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					                                     TRACY S. LIU
                                         (U.S. Citizen)
                             Lisboa, Portugal • +351 965-237-355

   Detailed knowledge of biomedical engineering concepts and their applications, with a focus
    on neuroengineering
   Familiarity with the design process gained through research and coursework experience
   Experienced in the testing and calibration of devices during the development process
   Programming abilities in MATLAB, LISP, PHP, MySQL, CSS, XHTML/HTML; ability to learn
    new programming languages and software packages quickly
   Capacity to use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), LabVIEW
   Technical writing skills gained through projects, labs, and technical documentation

University of Rochester                                                        Rochester, NY
Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering                                     October 2009

Purdue University                                                           W. Lafayette, IN
Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering                                      May 2008

SISCOG – Sistemas Cognitivos, SA                                           Lisbon, Portugal
Software Engineer – Trainee                                              May 2010 - Present
 Helped develop and implement a functionality that automatically creates duty schedules for
   VR, a Finnish railway company
 Learned LISP and resolved many errors in the system

Hill-Rom, Inc.                                                               Batesville, IN
Intern, Biomedical Engineering Department                                     Summer 2006
 Created a flesh-like human mannequin with an accurate internal skeleton for mechanical
    testing purposes
 Taught myself how to use the amira® data visualization and analysis package and wrote a
    tutorial for supervisors

University of Rochester                                                        Rochester, NY
Masters Level Research                                               September 2008 - present
 Completed several laboratory rotations in neuroengineering and chemical engineering
 Created a model population of neurons in MATLAB to simulate multisensory integration
 Investigated differences between neocortical principal cells and interneurons in primary
   motor cortex recordings based on differences in spike waveforms
 Analyzed Clostridium thermocellum genome as part of an investigation into an alternative
   source of energy

Purdue University                                                            W. Lafayette, IN
Senior Design Project                                             August 2007 – December 2007
 Designed, built, and implanted a working prototype of a wirelessly powered oscillating field
   stimulator for the purposes of treating traumatic brain injury
Neuroprostheses Research Laboratory                                       May 2007 – May 2008
 Explored chronic neural stimulation and recording techniques in animal models for
   integration with auditory prostheses
Center for Paralysis Research                                                    Summer 2005
 Studied the use of guidance cues in nerve regeneration and pathfinding
 Demonstrated that nanopatterned scaffolds could facilitate axon pathfinding

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