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									Title:- Launches Website with Free Recipes

Summary:- At FoodDJ all of our recipes are free. You can sign up and receive your
personalized calendar of free recipes at any time by clicking the sign up link on the main page.

Body:- Alternatively, you can use our free recipe search where you can search for recipes based
on ingredients or using a recipe name. Once you have found the free recipe that you like you can
share your favorite recipes using facebook or via email. Once you are signed up and you have
your personalized calendar you can like or dislike any free recipe you like. Based on which
recipes you like or dislike future recipe picks will be custom catered to your likes.

FoodDJ has over 18,000 free recipes to choose from, and all are used on the my calendar section
of the website as well as the free recipe search. Although there are many free recipe websites,
the way that FoodDJ creates custom recipe selections for all of our users is truly unique. This
unique free recipe selection and grocery list creation is what sets FoodDJ aside from all the
other recipe websites. Speaking of grocery list generation; this feature allows users to generate
shopping lists on the fly based on free recipes for a specific period of time.

What’s more, is that the grocery lists maintain historical data so the software will be aware of
groceries that were purchased in the weeks prior and some new groceries will not have to be re-
purchased. In some cases one may think that free recipes are not as good as recipes that can be
found at a website where you have to pay. At FoodDJ we allow our users to add their own
recipes which are automatically rated higher than our standard ones.

Our users can then vote these recipes up or down which will determine the frequency that they
show up on users calendars. What this unique system does is allows free recipes submitted by
our users to be evaluated by our entire user base. Bad recipes get voted to the bottom and get
less exposure while good recipes get increased exposure by being shown on more calendars.

These free recipes through the increased exposure ultimately end up becoming really popular or
not popular at all. FoodDJ also allows users to comment on individual recipes and share specific
comments and instructions for these free recipes. Users can then share these recipes and
associated comments through social media outlets like facebook. While FoodDJ provides over
18,000 free recipes there are hundreds more added daily. At any point in time the best free
recipes for a users specific taste will always be recommended.

And in the case that a user develops a certain dislike for a specific ingredient or food category
the relevant ingredient or category can be removed from the free recipes selection criteria by
selecting the ingredients for omission in the user preferences.

Resource:- has thousand of recipies wherein it offers randomly selecting recipies
such as healthy easy recipes, free recipes and top recipes based on your likes and dislikes.
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