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Preventing domestic violence through family advocacy
KIMBERLY COOK-MCDANIEL                                                                                    and expand programs designed to prevent, educate,
                                                                                                          intervene and provide these families with treatment
                                                                                                                                                                              Report Domestic Violence
Family Advocacy Program
                                                                                                          when domestic violence occurs. The military is no            FAP (ACS)...........................................568-4878
    Stories of abuse, neglect and fatalities due to                                                                                                                    FAP (WBAMC) ....................................569-2800
domestic violence continue to bombard the media.                                                          exception. The military’s proactive stance comes in
                                                                                                          the form of regulations and programs, strong levels of       Military One Source.................. (800) 342-9647
Men, women and children are victimized every day                                                                                                                       Chaplain’s Office
by abusive family members, providers and friends.                                                         accountability, community collaborations and the uti-
                                                                                                          lization of qualified personnel to address this phe-         Commanders
    Domestic violence, sometimes called family vio-                                                                                                                    Military Police .....................................568-2115
                                                                                                          nomenon. The Department of Defense and the
lence, comes in many forms. It often involves humil-                                                                                                                   El Paso Police.....................................564-6900
                                                                                                          Department of Army policies on domestic violence
iation, intimidation, physical injury and the gaining                                                                                                                  Child Protective Svs ..................(800) 877-5300
                                                                                                          [child, spouse and intimate partner abuse] reflect a
of control over the other person.
                                                                                                          “prevent, protect and treat” ideation geared towards
    There is no direct cause and effect of domestic vio-                                                  the prevention, intervention, education, assessment         to Military / Army One Source and receive support
lence, but there are contributing factors which may                                                       and treatment of domestic violence in a manner con-         services without informing the command or law
encourage it to occur. These contributing factors                                                         sistent with military and civilian laws.                    enforcement under the restricted reporting option.
include, but are not limited to, finances, pregnancy                                                         An agency which is the result of the military’s          The unrestricted reporting option involves the disclo-
through child birth, cultural and spiritual contribu-                                                     vision to prevent, protect and treat families experi-       sure to the same individuals and agencies but also
tors, personal beliefs, substance use or abuse and                                                        encing domestic violence is the Fort Bliss Family           involves notifying the command and law enforce-
social influences.                                                                                        Advocacy Program at Army Community Service,                 ment. It must be acknowledged there are exceptions
    Domestic violence includes child abuse, child sex-                                                    Bldg. 2494, Ricker Road and William Beaumont                to the restricted reporting option. The restricted
ual abuse, neglect, spouse abuse, intimate partner                                                        Army Medical Center 11th floor located at 5005              option cannot be provided in its entirety if a child is
abuse, parents abused by children and elderly abuse.                                                      North Piedras Street. FAP is defined under Army             involved, because child abuse and suspected child
It also comes in many forms such as physical, emo-                                                        Regulation 608-18 and DoD 6400.1. The program is            abuse fall under the mandatory reporting guidelines
tional, verbal and economic. The physical form of                                                         designed to break the cycle of abuse by identifying it      set by individual states and all military branches.
abuse often involves throwing objects, slapping,                                                          as early as possible, and providing treatment for           Other exceptions to the restricted reporting option
punching, biting, sexual assault of spouses and chil-                                                     affected family members. FAP works to promote pub-          include making an unrestricted report if there is
dren, and the use of weapons and automobiles.                                                             lic awareness while coordinating professional inter-        imminent danger to the victim or to another, or if the
    Emotional and verbal forms often involve belit-                                                       vention and treatment at all levels within the military     victim conveys possible harm to themselves.
tling, name calling combined with cursing, isolation,                                                     and civilian communities. The agencies FAP coordi-             Once reported, the victim(s) are provided services
instilling fear, verbal threats, stalking and cyber stalk-                                                nates with include WBAMC, military law enforce-             such as victim advocacy, emergency shelter, civil or
ing, or denial of the needed affection for healthy                                                        ment, the Child Advocacy Center, The Center Against         military orders of protection, medical treatment and
development and relationship building.                                                                    Family Violence, and Military / Army One Source             mental health services.
    Economic form involves keeping the household                                                          just to name a few. The program serves active duty             Victims do not have to remain in violent house-
member poor and isolated so they must ask the abus-                                                       servicemembers and their families regardless of their       holds. There is help and support available. Domestic
er for support and help. These forms of domestic vio-                                                     branch of service.                                          violence is not something we “keep among our-
lence can include men, women and children and are                                                            Because the military sees the impact of domestic         selves” or “keep quiet about”.
not hindered by race, social status, educational level,                                                   violence on families, they have gone a step further            The impact of domestic violence on our communi-
culture or age.                                                                                           and provided adult victims with restricted and unre-        ty adversely affects families, Soldiers and mission
    While some instances of abuse are reported there                                                      stricted reporting options. Victims may report their        readiness. For more information, call 568-4878,
still remain countless others which are not.                                                              domestic violence incident to the FAP manager, the          Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Communities across the country continue to develop                                                        victim advocate, any military healthcare provider, or

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