Finance

James M. Strother, EVP, General Counsel, Law and Government Relations

John G. Stumpf, President and Chief Executive Officer

Carrie L. Tolstedt, Senior EVP, Regional Banking

Julie M. White, EVP, Director of Human Resources

Z067-325 (OTH)

                                Z067 325 (OTH)

1.   USE: The only use authorized by this specific use permit is a bank or savings
     and loan office with two unmanned teller machines.

2.   SITE PLAN: Use and development of the Property must comply with the
     attached site plan.

3.   TIME LIMIT: This specific use permit is approved for a ten-year period, and is
     eligible for automatic renewal for additional ten-year periods, pursuant to Section
     51A-4.219 of CHAPTER 51A of the Dallas City Code, as amended. In order for
     automatic renewal to occur, the Property owner must file a complete application
     for automatic renewal with the director before the expiration of the current
     period. Failure to timely file a complete application will render this specific use
     permit ineligible for automatic renewal. (Note: The Code currently provides that
     applications for automatic renewal must be filed after the 180th but before the
     120th day before the expiration of the current specific use permit period. The
     Property owner is responsible for checking the Code for possible revisions to this
     provision. The deadline for application for automatic renewal is strictly enforced).

4.   LANDSCAPING: Landscaping must be provided as shown on the attached site
     plan. Plant materials must be maintained in a healthy, growing condition.

5.   INGRESS-EGRESS: Ingress and egress must be provided in the locations
     shown on the attached site plan.

6.   STACKING: A minimum of two stacking spaces must be provided for each
     automated teller machine (ATM) in the location shown on the attached site plan.

7.   DIRECTIONAL SIGNAGE: Directional signage and pavement markings must be
     provided to clearly indicate ingress and egress from the drive-through window
     lane. Final design of the signage and pavement markings must be approved by
     the building official prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy for the use
     authorized by this specific use permit.

8.   MAINTENANCE: The entire Property must be properly maintained in a state of
     good repair and neat appearance.

9.   GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: Use of the Property must comply with all federal
     and state laws and regulations, and with all ordinances, rules, and regulations of
     the City of Dallas

Z067-325 (OTH)

                 PROPOSED SITE PLAN

Z067-325 (OTH)


Z067-325 (OTH)


Z067-325 (OTH)

Z067-325 (OTH)

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                     Notification List of Property Owners
                               30 Property Owners Notified

  Label # Address                               Owner
      1       4232   LEMMON                     PIEDMONT WYCLIFF LP
      2       4227   BOWSER                     BOWSER AVE LTD PS
      3       4311   BOWSER                     BREEDEN BRETT COCHRAN &
      4       4208   LEMMON                     BURGER KING 542
      5       4310   LEMMON                     CHANDLER NANCY ANN S TR
      6       4301   BOWSER                     CHANWYN CORPORATION
      7       3518   WYCLIFF                    CLIPPARD DAVID T
      8       403    REUNION                    DALLAS AREA RAPID TRANSIT
      9       4304   LEMMON                     DESANDERS LEE
     10       4239   LEMMON                     EXXON MOBIL CORP
     11       4235   BOWSER                     FARHAT PHILLIP &
     12       3502   WYCLIFF                    GOMEZ JOSE F
     13       3542   WYCLIFF                    HOMESALES INC
     14       4207   LEMMON                     JOHNSON PAGE H &
     15       4305   LEMMON                     K&B LEMMON TX LTD &
     16       4207   BOWSER                     KANAWHA PROPERTIES LTD
     17       3534   WYCLIFF                    KATZ LUCIA
     18       4239   BOWSER                     LETZLER DANIEL C &
     19       4218   LEMMON                     LIU TA H
     20       3510   WYCLIFF                    MARTINDALE CATHY M
     21       4243   BOWSER                     MASSO JADD F
     22       3526   WYCLIFF                    PERINI VINCENT W
     23       4212   LEMMON                     PILLSBURY CO
     24       4231   BOWSER                     THOMPSON STEPHEN B &
     25       4226   LEMMON                     XAST INVESTMENTS INC
     26       4221   BOWSER                     YOUNG EDWIN C

Friday, December 14, 2007

Z067-325 (OTH)

  Label # Address                     Owner
     27       4217    BOWSER          JIMENEZ DOMINIC L
     28       4217    BOWSER          MARTORI STEPHEN A
     29       4217    BOWSER          BAY STEFFEN
     30       4217    BOWSER          LANDRY BARBARA

Friday, December 14, 2007

         Z067-325 (OTH)

                                 Early Notification List
Al Romero                   Anthony Jones                  Betty Wadkins
PO Box 870875               PO Box 0711                    2843 Modesto Drive
Mesquite, TX 75150          Galveston, TX 77553            Dallas, TX 75227

Bill Dahlstrom              Bridge Ballowe c/o Nextel      Cindy Harris
901 Main St.,Ste 6000       1680 N. Prospert Dr.           4310 Buena Vista #8
Dallas, TX 75202            Ricardson, TX 75081            Dallas, TX 75205

Clarence F Cope             Jane Guerrini                  Jeff Bosse
10404 Ferndale              7032 Lupton                    PO Box 4738
Dallas, TX 75238            Dallas, TX 75225               Dallas, TX 75208

Leanne Witek                Marcus Wood                    Pam Conley
16660 N Dallas Pkwy #1200   6060 N Central Expy Ste 333    901 N Madison Avenue
Dallas, TX 75248            Dallas, TX 75206               Dallas, TX 75208

Rob Baldwin                 Robert P. Garza                Mindy Owen
401 Exposition              412 E. Sixth St.               1500 Marilla 5FS
Dallas, TX 75226            Dallas, TX 75203               Dallas, TX 75201

