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Please note: Catering is available only in Gauteng

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     You will be accommodated wherever possible. Miss Behaviour will contact you shortly to confirm availability for your party.

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Menu 1                  R80 per person                                            FALSE               80
           Crumbed Haloumi fritters with raspberry and chilli coulis, Balsamic marinated chicken skewers with a lime
           marmalade, Mini Yorkshire puddings with rare roast Beef and horseradish cream, Seared Norwegian Salmon
           skewers with apricot Riesling, Creamy coronation chicken served in mini filo baskets with freshly chopped coriander,
           Pink marshmallows with Belgian chocolate dipping sauce.

Menu 2                R100 per person                                           FALSE                100

           Fillet and pepperdew skewers with creamy mustard, Mozzarella, sweet chilli and basil poppers, Moroccan Lamb and
           apricot skewers with creamy mint, Butternut, sage and ricotta filo parcels, Mini brioche baskets with marinated
           prawns, glazed with Champagne hollandaise, Creamy pesto chicken in filo cups with roasted red pepper jam, Bowls
           of Sally Williams nougat, Decadent chocolate dipped strawberries.

Menu 3                R120 per person                                             FALSE              120

           Mini Beef Fillet Wellington with tarragon hollandaise, Thai Beef crepes with a lemongrass, basil and ginger salsa,
           Assorted sushi to include California rolls, Maki & Nigiri, Lobster risotto with freshly chopped coriander, parmesan
           crisp served in Chinese spoons, Tempura battered asparagus tips with roasted red pepper, feta, mint dip served in
           mini tin cups, Walnut fritters with creamed goats cheese and caramelized pears, Roasted cashew nut & creamy
           pesto chicken served on fragrant spring onion infused jasmine served in Chinese tea cups, Chicken and pepperdew
           roulades served in Chinese spoons on a red pepper chutney, Lime sable biscuits with red wine poached strawberries
           and a minted crème fraiche, Mixed berry crème brulee shots.
Platter 1               R80 per person                                           FALSE               80

            Assorted closed sandwiches, Assorted chicken pies, Goujons of Kingklip with tartare sauce served with fresh lemon,
            Mini cherry tomato and basil pesto gallettes, Beef and onion skewers with creamy horseradish, Individual gourmet
            pizzas with assorted toppings.

Platter 2               R100 per person                                          FALSE              100

            Alabama Cajun chicken strips with honey mustard, Balsamic chicken skewers with lime marmalade, Mini Yorkshire
            pudding with rare roast beef and creamy horseradish, Mini gourmet beef burgers with sticky tomato and red onion
            marmalade, Crab cake with sweet chilli dipping sauce, Moroccan grilled white fish skewers with lime hollandaise,
            Butternut & sage filo parcels, Roasted vegetable skewers basil pesto mayonnaise.

Platter 3               R120 per person                                          FALSE              120

            Assorted open gourmet sandwiches, Seared Norwegian salmon skewers with Cape Reisling, Smoked salmon &
            chive blinis with crème friache, Fillet & pepperdew skewers with creamy Cape mustard, Peking duck and cucumber
            crepes with orange marmalade, Creamy coronation chicken & fresh coriander in mini filo baskets, Fragrant Thai
            chicken burgers with tomato, rocket & lime mayonnaise, Crumbed Haloumi fritters with raspberry & chilli coulis,
            Mozzarella, basil & sweet chilli poppers, Decadent chocolate macadamia nut brownies drizzled with white chocolate.

Desert Platter          R65 per person                                           FALSE               65

            Seasonal fruit skewer with honey, Dark & white chocolate dipped strawberries (seasonal), Mini baklava with
            cinnamon syrup.

Sushi Platter 1            R 645                                                          0         645

            Mixed Sushi platter, 120 pieces.

Sushi Platter 2            R 610                                                          0         610

            Cocktail Sushi platter, 126 pieces.

Sushi Platter 3            R 480                                                          0         480

            Vegetarian Sushi platter, 96 pieces.

Sushi Platter 4            R 480                                                          0         480

            Assorted Maki Platter, 96 pieces.

         Your total order is estimated at:        R 0.00
Your payment must be made by ETF or bank deposit at least 14 days before the party to allow time for funds to be
cleared in the account. Please note: your order is not confirmed until this payment has been received. Please wait
for Miss Behaviour to confirm availability before making any payment
        Bank Details
        First National Bank
        Miss Behaviour
        Account Number 62128846427
        Branch 255955 Randpark Ridge NB: Please use your name as reference so that your payment can be identified.
        Please e-mail payment confirmation to or fax to 0865610911

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