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Task by xiaoyounan


									                       18734 Create a web page using a template
       This activity
                       A Social Studies has approached you and asked you to layout a one-page web
                       page on popular sports played in New Zealand . This is intended to be used in
    Unit Standard      the International Social Studies class to inform the international students
            18734      about the types of sports kiwis enjoy playing in their spare time.
         Version 3
 Level 1, 2 credits    It is important that the webpage looks professional in its layout so that the
                       students will form a good impression and be able to find information easily.
Create a web page      Think carefully about where you will place your text and graphics as well as
  using a template
                       about the colours and fonts you will use for both headings and body text.
                       Open the document “Kiwi Sports” (found in the Kiwi Sports Folder from the
                       1ACOM folder in the Digital Technologies Drop Box) and read the source
     All: 1, 2 and 3
                       information for the webpage. Select which three sports you want to include
       Conditions:     on you webpage.
All work is original       1. Consider the purpose and audience for the Sports homepage. Write
         Must be              a short paragraph describing the purpose of the page and who the
completed in class            audience of the page will be.
  Time allowed: 2
           lessons         2. Create a sketch of the following plan and label it with a description
                              of the information (headings and text, fonts and colours) and the
                              type of graphic you will place in each section.



                                     Image1          Text


                                     Image2          Text


                                     Image3          Text
Producing your Web Page
Open Dreamweaver.
Click File, Open and locate the template file “Kiwi_Sports_Template.htm”
from the Kiwi Sports folder in the 1ACOM folder in the Digital Technologies
Drop Box.
You will use this to create your page.

Inserting a Logo
Insert and resize the graphic “Kiwisports” in the section indicated on your

Inserting the headings

Insert the three headings in the correct template sections as indicated on
your plan. Choose an appropriate font and colour for the headings.

Inserting the graphics

Locate 3 appropriate graphics – one for each section – and insert them into
the template where indicated on your plan. Resize them as necessary.

Inserting the text

Copy and paste your chosen 3 paragraphs from the “Sports” document into
the correct section of the template as shown on your plan. Choose a suitable
font, size and colour for the text.

Use the spell checker in Dreamweaver, check and correct any spelling errors
in the webpage. Also check and correct the webpage for punctuation errors.

Preview your webpage in a browser and format it for a professional

Save your webpage as “Kiwisports” into a folder with your name in the
Digital Technologies Drop Box, 1ACOM, Your Group.

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