Steve Craft                 Steve Kim                      Alpha Testing, Inc
P O Box 542225              4318 Sexton Ln.                Virginia Brown
Dallas, TX 75354            Dallas, TX 75229               2209 Wisconsin St, Ste 100
                                                           Dallas, TX 75229

Am. Metro/Study Corp        Arborilogical Services, Inc.   Bluffview Homeowner
Marque Nelson               Bill Seaman                    Pat White
14881 Quorum Dr #400        16 Steel Rd.                   4714 Wildwood
Dallas, TX 75240            Wylie, TX 75098                Dallas, TX 75209

Cedar Vista Conservation    Dallas ISD                     Dallas Planning Asoc
Chris Lomax                 Stan Armstrong                 Stuart Pully
6430 Dixie Garden Ln        3700 Ross Ave, Box 61          P O Box 781609
Dallas, TX 75236            Dallas, TX 75204               Dallas, TX 75378

         Z067-325 (OTH)

FW Dodge Reports            INCAP Fund                 Jackson Walker
Donna McGuire               Lauren Odell               Suzan Kedron
9155 Sterling Dr. Ste 160   300 Crescent Court         901 Main St. #6000
Dallas, TX 75063            Dallas, TX 75208           Dallas, TX 75202

Jackson Walker              Kiestwood Neighbors        Koons Real Estate Law
Jonathan Vinson             Neoma Shafer               James Schnurr
901 Main St. #6000          2538 W Kiest Blvd          3400 Carlisle St, #400
Dallas, TX 75202            Dallas, TX 75233           Dallas, TX 75204

Lake Highlands AIA          Law Office of R Albright   Master Plan
Terri Woods                 Roger Albright             J Kimborough
9603 Rocky Branch Drive     3301 Elm St                900 Jackson St
Dallas, TX 75243            Dallas, TX 75226           Dallas, TX 75202

MetroStudy Corp             Micheal R Coker Co         Minyards Properties Inc
Rebecca Webb                Michael R Coker            Dennis O'Malley
14881 Quorum Dr #400        2700 Swiss Ave. #100       777 Freeport Pkwy
Dallas, TX 75254            Dallas, TX 75209           Coppell, TX 75019

N Pk Lovefied Comm Civic    Oak Cliff Chamber          PARC DU LAC
League                      Joe Burkleo                Linda Sharp
Joyce Lockley               545 Lacewood Drive         12126 Vendome Place
4718 Wateka Dr.             Dallas, TX 75224           Dallas, TX 75230
Dallas, TX 75209
PWS Architects Inc.         Quick Trip Co.             Robert Reeves & Assoc. Inc.
Phillip Shepherd            Teri Dorazil               Robert Reeves
4616 Abbott Ave             14450 Trinity Blvd. #300   900 Jackson St, Suite 160
Dallas, TX 75205            Fort Worth, TX 76155       Dallas, TX 75202

Signs Manufacturing         United HOA                 United HOA
William Watson              Norma Parry                Thelma J. Norman
4610 Mint Way               1515 Reynaldston Ln.       2628 Blackstone Dr.
Dallas, TX 75236            Dallas, TX 75232           Dallas, TX 75237

W.A.R.N.                    Alan Pierce                Art Rogers
Tashia Moseley              3912 Cedar Springs         4523 Holland Ave
5353 Maple Ave. Ste. 200    Dallas, TX 75219           Dallas, TX 75219
Dallas, TX 75235

Judith Hearst               Laura French               Leslie Brosi
2512 Thomas Ave             3856 W Beverly             3030 McKinney Ave. #205
Dallas, TX 75201            Dallas, TX 75209           Dallas, TX 75204

         Z067-325 (OTH)

Margaret L Ray                Michael Northrup              P D Sterling
3211 Cherrywood               901 Main St, Ste 4000         P O Box 190511
Dallas, TX 75235              Dallas, TX 75202              Dallas, TX 75219

Robert Dyer                   Airway Heights                Cedar Springs CC
1601 Elm St, Ste 3000         Rick Gonzales                 Alice Dykeman
Dallas, TX 75201              4283 S Cresthaven             4926 Cedar Springs Rd
                              Dallas, TX 75209              Dallas, TX 75235

Claridge                      Cochran Heights               Cochran Heights
Mitch Hart-President          Hector Garcia                 Karen Anderson
3510 Turtle Creek Blvd.       3601 Turtle Creek Blvd #901   5122 Pershing St
Dallas, TX 75219              Dallas, TX 75219              Dallas, TX 75206

CS Stakeholders               Friends of the Katy Trail     Greenland Hills
Alise Barrentine              Eric VanSteengurg             William A Payne
4114 Newton Ave #117          3523 McKinney Ave, PMB 441    5523 Monticello Ave
Dallas, TX 75219              Dallas, TX 75204              Dallas, TX 75206

Harwood International, Inc.   Harwood International, Inc.   Junius Heights HOA
Julie Morris                  Jerry Jackson                 Kara Kunkel
2828 N Harwood, Suite 1600    2828 N Harwood, Suite 1600    5527 Tremont Street
Dallas, TX 75201              Dallas, TX 75201              Dallas, TX 75214

Oak Lawn Committee            Oak Lawn Comm. Prosecutor     Orion Real Estate Group
P O Box 190912                Tanya Oliveira                Bill Lamm
Dallas, TX 75219              9801 Harry Hines Blvd         PO Box 540021
                              Dallas, TX 75220              Dallas, TX 75354

Perry Heights NA              Raleigns-Hall Group
Cay Kolb                      Frank M Stick
4402 Rawlins                  4224 N Hall St                ENZ067-325(OTH)
Dallas, TX 75219              Dallas, TX 75219


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